~ (Fan Fiction) Illsyore meets Spider-man ~

[Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Marvel Universe characters written in this story. This is a Fan Fiction written under the Fair Use right of the International Copyright Law. My only copyright claim is for the characters I own and were created by me, meaning: Illsyore; Shanteya; Nanya; Ayuseya; Tamara; and Zoreya. The only reason I wrote this story was because I like the Marvel Universe. This story has no plot connection whatsoever with any of the current Marvel stories or my own. As such, do not take this story as anything else but a Fan Fiction and NOT as an Original Marvel approved story. This is a PG 12+ work that's available to be read for free on my website, but if found on any other website, it will certainly not be me who put it up there or approved of such an action.]

[Illsyore's point of view]

“Just try to have fun...” someone said to me.

Who was this strange individual, I had no idea, but I had the feeling I was forgetting something else, something very important. Did it had something to do with my Magic Academy?

No, it didn't feel like it...

I tried to open my eyes, to get up and maybe ask my wives what was going on.

“It's sunny outside...” I said as I lifted my hand up to protect myself from the warm rays.

“MOVE IT, YOU PIECE OF TRASH!” some rowdy fellow shouted and then honked his horn.

A few other cars followed suit.

Huh?! He honked the horn?! I shouted in mind and opened my eyes wide.

The last time I heard that sort of sound was back when I was still alive on Earth, but leaving the honking horn aside, this guy was speaking in English? I thought I would never get to hear that language again.

I got up and saw a sight which I could have only seen within a dream.

A yellow cab was waiting in line at the green light and glaring at the driver in front who was unfortunate enough to have his engine die in that spot.

This can't be real... I thought and pinched my cheek.

“It hurts?” I said.

Getting up, I looked around and noticed that I was sitting in an alley between two big buildings. It was weird, really weird, but I didn't feel like anything had changed about me.

“Status.” I said.

[Name]: Illsyore Deus

[Species]: Dungeon Lord

[Subspecies]: Godlike

[Level]: 3347

[Strength]: 31450+39528.9

[Agility]: 29790+40283.7

[Intelligence]: 42580+35565.3

[Magic Energy]: 212900+117826

[Magic Energy Regeneration]: 4590+4628.4 Magic Energy Points per Second

[Bond of Trust II] <30%> Change? Y/N

[Allegiance]: Holy God of Big Boobs!, Melkuth The God of War

[Spouses]: Ayuseya Drekar Pleyades Deus, Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd Deus, Shanteya Dowesyl Deus, Zoreya Eleanor Alttoros Deus, Tamara Deus

[Children]: 1

[Dungeons Built]: 348

[Dungeons Spawned]: 1

[Slaves]: None

[Pets]: None

[Minions]: None

Nothing changed in the list that was floating in front of me. I closed the window and then looked at my hand; I clenched it into a fist.

The people in front of me didn't seem to be any different from some of the weakest humans I saw back on Paramanium. Their levels were most likely bellow 20. Out of curiosity though, I expanded my Dungeon Territory just enough to cover some of the sidewalk, then closing my eyes, I felt the sort of energies that passed through it.

Indeed, they were weak, incredibly weak. If I slapped one, I could have easily turned him into mush.

Letting out a sigh, I scratched the back of my head and wondered how I ended up here, back on Earth.

“Is this even my Earth?” I wondered out loud.

I had the choice of panicking right now, but considering my mental age, such a thing would have been rather inappropriate. Going on a rampage wasn't advised either because these people had nothing to do with me. I highly doubted there was any force capable of stopping me right now, so I decided that for the time being it was best if I just got my barrings straight.

“Yup! I'll do just that!” I said.

Before I left, however, I wrote the following message in the Paramanium Language on the wall next to me: 'Illsyore Deus was here!'

It also served as a location marker just in case I forgot where exactly I woke up in this world. For good measure, I added an [Endurance] enchant on that piece of wall so not even a bulldozer could damage it.

Once I was done, I made my way down the street. I could still remember that it was bad to cross on the red light, but if a car hit me, I highly doubted it could even cause a scratch in my Magic Armor. This thing could take punches from Nanya, after all.

As I made my way downtown, I asked one of the newspaper sellers a couple of questions, but no direct ones that would make him look at me with suspicion. What I did was basically pick up one of the magazines and look at the date. I found out it was the 28th of April 2019. Looking over the main columns, I found out that the people weren't very happy about the current president's opinions, and that Law of Coexistence between Mutants and Humans was passed. As for where I was, this place was New York. Even I could remember this name even though I never traveled here. If they asked me for my passport, I would just shrug and tell them I forgot it in Romania.

