~ Chapter 79: Soldra Town (Part 2) ~

It was in one such shops when a well dressed black-haired man in his twenties approached me and said something while pointing at my sword. I understood the words 'sale', 'give', and 'me', but I couldn't understand if he wanted to buy it, take it from me, or tell him where I got it.

“This noble wants to know if you will sell the sword for 400 gold coins.” Kalderan whispered to me.

“Huh? No.” I replied.

“Are you sure? That's a lot of money.” Kalderan told me.

“Yeah, if we need money, we can just sell some gems.” I shrugged, but my words took him by surprise.

“You're actually rich, aren't you?” he asked me.

“According to dragon standards, yes.” I nodded.

I wasn't an idiot not to be aware of the value of my own assets, but the reason why I refused to sell the sword was simple: he was a human, and humans were currently in a hostile relationship with dragons. I couldn't bear the thought of them using my own weapons to kill the dragons and dragonesses I had fought side by side on the battlefield.

The noble listened to what Kalderan said and apparently didn't accept it. He made another offer showing two fingers, then another showing three fingers. I managed to understand the words for 'gold' and 'hundred', as well as the numbers 'one', 'two', and 'three'. He probably raised the offer to 500, then to 600, and the last one to 700.

I was afraid he would want to take it by force, but it was a needless worry. In the end, the noble took one last glance at me and then left looking dejected.

After he left, Kalderan sighed and then said “That was a lot of money... my pay for more than 10 years.” he commented.

“I'm sorry.” I told him with a wry smile.

“No worries, it wasn't like it was my gold anyway.” he replied and then let out another sigh.

After this we walked through the town for another half an hour or so. We ate some sort of skewered meat from a food stand and then decided to head to the Guild Hall. Here, we could sell some of the monster materials we managed to gather and take new quests.

The building itself was located in the middle of the Adventurers Area and had two inns placed to its left and right respectively. It was a good location from a business point of view. Unlike the ones on the Dragon Continent, this building was a bit smaller and while having only two floors, it felt rather cramped.

Before we entered, however, four adventurers came out and greet Kalderan. One of them wore barbarian-style armor with fur popping out everywhere. He wielded a big black sword on his back and had spiky red hair. One wore a full plate armor, but it didn't appear to be steel, maybe iron. He wielded a large tower shield and a big hammer. The third one was an archer wearing a hooded leather armor and smelled like grass. The fourth one was a woman with average looks and wore thick leather armor. She had a bow on her back and a pair of daggers sheathed at her waist.

At first, I thought they were Kalderan's friends because they came out and greeted him, but then I saw the sneer on the redhead's face. He said something that made the others laugh and Kalderan clenched his fist and grimace. It probably wasn't something nice. When the woman noticed me, she winked at me, and I could feel a chill running down my spine. In reflex, I showed her my ring, and she said something back, probably a curse because her face expression didn't look nice.

The redhead guy noticed me as well and then said something. Kalderan didn't translate, but I don't think he needed to. It had something to do with them and me, probably something like a request to join their group or maybe a warning that I would never get into a group if I stayed with Kalderan. Either way, I didn't think any of the said options mattered to me. They had nothing of interest to me, and I already disliked their personalities.

The redhead tried to tell me something again, he was speaking louder than before and appeared to be slightly angry. In the end, he spat down at my feet and walked past us. The full-plated man tried to bump into me, but I stood still, resulting in him falling down.

Kalderan was surprised by this, but I wasn't. I knew what that guy tried to do, but such pathetic intimidation acts would never work against a Breakthrough-er like me.

The guy got up, he said something to me, showed me a throat slitting threat and then left.

I merely shrugged and then asked Kalderan “Just out of curiosity, but were those guys the local idiots?”

He looked into my eyes with surprise and then laughed “No, actually, they were my former party members until they decided that I was of no use to them. They kicked me out of their party and spread the rumor that I was useless adventurer. As a result, not that many people wanted to join me.” he showed me a wry smile.

“I don't think you have useless skills, maybe you just haven't figured out the proper way to use them.” I told him.

“Thanks.” Kalderan showed me a smile and then entered the Guild Hall.

I followed him inside and soon found out why this place appeared to be rather small to me, that was because it really was small and cramped. There was barely enough room here for 30 people. There were only four tables here by they were already surrounded with customers.

“Sara here is the receptionist. We should speak to her about getting yourself an adventurer guild card.” he told me in a whisper.

“Oh, I have one of those! But did Dragon Continent guild cards worked here as well?” I wondered in a low volume so the others didn't hear me.

“It should. Both the Merchant and the Adventurer Guilds are recognized worldwide. They have the same laws everywhere and normally don't get into politics at all. At most, they are a neutral side.” he told me.

