~ Chapter 67: Sapherya's gift (Part 1) ~

[Leonidas' point of view]

The slave market, if I could describe it in one word that would be 'energetic'.

The moment we stepped through the alley and entered this part of the town, we were met with a lot of adults, both from the noble and the rich commoner side. They were looking around with great interest at the 'merchandise' put on display. What surprised me though, was the fact that these people, who barely wore anything else other than a simple loincloth and linen strip to cover their chest and shame, were trying to do their best to attract a potential customer. The men were flexing their muscles and the women made sweet eyes at everyone while adopting a more sexy pose.

Normally, you would think that the ones who were degraded to the level of a slave weren't going to be too happy about having a collar around their neck and someone to order them around to do various things, including indecent ones. On this world, however, things were a bit different than how they were back on Earth. There, they didn't have any sort of device or drug that could induce the same effects as the magical slave collar did here. They made handling criminals far easier and more efficient.

True, there were prisons here, but such things were a luxury that most of the times didn't mean anything good for the prisoner. Powerful nobles and important war prisoners were often sent behind bars for the simple reason of either keeping them away from society or to torture the truth out of them. After all, having a slave collar didn't automatically make one unable to lie.

On the other hand, most of the commoners and unimportant nobles were either turned into slaves or sent to work in the mines for a predetermined period of time given by the gravity of their crimes. Those who ended up as slaves could be seen standing on these stages, trying to catch the attention of a good master.

There was a catch about that 'predetermined period of time'. When one became a slave, depending on how serious their crime was, they could opt to regain their freedom after some time had passed or if they earned enough at work. Of course, rapists and murderers weren't given this opportunity. In exchange for a guaranteed ticket to freedom, however, they wore special collars that made them highly submissive to their master.

When mother explained this to us, she didn't go into details as such individuals didn't concern us, but from what I came to understand, most of those who ended up as slaves preferred to be given the life sentence, since they would have a better chance to one day be freed by a kind master.

It didn't matter if I didn't know everything about what happened to these people. In due time, such matters would be revealed to me, and I was going to deal with them then.

To be honest, the idea of enslaving humans or any other sapient species felt wrong and twisted to me, who was born on Earth. However, this very thought made me realize and understand something equally important: this wasn't Earth.

More so, in the Medieval times of Earth, fate wasn't as benevolent with criminals as it was on this planet. Having to spend a lot of time on hospital beds meant watching a lot of documentary programs alongside the usually brain-dead ones.

Back then, petty criminals like thieves, even children who stole an apple because of hunger, would usually have one or both of their hands cut off. Depending on the country, however, they would be given a public execution for the delight of the people.

If the crimes they committed were more serious, such as murder or rape, their punishment would become more and more brutal to the point where a modern human would have his stomach turned upside down if they witnessed it.

For example, torture, dismemberment, mutilation, or flaying were considered to be a common moderate punishment, to the point that such things were done on the street in the eyes of the public of all ages. On the other hand, reverse hanging, burning alive, or getting the criminal ripped apart by horses was considered more brutal because recovering the body was a bit more difficult. As for women, they sometimes had extra punishments outside of the public eye. Thus, these slaves from Sapherya's world who ended up in a brothel or a mine instead of a butcher house or a torturer's table could be considered rather lucky.

If there was no slavery through magic here, then what happened on Earth in the Medieval Age could have happened here as well. That was why I saw acquiring a slave more as a means of saving someone, as giving them a second chance at a better life.

We stopped by at every merchant who was displaying his slaves on stages, and we also looked at some of those held in the back. No matter how beautiful the women were or how skilled they seemed to be, none of them caught my attention. The same was for my little sister. While she looked at them from head to toe, only one word came out of our mouth: weak.

While I had a rough idea of what Cassandra was looking for in a slave, I was hoping that in my case, my skill [Oracle Eyes] was going to reveal the best options for me. In the end, we only had the possibility to pick two slaves, one for myself and the other for my little sister. This wasn't like buying a car, it was more like buying an apartment. You had to feel comfortable living in it, with the neighbors, and the neighborhood. It was very different from renting, where if you got the loosing stick, you just had to put up with the situation for a while until you found something better.

If I ignored all of this and simply went with what was in my mind right now, I would have picked the first beautiful big breasted woman I laid my eyes on. Cassandra, on the other hand, was a bit more picky. The handsome men who made most women blush ended up being ignored completely by her. Their existence to her was akin to air, intangible and invisible.

When I saw her like this, somewhere in my heart I prayed that the man who was going to swoop her off her feet one day wasn't going to be some muscle-brain who loved to shout early in the morning things like: Muscles are JUSTICE!

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Yeah, I’m worried about Cassandra too. She’s a little bit too much of a muscle head.


Don’t worry, they have to get through her brother to marry her.