~ Chapter 64: Mother's reaction ~

[Leonidas' point of view]

There were quite a few mysteries surrounding my Blessing. Many of which even I didn't manage to uncover, but I decided to give my family the general explanation regarding how it worked. I started off with the name [Binecuvântarea a 118 Zei] which I translated into their language: The Blessing of 118 Gods. Just the name itself should have brought some sort of shock to them, but neither of them reacted in any way.

They were just looking at me and smiling.

They didn't ask a question or stopped my explanation even once, so I continued by telling them how it worked. I basically had the individual Blessings of all those 118 gods, but they were stacked in the form of a single one. Of course, they weren't all unlocked, so far I only had three of them: Ezimuth's, Shakra's, and Druzan's. The names were most likely new to their ears, so I had to explain that they were gods from other worlds and each of them was similar to Sapherya in rank.

Even now, I still had no reaction from them. They kept looking at me and smiling.

Seeing how things were like this, I continued my explanation by telling them how I managed to defeat Alexandre Damascus. I left out the part about me obtaining a temporary skill from Sapherya because that sounded ridiculous even to my ears. What was strange though was that even when they heard about how I was resurrected by Ezimuth's Blessing they still didn't show a reaction.

At this point, I was starting to get a bit worried. They weren't reacting at all.

Lastly, I had to explain about my mutations, the gift I received from Sapherya.

“So, these mutations basically mean that I am a special human in a way. I can heal faster and take a punch that would otherwise kill a normal human without a problem.” I told them and then showed them a wry smile.

Once more I was expecting for them to have some sort of reaction to my words, to call me a liar or even to ask how it was possible, but they were just looking at me with the same smile they had from the very beginning of my explanation.

I was really starting to get worried now.

“Erm... Is everything alright?” I asked.

After a long moment, my mother broke the awkward silence and asked “So... 118 gods you say?”

“Huh? Yes.” I nodded.

Did she get stuck at that point? Do I have to explain all of this again? I wondered.

“A Blessing in another language given by 118 different gods but which needs certain conditions to unlock...” mother said.

“So what Eliza said about finding a child's heart in the middle of that battlefield was true... I thought she was seeing things...” father said as he rubbed his forehead with two fingers.

“Brother strong...” Cassandra kept it simple.

“These mutations I told you about are also present in my little sister. She has the same regeneration and toughness as I do. Only our psychic abilities are different.” I said as I looked at her.

“I have them too?” she asked with big eyes.

I nodded.

“But... how? Why?” mother asked.

“Neither your mother nor I have such abilities. As far as I know no one from either side of our families to have them, so how is it possible that you have something like this?” asked father, who was also confused about how this could have happened.

“I guess it's because Sapherya is a great and wonderful goddess who took pity on my soul... If not for her, I wouldn't have been born to this family.” I told them as I looked up at the ceiling.

That perverted goddess was probably squealing with joy up there in the sky.

“What do you mean, brother?” Cassandra asked.

I guess now's the time to tell them a little about my other secret... I thought.

“I... remember things from my previous life. I wasn't on this world but another one called Earth. I... died there, then my soul was given the chance to live in Sapherya's world.” I explained.

“Sigh... Leonidas, I'm sorry, but this is a lot to take in... Other lives, 118 gods, mutations... If I didn't know any better, I would have to ask if you really are the same child I gave birth to?” mother asked, but before I could say anything, she embraced me “I understand now why you were afraid of being abandoned by us.” she told me in a soft tone of voice.

“Mother... I...”

“Leo, even if you are a reincarnated soul blessed by the gods or the herald of a demon emperor, I would still be your mother, and I would never, and I mean never abandon you! You and Cassandra are my children.” she pulled my little sister in our embrace “You are my treasures, and I will let neither mortal or god say otherwise!” she declared in a strong tone of voice.

“Mother...” said Cassandra as she began to tear up.

“I did say I was weird...” I told her.

“No, brother, we are both weird!” she took my hand and showed me a big smile while mother embraced us both.

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I’m happy with this, even its not as dramatic as I expected, I’m happy with how this played out. Keep doing what you do Dragomir.


“That perverted goddess was probably squealing with joy up there in the sky.”
Well, she was up till he was thinking this, then she put herself on the edge of her room, crying in Recovery Position


Thanks fore the chapter~
quite the dedication of a mother there… as a male and not a parent yet, I would at least try and logic things out(dunno if i wouldn’t care about such things…), but that’s not normal is it? or is it the mother that’s weird? maybe both?


Thanks For the chapter 😂