“Ah! That's good. I think I was Beginner Rank or something.” I said and then opened my [Black Hole] to retrieve my guild card from there.

When I closed it, everyone was looking at me. I tilted my head to the left and saw Kalderan face-palming himself. He then said something to them and they all seemed to relax again.

“I told them it's not an attack... it's a low level storage skill with fancy illusion set in place because you like those sort of things.” he said.

“But why?” I asked.

“Because otherwise they would keep eyeing us and the receptionist would get suspicious of us.” he explained.

“Anyway, here it is.” I told him.

Kalderan walked up to the receptionist and presented her the two cards. She asked him something, he shook his head and then returned to me for a moment.

“Do you want to have us registered as a party?” he asked.

“I don't mind, but are you sure?” I replied.

“Yes. If we are going to hang out for a while, why not make a temporary party and finish quests faster?” he explained with a shrug.

“Sure.” I nodded.

He returned to the receptionist and after he signed a document, he brought me my guild card back.

“Here you go. You are Beginner Rank.” he explained.

“Makes sense. I never really made any progress on this part. Once you can hunt down boss-level monster it seems a bit of a waste of time to focus on the Adventurers Guild. It was highly inconvenient for me from other points of view too...” I said as I took the card from him.

When I was inspecting my card, I suddenly remembered Seryanna and that time when we all went on my first mission together. It was easy with a powerhouse like Kataryna on board. She was also Beginner rank despite being a Breakthrough-er. It made me smile as I reminisced about our adventures together.

I came to this world alone, I was afraid and lost in a forest. The first person to bump into became the love of my life and also my wife. That was definitely the result of my maxed out Luck at work. I then remembered how I almost lost her and the way Kataryna stole my lips when I was with my morale down. These dragonesses cared for me and took care of me more than I probably deserved.

I already miss them... I said and then opened my skill menu to let Seryanna know of my location again.

It probably wasn't needed anymore, but this way, she knew that I was around and thinking of her.

I let out a sigh and seeing me like this, Kalderan asked “What's wrong?”

“Nothing, I just remembered my wife and how much I miss her.” I told him and showed him a soft smile.

“From back on Earth?” he asked.

“No, she's a dragoness.” I replied shaking my head.

“Oh... really?” he furrowed his brow.

“Yes. If not for her, I probably wouldn't be here talking with you.” I said and then let out another sigh.

“Well, we're pretty far from the Dragon Continent, but the journey to the border shouldn't take more than a month or so.” he said as he was rubbing his chin.

“Really? Great! Then let's make plans to go there! I'll help you level up on the way!” I told him with a smile.

“Huh? What?” he looked at me a bit confused then shook his head “Wait a second! Not so fast! I have no reason to go with you! And besides, that we will need money! Lots of money!” he told me.

“Hm, let's do all of that and then go!” I pointed at the quest board.

“Huh? All of that?!” he replied surprised.

“Yup! Ah! But I'm hungry. Lets go grab something to eat and then find an inn for the night. And if you are worried about what you might be able to gain from this journey, I can offer you level up, information, money, and well... a friend who won't mock you for being a low level.” I showed him a smile.

Looking at me for a moment, Kalderan seemed to be weighing down his options, the advantages and disadvantages he was going to gain from all of this.

In the end, he gave in and said “Alright, you convinced me.”

“Great!” I said ending the deal with a handshake.

We then left the Guild Hall and with his help, I managed to book a room for the night. I spent the rest of the day down at the tavern, drinking ale and learning the language of common language around here. Overall, it was a good day.

[Seryanna's point of view]

I was standing in Alkelios' workshop, looking around for anything of use that he might have wanted me to bring him, when I received the second location message from him. It made me smile, and instinctively, I knew that this was his way of letting me know that he was safe and missed me.

If I could, I wanted to just spread my wings and soar through the sky until I reached him, but such a journey by air would have been perilous and highly unlikely to have a chance of success even for a Breakthrough-er like me. The currents above the oceans were different from those above the land. There was also the matter of food and rest as I knew that such a flight would last more than a day, yet throughout history, there had been those who tried it and succeeded.

It wasn't impossible just highly improbable.

With a sigh escaping my lips, I sat down in his chair and looked at his tools. They were all arranged neatly, showing the care and respect he held for his work. Everything was just the same as he had left it. The only thing I did here was clean them of dust now and then.

“I miss you, my love.” I said and then looked out the window.

The longing in my gaze was there to be seen by all the gods who cared to watch. If any did and took pity on me, then they would help me be reunited with my husband sooner rather than later.

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