~ Announcing: Azuran Tales: The Outpost ~

The intro

Hello, everyone!

If I know the people who read my stories, then your first question will be: Hm? What is this? Another web novel? More chapters? Chapters, right? More chapters! @_@

Or something along those lines...

So, no, this isn't going to be another web novel, far from it actually. Azuran Tales: The Outpost is the title of the game I've been writing the Lore and Story for. The game belongs to Tiny Trinket Games (http://tinytrinket.games/), and it's been under development ever since the beginning of January 2017, but if you were to ask me, the idea was born way before that. Long story short, I came in contact with them around January, and I loved the idea of the game, so I began to work on the story, which for me was one hell of a ride.

Writing a game's story is far more different than writing a web novel. If you were to ask in what exactly consists the difference? Well... size and form basically. With a web novel, you can go wild and explore the plot as much as you want, but with this one, it MUST have a certain SIZE as well as the right hooks needed to pull in the player at every step of the way.

It took me far longer to cook up the idea of this story's plot than it did for any of my web novels, but with time, things got easier.

I tend to work by simulating the story and the whole world it takes place inside my mind a LOT before I get down to business and start writing it. This process is very costing for me in terms of energy, and with my usual chapters as well, it was one tough turkey to cook! Just imagine a billion tiny gremlins inside my noggin working 24/7 trying to piece together the plot and make sense of the world it takes place in while also working on the other stories. One single mistake or unexpected change could derail me from the whole process and cause me to be late on all fronts. :S

What is Azuran Tales: The Outpost?


It's an indie game that's currently being developed by the team at Tiny Trinket Games. The genre is Adventure RPG at heart, but it combines JRPG-style combat mechanics with some extensive base and resource management mechanics, open world areas, a wonderful expansive Lore, and captivating Story.

Your units consist of what we call “Followers”, also known as wandering mercenaries and adventurers. You will primarily hire these guys at the Inn, but you can also recruit them during your adventure, open world exploration, or maybe even get the chance to turn them into friends from foes. You can then equip them with various items and send them out on Missions that take a certain time to complete. You can level them up, gear them up, and most important of all, have them accompany you on Adventures.

The game will have several huge maps you can explore together with your Followers. They will have feature environments from key locations in Varam Kingdom. You will find there not only lore elements to interact with, but also NPC to give out quests, Adventures, and all sorts of other things we'll think about and implement.

You will have access to a crafting menu through which you can improve your gear and help strengthen your Followers.

Of course, a lot of these are things we want to add and implement. We hope that when we release the final version of the game, you will have a lot of things to do ranging from exploration to lore investigation and amazing battles. We're working on a combat system and mission lore that will be as beautiful and interesting as possible. At this point, it's too early even for us to tell you how the game will turn out. We hope for the best, and I will personally try to make the best story I can think of in the set environment. Even so, we strongly believe the game will be awesome for those who love open world RPG and exploration filled with rich lore, quests, and countless new opportunities to discover.

If you want, you can find out more on https://azurantales.com/ (as time goes by we will add more info regarding the mechanics of the game and various updates we'll be making to it.)

THE STORY and Lore


Yup, the things I'm working on.

The action takes place in the world of Azuran. This planet is filled with Magic and many sapient species like humans, elves, dragons, dwarfs, and maybe some of mine (el'doraw and relliar).

I laid out the whole planet's structure from continents to climate and so on. For now, the action will take place on the largest continent: Cruzan.

There are quite a number of kingdoms and empires on this vast continent, but more about those later. The action of the game takes place in the Varam Kingdom, around 800 years after a great war with the Demons from the North.

If you have read my web novels, then you know my style. I focus a lot on character development and the relationships between them. I put accent on emotions and body language, on their thoughts and how everything affects the world around them.

The story will appear at first hand as the story of the valiant hero going forth to shatter to bits the army of their mighty foe. I say this again as a small hint: it will appear.

