~ Chapter 124: Was it worth it? (Part 4) ~

“Again, why would Dankyun say it's a danger to women?” I pressed the question.

“Because if trained properly, I heard that this type of demons can even become... sexual harassers.” she replied and then spat on the ground.

“So it's alright to kill it?” I asked.

“By all means. If it ended up all the way out here, it must have gone crazy already and look” she pointed at the tentacle monster, or rather at a certain part of it near the base of the tentacles “It has a slavery collar.” she said.

“Hey, Nanya, can we prevent our children from becoming like that?” I asked her.

“Yes. Those who become like this are usually with abusive parents who either abandon them or torture them. Their body simply turns into a defensive fortress. It's either a tentacle monster who will only do as told or a shell monster, which can even look like a moving rock.” she told me.

“So if the children are loved and cared for... they will become like their parents?” I asked.

“Yes. That's why I'm not worried about how Natrasku will turn out when he matures.” she showed me a soft smile “He will have the best father and mothers a child could wish for, and so will yours.”

“I know.” I showed her a smile and then we both focused on the horrible perverted thing before us.

Both of us attacked it at the same time, she with fireballs charged up with electricity, and I unleashed my breath on it. In but a few seconds, the area around it turned black and the monster to ash. It died before it even had the chance to understand what and who attacked it. Maybe, in a way, this poor critter wished for this sort of end.

As for Dankyun, he was stupefied by what just happened.

If this monster was his ace in the sleeve, it was pathetic against us, but if this thing had been thrown in the middle of a random town on any of the three continents, then it would have killed or horribly tortured and possibly raped all the people living there before the military and the adventurers stepped in to destroy it.

To unleash something like this was absolutely horrible, but to be able to capture and enslave it showed that Dankyun had far surpassed the draconian I knew from before. Right now, he was without a doubt one of the most powerful Supremes on the three continents, and this fact, while it was a bit scary, at the same time, a part of me that was happy about it.

Why was I happy? Because I was even more powerful than him, and all of his threats and attacks were nothing more than pathetic jokes to me now? I could finally feel like this dark part of my past was only something I could laugh at.

“Nanya?” I turned to look at demoness.

“Yes?” she asked looking back at me.

“Do you mind if I go all-out against him?” I showed her a smile.

“...” she looked at him and then at me. “Yes, sure. I had my fun. I'm going to go bother Illsy... Erm, should I tell Zoreya to prepare an extra barrier?” she asked before she turned around to leave.

“Yes, please!” I told her and then showed her a bright smile.

“What's going on? Is one of you quitting?” Dankyun asked.

“Yes. Yes. Oh, I'm so scared of the mighty Dankyun!” Nanya laughed and then ran off to Illsy.

“That blasted shikak!” growled the soon to be dead draconian.

“Now then.” I said with a smile and then ran up to him.

This time... there was no holding back.

For every time he made me cry...

“GYAAAH!” he screamed as I shattered his armor and grabbed his tail.

For every time he looked at me with those eyes filled with disgust...

“N-NO!” he cried as I ripped off half of his tail with pure brute strength.

For every time he made me suffer...

“Guhaaa!” he groaned as I punched him in the chest, smashing his armor to bits and breaking some of his ribs.

For every time he thought of me as nothing but his toy...

“GAAH!” he screamed as I broke his left leg with a kick in the knee and then punched him in the chin.

For every time I felt like wanting to cry out for help but couldn't because of his curse...

“N-NO!” he trembled in fear as I grabbed his arm in the air and then pulled hard, dislocating his shoulder.

While falling, I place my foot on his shoulder, and pulled again.

“GYAAAH!” he screamed in pain as I ripped his arm off, blood gushing out like a spring, splashing everywhere, yet none passed through my Magic Armor.

For me his blood was akin to poison... a poison of disgust.

I watched him fall to the ground, breaking his left leg.

From above the ground, while keeping myself afloat, I watched him trembling in pain and fear.

“N-no... p-please...”

For every time I too had begged him like that and when I implored him not to pour down that concoction down my throat...

[Ice Disk]” I cast the spell aimed at his pelvis.

