~ Chapter 65: Farewell ~

[Leonidas' point of view]

After that sweet family moment, I asked them not to tell anyone what I just told them. They agreed immediately, and Cassandra asked me to tell her more about my Blessing and mutations. She was really curious about how useful they could be in both training and battle, especially our psychic ones.

Two weeks went by after I woke up and during this time, I taught Cassandra how to control her telepathy. It was a hit and miss for the most part because I could only explain what she should be able to do with it if given enough time to train it not how to do it. I didn't know any specific training methods or how exactly it worked. My telekinetic power and her telepathic ability didn't really came with a guide in this world or back on Earth. What I knew was from games and TV shows, which didn't really ammount to much.

Eventually, both Lucretia and aunty Eliza got wind of special abilities. When they found out, they both reacted quite differently. Aunty was curious about how I planned to use them in a dungeon, while Lucretia immediately accused me of being the mysterious thief who snatched the cookies from the top shelf in the middle of the night.

In front of such compelling proof and also Cassandra ratting me out because I kept all the cookies to myself, I found myself forced to... run away. Lucretia chased me around the house for an entire hour before I finally gave up and accepted my punishment in the form of mother scolding me.

During these two weeks, mother convinced me that it would be better for me if I went to one of the more average academies where the noble children with only one or two Blessings got in. It was easier for me not to stand out there while keeping my grades up so that I would ultimately apply to the same High Magic Academy as Cassandra. In other words, we could go to a different middle school but end up in the same high school.

Speaking of which, aunty Eliza taught me how to use Druzan's Blessing in a way that it would be confused with Kreatull's. The plan was to claim that I had my one Blessing from him and not some other god. This way, if I ever got into trouble, I could freely use it without problems, although, with Ezimuth's Blessing, my regeneration, durability, and telekinesis, chances were it would take a very powerful individual to take me down. Even so, all of this was to avoid getting my teenage years filled with bothersome nobles who would attempt to scout me out for their factions.

In other words, it was all in order to avoid politics.

Just in case, mother was already willing to pull some serious strings to get me in the same High Magic Academy as Cassandra if things didn't work out, for example because some rich noble cheated.

Father also came to the conclusion that it would be both wise and safer for us to have our own personal slaves during our time away from our parents. The idea was to acquire a good maid and butler who could keep our secrets because we would order them as their masters.

Personally, I agreed with this decision, and I couldn't wait to have my own personal slave maid! Just thinking about all the clothes and frilly dresses I could make her wear made my heart beat fast with excitement!

With both me and Cassandra going to school for the next four years meant that aunty Eliza's job as our teacher was over. She could have stayed with mother as her guard, but she wanted to return to her adventurer life and find a cure for her condition. After the incident with the Damascus fellow, she came to the conclusion that she couldn't avoid this for much longer.

If she managed to control her freezing moments, then she could even aim for the Godlike Rank.

Aunty Eliza told us about her plans, and we supported her fully on this endeavor. Cassandra even started crying when she heard it.

Then came the day when we said our goodbyes to her. It was going to be an emotional moment for all of us, I could feel it.

“A-Aunty! I will miss you!” Cassandra cried while hugging the woman.

“I'll miss you too, Cassy! You are my favorite niece!” she replied crying just as much.

You could clearly see that the two of them were related.

“She's your only niece though...” I commented.

“Leo, you take care as well!” aunty gave me a bear hug.

“A-Air... C-Can't... B-Breathe...” I struggled to free myself from her embrace, but she wasn't an Emperor Rank just for show.

“We'll miss you, sister. Make sure to write this time.” mother said as she wiped her tears with her handkerchief.

“You had been a great teacher for my children. Maybe you really should think more seriously about a career as an Academy instructor?” father suggested with a smile.

“Never! Or who knows? Maybe when I'm older?” aunty replied as she released me from her bear hug.

I can breath again! Praise Oxygen! I thought.

“Leo, Cassy, if you two follow what I taught you, you will do fine both as adventurers and students at the academy. Your new abilities should give you a serious advantage over the others, but don't use them too often.” she advised us.

“Yes, aunty!” we both replied at the same time.

Aunty was the only one who didn't know the whole story. She only knew that my Blessing was similar to the one from Kreatull and that I had a special body which allowed me to use telekinesis. That was it, no reincarnation story, no favor from the gods, nothing.

Rather than say that we didn't want to tell her it was more along the lines that she didn't let us tell her. For some reason, she suspected that my secret was too big to be kept safe with her, at least for now.

Speaking of reincarnation, my father and mother were quite interested in what I could still remember from my life on Earth. Cassandra didn't bother herself with my past just the present.

“Well then, I'll be off now! Take care and may the gods watch over you all!” aunty Eliza said as she got in the carriage.

“May the gods be with you as well!” we all replied.

She showed us one last smile and then the carriage was on its way to Briston. We all hoped in our hearts that she would find a way to cure her current mental condition and hear of her success as a Godlike Adventurer.

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Sebastián Moya Riquelme

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He is noble, abundant, and fills the universe.
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He can take many forms.
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The Sloth Lord

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