~ Chapter 127: Starting anew in Rezalis (Part 2) ~

The moment I stepped through the door, several adventurers looked at me with curious eyes, a few with lustful gazes, and one of them was afraid? That one must have stepped on Illsyorea.

I ignored the bunch and walked up to the receptionist, a middle-aged man who was smoking a thick cigar.

“Ya'? How may I help ya'?” he asked in a annoyed tone of voice.

The adventurer who was afraid of me whispered something to his friend who was casting a lustful gaze at me and then he immediately froze in fear as well.

“I wish to verify the status on my Guild Card.” I said and then calmly pulled it out of my Storage Crystal.

The receptionist was a bit surprised when I did that.

“Let me see.” he said and then walked to the back with it.

While I waited, I looked around at the adventurers. The majority of them were men, but I saw a couple brawny women and some teenagers as well. Some of them were looking with curious eyes at me. I was an albino el'doraw and a beauty to boot, so it was natural for me to catch their attention.

“Missy, you haven't been active in a while.” the receptionist said as he returned.

“Yes, I know.” I nodded.

“You're back to being a simple Beginner Rank, but I take it your strength is higher than that, right? It says here your Adventurer Rank is Master?” he asked as he returned the card to me.

Indeed, the Guild Rank written on it was 'Beginner', but I don't think I ever bothered to raise it before. Even on Illsy's card it was written that he had a Beginner Guild Rank and Godlike Adventurer Rank. Actually, none of us bothered with updating the status on our Guild Cards. If not for the current situation, we planned on updating our cards once an Adventurers Guild was established on Illsyorea.

“Ah, that may be a bit outdated. My current Adventurer Rank should be Supreme or at least Godlike.” I showed him a small smile.

“Heh? Maybe I heard wrong, but did you just you are a Supreme?” he asked.

“Yes, my Adventurer Rank should be Supreme according to the Guild's standards, but I didn't update it in almost 9 years now.” I said this in a casual tone of voice as I tucked away my Guild Card. “Now then, where's the Quest Board? I'll take a couple of Beginner and Intermediary Quests. There shouldn't be a problem if I complete more than one in a day, right?” I asked.

“Huh? Erm... What? Yes. You can complete more than one quest... But... are you sure? If you fail one.” he started to say.

The man looked at me a bit confused. Maybe he was trying to determine if I wasn't perchance some insane woman with a death wish? After all, tackling more than a quest at a time, especially as a solo Adventurer, was considered to be a foolish thing to do unless one's rank was quite high or the quests could be completed within the same hunting ground.

“Yes, I know. Don't worry, I can handle it.” I giggled.

“Is that so? Erm, the board is to the left. It's over there.” He said and then pointed at the wall on the far end of this room.

“Thank you. I will be right back.” I showed him a smile.

There were many quests on the board ranging from simple delivery ones to subjugation of powerful monsters. I ignored those for now and focused on what I could do until it turned dark outside.

My main priority was finding the location of the headquarters of the Phantom Rage, the place where the big bad boss of this organization was hiding. Unfortunately, I couldn't just go around asking from door to door about this. The reason was one I knew from back when I was still a member of their organization.

The headquarters was located on an island rumored to not appear on any map. The only ones who knew how to find it were the leaders of the big hideouts on the mainland. Trying to find one of these hideouts was a monumental task that would have required for me to literally search every nook and cranny on this side of the continent. No matter how fast I was, such a task was simply ridiculous. That was why what I needed to do was to discover one or several of the smaller hideout. Once I got my hands on their leader, all I had to do was make him reveal the location of his superior.

Going up on the ladder like this was tedious task to accomplish as it took a rather long time as well as careful planning. After all, I didn't want for my prey to catch a whiff of me and then flee from my grasp. Because only the leaders of the small hideouts knew the location of a big hideout and then only the leaders of the big hideouts knew the location of the island, even when low ranking members or promising assassins were caught, it was impossible for them to damage the organization too much. At most, only a hideout or two would end up compromised while the head of the snake would remain intact.

This was the reason why Phantom Rage was so successful and widespread. This was also the reason why no Supreme was sent after me. Those fellows often guarded the main island or acted as leaders in the big hideouts.

Still, in order for me to start on my search, I had to work from several angles. One of them was becoming a prominent member of the Adventurers Guild and then taking up a quest that required for me to work with someone who was already in pursuit of an acting member of the Phantom Rage or one designed to be attacked by them. The other was to bring about attention to myself through my success and then stage an 'assassination' through which an 'annoyed adventurer' wanted to kill me.

