~ Chapter 124: Was it worth it? (Part 3) ~

We waited patiently for him to reach us. He moved the edge of his blade in Nanya's direction and performed a slash. Magic Energy flowed from him into the sword, making it a magic attack. The skill he was using most likely hardened and sharpened the blade.

The slash itself was slow, but Nanya didn't move. She was probably wondering if she should dodge it or simply let it collide with her strengthened Magic Armor. If she chose the latter, then his sword would have a chance to shatter to bits.

I watched as the slow-motion Dankyun got closer and closer to landing a hit, then... Nanya moved.

Her speed, even to my trained eyes, was fast.

The demoness slapped him. A loud sound of Magic Armor shattering was heard, and Dankyun went flying through the air. He spun in the air and landed almost fifty meters away from us, tumbling several times on the ground until he came to a stop.

“Ah! I needed that!” Nanya said with a smile.

Looking over at the table where Illsy was having tea with the other Supreme draconians, I could see his guests stare at us with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

Well, I guess they underestimated us quite a lot. I thought.

“Let's go and see if he's still alive.” Nanya said and then walked towards the draconian lying on the ground.

When we arrived at the site, Dankyun got back up on his feet and looked at us with an expression of pure anger on his face.

“HOW DARE YOU!” he shouted and then fueled his body with more Magic Energy.

Is that [Boost]? I asked myself as I tilted my head to the left.

Once again, he went for an attack, his speed was a bit faster now, maybe he reached 10000 Agility points?

His target this time was me, he probably thought that I was weaker than Nanya. While this was partially true, it didn't mean that I was weaker than him.

I wanted to slap him as well, but for draconians, there was an even more insulting action.

Without hesitation, I twisted my hips and slapped him across the face with my tail.

There was nothing more embarrassing for a dragon than to be slapped over the face by the tail of a dragoness. Or so the saying went. In the Teslov society, this gesture was reserved only as an insult of the highest level. Surprisingly though, using the tail for sexual acts conferred an opposite meaning, one of respect, acceptance, and love.

Letting a draconian play with your horns or tail was seen as an intimate gesture that could only be done by lovers. If a stranger did it, then it was thought to be sexual harassment.

Thus, Dankyun's Magic Armor was shattered to bits again and was sent flying through the air, but this time back to the center of the arena.

“I think I understand what you meant by that. It felt good!” I told Nanya with a smile.

We then intended to walk back to him, but the draconian surprisingly got up and with a roar started shooting several spells at us. We dodged them all with incredible ease, while the homing ones weren't capable of cracking our Magic Armors.

When the barrage of fireballs, ice spikes, wind scythes, and whatever else he threw at us was over, he made a dash for us while holding his sword with two hands. His aim was me.

I smiled and decided to play with him a little.

Jumping back, I dodged his first slash, then his second, his third, his fourth, and I allowed the fifth to graze my Magic Armor. As expected, nothing happened.

At his sixth attack, I slipped past to his right side and then gave him a light punch to his stomach. His armor cracked, but it didn't shatter. I didn't hit him that hard, just enough to make him cough and fly back ten meters or so.

“H-How?!” Dankyun asked as he held his stomach.

As expected, the draconian immediately took out a Healing Crystal and used it on himself.

“I will kill you for that!” he said as he looked at me.

“You still haven't grasped the difference between our strength?” Nanya asked.

“What difference? I'm sure that shield above us has something to do with me getting weaker!” he retorted.

“You are free to think what you wish.” I told him and shrugged.

Dankyun narrowed his eyes at us. He was most likely wondering how we managed to become so powerful in such a short period of time. The weak women he tormented before had changed far too much, especially me, who was once cursed with the inability to gather Magic Energy or even level up properly. If not for Illsyore, I would have certainly met with a cruel fate at the hands of this monster.

It surprises me even now how a single moment of what others may have called recklessness ended up changing my life forever. I met the man of my dreams, the prince charming from all fairy tales, and just like in a story, I lured him in with my song. I couldn't speak because I was cursed, yet my voice still reached him. I couldn't dare even ask the help of the gods, yet they somehow heard my cries and brought me before him.

Illsyore changed my life, he made me the dragoness I was today, he gave me his love and took me as his wife. This Godlike Dungeon so many feared and cursed in the back of their minds cherished me more than anyone ever did, and like a true lover, he gave me the freedom of choice I desired. Instead of taking me out of Dankyun's leash and putting me in his, he gave me free reign to do as I pleased, to follow my dreams, and savor my fleeting moments as I wished.

What man in the Teslov Kingdom's society could even think about doing something like that let alone actually doing it? Yes, Illsyore Deus was far above all those scaly bastards who knew not how to treasure their own family, and right now, one such piece of garbage was standing right in front of me, trying to think of a way to take me down.

How foolish... I thought and then rushed up to him.

I didn't punch him, I didn't kick him, I simply stopped at a breath away from him and the impact between our Magic Armors was enough to send him flying back and have his cracked in multiple places.

“Ugh! H-How did you do that?!” Dankyun demanded.

