~ Chapter 83: Prequel to Fire (Part 2) ~

“I don't understand? Don't all dragons hate humans?” he asked me with a bewildered expression on his face.

“Just like there are bad relliars and bad dragons, there are also bad humans. Sometimes, these individuals happen to hold high ranking positions within a country, but it isn't as though each and every member of their species lives only to seek out war against us. That's why there are human-dragon couples and even human-relliar ones.” I told him.

For a moment, I wanted to tell him about Alkelios and how our Queen didn't wage war against the humans even though she got poisoned by one. These matters, however, were extremely sensitive. If not handled properly, they could have led to unexpected international conflicts.

“I see... Well, I hope you are right then, Duchess Draketerus.” he said.

“I hope so too.” I showed him a smile.

“Can I go see papa now?” Shelly asked.

“Princess, erm... I don't know if now is a good time to see him.” the Prime Minister showed a wry smile.

“I can't?” she asked with upturned eyes.

“Well... Not exactly, but you'll have stay quiet until the meeting with the humans and the dragons is over.” he said.

“I will!” she said raising a hand up and showing him a bright smile.

“Is it alright if I leave her with you then?” I asked the Prime Minister.

“Yes, please do. We will enter shortly after you.” he nodded.

When I entered the audience room, I could tell that everyone was tense. Even Kataryna was paying attention to the new guests who arrived. There were nine humans standing straight on the right side of the room. The one in front who did all the talking was a noble with a bit of a belly and carried and air of superiority around him. To his left was a man wearing a mage's robe and appeared to be bored by this whole visit, while on his right was a sturdy man wearing a knight's armor.

Behind them, were the escorting knights, so my guess was that the man standing in front of them was the Knight Commander.

None of them represented a real threat to me. At best, I would find it surprising if they didn't die in one hit. They were weak and also arrogant; a deadly combination around dragons.

I tried to ignore them and walked up to Princess Elleyzabelle and Kataryna, who were located on the left side of the audience room, at a fair distance from the human group.

“What's going on?” I asked them in a whisper.

“Seryanna, these people are representatives of the Akutan Empire. More specifically, they came here in the name of the fourth Princess. So far they made some rather daring demands.” answered Princess Elleyzabelle.

“Daring?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Or foolish if you want to call them that.” chipped in Kataryna.

“The big fat one is a Bishop of the Holy Church of the Pantheon of Zeus. His name is Marconium Bassar and right before you entered, he demanded more opportunities to spread his faith among the relliars and for the King to give up control on the Donmar Port. Both demands are rather ridiculous, but he holds the backing of the Akutan Empire, which is the most powerful military force on the entire Human Continent.” Princess Elleyzabelle explained.

“It sounds bad, but I doubt they will comply to these demands.” I said.

“They won't. His Majesty will never agree to something as foolish as this. Conceding the Donmar Port to the Akutan Empire would be the same as having declared that the Sarakus Kingdom lost in front of it. Worse of all, it's a guaranteed bridgehead into the Relliar Continent for a possible invasion.”

“What I am worried about is that Human Hero over there.” said Kataryna.

I perked my ears up “Human Hero?” I asked.

“Yes, the mage who looks bored. He introduced himself as one. His name is Mandar Bashir and said he hails from Italy.” Kataryna narrowed her eyes at the man.

“Hm. He doesn't look that strong.” I tilted my head to the right.

“No, but we can't be certain that he doesn't have any strange abilities like Alkelios does. We witnessed a Human Hero gaining strength by befriending dragons and one who could move armies around the map as he pleased. Their abilities can't be underestimated.” she flicked her tail.

“Yes, but my husband had a good reason for being so powerful and so did Kronius. This human, however, doesn't seem to be in the same league as them.” I shook my head.

“I don't like how those knight keep looking at us and the relliars.” said Elleyzabelle.

“Yes, it's like we are an existence far beneath them.” I replied.

While the conversation between the Bishop and the King continued, the humans showed themselves to be impatient in regard to how negotiations were progressing. Princess Elleyzabelle didn't even had a chance to speak and worse of all, it appeared as though they were the ones who rudely interrupted her audience with his Majesty. Then again, she wouldn't want to disclose the matters of her current negotiations with these people, something the others didn't seem to be worried about.

Unfortunately, I didn't know the language they spoke in. They didn't use the language of the country of origin as most diplomats did but the Akutan Empire's central language, making the presence of a translator mandatory for the King and the nobles present here.

At one point, I heard the knights saying something while looking towards us. It wasn't loud enough for other humans to hear them, but the sensitive ears of the relliars and those of us dragons picked up the sounds.

“They are mocking us.” Princess Elleyzabelle said in a whisper without loosing her composure.

“Weaklings.” I scoffed.

My attention during this conversation was on the cute Shelly, who was standing next to the throne with the Prime Minister. Just like a regular innocent child, she didn't care about what the adults were talking about, and was just looking around with big curious eyes. Because she was a Princess, she was taught not to disturb his Majesty while working.

