~ Chapter 126: Departure (Part 2) ~

We had a long talk yesterday about how she was going to travel to Teslov. Going with these three was going to give the impression that I willingly sent her off after these three rampaged around my island. Thinking like that was going to force the usually arrogant nobles to highly underestimate my wife and lower their guard around her. Even better, it was possible that some of them would have a slip of tongue and tell her some things they would otherwise take precautions against.

Going back with the ambassadors would have yielded a different reaction from the nobles. First of all, they would be wary of her power and possible hidden tricks. They wouldn't take a high and mighty attitude with her unless they were certain she was indeed weaker than me or their guards.

There was also another reason why she wanted to go with the Supremes, it was to make sure none of them tried to use a Supreme Skill from the distance and take us by surprise. After all, if Zoreya wasn't aware of the attack she couldn't deploy her shield and the same went for me. That was why Snuggles was swimming at the maximum distance from which most magic attacks could be launched at my island.

I wasn't an almighty being capable of blocking everything tossed out at me.

As we got close to her boat, I saw Red, Green, and Blue standing guard with their arms crossed and their heads covered by their hoods. I never bothered to ask them what their real names were, though. It seemed like an irrelevant matter to me every time it came up. I did ask them how to call them, and they were happy with those three silly nicknames. So why bother with such trivialities?

“Ah! Master Illsyore and his lovely wives, hello!” the fat merchant who owned the ship came over and bowed his head while rubbing his greasy palms together.

The fake smile he showed me made me reconsider for a moment if it was a good idea to let this go so easily. He did commit a crime by smuggling those four in here, it should have been a wonder if I left him walk off with his pants on, let alone his ship and merchant license intact.

“Spare us of your worthless flattery.” I told him with a growl.

“Ah! Of course! Of course!” he bowed while sweating bullets.

“Is the ship ready for departure?” I asked him.

“Yes, milord!”

“Good. If you complete this mission, I'll be generous enough to forget about your wrong doings towards Illsyorea and allow you to continue trading with my island. Double-cross me, and I will make sure you won't be able to step a foot here or on Paramanium ever again.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Y-YES!” he bowed at the waist trembling from all of his joints.

His job was easy enough: bring the draconians to one of Teslov Kingdom's main ports. That was it. This new path pulled him far away from his usual trade route, but the loss of profit he would receive from this would be enough punishment. If he was a true merchant, then it wouldn't have been impossible for him to make some big sales in Teslov.

Then I looked over at the three draconians. I nodded once towards them and they nodded back.

Just like that, they boarded the ship and waited for Ayuseya there. Their mission was as simple as it could be: ensure Ayuseya reaches the capital safely. It was part of their initial mission anyway, so it was a double win for them. Of course, if they dared to attack or plot something against my wife, their lives were going to be forfeit. They understood quite well what this meant after they saw Dankyun's execution.

Turning back to look at my wife, I showed her a gentle smile.

“I'm going to miss you.” I told her.

“I'm going to miss you too, Illsyore, everyone as well.” she said and then hugged me.

After a moment, she pulled back and kissed me on the lips.

She then went to each of my other wives and embraced them one after another.

“Take care of yourself.” said Zoreya.

“You too. Don't let Illsy do something stupid now.” Ayuseya giggled.

“I won't.”

“Nya~ I packed you all the food I could! I hope you'll like it!” Tamara said.

“Was there ever a dish you made I never liked?” she asked.

“Fish innards paste.” Tamara replied with a face that said she wanted to eat it right there.

“Ugh... yeah, that.” Ayuseya nodded.

“What's Illsy going to do without us by his side?” asked Shanteya as she hugged the draconian.

“He'll panic.” she giggled in reply.

“Have a safe journey and may the gods watch over you.” I said.

“Thank you, and I hope our night together was one blessed with luck.” Ayuseya winked at me, and I blushed.

The others immediately understood what this small exchange between us was about and showed us a mischievous smile.

“We'll pray for you to be blessed with fertility, nya~!” said Tamara.

“Hehe! Thank you and good bye, everyone!” Ayuseya showed us one last smile and then boarded the ship.

The rest of us waited on the pier as the ship slowly pulled away from the shore and then spread its sails to the winds. We watched the galleon until it reached far away in the open sea. Snuggles happened to swim past it and wished her luck as well by blowing a tall stream of water in the air.