A disk made out of pure ice with an extremely cold edge was formed above me. It was one of Illsy's spells. If left like this, it could be shattered with ease, but then I [Infused] it with more Magic Energy, increasing its durability and sharpness.

This thing would have no problem against a Supreme's Magic Armor.

“N-No...” he begged, but the spell was launched at him.

In a split second it flew from my arm and cut through the air until it reached the target. A dust cloud formed around Dankyun when it crushed into him. A moment later, he could see with horror in his eyes how this disk had sectioned his pelvis in half. Not even the most powerful healing spells could help him restore his manhood now. My husband was the only one who could have pieced him back together, but he would never do it.

“NOOO! AGHAAA!!!” he screamed and groaned in pain as he tried to make sense of what was happening to him.

No doubt, his mind had broken at that moment. One thing was clear to him and that was the fact that the draconian woman whom he once thought to be the weakest of the weak, the most pathetic wench he could get his hands on, was now the most powerful draconian alive.

Seeing him like this, broken, in pain, in agony, suffering for everything he had done to me... made me feel good. I knew it was wrong to seek revenge, but for some reason, just this moment when I completely overwhelmed this draconian who brought me so much pain was enough to bring a smile of relief on my lips.

Maybe I too didn't know how much I needed to punch this rotten draconian in the face. I thought.

Before he died, I felt like it was the time to show him my true power just as I had promised Nanya.

I lifted my hand up and activated my Over Supreme Rank Skill.

[Wrath of the Ageless Gods]” I said.

In that instant, the sky turned dark and above me a massive fireball had formed. The heat was so powerful that if anyone other than me stood here, they would have suffered terrible burns. The amount of Magic Energy within this thing was ridiculous. Illsy once described it as a mini-sun under the pitch black sky.

At this time, I probably had a maniac grin on my face because I was happy... SO HAPPY THAT I COULD KILL THIS FOUL CREATURE THAT MADE ME SUFFER SO MUCH!!!

“DANKYUN, JUST DIE!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as I sent the huge fireball at him.

At that moment, another barrier covered the first barrier made by Zoreya, and another one appeared around me and Illsy's group. At this distance, my attack was a bit too powerful... but... I was happy.

[Dankyun's point of view]

No! No! NO! Why is she so powerful?! What did I do wrong?! How did this happen?! I shouted in my mind as I struggled to get away.

Above me was a sight that couldn't be explained with words. The sky turned black. Lightnings could be seen surging through it and falling on top of the gigantic fireball. The whole air around me turned hot, and I could tell that if that thing hit me, I was done for.

Yet... where could I run? Where could I go?

My own guts were spilling out and the ground was red with my blood, yet I couldn't even crack her armor. I trained so much. I fought so much... but for what?

To die like this?

To perish like this?

NO! I DON'T WANT TO! NOOO!!! I shouted in my mind, but my whole body was trembling in fear.

Within my heart, however, there was only room for one feeling though... hate. There was only absolute hate for Illsyore and everything he had done. If I had never met him. If he never existed, my life would never have come to such a pathetic end!

I was supposed to be strongest in the Teslov Kingdom! I was supposed to be most powerful draconian, not those shikaks!

So why? Why...? I thought as I saw the fireball approaching. “NOOO!!!” I shouted as loud as I could.

Hell... has... no room... for you... so you shall fight... again... for me... a cold and frightening voice echoed in the back of my head.

I had no idea who it was... or what it was. All I knew was that the fireball hit me and then I died...

[Illsyore's point of view]

Nanya came back to me and simply made herself comfortable in my lap. That tight bikini of hers was rather appealing, and I could feel the warmth of her body pressing on me. It was very very difficult for me not to try and make a move on her. This demoness definitely knew she was tempting me and enjoyed me struggling against my desires.

Well, I could just go ahead and grope her chest or massage her tail here, however, I didn't want these three draconians who could only see her wearing rags see her moan in pleasure. I mean, I didn't mind if it was one of my other wives, but some stranger? No way!

It was then when we all turned our heads towards Ayuseya.

“S-She's flying?” Blue said in surprise.

“Oh... crap.” I said when I saw the sky darken.

“ZOREYA!” Shanteya shouted.

“On it!” she replied and then cast a far more powerful shield to reinforce the other one.

