~ Chapter 85: Seryanna's mercy (Part 2) ~

“No! Don't! I really don't know! My job is only to pay the guards to look away! I get a bag of coins, I pay the relliars, then I go mind my own business! I really don't know anything else!” he shouted and looked at me with trembling eyes.

“What happens if you don't do it?” I asked him.

“Ugh...” he flinched when he felt the pain in his broken arm.

If I didn't hurry this up, he was going to faint.

“Tell me.” I demanded.

“A big guy, a relliar, comes by and beats me up. Of course, I always did my part...” he replied.

“Good. Now go meet your gods.” I told him.

“Wha...” he didn't get to finish his words because I grabbed him by the neck and then snapped it like a twig.

His lifeless body fell on the floor. Just like I promised him, I showed mercy by killing him quick.

I deactivated the voice recorder, but when I was about to leave his home, I noticed a small note on the table. There was a date and hour written on it.

“This was two days ago... If the human delegation didn't have Shelly with them, then they took her out then.” I said and took the note as evidence.

The next one I paid a visit to was Steve the Miner. I found the brothel in question quite fast. When I asked about it, everyone thought I was interested in buying a prostitute. I ignored them on that part.

As soon as I began searching for the human, I had the unfortunate luck of stumbling upon him in a back alley right after he was done with his 'business', which was raping a relliar woman. She was crying and trembling while holding onto her ripped off clothes.

Steve the Miner was a tall man with a big belly. While he was quite fat, he did show to have some good muscles on him. Just as Long John Whiskers said, the human was carrying around a pickaxe as a weapon.

“Who are you? Round two?” he asked with a smirk as he was tying his belt.

The answer I gave him was a bit different. I unsheathed my sword and cut off his left hand at the shoulder, then I kicked him in the chest and sent him flying back all the way into the main street.

I walked up to him while he was screaming in pain and trying to stop the building. I activated the voice recorder.

“Who are you?! You crazy woman!” he shouted.

As I came out of the alley, I spread my wings and pointed my sword at him.

“Tell me where the relliar kidnappers are.” I demanded.

“I don't know what you're talking about lady! ARGH! My arm! You are nuts! You cut off my arm for that?! I'll kill you! I'll frickin' kill you!” he shouted.

“Is that so?” I said and then I slashed off his other arm.

“AAARGH!” he screamed in pain while the relliars around us watched in fear. Since the brothel was close enough, some of the customers were looking out the window, trying to see what the commotion was about.

“You really don't know?” I asked.

“NO! You crazy whore! You cut off my arms!” he screamed.

“I see.” I nodded and then I cut off both of his legs in one fell swoop.

He screamed and shouted again.

“I'm surprised you thought you would get away with raping that poor woman. Here, let me help you by sending you off to your gods.” I showed him a smile and then cut his torso in half, spreading his insides on the ground. “Let that be a lesson for any foolish male who thinks he can get away with raping women!” I shouted.

No one said a word.

I deactivated the voice recorder and sheathed my sword, then I went back into the alley. The woman was still there, trembling in fear and crying.

“He's dead. You're defiling has been avenged. Here, for your clothes.” I said and gave her a gold coin. “Don't let what happened to you today stop you from finding true love.” I told her and then left.

The last one I had to pay a visit to was the bandit called Silly Vester. If the rumor about him coming from the same world as Alkelios true, then I had to be careful with how I fought against him.

The Recall Inn wasn't that hard to find. Asking the guards about where I could find it immediately got me an answer and also a warning about the ruffians hanging around that place. They didn't try to stop because they saw the high quality of both my armor and weapon and couldn't think that such items were given to someone who lacked power.

Just as the guards told me, this place was surrounded by humans and relliars who were the perfect image of ruffians and bandits. It was as if they were flaunting their dirty and mean-looking appearance. Normally, one would try to hide the fact that they might do notorious deeds like stealing and pillaging.

“A dragon? Here?” one of the humans asked raising an eyebrow.

“Last I checked I was female.” I said and then smacked him with the back of my hand, sending him flying into the wall of a nearby building.

I then turned towards the others, who appeared to be a bit confused about what just happened. I didn't let this opportunity slip by and immediately rushed at them, punching them in the guts and elbowing them in the cheeks. In the blink of an eye, all the seven ruffians who stood guard here were knocked out cold on the ground.

Ignoring the audience of relliars who kept their distance from me, I walked up to the door and kicked it open.

“GUHA!” someone groaned as he was sent flying back together with the door.

Silence fell over the establishment, and I stepped inside while activating the voice recorder in my pocket.