Regarding money, I was completely broke, so I dropped buy an exchange house and sold them a few gold nuggets. Real dollars were different from the ones I remembered, but considering the year...

“The year?” I stopped in my tracks and blinked surprised.

It completely slipped through, but I was pretty sure I died in the year 2023, so was I in the past?

“Hm...” I rubbed my chin and tried hard to remember if there was anything specific that happened in the year 2019 that could tell me if this was indeed my Earth or not.

Suddenly, and explosion blew everything around me. There were several lightly injured passer byes, but thankfully nobody was dead. The building to my right had a big gap in its wall. In the middle of the dust cloud, I saw a guy wearing a full-body costume with a pair of weird gauntlets.

“Prepared to be shocked!” he shouted.

“I am.” I replied calmly.

“Hey! Why did you have to blow a hole in the wall? Now the whole town will know we're here, including that swinging pest!” some guy with a buff body, wearing a stylish suit and a black mask.

If not for the gun in his hands, I would have thought he was a worker in that place. Then again, what average desk office worker would carry around an M16 with a laser dot?

“If Spider-man comes, I'll just shock him!” the guy with the weird gauntlets declared.

“It doesn't matter anymore, let's hurry to the escape car. Shocker, take that guy that's just standing there as a hostage!” he told him.

“I guess it's your bad day to go out for a walk.” Shocker said as he got close to me.

“Should I scream for help, shout 'KYA!', or spawn Boot-Humping Imps? Hm.” I wondered out loud while rubbing my chin.

Shocker grabbed my arm and tried to move me, but... I wouldn't budge.

“Huh?” he looked at me a bit... shocked?

“Well lookie here! Can't a spider have a day off without you guys trying to rob a bank or kidnap someone?” someone said as two projectiles hit Shocker.

He was pushed back and whatever hit him covered him in a sticky-web-like substance.

“Spider-man!” he shouted in anger.

“Yup! It's a me, your friendly neighborhood Spidey! Unfortunately, you're one ugly princess I don't want to save!” he remarked as he shot a web at his face.

His mouth was covered and he was pushed back on the ground. As he struggled to get loose, the others retreated inside the building. Speaking of which, the big 'BANK' sign above should have made it clear what this place was, but I didn't notice it until now.

“It's Spiderjerk! Get him!” the goons shouted.

Spider-man shot a web at the wall and then swung inside, smacking the rifle right out of the hands of one of them. At this time, Shocker got loose and punched the air.

For a moment, I thought the previous hits made him see things, but in the next moment, the air vibrated and a shockwave was produced at the tip of his gauntlet. I watched the whole process with surprise, but as if he had eyes on his back, the man in a full-body red and blue costume with a spider symbol on his chest jumped back and avoided the hit.

“That was awesome.” I said.

“I know! But autographs later, for now I need to deal with this uninvited guest!” he said and then shot at Shocker's right foot and then pulled the web back.

“WHA!” the man shouted as he was lifted up in the air.

Such display of strength was quite normal for me, so I had no idea that this Spider-man was rather abnormal when compared to other humans.

Shocker hit the wall and then fell on the ground. It was a knock out.

After applying some more webs on him, sticking him to the sidewalk, Spider-man turned his attention to the goons inside the bank.

“What's this stuff made out of?” I wondered as I picked up a sample of the web and absorbed it.

I was going to analyze it latter in my Inner Mind, for now I wanted to see this guy kicking some robber butt.

“Spider-man, why can't you just leave us be?!” one of the goons shouted.

“You know, I have a feeling the employers of this bank are asking the exact same thing, but directed at you guys!” he said as he shot a web at his gun and pulled it right out of his grip.

While he was battling, I stepped inside the building through the hole made by Shocker. A bullet went my way, but it was stopped by my Magic Armor. None of them noticed this, and the shooter had bigger fish to fry.

I walked over to the desk and saw everyone trembling and trying to hide as best as they could from the robbers and the bullets that were flying everywhere. It was rather dangerous, but Spider-man was keeping their aim on him, and he was making sure there was no one behind him.

Did Earth always had such a hero? I wondered as I leaned on the desk and crossed my hands at my chest.

“What are you doing? Hide!” someone told me from the other side.

“No, I'm alright.” I told him with a smile and continued to watch the fight.

The battle itself wasn't bad, and Spider-man kept using quirky remarks to stir them up and annoy them, making them lose their focus and have a worse aim. Some of them weren't even bothering to aim anymore.

“Stay still, you insect!” one shouted.

“That's arachnid for you, bub!” he retorted. Spider-man let out a dejected sigh “Now you're making me sound like Wolverine...”

“Like I care! Die!” he shouted and tossed a grenade at him.

