~ Chapter 85: Seryanna's mercy (Part 1) ~

[Seryanna's point of view]

Obtaining proof to use against the human delegates was going to be tricky, but as it was with any big city in the world, there were always those with the needed information who would be willing to talk for a certain price.

Although as a dragoness I had often been called to be a bit hotheaded, this didn't mean that I didn't understand the fact that these bastards already had a couple of days head start. In the little time I had left to spend in the capital of the Sarakus Kingdom, I had to make sure I obtained all the information I needed to incriminate them before I launched an attack on their group. As such, I decided to pursue the idea that not only did they had the means to kidnap the princess, but they also had accomplices here in the capital willing to take such a risky mission. This in itself entitled the existence of a hideout or a base of operations of some sort within the Sarakus Kingdom, which would also lead to the existence of some sort of documents or at least a verbal confessions. For the latter, I planned to use a simple voice recording tool one could obtain at almost every magic item shop in Albeyater.

Thus, the first thing I wanted to do was to get in contact with those who had the resources and means necessary for taking the princess out of the city unnoticed. This didn't mean that they did it, but they could point out towards another lead I could follow. If they happened to confess, however, it would just mean that I got lucky.

My first stop was the slums, the gathering place of the immoral, corrupt, and extremely poor.

These relliars did anything to survive, and with a single gaze I could tell that the living conditions here were horrible. Not only were there feces on the road, but the scent was absolutely horrifying, yet I didn't flinch and also abstained from using my flames in case I accidentally set off chain reaction.

“Lady! This be no' place for ya'!” said one of the relliars as they approached me.

He had a crested left ear, his left eye was missing, and his bottom fangs were poking out from under his lips. He was quite tall for a relliar and his fur was dark-brown like the dirt I was walking on.

Turning towards him, I unsheathed my sword, Drachenkrieg, and struck him with the flat side of the blade. The relliar was tossed into a nearby building, smashing through the walls. While some of the witnesses ran away in fear, I approached the groaning relliar and pointed the tip of my blade at his neck.

“Where can I find some human scum who might enjoy kidnapping little children?” I demanded.

To my left was a family of poor relliars. The mother was holding her child in her arms with her back at us, trying to protect him. For now, I ignored them.

“Ugh... Lady, I kno' noth' of no' 'nappers.” he said.

“I don't believe you. Lie again and you won't see the light of day ever again. Be careful what you tell me. I am seasoned dragoness knight with the approval of his Majesty to cut down any scum I desire. Unless you are a Breakthrough-er or as you relliars say Awakened, then you stand no chance against me.” I warned him.

The man gulped as he looked at the tip of my sword.

“I don' kno'...” he said and I lifted my blade up a little as a sign of attack “Wait! But I do kno' a man... He named Long John Whisker. You'll find 'im at the No Skull Tavern down the road. Pay him the right coin and he be talkin'” he replied.

I glared at him for another moment while I was trying to assess if he was telling the truth or not.

He sent me to an informant, and I don't think this relliar is the type to give his life to save a human. I thought and then sheathed my sword.

“Get out of here.” I told him.

“Yes, ma'am!” he said and quickly left the premise of the building.

Looking to my left, I looked at the cowering family of relliars and told them “Don't worry, I won't harm you, and here” I took out a gold coin from my pocket “Use this to repair your house or to get out of this city.” I told them.

“Huh? This...” the mother was surprised.

“Mew~?” the child was also confused, but I bravely resisted his fluffiness.

I left the house and went to look for the informant that guy mentioned. Finding the tavern was easy. Getting past the two tough-looking relliars at the entrance was even easier. I grabbed both of them by the head and slammed them into each other. The two brutes were left unconscious sprawled on the dirty floor.

“I'm looking for Long John Whiskers!” I declared when I entered the tavern.

As soon as I did that, silence fell within the entire establishment and all of the relliars there were looking at me as if they wanted to murder me.

They were all weaklings. I released my killing intent and calmed them down immediately. Only one of them tried to stand up to me, a big brute with a tough-looking mug and a long sword on his back.

“This be no place for ya' dragons.” he spat next to me.

“...” I looked into his eyes and then punched him in the snout.

The man was sent flying back crashing into a table and then slamming into the wall, almost going through it.

“The next one who tries that will be sent flying... literally.” I glared at them as I cracked my knuckles to make myself clear.

No one dared to comment and returned to their drinks. If these were nobles, they would have tried to kick me out even if they were far weaker than me, but these people who lived in the slums cared more about their lives than their pride.

I walked up to the bartender.

“Where can I find Long John Whiskers.” I asked him.

He was a tall relliar with light-brown fur and a scar on his snout. Unlike the rest of them, he was the only one who remained calm and continued minding his own business, cleaning glasses.

