~ Chapter 124: Was it worth it? (Part 2) ~

I then guided them to the table prepared by Shanteya and each took a seat. Meanwhile, Dankyun took off the cloak that hid his body and changed his armor to a more serious looking one. Maybe he took Nanya's words seriously or understood that now that she was going to fight unsealed, she was going to mean trouble for him. Well, that was if he were to judge her based on what he previously knew about my wife.

“Do you have a tea preference?” Shanteya asked the three draconians sitting in front of me.

“Green tea.” said the one with blue scales.

“How do we know it isn't poisoned?” the one with red scales asked.

“I don't need poison to kill you. I would just make you choke on your own tail.” Shanteya replied coldly.

“... Mint please.” he replied after a moment of pause.

“What about you?” Shanteya asked the one with green scales.

“Redcalf... if you have any.” he replied.

“We do.” she said with smile and then went to prepare the tea.

“Cookies?” I asked.

“Erm... what?” the one with red scales looked at me as if I had said something strange.

“Shanteya, bring us some snacks as well.” I told her.

“Very well!” she replied with a smile and then took some out.

Giving each of my wife a Storage Crystal was probably the best idea I had ever come up with. Those things were ridiculously useful.

“Now then, while my wives and Dankyun get ready, how about you three introduce yourselves?” I asked with a smile.

“Do we have to?” the leader narrowed his eyes at me.

“Not necessarily, but I will take it as a sign of peace. You can do so after Dankyun's fight, but until then, you will have to excuse my rudeness for calling you by your scale color.” I replied.

“We don't mind.” he shrugged.

“Alright, then you are Red. Your are Blue. And you are Green.” I said with a smile as I looked at each of them.

No reply, they just stared back at me.

Soon enough, Shanteya brought us the tea and Dankyun was also ready. Not long afterwards, Ayuseya and Nanya came out wearing... their swimsuits.

I spat out my tea.

“WHAT THE?!” I retorted.

All in all, I liked what I saw... but why swimsuits?! I didn't mind when I was the one ogling at their bouncing breasts, but why should Dankyun and the others?

“Hm? Your wives are wearing rags?” Red asked curiously.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised and then looked at him and then back at them.

Rags?! Those are bikini-type swimsuits! The string version no less! What does he mean by rags?! I means seriously?! Does he even realize the number of times I undressed them when they were wearing those. While out on the beach, I ended up giving a swimsuit specialty to my Colly Tos spell! It was totally worth the show, but why on earth would I be happy for others to see my beloved wives with so little clothes on?! Huh? Wait a second... rags? I stopped overthinking for a second and then looked at Red.

“Rags? What do you mean by rags?” I asked.

“Huh? That's a patched up linen shirt and pair of dark linen pants no matter how you look at it.” the draconian shook his head.

“They wish to lose the fight?” Blue asked.

“Idiots?” Green muttered something.

Linen? I thought and then Shanteya came over and whispered in my ear “[Camouflage] or maybe [Illusion]? Only we can see what they really look like.”

“But why?” I asked.

“No armor means no excuse for special items.” Shanteya showed me her smile.

“I see now.” I nodded.

Basically, they wanted to defeat Dankyun in the most shameful way possible. If he complained they were wearing special items or something like that, it would have been impossible for him to back his words. After all, they were seeing them wearing nothing but rags. They didn't carry a weapon either, but if by some unseen completely absurd reason they were in danger, they could called out their power armors and weapons created by me from within their Storage Crystals.

I designed a special spell for them back on the Boss Island, which allowed them to instantly equip whatever armor or weapon they called out from their crystals. Of course, it wasn't something anyone with a Storage Crystal could do. Imagining the armor and understanding what parts connected to what and how was important for the spell to work properly. The first time I tried it, I ended up with my pants on my head and holding the sword by the blade.

“Then, gentlemen, shall we have observed this battle while enjoying our tea and snacks?” I asked as I took my cup of tea and took a sip from it.

“This battle... Dankyun is strong.” Green said.

“The draconian is annoying, but I will vouch for his strength as well.” Blue approved.

“Your wives may be in danger, are sure about this?” asked Red as he looked into my eyes.

“If I believe even for a single second that they are going to be in danger, I have plenty of ways to instantly kill Dankyun while still enjoying my tea.” I replied with a smile.

“Kind Sir, it would be wise not to underestimate us.” Shanteya told him.

Zoreya remained quiet and watched as the draconian and my wives walked to the center of the battlefield.

“This... will be fun.” I said in a low volume.

[Nanya's point of view]

A rematch with this bastard was not something on my 'To Do' list, but it was certainly a interesting gift.

