~ Side Story: Family (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

Several weeks have passed since the patched up fleet of the Paramanium Empire was sent back to lick their wounds. The first semester at my Magic Academy had started as well and everything was peaceful right now.

There was no sign of danger or suspicious individuals lurking around. Although I let the Adventurers Guild know they can open an office here and have adventurers sent out to level up in my dungeon, it appeared as though there were still some glitches to be solved.

First of all, only my wives could safely complete my dungeon. Then there was a problem with the number of monsters, which was a bit too high, and apparently the hordes of boot-loving imps didn't impress the cute nekatar receptionist.

I did make her another pair of boots, so I had no idea what she was mad about.

There was also a problem with the traps, which were too fast, too many, and too deadly. Tamara had fun playing around with them, and they could definitely not cut through Zoreya's defenses, so I considered them safe. Unfortunately, the big sturdy adventurers who came to give my dungeon a test run ended up with Afro-style haircuts and singed eyebrows. Their weapons were bent like accordions and their armors were shattered to pieces before they even managed to pass through half of the first floor out of the ten available for them.

When I told them the difficulty scaled and that on the second floor there was a jumping puzzle with invisible steps above a molten lava field, they all started to complain. That dungeon was decided it was off limits to anyone who wasn't an immortal or at the very least a god. They even put up a signs stating this!

In my opinion, I believed they were exaggerating, but maybe it was my sense of difficulty that had a hard time adjusting.

At least this time there was no lava on the first floor... it was on the second one.

It was decided that I would work together with the guild representatives to make a suitable dungeon where various adventurers could harness their power and grow in level. For this, I was offered the plans for the several floors belonging to the most visited dungeons on the three continents.

Their simplicity was terrifyingly painful... To think that some of these Dungeons even created 'rest rooms' for the adventurers. What was this, a picnic?

Well, it didn't matter. If the guild wanted to have their adventurers delve into something far less complicated, I didn't mind wasting some space and materials for it. More adventurers would increase the economy of the settlement and help me gain more students as well. I just had to figure out a good way to stop the rowdy ones from making a mess of things. Maybe if I simply denied them access within the dungeons for a while, they would calm down?

As for my students, I was going to make sure they would be able to go through a simple easy dungeon like the one I had built at Fellyore, minus the anti-Dankyun arsenal I had installed later on.

Speaking of which, it appeared that everyone was progressing quite nicely with their studies. I was in charge of the Biology and World Physics classes for the time being. Savannah took care of a lot of the other ones, including Physical Education, Writing and Reading, Art, Mathematics, and Noble Etiquette. The last one was sort of mandatory because they were bound to meet a lot of dumb nobles out there, and the students had to have a means of properly interacting and manipulating them.

In regards to what my wives taught, well Nanya was teaching Self-Defense and Dungeon Exploration classes. Ayuseya was teaching Politics and Literature. She had a duel with Savannah regarding that last one, and apparently my draconian wife knew more about the writers around the world than she let on. Tamara taught cooking class together with Yung Mai.

Although only one of them would have been good enough for this position, Mai's suggestion was that it wouldn't help to have one teacher show how it was done while the other checked upon how everyone was progressing and correcting them when it was needed.

Riveron Sai taught Agriculture together with Rengar Baria, but the later never left the fields. There had also been a rumor about the two of them competing for Yung Mai's hand, but nothing stopped the woman from grabbing both of them for herself. There was no law that prevented one from having either multiple wives or husbands, especially since I was a prime example of someone in such a position.

Lumia Shora absolutely loved to teach the children both dancing and music. Ayuseya dropped by from time to time to give some lessons in violin. I don't think I have seen her so happy ever since we left Paramanium.

Runnar Kalio was the teacher in Blacksmithing here at the academy. While many thought this was an odd class like the Agriculture and Music ones, the young children simply loved to learn from him and listen to his jokes.

Ferris Rithhold didn't have this charisma towards his students as Runnar and Lumia did. The air within his classroom was always a stiff one, and everyone had to obey his instructions to the letter. Because of this strict way of teaching in contrast to the carefree one of the previous two, Ferris ended up being one of those hated teachers. Everyone wanted to skip his class, but they knew the homework would be unbearable if they did.

On another note, I did understand why there was such a huge difference between them. Alchemy meant working with dangerous substances. Since his students were inexperienced in handling the bottles, they could easily end up hurting themselves or others. His strict teaching methods were a means of helping them take his lessons seriously to avoid accidents.

Speaking of which, Zertan taught Herbalism and Potion Brewing. Him and Ferris worked on a curriculum of lessons which would make Alchemy complete the lessons of Potion Brewing, which would give meaning to Herbalism. I was quite surprised when they proposed this to me.

I guess the weirdest class of them all was Zoreya's Religion Study.