We have this guy, Captain Gladiolus Herviand, a young Captain in the Varam Kingdom's army, who is tasked to take care of the Outpost. Because he's a curious fellow and quite interested in the recent rumors regarding the stir of demons up North, he hires adventurers and mercenaries he calls his 'Followers' in order to accomplish certain tasks his soldiers wouldn't otherwise.

He sends them on Missions and goes with them on Adventures in order to investigate the rumors regarding the demons.

The story will basically focus around what he discovers hidden in the shadow of history.
I won't give you any spoilers regarding WHAT he discovers, but I'll tell you that I have laid out plenty of cliffha... erm... story twists to let you wanting for more and make you play eagerly until the end of the campaign.

In terms of characters, they all have their unique personalities and background. Depending on how the development of the game goes, we might even have some potential love interests developing (don't ask if there's going to be a harem... I want the player to have this option at one point :S, but it's not up to me.).

If you are wondering if Gladiolus Herviand is an OP MC, well he isn't unless you make his Followers max leveled and ultra geared. Even then the devs might cook up something to give you fair fights. Story-wise, he isn't.

And no, he's not a reincarnated hero either. He's normal. For the first time ever, this guy will be a normal hero :)).

What else can I tell you about the story without spoiling too much?

Hm... Well, basically, if you like my web novels, you will definitely like to read this one as well. Did I say read? Well, yes, the story itself will be given to you in the form of a well organized text rather than flashy animations and cool CG effects. If we can add some of those, we will, but only time will tell.

I'm also planning to write a separate story from the game one, which will be based in the same universe. It will add a bit more detail to the lore and the mysteries hidden within the Varam Kingdom. But more about this later.

Now, about the Lore, well, it will be delivered to you through both exploration of the world, the Mission text, the Adventure stories, and the Lore Snippets you will discover while playing. Everything will be kept nice and clean in a Lorebook which you can visit within the game at any point you desire. It's going to give those collector types something to focus on as well. 😉

And if you liked what I told you about the story so far, then keep an eye on the developer blog because we'll be giving bits and pieces of the story right there!

Together with this game, I hope I will be able to publish a book set in this universe that will reveal more about the lore or if possible even start a small web novel series (yeah, I know what I said at the beginning of this article 😛 ), but that's all still far in the future.

That's all folks!

That's all I wanted to let you know about the game I've been working on with those from the Tiny Trinket Games team.

As a final note, for those of you who are wondering about it, I didn't invest even a single cent from my Patreon money in this game. That's for getting me the needed tools and mood to write my web novels and books, which has helped me A LOT. If not for you, patrons, and those buying my books on Amazon, I doubt I would have made it this far as a writer! Or most likely went on an indefinite hiatus... I also wish to point out that this project didn't take off my writing time for my web novels, it actually helped me with it.

That's why, thank you everyone for supporting me in my dreams and helping push out my projects step by step towards completion. MA and 100 Luck are a long way to go, but they'll get there. Hopefully, Azuran Tales will end up becoming a big universe just as the other two! Look forward to it!

With best regards, your favorite author, DragomirCM!

You can also follow the game here:

Azuran Tales Facebook Link

Azuran Tales Twitter Link


Note from the author: Thank you for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something new! 🙂

Check out my books!

You never know what you might find!

Check out my Web Novels!

Countless hours of fun and adventure!

I am grateful for any and all of your support! Thank you!

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i just hope it can be played on android as soon as possible
because i mainly use my phone rather than pc


Oooh looks interesting. The way the story is presented reminds me of the avernum games from spiderweb. I’ve played all of their games so I’ll be sure to check this one out aswell.


Any Linux or Mac support?


Under the ‘Forums’ section is a whole area for Mac support. I’m happy to see that, since I play on a Mac too.


Am i the only one that noticed that double “as valuable as” in the picture of the lore about the game?
I hope that you and the game will succeed and earn an extra buck from doing it! I will definitely try it out when it releases.

John Christianson
John Christianson

Looks good and potentially exactly my taste in games. Have they thought of how they are going to distribute it? Such as steam or gog? They also might start thinking about a design that can be changed easily for language localization or conversion into apple or android.