~ Chapter 82: The power of fluffy (Part 1) ~

[Two years and five months ago]

[Seryanna's point of view]

We safely dropped anchor in the Knitkat Port of the Sarakus Kingdom. The most excited one to see land again was Tanarotte. She has proven herself to be a true bundle of energy, most notably by constantly trying to find some way to get close to the silver-scaled dragoness. Because of this, I had to stop Kataryna several times already from throwing her off the ship or turning her into an ice cube.

Leaving that part of our journey aside, Princess Elleyzabelle was also glad to see land again. Despite her putting up a strong front she suffered from sea sickness for a while until she got used to the rocking of the ship. She believed it was rather improper for a royal blood such as herself to empty her stomach over the rail, so she used a bucket which I had to dispose of it in a stealthy manner. In other words, I had to find an empty room with a window big enough to fit the bucket through.

When I first walked up the deck and looked at the port, I was stunned by the ammount of relliars I saw before me. There were many kinds, with long fur, short fur, different colors, different patterns, some with big whiskers, while others with small ones. Most of them were sailors because we were in the port, but I saw what looked like wizards and warriors. The way their tails waved up and down was... cute.

“We'll take the carriage from here to Rushk City, then we'll be escorted by the King's special guards all the way to Sagar Capital. Meanwhile, the Scorpion Dream Galleon will travel close to the shore and wait for us in Nirvill Port.” said Elleyzabelle as she looked over a document.

“Is that escort even needed?” scoffed Kataryna.

“Yes. They don't know how powerful the two of you are.” she replied as she rolled the document and then looked back at us.

“Erm... Princess Elleyzabelle?” I said.

“Sigh, you should learn to drop the title by now. We're legal sisters.” she showed me a wry smile.

“For me, such a thing is... impossible.” I nodded.

“Sigh. Very well, what is it?”

“Do you think... we can take one home?” I asked as I pointed at the relliars.

Unbeknownst to me, several of them felt a chill ran down their spine and made their hair stand tall on their back.

The Princess looked at me with questionable eyes, but I was completely serious.

“No.” she said in a cold tone of voice.

I dropped my shoulders and nodded in defeat.

The journey to Rushk City was a boring one for us, but I took the opportunity to train the three knights who accompanied us. I forgot their names, but I didn't think it was of interest to me at that time. They were rather... weak. One of them fainted after I punched him through a tree. It was just one tree.

Kataryna spent her time running away and hiding from Tanarotte.

The Princess read three books on relliar customs.

Regretfully, there were no bandits who attacked us. If I caught one, maybe I could have found out how soft their fur was after I gave them a good scrubbing. Our relliar guards, however, thought we were very lucky for not having encountered any of them and also for being blessed with good weather.

In Rushk City we stayed for only two days, during which we went sightseeing. The local people were a bit frightened of us. Our appearance was something uncommon around these parts, and the history between the relliar and dragon people wasn't always a harmonious one. There were a lot of whispers in the air talking about us eating their children or kidnapping them to use their fur coats as rugs.

Because of that, I didn't get the chance to sneak up close enough to a relliar to pet them. The guards who escorted us remained vigilant and kept their guard up around me, so I couldn't do anything except watch them from a distance. Kataryna said I looked rather scary when I was looking at them, but I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. How could I look scary? I was just staring at their fluffy tails.

On the third day, we boarded the carriage early in the morning and then departed for the capital. It would take us four days to reach it. Once more, our journey was a peaceful one met without conflict, but it did rain a little. The scent of wet fur reminded me of Tulip, my pet squirrel. It made me wonder how she was doing. It had been a while since I last saw her, maybe I neglected her a bit? Well, unlike other pets, she was raised and left to live out in the wild. There were no immediate predators that could threaten her unless she ventured off deep within the Seculiar Forest.

I was also reminded that I had once promised to take Alkelios to a pet shop and find a pet of his own. He never did find one, but he mentioned something about an egg at one point. Maybe he found something when he was training in the Seculiar Forest or the Northern Desert?

When we reached Sagar Capital, it was a bit cloudy outside.

The relliars built their city close to the forest, but from a strategic point of view, it looked a bit undefended. If the dragons invaded this place, we could easily fly over the walls or scale them with our claws. There was no river or moat around the outer walls, making it easier for us to reach them. As for their height, it was of a mere 10 meters. If I were to attack this place together with Kataryna, we would lay waste to more than half of it in under an hour.

The Sagar Capital wasn't as big as Drakaria was, but that was mostly due to the difference in size between our species. Dragons in general were taller and bigger than relliars. We also had to make sure we had sturdy rooftops capable of supporting our full-beast form when we transformed and took flight. In the past, it was forbidden for dragons to take flight or land within the city because we tended to demolish the frail buildings.

