~ Chapter 79: Soldra Town (Part 1) ~

[Back to present time]

[Alkelios' point of view]

We set up camp in a spot Kalderan found suitable. I was curious about how he managed to survive in this world for so many years despite being such a low level and only those weapons of his, although, what made me curious was the actual process with which he managed to make them.

If the people of this world got a hold of gunpowder technology and modern weapons, then the next best thing to do was find a way to protect ourselves against them and also a way to use them in combat against monsters. I wasn't of the type to think that modern tech was bad, after all, I was a walking nuke launcher... What modern weapon could be worse than this? Biological ones couldn't even be made without the proper equipment and there were things like the Cure All plant, which basically made a lot of diseases and viruses not to be a threat anymore.

After Kalderan made the fire, he set up a small blanket and leaned his back against the trunk of a tree. He kept quiet while staring at the dancing flames.

“Hm, guess I should make camp too...” I said as I saw that he wasn't going to unpack a tent or anything.

Activating my skill [Black Hole], I then pulled out a tent from there together with two portions of cooked steak. It was still warm and smelled delicious.

“Want some?” I asked Kalderan.

The man was staring at me with big eyes.

“What?” I asked tilting my head to the left.

“T-That? What did you just do?” he asked.

“I activated one of my skills. It's from the God-like. It helps me store stuff in it. To be honest, it's ridiculously convenient, but it doesn't have any other functions.” I shrugged and then deactivated the skill.

I sat down next to the fire and offered the extra plate to him. He didn't refuse it.

“I wish I had something as convenient at that... My skills... they aren't that great.” he told me and then took a bite from the steak. “This is good.” he said after he swallowed.

“Your skills aren't that good? Who told you that?” I asked out of curiosity as I began to eat as well.

The tent I took out was right behind me, but it was still packed. After I ate, I would have to set it up.

“Everyone...” he replied and then took another bite.

“Hm? But I find your translating skill to be very useful, especially if you were to find yourself by the side of an ambassador. You can easily understand what the other party says as if they were speaking your natal language. When I hear you now, it sounds like you are a native speaker of Eastern Draconian. I lived among them, so I can tell.” I told him and then took another bite from my stake.

Forks and knives were for the weak. Sticky fingers were annoying though.

“You do? Well, at first, I thought the same... but if you can't get out of Soldra and catch the eye of such an individual, its rather hard to make any use of it.” he told me with a wry smile.

“Soldra?” I asked.

“Yes, the town that can found just outside of this forest. It looks like a pear, has a palace in the center, a bunch of churches around it, and it was basically the beginner area for a lot of us earthlings.” he explained.

“Oh! I think I saw it on my way here, but I only caught a glimpse of it. I think the shape thing was one of the things I didn't notice. But getting back to the subject, what skills do you have to say that they are useless?” I asked him.

Kalderan looked into my eyes and then back at his food “Some other time... for now, I don't feel like talking about it.” he told me.

“Sure thing.” I shrugged.

We just met, so there was no way he would reveal something like that so easily unless I had guessed what it was for the most part. Then again, it was worth a shot. As for me, I also found myself in a similar position. I wouldn't reveal that I was a half-draconian just yet. Of course, I didn't plan on hiding it if he asked me directly. I was quite confident in my strength that even if it was revealed what I was, I would be able to get away from anything this country tossed at me.

After I ate, I lent him one of my tents and used a Warding Crystal to make sure we didn't get any surprise visits from the local monsters. They would probably just be similar to a pesky mosquito for me, but not for Kalderan. The things here could kill him if he wasn't careful.

That night, I fell asleep almost immediately. The whole day felt like it had been longer than it seemed. Maybe it was, after all, who could say that on the same day, they got up embracing their lovely wife, went to war, won it, got teleported in the God-like's room, then they were sent three years into the future on another continent?

Yes, for me... it was one looong day, and I already missed sleeping with Seryanna. I couldn't even imagine how she felt without me by her side for the past three years. It almost seemed like I was in her life for just a couple of moments before I vanished again who knew where. I didn't like that... not one bit.

The following day, I woke up before sunrise when I sensed movement in the camp. I got out of my tent, and I saw Kalderan maintaining his SMG.

“Did I wake you up?” he asked.

“YAWN! Yes, but it doesn't matter. What are you doing?” I asked him as I got out and began to do some stretching.

Unlike him, I properly changed into some more comfortable clothes before I went to bed. My armor and weapons were stored within the [Black Hole], but since I couldn't just walk around with nothing at my waist, I made use of my mass-produced swords. It was simple, easy to use, but if I tried to attack with more than 50% of my power, the blade would shatter to bits.

“Maintenance. You changed your clothes? Weren't you worried that someone might attack you in the middle of the night?” he asked me with a raised eyebrow.

“As if anyone could.” I laughed and then started to pack the tents.

