~ Chapter 127: Starting anew in Rezalis (Part 1) ~

[Shanteya's point of view]

I departed from Illsyorea with my mind and heart at peace, but as I sailed farther and farther away from my home, I began to realize just how much I was going to miss my children, my husband, my sister-wives and everyone else. My heart laid heavy with the desire to see them again, but I knew this was my own selfishness.

It has been a very long time since I was last traveling on my own like this, and I felt a bit insecure. With an overprotective husband like Illsy, maybe I forgot just what it meant to constantly be aware of my surroundings and treat everyone I met as a potential enemy. Up until now, I had him standing there, knowing he would come to my help in a jiffy if I found myself in any sort of peril. When I felt the desire to speak with someone, my sister-wives were always there and even Illsy lent an ear to listen to my worries.

Now, while traveling alone, I realized that I was going to miss these little things. Even so, I couldn't afford to return to Illsyorea. My path had been set, and I was determined to see this mission through. No matter the danger or whomever tried to stand in my way, I was going to push forward until I found the Master of the Phantom Rage Guild and killed him with my bare hands.

I wasn't going to let either man or god harm my precious family.

Days went by and the ship I was on continued its voyage towards the Rukta Port in Rezalis Kingdom. It was there where my hunt would begin, and I had already made several plans for tracking down the troublesome assassins. Unfortunately, many years had passed since I last stepped within a Phantom Rage hideout. I knew there were many of them spread across all three continents, but just as their leaders often changed so did their locations.

At the time I was still a member of Phantom Rage, my ranking within the organization wasn't even at the level of a small hideout leader. I was what many would call a disposable piece in the guild master's plans.

I would guess that my fame within the guild exploded only when it was proven that I somehow managed to survive the infamous curse the Master put on me. When I was able to escape the grasp of the assassins sent after me, the two sisters at the Fellyore Academy, I certainly caused quite a stir within the higher up ranks. I did the impossible, I escaped the Guild's clutches, and when I returned, I was someone they couldn't touch. Thus, they probably made sure to destroy the hideouts I knew when I was still a member of their organization.

While on the boat, I made sure not to touch any of the food the captain offered me. Sweet Tamara cooked plenty for me, and I didn't plan on letting her efforts go to waste. There was also another reason why I didn't want to eat it, they only offered me dried fruit and meat typical for sailor who traveled for a long period of time.

Of course, I didn't plan on wasting my time on this ship for months to come, so whenever the wind tried to go against us or there was a lack of it, I cast a spell to push us forward. Such display of magic surprised the captain as it wasn't something any ordinary Mage could do. It was understandable as each of those spells would cost me almost 1000 Magic Energy points as Illsy calculated it.

Ever since my husband explained to me the way he saw the world quantified in those numbers, I had gotten a far better understanding of my own power. Our students also benefited from this knowledge and they progressed exceptionally well.

Until they graduated we planned on keeping their actual strength a secret as it would offer them an incentive to keep practicing. Truthfully speaking, a lot of them were well beyond Emperor Rank and steadily walking on the Godlike path. The average student had around 1500 Magic Energy points, while some were well past 2000. When they first arrived at the academy, they barely had 150 points, some even less than that, while others had been told they would never be able to cast a single spell.

In order to help some of them out, we spread the rumor that both the teachers and Illsyore were secretly helping them out during their casting. It was a bit funny though when I spotted one of my students praying in a corner for Illsyore's blessing so he may pass the exams.

On Illsyorea, I was well known by the people there, the entire Deus family was. We were technically the rulers of that island, so this much didn't surprise us. As a result, the sailors on this ship tried their best to treat me as a very important political representative of an independent foreign nation. When I walked up on the deck, they would bow before me, and when I cast a spell out of boredom, they would be in complete awe of it. Just for giggles, I once launched a powerful attack spell that consumed over 5000 Magic Energy points. It caused a large explosion and powerful shock wave that rocked the ship. This helped us sail a bit faster, and the small tsunami I created needed to be dealt with before it reached the mainland, so I destroyed it with a couple of detonating wind scythes. The look on the sailors' faces was one that belonged to people who just heard their common sense shattering to bits.

As we got close to the Rezalis Kingdom's territorial waters, the captain walked up to me and asked what I intended to do in his motherland. The look in his eyes was that of a serious man confronting a possible danger to his entire family.

Considering what he had witnessed and must have heard about me, it wouldn't be a surprise if he thought that I came with thoughts of war.

“Relax, Captain Fandar. If it was a political visit, I would have told you as such for I would have needed an escort to the King's Palace. I would have sent a message before my arrival so he may prepare what is needed to properly welcome me. So no, my journey to Rezalis this time is one of... sightseeing.” I told him as I maintained an elegant posture befitting a noble lady.

“Sightseeing? Such a reason... Do you expect me to believe it?” he asked.

“That's my official declaration, Captain. You can note it down and even send it to your King. I do not mind. However, if by chance I were to encounter any sort of danger towards my person or Illsyorea, I will swiftly... remove it.” I showed him a smile.

“What should I think of when you say... danger?” he asked with a gulp.

