~ Chapter 82: The power of fluffy (Part 2) ~

[King Kragarr's point of view]

By the fur of my ancestors! I never thought that I would see the day when the princess of a dragon kingdom would dare to step foot into my capital. With only a handful of escorts, she boldly entered my land and didn't bother to bare her teeth against any of my subjects.

Among these dragons, there was only one who I was told to be wary about. It was a dragoness with red scales and a scary gaze that made you feel like she wanted to rip you to shreds and eat you alive right there where you stand. She managed to give nightmares to some of my subordinates, but they did good in reporting this and holding their ground against her. Maybe a raise or a reward of some sorts was entitled?

I nodded to myself while thinking about this.

A Royal Court Assistant came forth and knelt before me.

“The representatives from the Dragon Kingdom Albeyater have arrived, your Majesty!” he declared.

“Hm. Very well. Send them in!” I relayed my order.

As I stood on my throne and tapped my claws on the metal hand rest, I looked at the big doors that opened slowly. From the other side, three dragonesses entered the audience room, while the rest stayed behind.

Those are their retainers, I take it? I thought.

The one walking at the front had a dignified posture and kept her wings folded on her back. The golden scales mixed in with the white ones were evidence of her royal lineage. But the way she moved and looked at me showed a strength rarely seen in noble women.

The dragon men don't rule. I remembered the saying my father once told me.

Looking at this princess and the two dragonesses standing at her left and right side, I understood what he meant by that. The Kingdoms on the Dragon Continent were a matriarchal society where women held the last say in political matters. The men, on the other hand, were formidable foes one wouldn't want meet on the battlefield.

That being said, I was curious as to why this princess didn't bring male guards with her.

“Your Majesty, Kragarr Ruvus, I am Elleyzabelle Seyendraugher, Third Princess of the esteemed Queen Elliessara Seyendraugher and King Feryumstark Seyendraugher. I offer my thanks for letting us enter your lands on such peaceful terms, and I hope that our stay here will be one that will bring the chance for prosperity for both of our nations.” she said with a smile and then a short bow of her head.

The grace in her movements and the way the words rolled off the tip of her tongue in a perfect Sarakus accent made me understand that this Elleyzabelle was a fearsome woman. If Queen Elliessara was like her, then it was clear why their Kingdom had survived so many invasions and attacks.

At the same time, it made me wonder if it was wise in any way or manner to reject the chance of improving the relationship between our two kingdoms.

And all of this just from how she introduced herself.

“This King of the Relliar Kingdom Sarakus welcomes you, foreign Princess. May your stay here feel pleasing and the scents friendly.” I replied.

Looking at her right side, I saw the dragoness my subordinate warned me about. She was tall, proud, and that focused gaze with dilated pupils made me feel like she was ready to attack at any time. Her tail was waving behind her, but that was probably just a trick. The aura of a fearsome warrior emanated from her, and when looking at her armor, I could only guess the incredible skill of the blacksmith who made it for her. It was filled with Magic Energy, and it made me wonder if I could even scratch it if I slashed at it with all of my might.

Having this dragoness as an enemy was something I instinctively knew I didn't want to do. At the same time, I was well aware that I should stay away as far as possible from her. I feared that even if she assassinated me right here on my throne, she could still walk away as if nothing happened. That was how powerful I judged her to be.

In the same way the dragoness with silver-scales standing on the left of the princess was calm and composed, but her tail was still and senses focused. This woman was as terrifyingly dangerous as the other one was.

Just what sort of Kingdom is Albeyater to leisurely send two Breakthrough-ers like this and also a Death God of a politician at my door step? I thought as I desperately tried not to show any sign of being influenced by their presence.

I honestly just wanted to go home and cuddle in my wife's arms, then have her pet my mane.

Then it happened... the incident that nearly brought my heart to halt...

[Narrator's point of view]

When the three dragonesses entered the audience room, the air turned tense as if a powerful god came down from the Heavens and was now squeezing the very hearts in their chests. It was such state that it wouldn't have been a surprise if either side called out for war. Or at the very least, that was how the Royal Guards and Court Assistants saw things.

Unbeknownst to them, the three dragonesses were thinking of anything but war. The princess hoped the line she had practiced came out well. The silver-scaled dragoness was a bit tense because she kept feeling that a certain dragoness was stalking her even now. As for the redhead, her mind was on the fluffy tails of the relliars.