This way, none of the radiation or shock of the explosion would reach my town. To make sure our guests and us weren't going to be harmed, she cast a similar shield around us and another one around Ayuseya, whose Magic Armor was set to accept it.

“W-What in the name of all the gods?!” Red said as he got up from the table and watched with a shocked expression on his face what appeared to be as something cut out from a fantasy novel.

The mini-sun fell on the screaming Dankyun and then exploded.

The ground shook as it would during an earthquake on the 9th Richter Scale. First came the supersonic shock wave in the form of a wall of fire that headed towards us like a stampede of genocidal rampaging elephants. The draconians covered their eyes in fear and awaited for the inevitable. After the shock wave hit, the sound of the boom soon followed, which was that of an extremely powerful explosion that would have normally shattered the eardrums of a normal human. Thankfully, Zoreya's shield stopped both of them, although, it did suffer a few cracks here and there.

When it was over, what we were left to gaze at was only a field of fire. Wherever we looked, there was nothing but howling flames eating everything around. The ground was scorched and most likely irradiated as well, which meant a lot of work for me afterwards.

Without saying a single word, we watched as this whole field of flames just burned and burned. If left like that, it would have kept burning for another hundred years or so because this fire was fueled by the insane amount of Magic Energy Ayuseya had poured inside her attack, so I did what I did last time. Using my Dungeon Territory, I absorbed the Magic Energy of the fire, forcing it to be put out.

Then, as the skies cleared up, we saw the former draconian princess floating in the sky with a relieved smile on her face, tears flowing down her cheeks, eyes closed, and the rays of the sun bathing her whole body.

Blue, Red, and Green here saw her wearing rags, but I saw her in her bikini swimsuit, which, in a strange way, gave me the feeling as though I was watching a goddess descending upon us mortal beings...

Just to see that smile... it was worth restarting my whole... the thought was caught off, but it was as foreign to me as it was familiar.

Just like the one from before, this one too would be something I would immediately forget and never remember for a long time to follow.

“She finally looks at peace.” said Shanteya.

“Yeah...” I said.

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Anon 125342
Anon 125342

Yeah i catch up with more recent chapter !
Thanks you for the chapter n.n


It’s kind of annoying that he will likely be coming back again, but this was a fun battle. I wonder who the evil entity is who “saved” him, though?

That’s still a cliffhanger, Mr. Dragomir. I want to see his guest’s expressions after that one!
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How would some one know it was dark Illsy. He destroyed everyone in those two cities. Besides the gods and his wives they were no survivors. I can understand that some people might be away for whatever reason, yet coming back to a ghost town would just scare them or make them think spirits at work. The only one that could have a chance to be a new antagonist would be that prince that had Zoreya as a guard before. He knows his power and maybe hold a grudge but I doubt it. Dankyun is the only real way to… Read more »


It was just one example, there’s always possibilities that can be written in later, you could even have a “hero” who asked an oracle or something about who destroyed the towns so he could come for “justice” or some such. The details could be figured out later, hell even this introduction could’ve happened later. It could even have been someone from his planet that had a grudge for whatever reason, doesn’t take much. Pretty much anyone or anything would’ve been better than reusing Dankyun yet again, he’s just no longer fun to read about and not a worthy enemy (it’s… Read more »


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What a joke… Dankyun will come back? Again?

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“Just because” is not a good enough reason by the way.



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i believe that was supposed to be the evil illy from that alternate timeline that the god of boobs prevented


I agree with that. I thought of the same idea when the first one of those immediately for gotten thoughts was mentioned. It makes sense as well as at the end of the evil illy pov ,at which point he was dead btw, it talked about restarting from a checkpoint or something like that


Thanks for the chapters, they were pretty much perfect, except for one part. Cock roaches in these types of stories are never amusing and it gets old fast. Instead of recycling Dankyun yet again ( orz ) the story would’ve been better served by coming up with a better villain rather than reusing this idiot. Let him die and be done with him, plenty of other types out there for villainy, people from other continents, clever schemers etc.

Bob bobfry
Bob bobfry

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If this monster was his ace in the sleeve,
If this monster was his ace up his sleeve,

yet non passed through my Magic Armor.
yet none passed through my Magic Armor.


the plot thickens