There were a few other ways through which I could encounter a member of the Phantom Rage, but those were more or less based on luck. Even so, I had to try.

Thus, my plan involved raising my Guild Rank, raising my fame as an Adventurer, and lastly be on the lookout in each town and city I visited for any suspicious activity.

From the Quest Board, I picked up three delivery quests I could finish in the following hour if I was quick enough.

After I received the confirmation documents from the receptionist, I went to a nearby Inn and rented a room. It didn't matter to me if it was suited for Nobles or Commoners, I had no intention of sleeping there tonight. I was using the room just to change from my pretty dress to my combat armor. It was the upgraded version of the one Illsy gave me after we left Fellyore. I also had the one he called a 'Combat Maid Power Armor' which was ridiculous by all standards, but also quite flashy.

One of the three quests I picked up required me to go to the docks and deliver a package from the captain of a docked Navy battleship to the house of a noble family. It expired at the end of this day and the reward was of a mere 15 copperettes.

I walked up to the ship in question and after I explained the situation to the guards, I was soon handed the package and then sent on my way. The house was on the other side of the town, according to the soldier's instructions. Reaching it while walking at a normal speed would have taken me at least an hour, so I took a turn at the first empty alley and then jumped up on the rooftops. From there to the noble's house, I skipped over rooftops, running at a high speed without bothering who caught sight of me. If I ran on the streets, I would have needed to zig-zag all the way there, and that would have been annoying.

Once there, I dropped the package, received the Quest Completion confirmation and then went to the next quest giver. It took me more to receive the packages and receive the confirmation than to actually deliver them. Once I was done, I returned to the Guild. The receptionist was quite surprised when I handed him the confirmation documents.

I picked up two subjugation quests next. One was for Goblins and the other was for some Merions within the basement of a noble. I intended to finish them by the end of the day, but just as I was approaching the South gates, I saw a child at the corner of the street.

“A coin please... I'm hungry... Please... A coin...” he kept saying while looking up at the people who passed by without so much as turning their gaze at him.

There were many poor souls like him, but what caught my attention was the fact that he was begging in the Kalish language, not the Rezalis dialect, which was basically a weird Shorayan language. Usually, you would find Kalish more towards the center of the continent, while Kendarian would be found towards the Northeast part of the continent.

I approached the child and asked him in Kalish “Why don't you beg in Rezalis?”

“Um... Mother didn't have time to teach me Rezalis. I know only Kalish.” he replied in a timid tone of voice.

He was dirty and wore ragged clothes, which made me wonder if he was abandoned.

“Where is your mother, child?”

“I don't know... Bad men came and took her away. Father tried to stop them, but there was blood and...” he stopped and started crying.

“Dear child...” I said as I knelt down and embraced him.

He began to cry while clinging to my clothes. He was trembling, and I could tell that it had been a long time since he last ate anything. Looking towards the gate, I decided that my quest could wait for now. I couldn't just abandon this child. When looking at him, I was reminded of sweet Bachus and Anette.

“Come with me, I'll take you somewhere safe.” I told him.

“Safe? Where?” he asked through his tears.

“A beautiful place where you will have the chance to grow as a normal child and then become a splendid adult.” I told him as I got up and carried him back to the inn where I rented a room for the night.

Those who walked by us gave me strange looks because he was dirty and my clothes were clean. I wasn't bothered by their gazes.

“There is wonderful place called Illsyorea. It's an island way off into the middle of the ocean. Once I give you something to eat and some better clothes, I'll take you to one of the ships heading there.”

“What about mother?” he asked with a worried look on his face.

“I will look for her. Once we are inside, give me her name, describe to me how she looked like last time you saw her and also how those bad men looked like. I will look for her and find out what became of her. If I find her, I will send her to you on Illsyorea.”

“And if you don't?” he asked.

I showed him a gentle smile “Then your father and mother will watch over you from the sky and see that you have been blessed with the fortune of reaching a land of hope.”

Just as I promised him, I gave him a good meal, a warm bath, and new clothes. Then I walked with him to the docks and handed him over to Captain Fandar. I payed him for the journey to Illsyorea.

Afterwards, I went to complete those two quests. This was how I spent my first day in the Rezalis Kingdom. From here on out, my hunt begun, but I feared that as I went deeper within the continent, I wouldn't be able to extend the same helping hand as I did today with this child. There would be a time when I would have to steel my heart and ignore the whimpers of the little ones, no matter how much it pained me...

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