“Are you going to pay for the wall?” he asked without looking at me and continued to work.

“How much.” I asked.

“A gold coin.” he replied.

“Here.” I placed it on the bar.

That got his attention.

“Hm? You actually have the coin and will to pay despite being a noble? Interesting.” he said as he picked up the coin and placed it in his chest pocket.

“Yes. Now where can I find Long John Whiskers. I need to buy some info from him.” I told him.

“You are looking at him. Follow me. We'll conduct our trade somewhere else.” he said and then snapped his fingers.

In that moment another relliar walked up to him. He was a teenager around 17 years old.

“Take over for me for a couple of minutes.” he ordered.

“Yes, master.” the boy nodded.

I followed Long John Whiskers all the way to the back and entered a room with only two chairs and a table. There was a Light Crystal on the table instead of a candle. After touching the crystal, the room lit up.

“Please, sit.” he said offering me a chair.

I sat down and placed my coin purse on the table.

“What do you want to know?” he asked as she placed his hands in front of him and showed me a smile.

“I want to know if the human delegation is behind the recent relliar kidnappings.” I told him.

He closed his eyes and said “Ten copper coins.”

I placed a silver coin on the table.

“I don't know. That's one of the information I'm also trying to find out. If you know anything, I'll pay generously.” he showed me a smile.

I snapped my tail in the air.

“Every answer has a price, so ask carefully.” he showed me a smile.

“Then, are there any humans in this city who might be involved in something like this?” I asked.

“Five silver coins.”

I payed.

“Yes. I believe there are three men who have enough bad rumors circulating around them to make you think they are possible kidnappers. They are Steve the Miner, Ronald the Quack, and Silly Vester.” he replied with a smile.

“Where can I find them?”

“One gold coin.”

I payed.

“Steve the Miner is hanging around the northern part of the city. You'll find him near the brothel called Twin Tails. He carries around an enchanted mining pickaxe as a weapon. Ronald the Quack is gambler who can't seem to score right, but he's one sneaky little thief. You'll find him here in the slums. His house is the one with the broken window at the end of this road. As for Silly Vester, he's a rumored bandit and rapist. He hangs around with his band of misfit relliars in the southern part of the city at the Recall Inn.” he said.

“Steve the Miner, Ronald the Quack, and Silly Vester. Those are some weird names.” I said.

“Their real ones are unknown, but Silly Vester is rumored to be one of those mysterious human heroes.” he showed me a smile.

“Is that information free?” I asked.

“Yes. After all, if you do end up crossing swords with him, it will be towards my benefit.”

“I understand. Thank you.” I nodded.

“No need for thanks. This was business after all, nya~” he said twitching his whiskers.

I got up from the chair and took my coin purse, leaving the payment for the information on the table.

The first one I went to visit was Ronald the Quack, the thief who lived not that far from the No Skull Tavern. Before I entered his home, I activated the voice recorder in my pocket.

The door was locked, so I smashed it down with a kick. The loud sound woke him up from his dreams. He was currently laying on the table with three empty bottles of mead next to him. This place smelled worse than a convict's cell.

“Who are you?!” he asked.

“I'm your worst nightmare.” I showed him a smile and then unsheathed my sword.

Seeing this, he made a high pitched sound and tried to run away, but I stopped him by grabbing him from behind and slamming his face into the floor.

“The relliar kidnappers. Where are they?” I asked.

“I don't know what you're talking about!” he shouted and I broke his left arm.

“AAA!!!” he screamed in pain.

The bones were poking out through his flesh and the blood was pouring it out really fast.

“Tell me now and I will show you mercy.” I told him.

“You crazy dragon!” he shouted.

“The kidnappers. Where are they?” I asked again as I grabbed his other hand.

“W-Wait! I-I don't know!” he replied.

I started to squeeze.

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Skylight Blossom
Skylight Blossom

“Yes. I believe there are three men who have enough bad rumors circulating around them to make you think they are possible kidnappers. They are Steve the Miner, Ronald the Quack, and Silly Vester.” he replied with a smile.

These three names together just make me think they’re puns of Captain Pete, Donald Duck, and Sylvester. xD

Jenna Tools
Jenna Tools

Just saying, I don’t think anyone would say “Hm? You actually have the coin and will to pay despite being a noble? Interesting.” . A more normal thing that the bartender would do is to look at it as if in shock, then try to keep a calm face, then pocket the money. The reasons that I feel that this is better is that 1. I certainly would not say that out loud, especially to a noble. 2. I want more money so I should pretend that the money wasn’t much, and 3 Insulting nobles is a 1 way ticket… Read more »


Scary dragoness is scary