Out of curiosity, I went once to see how she taught them. I never saw her try to teach anyone anything in this manner. My usual lessons with her ended up in the two of us getting naked or during pillow talk. I remembered a lot thanks to this, including her weak points.

In front of a class filled with curious students and me, who was by no means wondering if she was wearing any panties under that armor, Zoreya had a calm demeanour and explained her lessons in a clear tone of voice. Melkuth's Shield, which was her symbol as a High Apostle of the God of War, was leaned against the desk, facing the class.

During the class I attended, Zoreya explained the difference between the symbols used by various gods. Melkuth's symbol was represented by two identical short swords crossing blades in an X shape. Above them was a tear and below them were waves made on a calm surface of liquid, which I didn't know if it was blood or water.

The Gods of Justice had a T-shaped hammer leaning to the right at a 90 degrees angle. On the right side of the hammer's head hanged a balance. God Maragun was represented by the hammer leaning towards the right, while goddess Nazra was represented by the hammer leaning towards the left, a mirror image of the other symbol.

The Goddess of the Hunt, Artemya, was represented by a Bow with a loaded arrow. Hers was the simplest symbol to remember so far.

The Goddess of the Anvil, Narcerya, was represented by the symbol of a hammer striking an anvil that had a hole right in the middle. Inside it, the symbol of a flame was drawn to symbolize her power over high temperatures. Narcerya was also known as the Goddess of Metalworking or Metallurgy.

The God of Harvest, Sertan, had as symbol three straws of ripe grain tied together with a loose rope. It was meant to symbolize both the gathering of crops and also that of materials from monsters and dungeons. It was also the only one so far that changed over time. Zoreya said that the original symbol was a basket filled with fish, which made me wonder if Sertan evolved from a god of the seas, but that one was Peotrasky.

The last symbol my wife explained during her class was the one that represented the Goddess of Nature, Martyria. It was a looping vine with three leafs and a drop of water hanging at its end. I found this one to be the most beautiful of them all.

Using this opportunity, I nonchalantly asked Zoreya what the Holy God of Big Boobs was represented by. I received Melkuth's Shield as a reply. To be more precise, Zoreya turned it into a deadly projectile that half buried me into the wall. She firmly declared that she does not wish to know the symbol of such a perverted god even if he was the lawful husband of Narcerya and Artemya. This last bit surprised the students the most, seeing how the two goddesses have been so far declared as single by their believers.

After I pulled myself out of the wall, and Zoreya gave me a kiss on the cheek as apology for being a bit rough with me, someone asked whether or not the God of Dungeons existed.

My wife had this to say: “No such god exists, the same way as there's no god of Humans or god of Elves.”

It made me wonder if such a thing was true, after all, the Holy God of Big Boobs was quite real, but he was someone who didn't wish to create a cult or religion in his name. The God of Humans or God of El'doraws for example could have followed his example.

Usually, after my classes were over, I would take a look around the island to make sure everything was alright. I would check up on the monsters summoned by me and give them a meal of Magic Energy to keep them from hunting around for prey.

After this, I would go and visit Shanteya, who was the only one who didn't start her lectures. She was the teacher for the Stealth and Assassination class, which sounded rather suspicious, but it was meant to teach my students how to protect themselves from enemies who used stealth, poisons, and other assassinations techniques. It was mostly a physical education class as well. Besides this class, she also taught a Maid and Service class, which helped those with the intention of becoming the butler or maid of some respected noble. It was also good to teach the children how to behave and live by themselves.

The second year was going to focus more on the minor details regarding all of these classes, while the third year would be all about combat, party development, and dungeon exploring. In other words, I still had three years to figure out how to make something that didn't turn my students into broken meat dolls.

After visiting Shanteya, I would work on one of my projects for an hour or so and then return to the Principal's Office to have a hot cup of tea, which relaxed me.

Today was a day like any other, and I thought it was going to be the same as well until Tamara burst through the front door. No really, she ripped the door out of its hinges even though it had been enchanted to resist a Supreme's full power punch.

“NYA! NYA NYA NYANYA NYA!” she shouted fluttering her arms in the air.

“Speak human! I don't understand 'nya nya' talk!” I retorted.

“Shanteya! Water broke! Hurry!” she said and then started to run around in circles.

“What?! When?! I have to hurry! What do I need? Water?! Towels?! Leviathans?!” I shouted as I ran in circles with Tamara.

I was... worried.

“Nya! I don't know? Maybe? Probably?! Yes?! Why are you running?!” she asked me.

“I'm not running! You are running!” I shouted back.

“Nya~ We are both running! Why are we running?!” she asked.

“We're not running! We're panicking!” I retorted and then I grabbed Tamara in a princess carry and dashed out through the... window.

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“We’re not, running, we’re panicking!”


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