Spider-man sensed the danger and jumped towards it, grabbing it in midair. He landed on the face of the goon and then shot the explosive device with a web to keep the trigger still.

“Sheesh! That was close!” he said as he placed the grenade down.

“DIE!” one of them grabbed a knife and aimed it at him.

These guys were just as bad as the Bucket Head's goons from my world.

“You think the Kingpin will be happy when he hears you stopped us?” one of the last remaining few asked or rather threatened him.

“Kingpin? What does Fisk has to do with any of this?” he asked in a more serious tone of voice.

“Heh, wouldn't you like to know?” he's asking as he took out two pistols and aimed them at two opposite targets, an old lady and a child. “Make your pick, Spider-man!” he said with a smirk.

This is not good. I thought.

“Hey now, don't do something you'll end up regretting!” he tried to convince him to give up.

“Like hell I would! You've been getting on my nerves a lot lately, Spider-man! You stopped me at the casino, at the jewelry store, and now here at the bank? I had enough of you, you Spiderfreak!” he insulted him.

“Huh? That was you? Weren't you taller?” he asked.

“ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF ME HEIGHT?!” he shouted back with a pure Scottish accent.

“No no, that would be insulting the midgets of this world. They are tall when compared to you.” so said Spider-man.

What's he doing? I wondered.

“SHUT UP!” the man shouted as he aimed the gun he was previously aiming at the kid at Spider-man.

I see. I thought.

This guy was smart. Nice words wouldn't work with him, so he annoyed him to force him to aim at him. The action was almost instinctive because if he kept his cool, the goon would have had the upper hand.

“Don't move, Spider-man! Or the poor saps get it!” another goon said.

While the hero was distracted, he took his gun and aimed it at the hostages in another corner of the room.

This is bad... I thought.

“You really thought we're that stupid, Spider-man?” the one with two pistols was asking.

“...” he didn't reply.

“No words? Eh? Cat got your tongue, Spider-man?” he laughed.

This hero wasn't as fast as Tamara and certainly not as strong as Nanya. He was a weakling when compared to me, but he had no desire of letting an innocent life be hurt. Judging by how this showdown was taking place, the goons had a moment of luck, or maybe... I was the unknown factor that changed their fates?

Whatever the case... I thought and let out a sigh. “Spider-man. Take care of the one in front you.” I said and then expanded my Dungeon Territory.

I was now in control.

Lifting my hand up, I build a wall that separated the goon with the machine gun from his targets and then sent a [Water Ball] at him.

“GUHA!!!” the man shouted as he was knocked into the wall.

Looking to my left, I saw two others getting up to pick up their guns. A single [Wind Push] sent them flying into the opposite wall. Then there was the guy who picked up the broken leg of a chair and tried to smack me over the head. The piece of wood was shattered to bits when it came into contact with my Magic Armor. I glared at this mortal with a full blown killing intent.

“HIEEH!” he shrieked and pulled back, but I roundhouse kicked him.

I held back my power to a ridiculous degree, but it was enough to send the poor man flying.

At the same time as I acted, Spider-man shot a web at the pistol aimed at the child and pulled it towards him, deviating the target by a few millimeters. He then dodged the bullet fired at him and shot another web at the gun aimed at him. He pulled, forcing the goon to lose his balance. Spider-man jumped towards him and punched him in the jaw. The strike was fast, precise, and it completely knocked him out.

After webbing the other criminals to the floor and walls, he looked back at me and asked “Thanks, but who are you again?”

“I'm Illsyore, the Godlike Dungeon. You wouldn't happen to know anyone whose knowledgeable in inter-dimensional travel, do you?” I asked with a wry smile.

“I know just the guy!” he said with a smile.

“You do?” I blinked surprised.

“Yeah, and if he can't help you, I'm sure we can ask Thor or maybe Doctor Strange to look into it.” he nodded.

“Well... That's a shocker. I thought such things were in the domain of fantasy in the year 2019.” I pointed out.

“Inter-dimensional travel isn't that much of a big deal since the alien invasion, but going back in time is a bit more tricky. This is basic common knowledge!” he nodded.

“Yeah... right... How could I forget?” I said while in my mind I retorted OI! Since when are such things common knowledge?! This is Earth, right?! What alien invasion?! Why are such things common knowledge?! Or are you the absurd one?! Sigh... I guess I'm a long way from home, maybe not even on the Earth I previously died on...

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this Fan Fiction Story! I hope I did a good job of writing down the characters from the original universe. Also as it stands with any other story, if the original owner asks me to take down this Fan Fiction, I will do so, but  I do not plan nor will ever try to sell this story, so it shouldn't be a problem. But hey! If a Marvel editor is interested in me writing a new Superhero story, who knows? :))

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