Initially, I thought that we should use our Power Armors and even the weapons made by Illsy, but Ayuseya convinced me against it. Considering how ridiculously overpowered we became while wearing them, it would have been more satisfying to defeat that scumbag draconian by using as little as possible.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a more fitting equipment on us, so we got our swimsuits out and used a spell of [Illusion] capable of changing completely the way others saw us. Of course, our sister-wives and husband were on the exception list.

For the minds of the nobles and commoners outside of Illsyorea, this was probably a far too extreme way of dressing up. It was inappropriate in the eyes of many, and probably far too daring for many others. Thanks to Illsy, however, we stopped seeing swimsuits as 'fancy underwear'. Besides, it made me happy when I wore something that caught his eye.

As we stepped out of the improvised changing room, Dankyun was already waiting for us wearing a completely different set of armor. I could feel the Magic Energy emanated from it. Compared to how this draconian was when he arrived at the Fellyore Academy, nine years ago, he was far more powerful now. He was a proper Supreme in terms of strength.

“So the shikaks finally showed themselves! Those rags look good on you, Nanya dearest, just the type of outfit an abandoned demoness should have!” Dankyun taunted us as he laughed.

“Oh my, what a pathetic compliment. Don't waste your breath and follow us to the center. We'll fight there.” I said and showed him my sharpened claws.

“There is a saying that goes like this: don't judge a draconian by the color of their scales.” said Ayuseya with a soft smile as she walked up to the center.

That bikini bottom is definitely more appealing on her than on me. Is it because I already gave birth? Is my rear fatter than hers? I wondered as I followed after her.

Dankyun shrugged and didn't comment. In his mind, we were probably easy pickings.

Last time we fought, he defeated us with great ease. We didn't even put a dent on him. True, he had his ridiculous ammount of potions and my sword, but it was still a loss that made me howl in anger.

Arriving on the Boss Island made it possible for me to level faster than before and become far more powerful than I was. If not for Illsy, I would have lost there several times, and more than once my life was put in danger because of my recklessness or lack of strength. The taste of defeat was never a good one, but it didn't bring me down. It didn't make me accept my fate. I was a Demonarkiar and a Deus, there was no way I would accept it!

I struggled and fought. I rose up past my limits until I could feel like I had touched the sky. Whatever came at me, I brought it down.

We were powerful, true, but one had to remember that we didn't reach this level of strength over night. The struggles we went through, the training sessions we submitted ourselves to weren't easy or pleasant. None of us reached this point without surpassing our limits several times over.

That's why, what we planned on showing Dankyun now was our true strength. We weren't going to use our Over Supreme skills or outrageous armors and weapons.

No, our fists were enough.

[Ayuseya's point of view]

We stopped at the center of the island and looked at this man who brought us so much harm. The very thought that I could have ended up as his wife and shared the same bed as him disgusted me to no avail.

What happened back then was part of my dark past, of the time when I was still a Pleyades.

This draconian took advantage of me, of the fact that I was weak and couldn't defend myself for the single purpose of stepping up on his own imaginary hierarchy. It wasn't like he was the first in our history to try something ridiculous like this, just the first to resort to such disgraceful tools like curses and torture.

Zoreya, his sister, had yet to speak with him, but it made me wonder if there was even a need to do so? She was happy together with us and Illsyore. Her god had given her the role of a High Apostle, so everything was far better than she wanted to.

Maybe she had a bit of her past that she wanted closure to, or maybe she just wanted to see us obliterate this draconian. If she was going to stop us, it was best if she did it before we ended Dankyun's life.

I for one did not plan on letting him leave this island alive.

“So are we going to do this or not?” Dankyun asked as he unsheathed his sword and fueled it with Magic Energy.

From a single glance, we could see that he wasn't the same draconian as the one who defeated us on the Allasn Continent. The current Dankyun could easily fight even against 100 of his former self. It was that sort of feeling he gave off now

“Anytime you wish to.” I replied with a smile.

“Are you sure? 'Cause I really can't see this as a fight, more like the bullying of two ungrateful shikaks!” he laughed.

“Then try it.” I taunted him.

“Tch!” he clicked his tongue and then lifted his hand up.

A spell? No... he's not focusing his Magic Energy in his hand but in his body? Ah, a melee attack! I thought.

The next moment, I saw Dankyun move at a speed that made everything look in slow motion. He wore that maniac smile on his face as he turned the blade of his sword and aimed for Nanya.

By my guess, his speed was probably one equivalent to Supreme with an Agility attribute of at least 8000 points.

To us, however, he was slow.

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Alright, then you are Red. Your are Blue. And you are Green.
Alright, then you are Red, you are Blue and you are Green.
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