~ Chapter 123: Once again, we meet (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

The upcoming departure of my wives was an event our students didn't really seem too eager to welcome. While they understood that they couldn't do anything about it, they still expressed their disapproval to show how much they would miss them. Constantly asking why I wasn't going in their stead made me wonder if my popularity among the younger students was rather low. If it was only the male population, maybe I would have understood why they were so against it, but the girls were also making a big deal out of it.

The only ones who were happy were those going through Nanya's combat lessons. They threw a party when they found out. The following day, Nanya told them that I was going to take them through my dungeons so they would get a bit of combat experience. This news resulted in them becoming gloomy again. While for some reason this ticked me off, I did promise my wives that there will be no more 'lava on the first floor' scenarios.

On the third day after we had our little family meeting, I woke being hugged by my draconian wife. She was using me as a hug pillow, her tail was tightly wrapped around my waist as if trying to prevent me from fleeing her embrace.

Last night, she took me for one wild ride. Luckily, Illsyorea was quite the big island, so we were able to find a good spot where we could enjoy some skinny dipping and have a bit of fun on the beach.

When we got back, we undressed and went straight to sleep without doing anything else.

“Mmm~” Ayuseya let out a soft moan when I tried to sneak away from her constrictor embrace.

I looked up at her, but she was still sound asleep.

Seeing how she wasn't planning on getting up and I was late for work, I proceeded to knead her bottom with both hands. My wife let out some rather erotic moans before she finally opened her eyes.

“Good morning. Are you awake now?” I asked her.

“Mhm~” she replied.

“Can you let go of me?” I asked.

“Mmmno~” she replied and then bit my neck.

“Hey now, we need to get up, no time for marking and foreplay!” I told her as I poked her cheek.

“But~” she looked up at me with begging eyes.


How could I resist against such an attack?

I let nature take its course, but I was late to class by half an hour. When I walked through the door, the students let out a depressed sigh.

“Why are you lot unhappy?” I complained as I sat down at my desk.

Before me were the 30 students from the second year. Most of them were the fourth and fifth children of the nobles. They were sent here mostly as a test drive for my academy. Although Varakium gave me his word and also a copy of an official declaration that guaranteed the authenticity of my academy, not all noble families were on his side yet.

The third and fourth child, especially if they were boys, they were disposable for the most part. At least that was how the nobles viewed it. Since they couldn't take over the family, they were to either marry off in a good family or turn to the life of an Adventurer.

By sending them to my academy, they were expected to either end up dead if I wasn't the Dungeon I was rumored to be or eventually find a partner to marry. During the first year, the noble children understood that their bloodlines and families meant nothing here and quickly grew used with the idea of not needing to feel on their shoulders the pressure of their parents.

It was around 11:26 AM when I suddenly felt an 'enemy' entering my Dungeon Territory.

I stopped from teaching and told the students “I apologize, but there's something I need to take care of.” I said.

One of the students raised her arm up and asked in a cheerful tone of voice “Are you going to go see one of your wives for a short love session?”

“Huh? Why would I ever go for a short one?” I asked as if that was the most obvious problem with what she said “But no.” I shook my head and then continued “The destroyer of the Fellyore Academy has just entered my Dungeon Territory and is approaching the harbor.”

When I said this, the smiles on their faces vanished and looked at me seriously. Most of them already came of age, so matters of life and death weren't new to them, especially given their own political position.

“Will we be safe?” asked one of the weaker students in a timid tone of voice.

“Don't worry. I'll never let anything happen to my cute students!” I showed them a smile and they appeared to be relieved.

“We'll pray for you to win, teacher Illsyore! Show them what a Dungeon can do!” one of the boys shouted.

“Yes! Do that, teacher!”

“Given them a piece of your mind!”

“Don't let them take Illsyorea from us!”

“You have to win, teacher Illsyore!”

“Thank you. Your encouragements mean a lot to me. Now stay here and do some self-study.”

With this said, I left the class and called my wives over.

“Colly Tos!” I cast the forbidden spell and five pairs of fluttery fabric appeared before my eyes.

I waited for a minute or so, and then I saw them walking up to me. Nanya was holding an anvil in her right hand. Ayuseya had a cold smile on her lips. Tamara was skipping along. Thankfully, she was wearing pants this time. Zoreya was bright red in the cheeks like a ripe tomato ready to be plucked. Shanteya was showing me a calm and gentle smile.

“So?” Nanya asked.

“Dankyun is here.” I told them as I looked in their eyes.

The air around us suddenly changed.

Considering who that draconian was and what he did to us, it was no wonder. The only one who didn't know what to think of this situation was Tamara, who never met him, and I was glad she didn't.

I gave them back their panties and as they changed, I told them “I'm going to go and meet him. Zoreya and Shanteya should come with me. Nanya and Ayuseya should wait for us at the training field.”

