~ Chapter 74: Alas, the years have passed! (Part 1) ~

[Feryumstark's point of view]

“You will die HERE!” growled the Skeletal Wyrm, but I ignored his worthless threat.

Razor-sharp bone spikes detached from its back and pointed their tips at me. In but a blink of an eye they hissed through the air, aiming for my heart.

The bone spears the monster threw at me were so slow I could easily change their path with a single nudge from my sword.

Upon hitting the ground around me, they rose a cloud of dust into the air. I jumped forward and slashed diagonally. The Skeletal Wyrm, which was only a gigantic animated spiky snake skeleton, didn't have enough time to avoid my strike.

My blade cut through his enchanted bones. Several of his ribs were cut clean and flew in the air.

He hissed and growled, trying to hit me with his tail. The whip-like motion was avoided, and I landed several meters away from the beast.

With a loud hiss, he lifted his enormous body off the ground and stared right into my eyes with those empty sockets of his skull, where only faint glitters of undead yellow light could be seen.

“You foolisssh dragon, do you really think you have what it takesss to defeat the Great He?!” he asked.

“Yes, and I alone am all it will take!” I declared as I pointed the tip of my blade at him.

My spell was charging up while the monster talked.

“You and what army? My lovely minionsss have already began their march towardsss thisss place. Sssoon, you will be surrounded by countlesss undead, and you will be forcesssd to sssubmit your body to me! Yesss, a fine addition to my collection you shall be!” he threatened.

“What army? You idiotic undead lizard.” I punched my chest and shouted in a strong tone of voice, releasing an authority spell meant to cause the moral of my troops to rise and that of my enemy to fall. “I am Feryumstark Seyendraugher! The King with the Gold Scales, Ruler over all the lands of Albeyater!”

The pressure of my presence was released, pushing back the monster and slowing down its movements.

It was similar to the roar released by Alkelios three years ago on the battlefield of Pustia Town, but its range was only of about 200 meters around me. The more Magic Energy I fed to this spell, the wider its range. For fighting against this monster it was enough.

“While I stand here, ready to take your head, my army lies at the entrance to this cave, defending it from your minions.” I told him as I took a stance and prepared myself to attack.

“What?!” the wyrm growled.

I smirked.

The battle was intense, but few were those against I could go full-out. As for this giant skeleton, it was barely worth the effort.

Unleashing my Magic Energy and letting it flow trough my Awakened body, I dashed towards the Skeletal Wyrm. I leaped in the air. A magic platform formed to my right, and I stepped on it, pushing my body to the left. Another platform was created and then another and another. I jumped on them, circling the giant Skeletal Wyrm at a speed no ordinary creature could catch up with.

“STOP MOVING AROUND!” the beast growled in anger.

Now. I thought as I began to use those platforms to perform high speed attacks.

“GUHAAA!” the wyrm cried out.

His bones flew left and right as they were cut to pieces by my sword's blade. It began to lose its Magic Energy fast, trying to regenerate and cope with my attacks, but I had more where this came from. The aim was the big sphere of white energy in the middle of its body not that far away from its skull. It was in the location where a flesh and blood wyrm would have had his heart.

When all the bones around the white orb of energy were cut off, I stopped in front of it and then focused Authority Magic in a simple [Ice Spear].

“Die.” I told him again.

“NOOO!!!” he screamed, but in that very moment, a gold spear of ice formed in front of me and then flew off at a speed faster than that of sound straight towards that orb of light.

It passed through and shattered it completely. The undead yellow light vanished from the sockets of his skull, letting me know that the battle was over.

In the absence of the Magic Energy source that kept it together, the giant skeleton fell before me. All those bones dropped to the ground, scattering about like the pieces of giant puzzle. Unlike regular snakes, the wyrms had more horns and spikes on its body to offer it substantial protection as well as more dangerous ways to attack.

A live wyrm was already a very dangerous creature, but an undead one was a terrifying opponent for most adventurers. Among them, the Skeletal Wyrm was known to be the most dangerous one of them all. Wielding powerful magic and capable of remote-controlling its bone spikes, this being was so dangerous that it was nearly impossible to take down without the help of Breakthrough-er.

That being said, this Skeletal Wyrm was far from being considered a worthy opponent for me.

Walking up to its skull, I saw the three horns which needed to be grounded into a fine powder in order to make my wife's cure. Instead of ripping them out, I stored the whole skull together with its bones in a special [Purse] ring which would continue to preserve the wyrm's remains in this exact condition.