“True. Judging from the ammount of strength you showed me yesterday, I doubt any adventurer in Soldra can do anything to you. But, I'm not too sure about monsters. You said the Warding Crystal helps keep monsters away, but why are you sure about that?” he asked.

“I've seen its effect in the Seculiar Forest where it kept monsters over level 200.” I replied.

“Over 200?! They are that powerful over there?” he asked me.

“Most mobs on the Dragon Continent are like that.” I replied in calm tone of voice as if it was nothing.

True, even a low level draconian could defeat something like a regular mob.

“Oh, but the sheep are dangerous.” I told him.

“What? They go 'baaa' too much?” he scoffed.

“No, they hunt wolves and eat the flesh of lost adventurers.” I replied with a smile.

“What?” he looked at me a bit shocked.

“Yup. I'm not kidding here. If you see a sheep on the Dragon Continent, run and don't look back.” I advised him in a serious tone of voice.

“I'll keep that in mind.” he nodded.

“Anyway, we're going to Soldra today, right?” I asked him.

He nodded.

“Anything I should know?” I asked as I activated [Black Hole] in order to store the packed up tents inside.

“Just keep quiet until you learn the language. Speaking draconian around these parts can be very dangerous. If the slavers hear you, they might try to get a collar around your neck. Well if you really need to tell me something, do so in a whisper.” he warned me.

“Slavers? Slavery is a thing here?” I asked him.

“Yes. Isn't it the same on the Dragon Continent?” he raised an eyebrow.

“No.” I shook my head “Slavery isn't technically illegal, but it's frowned upon and not used by the majority of the dragons. I do remember hearing something about it being more common on the Human Continent, but I don't know any details about it. How are slaves treated here?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Like items. They are tools the masters can do what they wish with them. The laws are made in such ways that anyone can easily become a slave. Many earthlings ended up in this position when they first arrived in this world.” he had a sad gaze in his eyes as he told me this, but there was also a hint of anger in there as well.

Maybe something happened to someone he knew? I thought, but I didn't ask him about it.

“I'll keep that in mind.” I nodded.

“You should because not many did.” he said and then went back to doing the maintenance of his guns in silence.

We left the campsite at sunrise.

On the way, he told me a few of the basic laws there, such as: don't interfere in the punishments the nobles give out to commoners, no matter how unjust they may look; don't attack a noble under any circumstances; don't disagree with the nobles unless you have power to back it up; don't think that the Adventurers Guild will protect you if anything happens between you and the nobles.

Those were the most important ones, in rest it was the same as it was everywhere: don't steal, don't kill, etc.

On top of all of these rules, he also told me not to speak and only wait patiently for when he will translate me the conversation.

Somehow or another though, I had the feeling that I was going to end up breaking several of them at one point. Actually, knowing myself and what he explained so far, chances were I WAS going to break those rules sooner or later. I preferred later, preferably AFTER I got to learn the language and earn Kalderan's trust.

After around two hours of walking, we finally reached the gates of the Soldra town. From a single glance I could tell they weren't enchanted in any way or manner. They were just a pair of huge metal and wood doors I could crush with flick of my finger. The walls were the same.

Kalderan spoke with the guards and pointed at me once, then gave them a few coins. I listened to their conversation and tried to make sense of their words, but I could only pick up the accent a bit and the order of the words, like where the verb was placed in a sentence.

After we got in, Kalderan whispered to me “I just told them that I will pay the entry fee for you. I vouched for you that you aren't a criminal, so if you do anything stupid here, it will be my neck on the line.”

“Got it. Just follow those rules you told me, right?” I replied with a thumbs up.


We then walked around the town and I was shown the commoner areas. Since Kalderan was neither a wealthy merchant or noble, he couldn't get entry to the inner town without a summon from someone. The security was far more strict over there than it was here.

Apparently, four years ago the town had a circle shape, not that of a pear. When the earthlings came, adventurer numbers went up and so did the various requests and the income rate of monster materials. As a result, the town prospered and soon developed outwards. They built an extra layer of walls and a sturdy gate to keep monsters away, but in the case of a siege from an enemy nation, this part of town would fall less than a day.

The craftsmen area was to the South West of the city and contained most of the shops available to adventurers and commoners, while the higher quality ones were located in the Rich Merchant Area of the town.

I took a look at their wares to see what they had for sale, but nothing caught my eye. When I showed them my sword, most blacksmiths were surprised beyond measure and asked me in what dungeon I found it.

Apparently, this mass-produced sword was worth a lot more than I had thought, but seeing the other items here on display, I could understand why. My sword could cut through with easy every single armor and weapon they made. After all, it was enchanted.

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I can’t wait for the OP shenanigans to begin


A translation of those rules about the nobles:
“Do whatever you want because you are strong enough to kill everyone here”


Yes, the town that can found just outside of this forest.
Yes, the town that can be found just outside of this forest.

this part of town would fall less than a day.
this part of town would fall in less than a day.

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