~ Chapter 85: Seryanna's mercy (Part 3) ~

The monster jumped forward, trying to aim for my jugular, but it was too slow. I grabbed it by the scruff and then sent it flying towards the entrance. The monster slammed through the frame and tumbled a few times on the street.

[Magma Spear]” I cast.

A spear of molten rock formed in front of me and then flew at lightning speed towards the panther. It didn't even had time to dodge and as result, it was skewered by the attack. The monster died without having accomplished a single thing and then its remains vanished in a bright light.

“Now then.” I said and then rushed towards the human, cutting his left arm at the shoulder.

“GYAAA!” he screamed in pain, but I slapped him across the face to make him shut up.

“Where did you send the kidnapped relliars. Tell me! NOW!” I demanded.

“Ugh... you crazy monster.” he groaned.

I stabbed his left leg with my sword, cutting through his flesh like butter.

“AGH!” he screamed.

“If you don't want me to chop it off, then start talking.” I demanded.

“OK! OK! Just don't kill me.”

I didn't promise anything.

“Once I grab a batch of relliars, I send them to Mashat Town. The human tra... ugh! The human traffickers have a base there.” he said.

“A base?” I asked.

“Yes... Damn, this hurts! It's right under the Church of the Pantheon of Zeus, big building, can't miss it.” he said.

“Good. Now tell me, did you kidnap recently a young relliar girl with golden fur?” I asked.

“That brat? Yes. She's the princess, right? We drugged her real good so she doesn't make a fuss, but the buyer ordered us not to touch her.” he said.

“Is that so?” I nodded.

“That's all I know, lady. Now let me go...” he begged.

“Sure.” I nodded and then I snapped his neck in two with my hand.

His lifeless body fell on the ground in front of me, and I sent my flame to devour it until there was nothing left.

So it's under the Church of the Pantheon of Zeus in Mashat Town? Maybe that's just a drop off point. It's too far from a port, but judging by the direction... Are they shipping the relliars to the Human Kingdom via a boat in Donmar Port? I wondered.

Getting out of the burning inn, I walked up to the main street and called to one of the guards who came to see what he commotion was about.

“You there!”

“Yes? What's going on here?! Who did this?” he asked confused.

“Go and tell King Kragarr that Seryanna Draketerus is heading towards Mashat Town.” I told him.

“Why should I?” he asked showing distrust in his gaze.

“Because I'm a very important political guest and he will definitely want to know where I am. You can choose not to do it, but I will eventually find someone who will and they will get all the glory.” I replied with a smile.

The relliar looked at me and then at the burning inn, then back at me.

“Alright.” he nodded.

“Good!” I replied with a smile.

With this done, I spread my wings and flew up into the sky.

My next stop was going to Mashat Town. I was making good progress.

[Elleyzabelle's point of view]

While Seryanna went to chase after the humans who kidnapped the relliar princess, I paid a visit to Queen Drameer Ruvus, the wife of Kragarr Ruvus. She welcomed us inside her room, where she served us tea and offered us the pleasure of partaking in casual conversation with her.

This relliar woman was someone who showed the elegance and refined taste of the royal family in every action she took. Her hair was of a beautiful golden color, while her general fur tended more towards a pale orange. It was an interesting set of colors that matched her green eyes.

Queen Drameer didn't shy away from the fact that she gave birth to more than one child, her body took on a bit of weight as a result of that. If I were to describe her, I would say she was somewhere between puffy and chubby, but definitely not fit.

“Are you worried about the young princess?” I asked her.

Perking her ears up, the relliar looked back at me and replied “What mother wouldn't worry about her own cub when she was kidnapped by those monsters!” her hand shook and the tea splashed out. “Ah! Pardon me!” she said and quickly took out a napkin to wipe it off.

“There is no need to worry, your Majesty, my knight will surely catch those fiends. Though, I can't promise they will be returned for a fair trial.” I said and took a sip from my cup.

I should ask her to gift me some boxes of this tea. I think mother will like it as well. I thought.

“How can you be so certain?” the Queen asked.

Her hand had stopped in the middle of wiping the handle of the cup. Her eyes staring at the hot liquid inside and her brow was furrowed.

“Your Majesty...” I closed my eyes and took another sip from the tea “The humans have a saying about us dragons, maybe you've heard of it?” I said.

“A saying? Don't they have quite a lot of them?”

“Yes. But there is one in particular that fits this situation.” I opened my eyes and looked down at the tea in my cup “Blessed be the friends of dragons and pity the souls of the fools who chose to be their foes.” I said.

“I don't think I heard of it.” she said.

“It's a funny saying which they tend to ignore for the most part, but it does speak a truth about our species. In general, when looking at us from the outside, we appear calm, collected, peaceful, even cute, but that is only among our friends and family.” I moved my gaze from the cup of tea in my hand and looked into the relliar Queen's eyes “When someone threatens our family, our friends, our loved ones, we aren't afraid to make the world bow down before us in awe and fear. Right now, those foolish humans dared to kidnap the friend of a dragoness who set ablaze a whole battlefield of brave dragons.” I said and showed her a smile.

“I don't know what to say... I just want my precious daughter back.” she said with worry in her eyes.

Looking towards the window, I spotted Kataryna creating ice spears with her magic and then launching them at something.

Narrowing my eyes at her, I asked “What are you doing?”

“Hm~? I'm using Tanarotte as target practice.” she replied with a smile.

“What? That sounds dangerous, you should stop.” I told her.

She looked at me with a blank expression, but a bigger ice spear now formed and was launched outside the window.

“GYAAA! RIGHT IN THE FACE!” I heard her scream all the way up here, making even Queen Drameer perk her ears up in surprise.

Kataryna's lips slowly curled up in the form of a devious smile.

That dragoness survived such an attack. Hm, considering what she went through already and the fact that she has quite a high power number, Tanarotte could prove to be quite a valuable asset for the Albeyater Kingdom. I thought.

“Very well! From now on, Tanarotte is part of your Knight Order. Pick a name for it and we'll discuss it back home with father.” I said with a satisfied nod.

“What?” Kataryna looked at me with big eyes.

“You seem to like her very much, that's why I'm entrusting her training to you.” I replied as I resumed drinking my tea.

“What?” her left eye twitched.

“Hm~ This is some good tea.” I said with a smile as I looked back at Queen Drameer.

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