~ Chapter 58: Overkill (Part 3) ~

I couldn't let him have the upper hand. I couldn't allow this maniac to flee or allow myself to feel relieved that he fled.

But what could I do?

Then I remembered that right before I returned from the dead, Ezimuth showed me the temporary gift I received from Sapherya. There was one spell neither I or this maniac had seen before, and it was give to me specifically to defeat him.

I felt a bit foolish that I had forgotten about this, but in the heat of the battle, such things could easily happen.

Before Alexandre Damascus got too far, I shouted at him “I won't let you!” and then extended my Telekinetic grasp towards him.


He showed a surprised expression on his face when felt that invisible force coiling around him. Cassandra stopped in her tracks and watched with big eyes what I was about to do.

“L-Let me go!” he struggled, but it was too late to escape now.

I grabbed hold of him and then tossed him up in the air all the way to the tips of the trees. At first, I thought about slamming him into the ground or even crushing him with this power of mine, but I would probably end up fainting before I could do it. I was already feeling the strain on my body from merely keeping him up there.

In the end, I was still a 10 years-old kid, I didn't have an endless supply of stamina.

“What sorcery is this?! You monster! How are you doing this?! Let me go this instance! Let me go!” he shouted and threatened in vein.

Fear was released in the air. It wasn't my fear or Cassandra's, it belonged to this monster who dared to hunt and kill innocent frail children like us. Yes, this fear was HIS of US!

Prey had finally turned into predator.

“Let me go!” he screamed.

A useless struggle... I thought.

I lifted my left hand up and pointed my right palm at this struggling insect, but I feared comparing him with the bugs around us that had a place in this big vast beautiful world was nothing but pure insult to them.

In my mind, I apologized to all the insects around the world.

The piece of trash shaped like a human was going to meet its end soon.

But just to be sure I wasn't going to leave anything to chance, I focused within my right palm more Magic Energy than it should have been possible. 1000 points, 2000 points, 3000 points, and it was still going up.

But why? Where was all this energy coming from?

It was simple... I cheated.

Aunty Eliza once told us that if we ever ended up using all of our Magic Energy, our spell wouldn't just cut itself off. No, it would begin to consume our very life force until the spell was either cast or it killed us. Our hearts would stop, but before that happened, our bodies would weaken little by little and even change their physical aspect.

That was why anyone who used Magic Energy to fuel either a spell or physical skill had to be wary of their limitations and not reach the point where something like this would happen to them. Within dungeons, this was akin to a suicide, but it wasn't that uncommon during life and death duels between mages.

As for why this was possible, it appeared as though the gods who governed this world wanted something in exchange from those who wished to push themselves over their limits. If one desired more power, they had to be willing to risk their very lives to obtain it.

Even in Cassandra's stories there were heroes and villains alike who when faced with an unprecedented challenge, they would put their all into their attacks. They would push their lives to the brink of death and pour every last drop of it into the chalice of fate which would determine the outcome of that one single chance at coming out victorious.

What I did was no different than this. I offered my very life in exchange for Magic Energy. it consumed my essence, but.... I had a cheat.

[Blessing of Endless Life] resurrected me whenever I died, giving me a boost of Magic Energy, and my own hyper regeneration mutation made it possible for me to recover whatever tissue was lost in the process. In other words, my very flesh was being turned into Magic Energy, and this process was so dangerous that it temporarily stopped the beating of my heart.

Because of this, I started to feel like I was in a trance... I died, resurrected, then died again... Time and time again until I knew I had enough Magic Energy to fire that ridiculous temporary spell.

It was a one chance shot. If I failed... I could only hope for some miracle to save us because I wouldn't be able to do anything anymore.

[Light Beam]” I muttered.

The spell clicked and it was cast.

In that moment, so much Magic Energy was pulled out of my body, I felt like my very own soul was being pulled out alongside it. As for where it went, it gathered in the center of my right palm which was aimed at Damascus.

“W-What are you doing, kid? Hey! Answer me! That's such an insane amount of magic it's not even funny... “ he said, but who cared to listen to a dying man's words?

With one hand, I held him up in the air with my Telekinetic ability, and with the other, I released a never-before seen devastating attack.

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he shouted and threatened in vein.
he shouted and threatened in vain.