With a sigh, I looked up at the sky. Just a couple of small white clouds were floating about. It wasn't too windy either. It was just right for a swim on the beach.

“Are you alright, my dear?” Shanteya asked.

“Yes.” I replied and looked back at her.

“Is that so. Then let's head back. I want to say my farewells to my children and then board my ship.” she said.

“Nya~ Shanteya's leaving as well... Who's going to pet me now?” Tamara complained.

“I will.” I replied.

“Nya~ No, I go in heat when you pet me, nya...” she said shaking her head.

You go in heat? What sort of magical touch do I have?! I thought a bit in shock.

“If that's the case, then I will be the one to pet you!” Zoreya offered.

“Nya... Better than nothing.” she said.

“For some reason, I feel hurt.” the armor plated High Apostle said.

We all laughed at the silly exchange and then walked towards our home.

Just like Natrasku and Kormian, little Anette and Bachus didn't show to be too happy about their mother's departure. Bachus cried a little and didn't stop until he was cradled by Shanteya. Anette made a fuss as well, but she calmed down after she was embraced by her mother.

Before we left, they each asked for some souvenirs from her trip. Anette wanted a good story book, and Bachus asked for a sweet fruit he never ate before or some candy if she can't find any. Shanteya wrote down their requests and then gave them one last good bye hug.

After this sweet moment together, we returned to the pier where her boat was waiting. It was another galleon, but the flag it was waving was from one of the countries on Sorone, the Kingdom of Rezalis. It was docked here only for a quick resupply run.

For Shanteya, it didn't matter which boat she boarded as long as it was heading towards Sorone. She had a higher chance of finding an assassin from the Phantom Rage Guild there than she did on Allasn or Thorya. She was also more familiar with this continent, having spent most her early life here.

“It goes without saying that I'm going to miss you.” I told her.

“I'll miss you too, Illsy, but I'm more worried about Bachus and Anette. I never told them where I am going and why, but one day, they will ask. My past as a Phantom Rage member and also as the Broken Doll might be revealed to them... That day, I wonder what they will think of their mother.” she said this in a sad tone of voice.

“They won't think of you as being any different than what they know already. You are their mother, and from the moment you met me, that part of your past has ceased to be something to identify you.” I lifted her chin up and then looked into her worried eyes.

“Illsy...” she leaned in and kissed me.

I embraced her and when we parted lips, I saw her tears flowing down her red cheeks.

“I'm going to go erase that nasty part of my past.” she told me as she wiped off her tears.

“I'll be waiting. Don't be late.” I showed her a smile.

“Nya~ I will miss you too~!” Tamara cried as she hugged Shanteya, sticking her head to her waist.

“Do not worry! None shall get past my shield! Your children are safe with me!” Zoreya declared.

“Thank you, everyone... and good bye!” she said and then hugged us one more time.

We stood there on the pier as we watched her board the ship and then we waved at her until we couldn't see it on the broad horizon anymore.

Looking up at the sky, I could tell it was getting late now. There were more clouds now than there were this morning and the sun was setting.

I let out a sigh and then looked back at my remaining wives. Tamara was eating a fried fish and Zoreya was looking towards the horizon.

“Let's go home.” I said.

“Nya~!” replied the nekatar.

“Yes!” Zoreya nodded.

We left the pier and walked back home.

On the way, my mind kept going back to Shanteya, Ayuseya, and Nanya. I kept wondering if I could have helped them with anything else for this long trip of theirs. They each had their power armors and weapons in their Storage Crystals, and they also packed an SUV, a motorbike, and a boat just in case.

Should I work on that plane? I wondered as I looked up at the sky again.

Considering how old this world was... it always made me wonder why no one had yet to discover steam technology. It wasn't that hard and for the most part, it was instinctual, especially with the existence of Magic Energy that could seriously boost the development of any type of technology.

For me, this was a mystery, but then the bigger mystery was how I was going to survive this following months without hugging my favorite wives.

With a big sigh, I looked up at the sky and then focused for a bit.

“Colly Tos.” I said.

POOF! x5

Five pairs of panties appeared above me, and I began to cry. I caught ALL of them.

“Nya~ Illsy, you perv!”

[New title acquired: That pantie snatching perverted Dungeon Lord HUSBAND!]

Ah, I completely forgot about this system, wasn't it set on ignore? I wondered and tilted my head to the right.

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