~ Chapter 66: To the slave market ~

[Leonidas' point of view]

Three days after aunty Eliza left, the teacher from Gallyater Magic Academy, Robert Dejun, returned to Briston together with five Royal Knights. After the last unfortunate event with Alexandre Damascus, the academy didn't want to take anymore chances, so they added the extra security for my little sister.

It was thoughtful of them, true, but I would have appreciated this sort of help a lot sooner. Now it felt more like a useless parade.

When Robert Dejun arrived at our mansion, he apologized several times for the trouble he placed us in. Mother didn't miss out on this opportunity and immediately had him write a letter of recommendation for me. He agreed to it immediately and like this, I was one step closer to entering the same High Magic Academy as my little sister.

Before Cassandra was to depart towards Gallyater with mister Dejun, she had to get her own slave just like mother and father wanted. I was to go together with them as well and pick my own. Therefore, our first stop was going to be at Briston's slave market.

There were no comments against this decision from the teacher and his escorts. On the contrary, he believed a slave was far better than a typical hired servant because of the commands we could issue through the slave collar. Of course, indecent orders were forbidden for various reasons, although, it was certain not everyone abode by these rules. The academy, however, made an effort to maintain its level of morality in these matters.

From what I came to understand though, the servants sometimes had it worse than the slaves because the latter were treated more preciously than the first.

Anyway, for me, this was going to be both a good day and a bad one. It was going to be the last day I spent with my little sister and also the day when I would acquire my first dress-up doll... erm, I mean slave.

“Brother is going to Waser Magic Academy. That's North of Gallyater, right?” Cassandra asked when Briston came into view.

“Yes, North of Gallyater and East of Free Trade City... The distance between Waser and Gallyater is almost the same as the one between Gallyater and Briston.” I replied with a long sigh.

“We'll meet on holidays.” she said.

“Yes, but they aren't that many here.”

“How many did you have back on Earth?” mother asked out of curiosity.

By now, they got used to the idea of 'our son remembers stuff from his past life'.

“Let's see... There was Christmas, Easter, the one between semesters, summer vacation, winter vacation, school's birthday, National Day,... and a few others, I think.” I replied while tapping my chin with a finger.

“So many...” father said.

“Unfortunately, you'll have to do with only summer vacation and end of the year vacation.” mother told me.

“For us, it will be enough!” Cassandra declared with a nod.

“Maybe... I will have to prepare a lot of cute frilly dresses for you meantime.” I showed her a smile.

The little girl froze for a moment and then replied in a cold tone of voice “I changed my mind. I'll spend my holidays training so I can defeat brother one day!”

“Why?!” I cried out surprised.

“Enough, children. We're almost there.” mother said with a giggle.

We both looked out the window right when we entered the city and moved past the outer walls. The carriage headed towards the merchant district and stopped at the entrance of an alley.

“This is where we have to get out. Now, when you see a slave you want, just let us know. We'll give them the final approval. I won't accept murderer or rapist slaves. Those dirtbags are good only for the mines!” mother explained.

“Yes, mother!” we replied as we jumped out of the carriage at the same time.

In front of the alley, we saw two guards wearing chain mail armor and carrying a short sword and shield. They stopped us from entering the alley.

“Children without a guardian aren't allowed to enter.” one of them said.

“They are with us. We are their parents.” mother said as she walked up to the guard.

Father was right behind her.

“In that case, make sure they don't get lost, madam.” the other soldier warned her.

“I won't get lost! If I do, I'll cast a fireball aimed a the sky or maybe I'll throw brother in the air! Mother will definitely find us like that!” Cassandra declared in a firm tone of voice.

“Hey! I'm not a portable alarm!” I rebuked.

“Don't worry! Brother's scream will definitely catch their attention!” she replied filled with confidence.

“What if I throw YOU?!”

“Impossible.” she shook her head “Brother won't throw his cute little sister in the sky and besides, if you do, I'll have fun! That's why we need someone who will definitely scream!” she nodded.

“I give up...” I let out a sigh and mother showed the guard a wry smile.

“Ahem! Anyway! Be careful in there.” the guard told us as he stepped aside to let us through.

“We will! Move along now, children. With a bit of luck, we'll find the right slaves for you two!” mother said.

“Yes!” we replied at the same time.

We entered first, then mother, and father was last, following as like a silent shadow.

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Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton
Siodhachan Artos MacNaughton

Hopefully we will see some non-human characters soon. Other than the gods I mean.


Thanks for this new chapter !!!


Thanks for the chapter~
Not gonna bother commenting on slaves and morality and such, I don’t really care… however that ‘using brother as an alarm’ thing was hilarious, and the comment on her having fun being thrown up… haha~


Thanks for the chapter.
Somehow I couldn’t help feeling a little weirded out while reading this chapter. -_-
I mean isn’t it more or less Dragomir’s style to go on a rant about the details of slavery and rebuke it? Instead we have children who seem as if they are jumping in joy and excited to buy some slaves. The family is one thing, but I’m not sure how to feel in regards to Leonidas.


Well, He already knows how he will treat them (and has a pretty good idea as to how his sister will), so he probably sees it as saving 2 people from a much worse fate rather than buying a slave, besides HE isn’t gonna wear those amazing dresses he makes. Also logically speaking he can’t just up and change everything like that, and as there was already a big scene about the slave they freed earlier, repeating it would be… repetitive. Final point, he has been exposed to slavery for quite a while now, and while he can just pass… Read more »


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The Sloth Lord
The Sloth Lord

It seems weird to us, but, to them, it’s just a casual thing to go slave shopping with your familie.