“It's done.” I said and looked around the big cavern one last time before I headed out.

There were a bunch of stuff that could be looted from here, things like minerals and the items of the monster's previous victims. I planned on giving an order to my subordinates to go in and clean it up before we headed back to Albeyater.

As I walked out of the cavern, I saw the remains of the wyrm's undead army as it laid on the ground completely destroyed.

“Your Majesty!” captain Algadarn said as he saluted me.

“At ease, captain.” I said.

He nodded and relaxed his stance a little.

“Report.” I told him.

“Two of our men are injured, but are being healed as we speak. The enemy lies in pieces on the ground. Your Majesty, what happened to the Skeletal Wyrm?” he asked.

“It's been dealt with. Take a rest and then proceed into the cavern to recover anything of value from there.” I told him.

“As you wish.” he bowed.

“Good. Any news from Davarin Kingdom's royal family?” I asked him.

The Skeletal Wyrm was located within the borders of their kingdom, and to get here, not only did I have to pay my respect in gold to the Solustia Kingdom, but I also had to ensure neither Davarin or Solustia planned on interfering with my mission here. As the King of Albeyater, I was a very appetizing target to them, but neither of those royal fools had the courage to attack me directly. Even so, I couldn't let my guard down within their territory.

If it wasn't for the successful return of both Kataryna Greorg and Seryanna Draketerus from their own missions within the relliar, elf, and dwarf territories, I wouldn't have even bothered thinking about flying all the way over here, at the edge of the Dragon Continent.

“No, your Majesty. They seem to be keeping their word about not interfering in exchange for the promised gifts.” captain Algadarn said.

“That's good.” I nodded.

Looking up at the clear sky, I thought back at my wife and wondered what she was doing now. After all, it was a race against time to get the cure to heal her, and without Alkelios around, we were stretching it thin.

[Elliessara's point of view]

The scenery was absolutely beautiful out here, away from the capital and the busy life of the nobles. Ever since last year, I've been living here, away from the stress and the troubles my life as a Queen would usually bring me.

If it wasn't for this curse, I wouldn't have even thought about spending my time like this. After the war against the traitorous Draejan Andrakaryus Doesya, the economical and political matters of the Albeyater Kingdom were in a terrible state. Together with my son, Elovius, who also acted as a Prime Minister, and my daughter, Elleyzabelle, I worked almost every day and night to restore things as they were. Unfortunately, the recent assassinations caused many positions within the Royal Palace to be left open, and besides experience there was also the matter of trust.

Those who had been killed could be considered as part of the main pylons of power within the Kingdom. Replacing them required both delicacy and time, both of which I couldn't afford given my current circumstances. My best bet for now was to keep a close eye on them until I could ask for a specialized team to look into them further.

“My Queen, I've brought you your tea.” said Kleo as she had her familiar bring me a tray.

“Thank you.” I replied with a gentle smile on my lips.

The familiar in question was a monster of pure shadow, with red eyes and bone spikes coming out of its back. In a word, it was frightening, but I was assured that among her familiars, this one was probably the most harmless of them all. Besides, it could easily detect poison.

This whole mansion retreat was being guarded by Kleo's familiars. Countless shadow creatures laid in wait at every turn. A normal visitor couldn't see them, but they were there, watching their every step and making sure they were not a threat to me.

After I picked up my cup of tea, I leaned back on the chair and watched the calm and peacefully scenery nature had to offer me here.

This place was located on the shore of a small lake not far from the capital. It was built by my husband, the King of Albeyater, at my request to have a place to retreat to in the unfortunate event that the cure won't be made in time.

Alkelios told me this Cure-All Leaf Tea was going to help slow down the effects of the [God's Demise Poison], but I didn't know how effective it was. Last time he checked, he told me I still had another four years and several months to live, this being before the battle at Pustia began. If the tea had no effect, than at at that time, I should have had just a little over two years left to live not four. This being said, I didn't know if I had more than a year now or I was getting close to my final days.

“I do wish he will show up soon.” I said as I let out another sigh.

“Who, my Queen?” asked Kleo, who was sitting not that far away from me.

By now, this dragoness had become a perfect maid and also a reliable guard. Kataryna Greorg made sure to train her in the art of combat and my head maid taught her in the way to take care of royalty.

“Alkelios, our friend.” I replied.

“Soon, I hope... And when he does, I'll give him a beating for making us wait for so long.” she said with a gentle smile on her lips.

“I guess we all do.” I chuckled.

“In any case, we all wish for his safe return...” she said.

“Indeed we do.” I nodded.

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