Thus, it could be said that King Kragarr's worries were for nothing.

But right when the air between them felt the most tense, something strange happened. A small ball bounced off on the floor towards the three dragonesses.

When the King noticed it, he froze in his chair, not daring to speak up or make any sudden movement. The dragonesses looked at the ball with curious eyes. When it stopped bouncing, it rolled off until it touched Seryanna's foot.

The gaze in her eyes was a sharp one, most commonly seen on powerful warriors ready to land a killing a blow. As such, the relliars feared that she may wish to attack the one who sent the ball her way.

For a moment, the Royal Guards gulped and looked at the scene, their eyes going from the dragoness to the King, wondering if they were going to be ordered to attack or not.

From behind the throne, a little relliar girl poked her head out and looked for her ball. She had a beautiful gold fur just like her father's, and her whiskers twitched two times as she scanned the room.

None of the guards spotted her. If they did, maybe they would have stopped her from doing the unthinkable.

Without caring for the piercing cold gaze of the red-scale dragoness, she walked up to her ball with little steps. Only once she stopped to look around, her whiskers twitched and her tail swayed in the air.

The little girl was wearing a beautiful pink robe embroidered with cream thread that made blooming flowers. Her belt was gold in color with a pink outline and tied in a ribbon at her back. Like all the relliar clothes, they had a small hole at the back designed for their tails to poke through.

When King Kragarr saw her, it was already too late. His mouth opened as if he wanted to order something, but no words came out.

The little relliar girl approached Seryanna and picked up her ball with both hands. Looking with upturned eyes at the scary dragoness, she locked gazes with her.

On the throne, the little girl's father could only gulp and wait for something to happen, which he feared might only result in bloodshed.

“Wanna pway with me?” the little girl asked as she lifted the ball up at Seryanna.

For all the relliars who watched the two, those few seconds of silence felt like they were the most intense ones in their entire lives. They could hear their hearts beating fast and all their senses were peaked as if they were on a hunt. No one dared to move, and all of them held their breath.

The King gulped once, and as if reacting to that signal, the red-scale dragoness moved.

She spread her wings and pounced on the little girl.

“PRINCESS!” the Royal Guards shouted as they saw her vanish behind the dragoness' wings.

They unsheathed their swords and approached them, but a wall of ice spikes appeared from the floor, stopping their advance. It was Kataryna who cast the spell.

The King got up on his feet and looked with an intense gaze at the dragoness.

Once more, it felt like all hell would break looss, and blood would be shed on this floor.

“Kyahaha! It tickles!” the little girl's laugh was heard coming from behind the wings.

When the dragoness lowered them, both the soldiers and the King were stunned by what they saw. Only Elleyzabelle let out a heavy sigh and rubbed her forehead with two fingers. This whole thing probably gave her a headache.

“Whaaa! You are so fluffy! Of course I'll play with you! And hug you! And pet you!” said Seryanna as she was rubbing her cheek against the princess' furry cheek.

She was laughing as she was being embraced by the dragoness.

When Seryanna realized that she was being surrounded by the guards, she stopped and turned her gaze towards them.

“What? You want something? Eh?” she asked them with a low guttural growl and a threatening glare.

The Royal Guards stepped back in fear.

“Sigh... Seryanna, knock it off.” Elleyzabelle ordered.

“B-But... fluffy.” the dragoness replied while looking at her with begging eyes.

The change was so abrupt, the relliars had no idea what just happened.

“You can play with her later if she wants to, right now we are in a political meeting.” she told her.

“Promise?” she asked.

“Ugh... Your Majesty?” Elleyzabelle looked at the King with a wry smile.

“Erm... if Eshantiel wants to as well, I don't mind...” he replied a bit stumped.

“Papa said it'sh ok!” the little girl nodded while clinging to Seryanna's neck.

“Erm... Shall we call this a day and meet later... Erm, when things aren't so tensed.” the King suggested while looking at his confused guards.

“Yes, of course. I apologize for the behavior of my foolish subbordinate, your Majesty.” Elleyzabelle made a short bow.

“No, it's alright! No harm done.” he said quickly.

“I see... Then we shall take our leave now.” Elleyzabelle said.

“That means we can pway now! Come one!” Eshantiel said as she dragged Seryanna away.

Seeing the powerful and terrifying dragoness being led away by the charming little girl, everyone in the room was at a loss of words, all except for one.

“Called it!” said Kataryna.

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