~ Chapter 86: The Mashat Town's slaves (Part 1) ~

Warning: Gore!

[Seryanna's point of view]

In my half-beast form, I flew through the clear sky, flapping my wings as I gained speed and with each passing moment, I got closer to Mashat Town. It wasn't long before the relliar settlement was in view, but if I had decided to travel here by carriage, I would have reached it in two days at best.

The bastards who took my fluffy ball of cuteness had probably already left this place, but I wasn't here to extend a courtesy call to the Akutan Empire. No, my goal was simple: find the human hideout, burn it to the ground, and rip the information out of the bastards who dared to kidnap the cute relliars of this country.

The Mashat Town itself was as big as a small city, extending towards the North with the lumber mills and to the South with cereal farms. A big wall surrounded the town's important areas such as the market, the palace, and the noble residences. Outside of it were the commoner houses, which were left to defend themselves from monsters only with the help of a simple wooden wall.

I estimated the population to be at over 20.000 relliars. From above, they all looked like tiny insects. Normally, one wouldn't think that such a settlement could house such high numbers. For all species with the exception of dragons this was a fact. Our cities were larger but had a small population when compared to the human ones. The same was true for our towns and villages.

The fact that the Lord ruling over this settlement didn't try raise a sturdier wall around Mashat showed that either the surroundings lacked and highly dangerous monster population or that they were being kept at low numbers by the local adventurers. Whatever the case, I couldn't land outside the town's walls and bother myself with going through customs.

When I flew above the town square, I folded my wings and let myself drop right in the middle of it. I spread my wings only for a brief moment before I touched the ground and cast an air spell to soften my landing.

My sudden appearance caused a stir among the local relliars, many of them running away in fear, while the guards unsheathed their weapons and formed a circle around me. I looked at them from afar without showing a change in my expression. I was searching with my gaze for the highest officer among them.

When I spotted him, I narrowed my eyes at him. He was a big relliar wearing a chain mail armor and holding a big mace in his hands.

“I'm here under King Kragarr's permission as a delegate from the Albeyater Kingdom. I was given full authority to investigate a certain case. Are the knights commissioned by his majesty here?” I asked in the Sarakus Kingdom's language.

There was no answer, so I decided to approach the leader of the relliars.

“Stop right there! Don't move!” he shouted at me.

I was a suspicious person who arrived here in a very strange way. After all, it was quite rare to see my kind roaming around outside of the Dragon Continent.

“Should I repeat myself? I am here...” as I was about to say it again, the relliar with the highest authority here shouted at me.

“Stop spewing lies, you flying lizard! There's no way...” he said and in that split second I moved in front of him.

By the time the relliar realized what was happening, I was standing at a palm away from him, looking down at him with my piercing gaze.

“HIII!” he screamed and fell back.

What a coward. I thought and then said “If I wanted to kill you or bring harm to any of you, I could have done so in a split second as you could see. I'm here on important matters that concern both your nation and mine. If you don't want to be judged as traitors of the Sarakus Kingdom and enemies of the Albeyater Kingdom, I suggest you sheathe your weapons and fall back. NOW!” I demanded in a powerful firm tone of voice.

They looked at each other for a moment and gulped, not knowing what to do. Without any other proof, they could only take my word for it, but there was one individual here who could have them make up their mind. It was the highest officer among them, the relliar who was cowering before me.

“What say you? Will you stand in my way as I act upon your own King's command or will you tell your men to sheathe their swords?” I asked.

Not even for a moment did I let my piercing gaze and heavy presence relax.

“L-Lower your weapons!” he shouted.

“Good.” I nodded and then extended my hand to help him up.

The relliar gulped and took my hand, getting up on his feet.

“W-Why are you here?” he asked.

“I'm investigating the late relliar kidnappings. Do you have any leads?” I asked them, although I knew what to look for already.

This was just a small game to see if he was one of those corrupted by the humans. If I found him to be one of them, I wouldn't mind breaking his limbs and then handing him over to some loyal knights. If even the Lord of this land was corrupted, then I was going to have a bit of fun breaking legs and scorching buildings.

He nodded.

“Yes... Actually, we believe there's something fishy going on within the Church of the Pantheon of Zeus, but we weren't permitted to look inside and investigate. We feared that if we tried, we'd anger the human delegates and might even start a war with them.” he said.

“Is that so?” I said and then looked at the guards, who after dispersing the crowd of bystanders decided to gather around us.

“Yes. And just two days ago, Bishop Marconium Bassar stopped by Mashat and then left together with a merchant convoy. I wanted to check their carriages, but I was reminded that I don't have the authority to do so...” he looked down, furrowing his brow and clenching his fist.

He was frustrated because he wasn't able to do something to stop them. The dreaded diplomatic immunity wasn't something anyone could fight against. As acting representatives of another country, any harm done against them could lead to an act of war.