Looking at her simply healed my heart and made me forget about those walking meat bags.

At one point, his Majesty lifted his hand up and stopped the Bishop from talking. The relliar then turned his gaze towards us.

“I ask our esteem draconian guests to wait outside until this meeting with the esteemed humans will be over.” he said.

“We understand, your Majesty. We will wait outside until you permit us to return before your grace.” Princess Elleyzabelle replied in a polite tone of voice and bowed her head once. “Let's go.” she then told us in Eastern Draconian.

I nodded and turned around to leave. Kataryna did the same.

As we walked towards the door, Shelly moved away from the Prime Minister and ran towards. She probably saw this as an opportunity to come over and play. The relliar guards didn't stop her or showed concern like they did before. They knew that I was friends with her, and honestly, I didn't mind playing with her for a bit longer. She was just too fluffy to resist!

Just as she ran past the humans, she stumbled on her robe and made a tumble towards one of the knights, inevitably bumping into him. The guards saw this and froze in place, while I turned around to walk over to help her.

“Mew~ Sowy...” she said in a cute voice as she looked up at him.

The human said something in his tongue and lifted his hand up.

What is he doing? I wondered.

“Relliar scum, how dare you dirty me?” the translator said in shock.

What? I thought that I wasn't hearing right, but when I looked at him again, I saw his hand going down to hit the little girl.

In that moment, I moved at a speed these weaklings could not see.

I grabbed his wrist before he could touch my precious friend and glared back at him.

They human knights were startled by my sudden appearance next to them and the sudden gust of wind my movement had created.

“Let go of me, you dirty lizard.” said the translator without putting any emotion in his words.

“Hou?” I narrowed my eyes at him “You were just trying to hit Shelly, weren't you?” I said in the Sarakus Language.

The translator let the human know what I said.

“So what?” he replied.

I showed him a smile and then I just squeezed my grip until the human knight screamed in pain and bones could be heard cracking. The hand that was about to hit my fluffy friend had now been turned into a meat paste mixed with crushed bones. I just had to make sure the blood that spilled out of him didn't touch me or Shelly, so I created a small barrier between us. The drops avoided us and when I was satisfied with the man's agony, I released my grip on him and let him fall on the ground.

All the humans stepped away from me, showing fear in their eyes. I looked back at them, showed them a smile and then cast a flame over my hand to get rid off his dirty blood.

“Hm? Shall I rip out all of your hands and beat you to death with them?” I asked them in a polite tone of voice. “If you dare touch a single hair on this precious child's head, I will burn you all alive until there's nothing left of you.”

“Mew?” the little relliar was a bit shocked by what just happened, but she didn't look afraid.

I looked back at the King and said “I apologize, your Majesty. I accidentally spilled garbage on your precious floor.” I said in a cold tone of voice.

Princess Elleyzabelle sighed and rubbed her forehead with two fingers.

“This attack and mockery of the Akutan Empire shall not be permitted. We demand the head of this disrespectful dragon.” said the translator after the Knight Commander pointed at me.

I ignored him and picked up Shelly off the ground.

“I apologize for the rude behavior of my subordinate, but I'm afraid such a request cannot be accepted unless the Akutan Empire wishes to officially declare war against the Dragon Continent?” Princess Elleyzabelle asked them in the Sarakus Language.

“As the Knight Commander Devus Allexian, I will have you know that I will not forget this insult brought upon my men and myself!” the human's words were translated.

We walked out of the audience room without replying. Back there, the knights tried to help the human who's wrist I had crushed, but I doubted anyone other than a top Healer could help him. All the bones caught within my grasp had been crushed to bits and pieces. Amputation was probably the best solution for him.

Once we were outside, I calmed down by rubbing my cheek to Shelly's. She giggled in reply.

“Ugh... What a disaster!” Princess Elleyzabelle groaned.

“Really? I think it went quite well.” Kataryna nodded to herself.

“I didn't expect for a human delegation to pop up here when I was attempting to negotiate those treaties with the King!” she said.

“Oh, I thought you were referring to what Seryanna did back there.”

“No, that was actually good. The humans lost a lot of points by trying to hit the young Princess, and we won a bunch by protecting her.” she nodded.

“By the way, why did his Majesty kept quiet when that happened?” I asked.

“That man barely abstained himself from lounging at the humans and ripping them apart with his bare claws. However, if he did that, the followup political mess would have been terrible. This way, the blame is shifted on us.” Princess Elleyzabelle explained.

“In other words, this was the best outcome for us. We showed the relliars that we stand by their side and aren't afraid of the Akutan Empire.” said Kataryna.


“All's well that ends well.” I said and shrugged.

“We pway now?” asked Shelly.

“Yes we do!” I replied with a bright smile and then walked off to the garden.

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