~ Chapter 58: Overkill (Part 2) ~

“Oi! Oi! That's some power you have there!” the man remarked with surprise.

I clicked my tongue.

Both of those attacks were each worth 1000 Magic Energy points. They didn't come cheap, but for a pair of Basic spells, I thought they did pretty well.

But of course, those were just distractions.

My little sister jumped at him from the left and attacked him before he had the chance to retreat. The punch missed its target, but the following kick struck him in the chest. My enhanced hearing picked up the sound of cracking ribs.

Nice job, little sister! I praised her in my mind.

Even if our speeds weren't as great as they would have been if we came into this battle healed and well rested, this so-called Royal Knight wasn't doing any better either.

Unlike us, his injuries weren't healing at the same speed as ours, but we couldn't let our guards down. I had seen plenty of game bosses who after chipping down their health, they would enter Rage Mode and have it back up at 75% or even 100% depending on the case.

Cassandra didn't take her chances with him either and pulled back as soon as she landed that kick.

“Damn kids...” he grumbled and then coughed and spat blood.

Lung puncture! Lucky! I thought as I recognized the critical strike's effect.

With two versus one, this was going to be easy... well, easier. We still had no idea if so far he used up the aces in his sleeves or not.

Just as I was thinking about that, his aura turned from red to white and aimed at Cassandra.

“Watch out!” I warned her.

Feeling the incoming attack, she dodged out of the way. From Damascus' hand, a fierce lightning bolt came out and cleared the spot where she was sitting on.

Remembering the laws of physics, I knew this attack would have been impossible if attempted with an actual electric device. Electricity simply didn't work that way, therefore, he was most likely using magic between himself and the target to cause an electric discharge or was controlling the path of the electrons directly. Whatever the case, this was basically a lightning gun.

I felt the subtle scent of ozone coming from behind me, but his hand was aimed at Cassandra. That was a distraction. Electric current didn't follow the direction the rod was aimed at only the shortest path between two points of opposite charges, which wasn't always in a straight line. In other words, unlike a bullet, lightning could take turns.

I'm the target now... I thought and quickly stabbed my hand into the ground at my feet.

The lightning struck, but it flowed through me straight into the ground. It hurt like hell, but it was better than ending up charred on the inside because it had nowhere to go.

“How?” Damascus asked surprised.

Science... I thought and showed him a smirk.

I knew I was going to get hit by it. Considering my lack of rubber shoes and a coat to protect myself, I found it best to just let the lightning pass quickly rather than let it loiter around in my body.

After I pulled my hand out of the ground, I staggered a bit on my feet, but while he was focused on me, Cassandra attacked him... with a rock. Using her ridiculous aim and strength, she turned it into a devastating projectile.

“ARGH!” Alexandre Damascus shouted in pain as he was forced to block with his already injured arm.

The rock shattered his bones and shredded his skin, breaking his arm and turning it useless for the time being.

I was already aware that we were grasping at straws with these attacks. My biggest disadvantage was my lack of control and knowledge about Magic. Elemental spheres were the best I could do, while the more difficult and dangerous ones were still in the learning process. To be more specific, I wasn't confident enough to even attempt to cast them. Cassandra only knew [Fire Wall] and if she was lucky, she could cast three out of five [Tornado] spells, but against an adult who could toss out lightning like it was nothing, what we could do was ridiculously little.

Brother! He's thinking of running away with a Blessing from the God of Shadows! Cassandra warned me through telepathy.

She rushed to attack, but he jumped back.

“Blasted be! I can't believe I am forced to run away from kids!” he cursed and started running the other way while his aura was changing from white to black.

No! No! No! We can't let him! I thought.

If he escaped now, it wouldn't be absurd to think he would come back to take his revenge. Maybe he would kill other people and first steal their Blessings before coming after us. The havoc and damage this maniac who hunts children could cause was unspeakable. The only ones who could defeat him now, or at the very least had a chance to, considering his injured state, were me and Cassandra. If we let him go, next time the tables could easily turn in his favor.

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Could’ve even had a slightly different aura, still blood red like other war god blessings but maybe his has an outline or specs of silver or something.


Good chapter, few things though: Although both Cassy and him have Blessings from the War god, I was hoping to see additional effects on his version (maybe red lightning and heavier pressure/increased strength and speed compared) since hers is from a normal god and his is from a primary god. Also why give him super regeneration, Blessing of Endless Heals, “and” Blessing of the Healer of the Gods? Then again if the last one allows him to heal others since the first 2 have him covered then that’s fine, though it’d be nice to get a description of the blessings… Read more »

Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton
Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton

Um, a low level wind spell shouldn’t be called Tornado. That’s like calling a low level water spell Tsunami.


Electricity simply didn’t work that way, Two Words Tesla coil