~ Chapter 67: Sapherya's gift (Part 2) ~

Right when we were about to make a left turn, Cassandra pointed at the stall in front of us and told us to go see who they had on display there.

There were seven slaves on the small stage: three were beautiful young men with an androgynous appearance, one was an old lady in her fifties, another was an one-eyed pirate, and the last two were women in their twenties wearing a stern expressions and showing off their perfectly sculpted muscles.

“Look at the black-haired one! She's buffed!” Cassandra squealed, but it wasn't her who caught my attention.

The slave standing next to the one my little sister was interested in was a woman with piercing hazel eyes and dirty unkempt red hair. Just like all the others, she was wearing a linen strip chest binder and a simple loincloth to hide her shame, leaving the rest of her body to be admired by all those who gazed at her. This woman had well-developed muscles and countless scars she had acquired from her adventures. They were the symbol of her struggles, survival, and strength.

What was interesting about her, however, was the fact that the divine light only I could see with the [Oracle Eyes] skill was shinning brightly around her.

I thought for a moment that I was just seeing things, so I rubbed my eyes. The light didn't disappear.

“Mother, I think I want that one! The one with black hair! She has the best muscles!” Cassandra said full of energy.

Compared to the redhead, the other one did look more fit, but there was something about her I didn't like. Her gaze was cold and the air around her reminded me of Damascus. Maybe it was just me, though?

“Sister, that one is better.” I pointed at the redhead.

“Her?” Cassandra tilted her head to the left.

“Yes!” I nodded.

She looked back at her and analyzed her carefully from her perspective.

“She looks... weak.”

“Weak? She looks like she could crush my head between her thighs with ridiculous ease!” I rebuked.

“But... she looks weak.” she insisted.

I let out a sigh and then pointed at my head, signaling her to use her telepathy on me.

Little sister, trust me on this one, the redhead is the slave you want. I have a good feeling about her. Actually, I would even go so far as to say that the gods are holding up signs and pointing at her. Either way, just trust your older brother on this one, the redhead is far better than the other one! I thought while looking into her eyes.

Cassandra continued to look at me for a moment and then turned towards those two. She narrowed her eyes at them, but only the redhead looked back at her. The other one was smiling and licking her lips while looking at me.

I felt a chill going down my spine.

“I see now. Out of the two, that one is sane.” she said pointing at the redhead. “The other one is...” she continued and then stopped, grimacing. Cassandra looked at me and continued “a danger to brother.” there was worry in her eyes.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised and then felt another chill run down my spine.

The black-haired woman just winked at me, but nobody seemed to have noticed that.

“So, have you made your choice?” mother asked.

“Yes! That one!” Cassandra replied with a bright smile on her lips and pointed at the redhead.

“I'll go speak with the merchant.” father said and then walked away.

Not that long after he left, the woman was removed from the stage and then the black-haired one soon followed. Someone else must have bought her. I pitied the fool.

Mother brought us to where father was negotiating the contract with the merchant. There was a bit of a problem with the price, and I think I heard the word 'cursed' during their exchange. Eventually, they both came to an agreement and father handed him a bag of coins. Cassandra signed the contract using a drop of her blood and then a transfer spell was applied on the collar of the redhead.

“It's a pleasure to meet you, Mistress. My name is Valeria Skullcrusher.” said the woman after she made a bow before my little sister.

Valeria who? Did she just say Skullcrusher?! She said Skullcrusher, right?! What kind of family name is Skullcrusher?! I rebuked in my mind while keeping my lips sealed tight.

“Fumu!” Cassandra nodded “Are you strong or weak?” she asked.

“I am a former Godlike Rank Adventurer, but I was cursed when I went adventuring in a new dungeon and now only someone with Kreatull's Blessing can truly command me. I will obey simple orders, but my strength is not what it once was. I apologize, Mistress, if the merchant who sold me didn't tell you this.” she made a short bow.

This woman is quite honest at heart, isn't she? I thought.

“Hm? Sit!” Cassandra ordered.

Valeria sat down on the ground, blinking surprised.


Valeria placed her hand on top of Cassandra's.


“Woof!” Valeria obeyed.

“Roll over!”

Valeria rolled on the ground one time.

“OI! She's not a dog! Stop making that muscled older sister act like a well-trained pooch!” I rebuked.

Cassandra ignored me and nodded like a wise woman.

“I like her. She's a good purchase!” she said with a smile.

I let out a sigh of defeat and then shrugged.

This meant it was my turn to pick a slave. Once I did, we were going to return to the mansion and then head towards our own separate schools.

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