While this was true, in this case it was about the Akutan Empire, the farthest one from Albeyater Kingdom. It was a country that never agreed to the cease fire and even now were considered at war against us.

Looking at it from this political point of view, one could say that I had all the right to commit any number of acts of war against them.

“Take me to this church of theirs.” I demanded.

“B-But...” the relliar looked at me with big eyes.

No doubt that they feared the political repercussions that could result if they broke the agreement without any substantial proof to back their actions.

“I stand here today as a political member of the Albeyater Kingdom's delegates, not Sarakus Kingdom.” I showed him a smile and through this, he understood what I wanted to say.

Ten minutes later, I arrived in front of the said church. It was a big building made out of stone and looked far more wealthy than any of the other temples and buildings around it. They either received a great amount of donations or they were given a decent ammount of funds from their home country.

“Are there many relliar believers in this town?” I asked.

“No... We believe their gods exist, but we have our own to pray to.” he replied.

“That's good. Now stand back.” I told him and then walked towards the entrance.

Two human guards armed with a sword and shield and wearing heavy plate armors moved in front of me.

“No dragons allowed!” they called out.

I showed them a smirk and then unsheathed Drachenkrieg. With a single swing, I sent them flying into the walls of the church. The stone walls were cracked and a crater formed where each of the two hit. The attacked knocked them out unconscious, and I made sure not to use the cutting edge. If I did, then these poor slobs would have ended up in pieces.

The doors were opened, so I didn't bother to kick them down.

Inside, I saw a bunch of statues that represented the gods the humans worshiped, and right at the back, there was an altar with a priest sitting in front of it.

“Who is there?! What do you want from us?” he asked.

“Hm~ Just to check your basement~” I replied with a hum.

“Nonsense! We have an agreement that prevents the Sarakus Kingdom from doing so! Do you wish for an international conflict?!” he asked infuriated.

“Hm~? But our countries are already at war, aren't they~?” I asked and showed him a smile as flames began to lick my blade.

“W-What?” he blinked surprised “Who are you?! Identify yourself!” he demanded.

“My names is Seryanna Draketerus! I am a duchess of the Albeyater Kingdom, and I have come by to take back what is mine!” I declared and then pushed myself towards him.

A gust of wind formed around me, and I struck the priest with my fist right in his stomach. He gasped for air and was sent flying into the wall. Like a lifeless corpse, he fell on the floor, showing the white of his eyes, but he was still alive.

“Now then!” I said and then looked for the staircase leading down.

At the basement, I was met with a big metal door, which I cut in half. Behind it was a scene taken out of a bandit's hideout. A bunch of ruffian-looking humans were glaring at me with their weapons unsheathed. At the back, there were ten or so relliar women naked. They were trembling and had their ears flattened on the back of their heads. In the middle of the room were a couple of women with haggard breath and looking up towards me with empty eyes.

They were all wearing slave collars, and I didn't need to look twice to understand that some of them had just been brutally raped. The savageness of these foul beings simply disgusted me. There was no way now that I was going to let them live, yet I still had to lie...

As the flames of my sword cut off their exit, I looked at them as though I was looking at garbage and told them in the Sarakus Language “Tell me where your boss is, where Bishop Marconium Bassar took the relliar slaves, and I may let you live.”

“This woman thinks she can order us?” one of them asked.

“Kill her!”

“Let's put a slave collar on them and then have our way with her! Women are meant to be used as men's toys anyway!” one of them stated.

“Yeah! She'll be sold good! Look at those breasts and hips!”

“Meh, I don't like the wings. Let's cut those off.”

“Fool! She'll be sold for more with them attached. You know there are nobles who prefer beasts more than humans!”

“True! True! Let's sell her! We can take her on! It's just one woman against all of us!”

Each and every one of them revealed how stupid and foolish they were with the idiotic words that came out of their mouths. These human specimens were worse than garbage. They were worse than a virus, just meat puppets with a pole between their legs that needed to be cut off. They were even below savages.

I rushed towards the nearest one and cut him in half at the top of his head with Drachenkrieg. The next one I kick between the legs with my boot and slammed him into the ceiling. He was then decapitated as he fell down.

My eyes then fell on the one to my left, and I extended my hand towards him. I grabbed him by the face and then squeezed with all of my strength. His skull was crushed and the insides spilled out like a disgusting bloody paste.

“Three down... in less than ten seconds.” I said as I gently touched the fourth one with the tip of my finger and set him on fire, causing him to start screaming in pain.

To make him unable to run around, I cut off his legs.

“Make that four.” I said with a gentle smile on my face as fires surrounded me like valiant knights guarding their princess.

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In my opinion I think you can just put rape instead of “have our way” as for 1. It’s silly. 2. If someone knows what have our way means then they probs know that it’s rape. 3. If this was applied and said in a real life situation the guy who said would look ridiculous. I don’t feel like this replacement of words would affect this story in any way except it inserts an increased sense of realism.


Not gorey enough:) you could do better.


They got was was coming to them!