Like the foolish man he was, he tried to figure out what was oh so obvious to all those who watched this battle.

He may have been a Supreme, but in the midst of a fight, one barely had the time to think of such things.

Even so, like a cockroach, he got up and used another of those pesky crystals to supplement his missing Magic Energy. Unlike before, he was a bit more careful when it came to using them. His body may have recovered from the ordeal Illsy put him through back at Fellyore, but his mind remembered it clearly.

“Is that all? Come on! Attack us with all you have!” Nanya demanded.

“You'll regret this!” he shouted and then used a powerful [Boost] spell.

His body was reinforced with Magic Energy and his speed went up again. With anger in his eyes, he attempted to cut us down, to make us fall on our knees and submit to him, but such a thing could only be seen as a fool man's fantasy. No matter what her tried, he would never win against us.

Seeing the ease with which we were both dodging his attacks, Dankyun tried to attack our footing. His hand aimed at the ground and turn it to ice. He thought we would sleep on it, but it was impossible with our reflexes and speed. The advantage me and Nanya had over this terrain was also given by the fact that our feet had some rather long nails and that we could even use our tails for better balance.

Seeing this attempt was a futile one, he melted the ice and turned the ground into mud, but at this speed, it was like skipping over water. To sink in it or slip on it would have been rather ridiculous.

Yet, he kept trying, launching spell after spell that would have been otherwise impossible for most Supremes, all the while moving at speeds that made his past self look like an amateur. Then again, the Dankyun back then was indeed no different than a pathetic little amateur.

“Huff! Huff! How?!” he asked again.

Although he sounds as if he was asking the same thing over and over, within his mind, he was probably constantly thinking of how to take us down or get a good measure of our strength. What he found out so far was probably the fact that we were a pair of opponents he couldn't defeat using conventional means.

Dankyun pushed about 40% his total Magic Energy within his sword and then aimed it at us.

Nanya was the target.

He fired, and a powerful red lightning washed over the demoness.

She didn't move from her place, letting her armor take all the brunt of the attack. What it did was merely cause a small crack in it, which was fixed right away. Behind her, it looked as if a dragon from the old legends came flying down and unleashed his wrath on her. The ground touched by the red lightning was turned black. It was glittering as well because the sand mixed within it fused to form glass.

This was an impressive attack of a Supreme Rank, and it was also focused on a single target rather than multiple ones. Dankyun must have learned it sometime in the past eight years or so.

“Oho? That was a rather good attack. It doesn't match Ayuseya's flames or Illsy's laser though.” Nanya commented with a smile and then turned around “Doesn't do as much damage either.” she then looked at Dankyun who was huffing from the effort.

The draconian used another crystal and recharged a part of his Magic Energy. He was trying to recover his breath and prepare for another attack. Because the two of us didn't seem to react too much to what he was doing, he couldn't devise a proper strategy to use against us. It was the same as attacking a training dummy, one that couldn't be harmed no matter what he tried.

“Tch! I was hoping to save this...” he said and then took out a big purple crystal.

It was about the same size of his palm and was covered in a white-purple aura. It gave me some creepy vibes, but I didn't feel as though I was in danger.

“What are you doing?” Nanya asked as she narrowed her eyes at him.

“THIS!” Dankyun shouted and tossed the crystal at our feet.

We jumped back and where we stood a purplish fog spread.

“Hahaha! This thing will make any woman beg for mercy and cry in pain!” the draconian shouted.

The fog began to disperse little by little and from within it, we saw a horrible monstrosity making its appearance. It was impossible to tell what it was exactly. There were countless tentacles squirming around that gave me a very nasty feeling. It was gross and disgusting no matter how you looked at it.

“Tch. A demon?” Nanya said.

“A what? That thing is like you?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, but it's one of the lower breeds that wasn't able to take humanoid shape.” she told me.

“Is it dangerous, and why did Dankyun say it was a danger to women?” I asked her.

“Tentacle monsters like this one usually aren't. The violent ones are killed almost immediately by demons, and depending on its adaptation, the tentacles can be quite deadly.” she explained.

“This thing is like a beast isn't?” I asked.

“No. It can think, though not much. Well, if you leave it out in the wild, eventually it will go crazy and become a beast. Demons usually use them for their dexterity or for cleaning the streets and the sewers. Other than that, they are like all other below average demons... useless.” Nanya said.

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thanks for the chapter


Thanks for the chapter.

No matter what her tried, he would never win against us.
No matter what he tried, he would never win against us.

He thought we would sleep on it,
He thought we would slip on it,

The advantage me and Nanya had over this terrain was also given by the fact that our feet had some rather long nails and that we could even use our tails for better balance.
The advantage Nanya and I had over this terrain was that our feet had some rather long nails and that we could even use our tails for better balance.


He thought we would sleep on it, but it was impossible with our reflexes and speed.

He thought we would step on it, but it was impossible with our reflexes and speed.

Keep up the great work😀


Slip on it.

Sorry I assumed that was what you were trying to say.😅