“My dear, what are you going to do?” Ayuseya asked me.

Looking into her eyes, I remembered the state she was in after she confronted Dankyun in order to defend me from his wrath. Out of all them, she had the most to suffer from his madness. She was forced to swallow a concoction that burnt her throat and cursed her to forever keep silent. She was engaged to him for the sole purpose of becoming a stepping stone in his conquest. At the end, he brutally cut off one of her arms and stabbed her in the gut in an attempt to kill her.

The pain she went through, the suffering, and the mental anguish, I never made Dankyun pay for them. Well, if he was a changed man, maybe... just maybe I would be able to resist the urge to kill him and rip his spine right out his body then shove it down his own throat.

“Nothing...” I replied and showed her a smile “You and Nanya will.”

They looked at me with big eyes. Nanya's past with Dankyun wasn't a happier one. Betrayed in love, left for dead in a dangerous dungeon and having her father's sword stolen were all parts of the suffering that draconian laid upon her. Like a plague you couldn't get rid of, he then followed her to Fellyore Academy and destroyed it right before her eyes, putting both her students and friends in danger.

“We will?” asked Nanya.

“Only if you want to.” I said and then walked up to Nanya and Ayuseya and embraced the two. “I know what he did to both of you. Maybe I should have killed him back then or maybe I did the right thing by letting him live. I don't know, but I promised him that if he ever dared to show his face before me, I would let you two wipe the dust off with him. Honestly, I want to see you two turn him into minced meat if it turns out that after all this time he didn't change for the better. I guess... I may have not killed him back then because I thought it would be better if you two did it.” I said.

“Sounds like you are pushing the kill mission on us.” scoffed Nanya as she rubbed her cheek to mine.

“Maybe. As I said, it's your choice. If you want me to do it, I won't hesitate.” I told her.

“We'll see you on the training ground, my dear husband.” said Ayuseya before she pecked me on the neck.

“We won't be upset with you if you accidentally kill him on the way there.” Nanya told me before giving me a kiss on the lips.

After they left, Tamara approached me. Her tail was swaying in the air and she was leaning forward, granting me a good view of her enticing cleavage.

With a cat-like smile on her lips, she asked me “Mate, what do you want me to do?”

I patted her head. She let out a soft 'nya~' and then looked into my eyes.

“Stalk us from the shadows and if any of our 'guests' dare to move, show them your fangs.” I told her.

“Nya~ Very well, mate!” she then jumped in my arms, pressing her big chest on me.

After a small lick of my cheek, she stole my lips in a kiss. I returned her kiss and embraced her. The awakened nekatar loved it.

The moment she was out of my embrace, she vanished from my sight. I turned my head and saw her peeking out from the other room. Her cuteness made me smile.

“Illsy, why don't you want to fight him?” asked Zoreya in a serious tone of voice.

I looked down and then replied “Because this doesn't feel like my fight. I had mine back at Fellyore.” I told them.

“What about me and Shanteya?” asked Zoreya.

“You two are also free to make what you see fit of him.” I replied.

Dankyun has done something to all of us except for Tamara.

Zoreya's past with him was also a tragic one. Instead of being like a brother for her and the other children in the orphanage, the draconian turned his back on them and then killed them in cold blood. He set his own home on fire and watched it being engulfed by flames as he listened to the agonizing screams of the innocent children inside. Be it through luck or fate, Zoreya was able to escape from the tragic fire and set off to become the Apostle of Melkuth.

“I have no quarrel with this draconian. For me, he is nothing more than a waste of space and air. Even his remains would bring no benefit to the world as they would corrupt and rot the soil they were placed under.” Shanteya said with a soft smile on her lips.

“As for me, I do wish to say something to this traitorous fiend, but...” Zoreya stopped and looked into my eyes “If it wasn't for him, I would not have ever met a wonderful man such as you and would never have gotten to experience the joy of becoming one of Melkuth's High Apostles. Right now, I feel truly blessed, and being with you is my absolute greatest blessing as of yet.” she showed me a soft smile filled with boundless love.

When she said this, I looked into her eyes and felt like her very words had been ingrained into my soul.

In that very moment... like a ghost's whisper echoing in the back of my mind, I heard a single thought, one which I wouldn't be able to remember for a very long time.

I see, so this is why I changed everything... Their love was what pulled me into this reality, and my love simply replied to their call... So simple... yet... enough...

The thought ended, and as soon as it did... I had forgotten it.

Blinking surprised, I wondered What was that?

I looked into Zoreya's eyes and whatever that was washed away from my mind like a sponge would chalk on the blackboard.

“Thank you, Zoreya.” I said and then gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

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quickly grew used with the idea of not needing to feel on their shoulders the pressure of their parents.
quickly grew used to the idea of not needing to feel the pressure of their parents on their shoulders.


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