“I don't know. Bandits who tried to steal from me, adventurers who are too zealous of their manhood, nobles who think they can do what they wish with me, Kings who send assassins after me... I don't know, danger.” I replied.

The captain looked into my eyes and remained silent for a long moment.

With a nod, he excused himself and left my room. He didn't deny the possibility that I would encounter such things while in Rezalis, but I think that when I said that I wouldn't mind taking out Kings or overzealous nobles, he understood that such a possibility might arise. No doubt he went back to his room to send a message and warn his Majesty not to try anything foolish.

Thus, two days later, we finally dropped anchor in port Rukta. I had enough of this salty air, but besides that, I had nothing to complain about. With a smile, I said my farewells to the good captain and then went down to the pier.

There was no need to hide my silver hair or pale skin. My features as an albino el'doraw were not those I felt the need to be ashamed about. Actually, I was interested to see if any of the possible Phantom Rage informers could figure out it was the Broken Doll they were looking at. This might urge them to make certain moves and as such, possible mistakes.

This was one method I could use to smoke them out of their dens. As a former member of this Guild, I knew all too well how I could spot the less skilled assassins. Once I caught one of them, I could find out the location of his superior and then continue like that until I reached their hideout. Once I got there, it was all about going further up on the ladder until I got the location of the Master's hiding hole.

For a normal Supreme, this journey would have taken at least a year or two, but I planned on taking not more than two months. After all, I already had a good idea of how they operated, while others would struggle to guess the subtle signs left by the workers in the night.

As I made my way down the pier, a big brawny man stepped forward. He looked at me with an irritating smile and wiped his mouth with his dirty sleeve. This poor chap was as drunk as an alcoholic who sneaked inside a tavern's wine cellar. He smelled of cheap rum, but what was most unfortunate was the fact that he reminded me of the time I still walked around as a simple agent of the Phantom Rage. More than once I had to sell my body to this sort of fellows in order to get a piece of information for my boss.

“You pwetty lady... What be doin' HIC~! Here?” he asked.

I didn't reply, I was too disgusted by his stench.

“Ah, no! Bobba Joe! Stop!” a sailor suddenly shouted as he ran up to us.

I looked around and recognized him as one of the deck scrubbers from the ship I traveled on.

“Huh? Mentis... that ya'?” the drunk asked.

“Yes!” he replied and then immediately came up to him and pushed him back a bit. He turned around and then bowed to me “I apologize for my friends rude behavior!”

“Huh? Mentis... what ya' be doin'?” he asked confused.

“Bobba Joe, don't be a fool or this will be the end of you! This woman is a very important and powerful individual you most definitely don't want to anger! So apologize right away, Bobba Joe!” Mentis told him in a stern tone of voice.

This man was trembling a bit as well. He saw what I can do and knew that if so I desired, I could erase this whole port off the face of the map.

“That so? Then me sorry... Me a bit... Hic! Drunk. So me apologize.” Bobba Joe said and then bowed, but in doing so, he fell over his friend.

“Agh! What are you doing, you fool?!” Mentis shouted from under him.

“I think he fell asleep.” I said as I looked at the big man. “No worries, you came at the right time to save your friend.” I showed him a smile and then walked past the two.

“T-Thank you!” Mentis said while struggling to get his friend off of him.

The other sailors who saw the scene got out of my way and tried to avoid my gaze. It became apparent to them that I was not someone they could mess around with. Then again, these crude sailors would one day end up with their heads separated from their shoulders if they dared to approach a noble woman with a bad attitude. After all, unlike Illsyorea, any disrespectful act towards those of noble blood was considered to be a grave crime. In general, a peasant was nothing more than a slave with unreasonably more liberties in the eyes of the noble who ruled over his land.

While on this foreign land, I did not plan on using my authority as a representative of Illsyorea, but ever were to be a need for it, according to the definitions, I had the same rank as a Queen.

After I left the docks, I made my way through this port town while observing the local population from a distance. My usual clothing made me appear as a distinguished noble woman, so there weren't that many brave souls who would dare approach me. Noble men tried from time to time to invite me for a drink or in the case of a foolish one order me to follow him. That lucky fellow learned today what it meant to fly and then dive into the ocean from a high altitude.

During this time, I paid attention to their dialects. While Illsy had no problem with communicating in multiple languages to the point that all of them sounded the same to him, the rest of us had to learn and adjust to them.

Captain Fandar was kind enough to help me learn Rezalis dialect while onboard of his ship. Listening to the sailors talk, I managed to pick up some of the slang as well, but overall it was similar to the Shoraya dialect. The languages on Sorone were diverse but very similar one to another, especially those that originated from the pure Kalish and Kendarian languages, making it easy for someone to learn them if they tried. For someone with my past experience as an assassin and also the abilities of an Over Supreme, learning a new language or adapting to new dialects was an easy task.

This reminds me, I should ask Illsyore to make something like a Translator Crystal. It will help with both trade and accepting new students from across the ocean. Right now, any new student who doesn't know the Paramanium language is forced to learn it to be able to attend the more advanced classes. I thought and then let out a sigh.

Without realizing, I reached the Adventurers Guild.

“So there's one here too. I wonder what my rank is right now?” I said and then entered the building.

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