Unlike Drakaria, the palace of the King was located right at the heart of the city, and it was surrounded by impressive white sturdy walls. All the other sectors of the city were built around the outer walls of the palace and were a mix of merchant, crafting, and living areas. The slums were located outside of the city itself, while inside lived only those who could properly pay their taxes.

The moment our carriage stepped through the gates of the city, there were a lot of curious eyes aimed at us, and a lot of cute fluffy tails flicking through the air.

From the outer gates to the palace gates was a straight line that cut through the city. Once we reached them, we were able to see the palace itself. The building was smaller than the one belonging to the Seyendraugher family, but it was built in a way that showed elegance and beauty. All of the columns were decorated in some manner, and there were only flower gardens surrounding it with no visible training field for the knights.

When the carriage stopped, we were greeted by a row of armed relliars. Their presence inspired courage, loyalty, and discipline. Their main weapon of choice was a halberd, but their stripped armors didn't appear to be made out of Draconitium or any other material similar to it.

The moment we stepped out, the difference in strength was clear. After all, to defeat all of these proud soldiers, I wouldn't even need to unsheathe my sword. My claws alone were enough. As for their attacks, they wouldn't even be able to scratch the armor my husband made for me.

“Don't relax your tails and follow my scent. I'll do the talking.” said Princess Elleyzabelle.

“Understood.” we replied.

To relax your tail meant to lower your guard and to follow one's scent meant to keep close to them. These were draconian sayings that also found a similar meaning among the relliar ones. From here on out, we would also need to speak in the Sarakus language as often as we could, since speaking in Eastern Draconic would have been seen as rude.

[At the same time in Donmar Port to the North of Sagar Capital]

[Bishop Marconium Bassar's point of view]

“Captain? I heard we reached the land of the savages safely?” I asked him as I stepped out of my room.

“Yes, your Holiness!” he bowed respectfully.

Captain Mathew was a good man, loyal and completely devoted to the cause of the Akutan Empire. The Fourth Princess was wise to send me here on his boat. I had no reason to fear a possible assassination from the other factions.

Although my master's faction was rather weak in comparison to the others, as a member of the Holy Church of the Pantheon of Zeus, I had a good ammount of respect in the Empire and thanks to this, I was allowed to do as I pleased. It was truly a blessed life for me!

Yet, I couldn't deny the request of the princess who asked me to come here and convince these savages to enter in a Trade Treaty with Akutan. Rather, it wasn't a trade but more of 'pay us and we won't attack' sort of deal.

These savage would need to know sooner or later that we humans were the ones who were destined to rule over all lands and seas!

“Your Holiness?” captain Mathew asked as he looked at me with a furrowed eyebrow.

Ah! I must have been led by my thoughts again. I thought and then coughed once to clear my throat.

“I apologize, what were you saying?”

“Yes, I came to understand that my fleet will bring a special 'cargo' back to the empire?”

“Ah, yes. Make sure that your ships can carry it safely. They will bring our faction a lot of coins and the opinion of the people will also rise once they hear that my holy mission here has been successful!” I showed him a smile.

“Of course, your Holiness!” he bowed.

“Just make sure we have enough cages this time. I don't want a repeat of the Flaunders Fleet that ended up with a rebellion on its hands. I lost too many coins that day!” I declared.

“Of course! By no means I shall let such a tragedy happen again!” he nodded and then bowed again.

This man loved to bow to his superiors.

“Now go and tell me when the carriage arrives to take me to Sagar!” I ordered him.

“Of course, your Holiness!” he replied.

I left him alone and closed the door behind me.

As I walked past the nearby I table, I took from it the whip with razor sharp blades attached to its ends. There was still a bit of fresh blood on it. The corners of my lips rose up as I thought about what was to come. I moved to the other side of my room where my desk was placed.

'My enjoyment' was separated in many stages, out of which this moment of 'purification' felt the most exciting one of them all.

“Now, where were we, my dear?” I asked the one who was hiding in the corner of my room, trembling, and begging me with her repulsive eyes to stop.

This woman was something I bought for my enjoyment on this ride. She was good for a while, but now it was time to dispose of it. There was no need to worry about something like her, especially when the new cargo was about to arrive. I would just randomly pick one of the savages and have my fun with her.

“P-Please... s-stop... I beg of you...” she said.

Her lip was sliced from the last time I hit her, so she had trouble speaking.

“Didn't I promise you that your daughter will find a better master? I kept my word.” I showed her the same smile I showed to the believers who came at my church.

“M-My d-daughter... w-what happened to her?” she asked.

“Who knows?” I replied and lifted my whip up. “Maybe you'll get to meet her soon?” I said and then lowered my hand.

The screams of agony that came from this thing were as beautiful as the blood that washed over me. Well, she was merely a human slave, not someone with the right to live.

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