~ Chapter 126: Departure (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

Two days went by since the duel with Dankyun, and I did my best to spend this time together with my wives whenever I wasn't busy with the Academy. The training area had been repaired, leaving no sign of the devastating attack Ayuseya used. If I left it like that, it would have ended up causing a bit of radiation poisoning in the area, and that was something I wanted to avoid.

Preparing for the journey ahead was probably most taxing on Tamara.

When I happened to stop by the kitchen to grab some juice for myself, I saw what could only be described as a chef's battlefield. There were ingredients all over the place, stacks upon stacks of neatly packed warm food, a bunch of pots boiling over the stove and even an actual camp fire in the corner of the room. Every single piece of silverware was used for something and the water was constantly running in the sink. Meanwhile, my cat-eared wife was running through the kitchen at super speed. I honestly didn't know when she made the juice I came here for or HOW she knew I came here for it, but before I realize it, I was holding it in my hand.

Ever since the departure of my wives was announced, Tamara worked in the kitchen almost every hour of the day. There was a lot of food she had to prepare, the total ammount for three people for almost three months to come. While there wasn't a lack of ingredients to use, she often went to fish for monsters in the middle of the ocean or asked Snuggles to fetch her some giant fishes.

It wasn't like they couldn't get anything to eat over there, but Tamara's cooking was probably far better, especially since she teamed up with Yung Mai and improved her skills by watching her. Although, unlike the other two, Ayuseya had a real reason for needing this much food. The chances of her being poisoned or cursed through it by those draconians were actually quite high. For most problems, her absurd Magic Armor would do the trick, but when it came to food, she couldn't really do anything about it.

With the appearance of those Supreme Ranked draconians on my island, I was beginning to understand just how much the Council of Elders and the King of the Teslov Kingdom was willing to risk to get their hands on my wife.

This very fact made me highly doubt if it was really alright for her to go all the way over there alone. If she went there with Zoreya or Tamara, I probably wouldn't have been so stressed out about it. But then again, the same thing applied for Nanya and Shanteya, all three of them wanted to go straight into the lion's den and punch that metaphorical beast right in the snout. I admired their courage, I really did, but their recklessness was giving me white hair.

Unfortunately for me, I was an understanding husband who fully believed in the decisions and power of his wives. If they said they were going to go erase a kingdom from history, I would have just asked them if they planned on being late for dinner and that was it.

Either way, no matter how much I had faith in them, it was still impossible for me not to worry about their well-being. When the day of departure came, I was one big bundle of nerves.

The first who was to leave was Nanya.

At 7:00 AM in the morning, she got up from my bed and took a quick shower. After she got changed, she checked her luggage and then headed towards Kormian's room. The little Dungeon also happened to be awake at this early hour.

“How our my little princes doing?” Nanya called out to the two with a motherly voice.

“Good morning, mother, father.” he replied in a shy tone of voice.

While Anette was a rather energetic little Dungeon at times, Kormian came more as the shy type who was wary of his surroundings and never spoke that much. He certainly cared for his twin brother and also his other siblings.

This blue Dungeon Core wasn't very big in size, a bit smaller than Anette, but this was also due to them being quite a lot of levels apart one from another. Their rooms were identical though, and you could also see here Natrasku's room, where his crib was at.

As if called, the little baby called out to his mother.


“I'm here, little one. Mommy's here.” Nanya said as she walked up to his crib and picked him up.

His cries stopped as soon as he nestled in her arms. From a physical point of view, he was humanoid in appearance, but he had a tail that looked similar to that of a lizard's and a pair of bumps on his back from yet to be formed spikes. The color of his scales was a dark velvet green. On his head, he had a pair of little red horns, and his eyes were just like his mother's, black as the abyss. There were a few scales forming on his forearms. If you looked at his fingers, you could see the tips of his little retractable claws. From what I understood though, these features of his were going to change throughout his life until he reached maturity.

Looking at Nanya while cradling our son, I was awestruck by the gentle motherly expression she wore on her face. The love and care she had for Natrasku could be seen in her every movement and the tone of her voice. She didn't even look capable of harming a fly let alone crushing an enemy army and ripping apart their vessels with her bare hands.

“Don't worry, little ones, mommy won't be gone for long, you'll see.” she showed them a gentle smile.

“I don't want you to go...” Kormian voiced his opinion.

“I know, but mommy has to go and meet your grandmother. Her home is a bit far from here, but don't worry, I'll be back before you know it!” she reassured him.


“Don't be sad, Kormian, your father will be here to take care of you two and so will your other mommies.”

“Will father sleep here with us? He never does... What if brother gets scared and cries?” he asked.