“Good day. I'm looking for Silly Vester.” I said with a smile as I unsheathed Drachenkrieg and let the flames lick over the blade.

“Who be askin'?” someone called out.

It was a human who stood as tall as me, but could be confused with a relliar for how hairy he was. Yet, unlike the fluffy, he was disgusting. I could feel the stench of unwashed clothes and booze reeking from him.

“A dragoness who is looking for relliar kidnappers.” I said and then pointed my sword at him. “Where is Silly Vester?” I asked.

Several of them looked at each other when I spoke these words. No doubt they knew something.

“Get out, now!” the big man demanded as he pointed at the exit.

“Hm?” I showed him a smile and then struck him with the flat side of my sword, sending him flying into a nearby wall and gravely injuring him.

Now that I had caught their attention, they got up from their seats and took out their weapons.

“Where is Silly Vester? If you don't answer now, someone might die.” I declared.

“Why should we tell you where the boss is?” one of them asked.

With a smile on my lips, I made the flames on my sword pour onto the floor and then move towards the entrance as if they were alive. In the next moment, a huge fire blocked the exit.

“Because otherwise, I will be forced to cut down each and every one of you until someone talks.” I declared as I narrowed my eyes at them.

A long time ago, I would have tried to reach a deal with them, something along the lines of them stopping with the kidnapping, and I would ignore some of their crimes. Back then, I didn't have the power to destroy a bandit group like the Twin Dagger or the resources to make it crumble from within. All I could do was bite hard and turn a blind eye to them, especially if I wanted to use their [Purse] ring.

Back then, things were difficult for me, but now, there was nothing this pathetic group of relliars and humans could offer me in exchange for me looking the other way. On the contrary, I had more than enough power and authority as well as resources to turn them into dust.

“Lady, we have the backing of some rather powerful nobles. Do you really think you can just get away with this?” one of them asked with a smirk.

“Funny, but I think they were the ones who sent me after you.” I replied.

It was a lie, but this would cause the survivors to seek revenge against the corrupt nobles.

“Now, where is your boss? I promise to show him mercy if he's honest with me. I just need a bit of information, that's all.” I said.

“Don't be afraid of her magic! Just attack her!” someone shouted.

“Yeah! She' not so tough!” another commented.

“Bring her down!” the crowd began to rally.

“Cut off her tail!” someone shouted.

“Make her cook us dinner!”

That last one appeared to have different priorities from the rest of them.

“Is that so? Then come at me.” I said with a smile.

“YARGH!” a human wearing chain mail armor attacked me with his short sword.

Unlike this bunch, I wore the armor my precious husband made for me and wielded the sword he gifted me. They were not simple decorations, they were extremely powerful. A single halfhearted swipe with Drachenkrieg was all it took to cut this man, his armor, and his sword in half.

I stepped aside and his remains fell on the floor next to me.

“Next.” I said.

“GET HER!” someone shouted in the back, and they all came attacking.

I took a deep breath in and released my fire breath upon the first two. The third I kicked in the side, sending him flying through the wall and out into the street, where he gave his last breath. Another one tried to take me by surprise with his daggers, but I slapped him across the cheek with my tail and then crushed his ribs with the flat side of my sword.

Jumping back, I avoided the hammer of a big brute and then I punched him in the face, sending him flying into the support column of the building.

I grabbed another one by the head and sent him flying through the roof, his body smashing through the ceiling and then falling out on the rooftop. Using my flames, I set the top floor on fire, causing the bandits hiding there to flee in screams.

Two others grabbed my left hand, trying to hold me down, but I lifted them off the ground and then smashed them into the floor. The wood planks broke and they fell into the basement, while I avoided the fall by jumping forward onto another one of them.

I kicked him with my knee in the jaw, knocking him out unconscious and then grabbed the nearest relliar bandit and sent him flying towards the back exit. His body slammed into one of the bandits.

“No one goes anywhere!” I declared as I landed on the floor.

“Wait! If we tell you who Silly Vester is, will you spare us?” someone asked as he fell on his knees and begged.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Really?!” he blinked surprised.

“Yes, now tell me.”

“It's that guy!” he pointed at the man in the back who was trying to flee.

“Traitor!” he cried out revealing himself.

“Good. All of you can go now.” I smirked as I walked towards the human at the back.

“Shit! If it comes to this, then die! [Holy Cow Catastrophe]!” he shouted the name of his weird ability.

In front of him, a big circle appeared and from within it a monster came out. It was a panther with two snake tails and red eyes like a demon. If I wasn't wrong, this beast was quite powerful on the Human Continent, but it was average at best on the Dragon Continent.

“Kill her!” Vester ordered.

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