“Don't worry, either your father or one of your other mommies will sleep here with you and make sure the bad night doesn't scare you.” she told him as she gently touched the floating crystal.

“B-But why do you have to go? Can't father go?” he asked.

“Well... your father will be useless if I sent him, so it's best if I go.” she showed him a wry smile.

“Useless... I'm not useless... I can do... stuff.” I mumbled in low volume.

“Come now, my sweet children! Mommy will be gone only for a month or so and then she'll be back!” she said as she hugged them both.

“Awright...” Kormian replied.

Natrasku had nothing to say, he didn't know how to speak yet.

After Nanya spent a few more minutes with them, she placed our baby boy back in the crib and carefully tucked him in. She gave him a kiss on the forehead and then went and hugged Kormian.

We left the room and carefully closed the door behind us so we didn't make too much noise.

Nanya let out a sigh and looked up at me with loving eyes “Take care of them now, you hear?”

“I will.” I replied and then we kissed.

On our way to meet the others, Nanya did a brief recap with me about how I was to take care of our children in her absence and what to be careful of. If anything happened that neither I or any of my other wives knew how to handle it, we could always rely on the more experienced mothers in the city.

There were a lot of things I had to remember, such as the right temperature for the food, their favorite blanket, favorite bedtime story, and all sorts of other things I knew already. It wasn't like I never dropped by to visit my own children from the time she gave birth to them. I spent a good share of time with them, and I knew how to take care of them, but I couldn't stop a mother from worrying about her children. It was impossible and even if told to, I wouldn't do it. It was our right as parents to worry about our little ones.

By the time we met up with the others, I already went through seven different types of baby food recipes. At least she didn't make me go through all 42 of them. I still couldn't get some of them right.

From here, we went all the way to my research port where I had my yacht anchored. Nanya was going to use it to reach the Demon Continent, but she also had a small boat, an armored SUV, and a motorbike just in case. I also made sure she was going to pack her latest armor and weapon I designed for her. While for these continents they were a bit overpowered, I had no idea what she would find there. On that old map we found on Pirate Island, the average level was displayed as 2000, but who knew what sort of forces she could encounter out there.

“Do you have the emergency call signal?” I asked Nanya when we reached the port.

“Yes. I'll make sure to use it if I need your help.” she replied with a smile and showed me the little necklace she was wearing.

It looked like a long diamond-shaped emerald with the top and bottom ends embedded in a silver case. If she poured Magic Energy in it, it was designed to send out a powerful call signal only I could detect. Both Ayuseya and Shanteya had one as well. If someone removed it by force, it sent out the signal immediately.

For me, this signal meant: Emergency! I need you like yesterday!

As we stood on the pier, looking at the yacht, I told Nanya “Be careful out there, and I hope you won't need that thing.”

“Me too. If anything, I'll probably just use it to have you pick me up.” she poked her tongue out.

“I wouldn't mind.” I smiled and then hugged her.

“I'm going to miss you, Illsy.” she said.

“Me too, I'll miss you. One month is a lot of time... Two will be a killer.”

“We'll miss you too, Nanya, and don't worry. I'll watch over Natrasku and Kormian with all of my might!” declared Zoreya.

“How can I not miss my sister-wives! Come here!” Nanya urged them all into the hug.

“Nya~ I hope your meeting will go well! Illsy needs a mother-in-law and the children need a grandma!” Tamara said.

“This journey will be a piece of cake!” said Nanya.

“May Melkuth watch over you, my sister!” said Zoreya.

“Two months is a long time, but let's just think about this as just a very long vacation.” Ayuseya joked.

“Why do I feel like I would want to ask for a refund on this vacation?” I asked.

“We all feel that way, but let us hope there won't be anything for us to worry about while we travel out there.” Shanteya said.

“We all do.” I said.

The farewell was given without raising any flags, hopefully. Nanya boarded the yacht and started the engine. We waved at her and wished her luck on her journey. All of us tried to treat this departure like it was nothing, although, ever since we first met back at Fellyore Academy, we never had been apart for such a long period of time.

One month at least... maybe two... I thought as I looked at my demoness wife slowly moving out of the port and then into the open sea.

Once she was far into the horizon, we walked out of my special port and went to the one used by the merchant ships. On the way there, I began to wonder if I maybe throughout all of these years I had become dependent of my wives' constant presence around me, or maybe if I didn't have as much faith in their power as I had initially thought I did.

This thought didn't wonder much through my mind and quickly faded away when Ayuseya's ship came into view.

“Are you really sure you want to go back with them? It sounds like a bad deal.” I asked.

“Don't worry, my love, they have seen what I am capable of, and I highly doubt any of them is as foolish as Dankyun. Just for safe measure though, I won't ever lower my Magic Armor.” Ayuseya replied.

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