~ Chapter 86: The Mashat Town's slaves (Part 2) ~

Warning: Gore!

“Hiii!” one of them screamed in fear.

“A m-monster!”

They fell into a panic and took a step away from me when they understood that they were no match for my power.

How foolish of them to think they could escape my wrath... I thought.

“W-Wait! If you move! I-I-I'll kill HER!” one of them said as he lifted one of the slave women off the ground and placed his dirty sword at her neck.

I looked into his eyes, and he flinched.

In that split second, I moved in front of him and grabbed his sword with my hand.

“Who are you going to kill?” I asked as I pulled the sword out of his arm and then starting with the pummeled hilt, I made him eat it, smashing his teeth and ripping apart his flesh with it.

The man died in spasms of pain as his insides were crushed and cut by his own sword. Then I picked up his body and ripped it in half for all to see. I just had to make sure I had an [Air Barrier] activated so I wouldn't get splattered by his blood.

“Now then...” I said as I threw his remains at the feet of these bandits. “The location of the Bishop. Who wants to live?” I asked and showed them a smile.

A moment later, all of them dropped their swords and told me what I needed to know, including the boss of this place, a man who looked no different from the rest of this scum.

What I gathered from them was that the Bishop had another drop off point located right in the middle of the Silvertooth Forest located between the Mashat and Donmar Port City. They had built a church there similar to this one. Next year, that place was supposed to be the start of a new human settlement right at the heart of the Sarakus Kingdom. More than that, it was supposed to be used as means of negotiations for handing down the entire area to the Akutan Empire.

This was the so called passive invasion strategy. It was a way of conquering the enemy state without actually sending the troops over. If there was a high enough population there that wished to fight or split away from that kingdom, then there was no way of stopping them unless they sent armed forces to suppress the citizens. This, however, would end up looking very bad in the eyes of the regular citizens.

I knew of this tactic because Albeyater fell victim to it in the last war. If not for the actions of my husband at that time, that despicable dragon Draejan would have made the border settlements claim demand to become a part of the Embryger Empire. Making them give up on this idea was quite hard. The Queen herself had to send a message to the local leader and Kataryna paid more than one visit to the rebels within them.

The question now was what I was supposed to do with these bastards who were groveling at my feet and begging me to let them live. While killing them sounded like it should have been the best option, I did sort of promised to spare their lives. I was honestly hoping I would need to torture them a bit or kill them one by one, but fortunately for them, I never reached that point. I must have scared them enough by now.

When I looked back at the remains of the other humans here, I remembered the relliars outside who were waiting for me to come out with the slaves. In theory, I could let these humans be handled by the official authorities here, but I feared that these poor slabs had a couple of the knights bribed and maybe even the local noble.

As I scratched the back of my head with my claws, I looked over at the slaves and then a smile appeared on my lips.

“You there!” I called out to them.

The slaves looked back at me with empty eyes. There was no emotion behind them, not even fear of the fire that could threaten to take their lives. Actually, some of them maybe would have welcomed such an end.

“I will give you the choice to change your destinies!” I declared as I walked closer to them.

Hearing my words, they just looked up as if in a daze. Maybe it was too hard for them to believe I spoke the truth, or maybe these kidnappers already used these lines at them and had them go through hellish experiences.

I looked at all of them. There wasn't even a single glimmer of hope in their eyes, yet I still wanted to see if maybe I could find it somewhere hidden deep within their souls.

Raising Drachenkrieg above my head, I then made three slashes at their iron cage. The metal bars fell on the floor with a loud clang and then I stepped back.

“Pick up the metal bars.” I told them.

The slaves obeyed without questioning my intentions. I then pointed at them with my sword at the bandits.

“Pick a target. If you wish to find revenge, kill them and let that be the end of your suffering. Then, from hence forth, do your best to find your happiness.” I declared in a loud firm tone of voice.

“W-What?” one of the men said surprised.

“Y-You didn't say anything about this!” another shouted.

Looking back at this scum, I replied “What I promised was that I won't kill you if you tell me what I was looking for, but I didn't promise I won't let others kill you.”


Most of them were stumped, not knowing what to say, but then one of them began to laugh.

“If you give our lives to these slaves, then we're saved! Hahaha! No way they will attack us! They are no better than meat bags for us to enjoy! Not as good as the women in the brothels, but good enough for a round or two!” he laughed.

When I looked at him, he was a sturdy man in his forties. His wore a broad smirk on his face and looked at the women in the cage like he would at something with little to no worth. He disgusted me.

My gaze moved towards the relliar slaves inside the now open cage.

Hm, I don't sense any Magic Energy coming from their slave collars, so I'm betting that instead of actual working ones, these are just for show until they reach the Human Continent. Besides the psychological fear, they shouldn't have anything else stopping them from attacking these humans. I thought.

“Are you going to let him speak like that to you?” I asked the women inside the cage.

They didn't reply.

Looking down and holding the bars in their hands, their eyes were empty, but after a moment had passed, I saw a small change in some of them. Tightening their fingers around the metal bars and clenching their teeth, they looked conflicted about what to do. There were just two or three among them who showed this change, yet the gaze in their eyes still lacked the energy to do the deed.

“Even if they will try to attack you in self-defense, I will stop them. You have my words for it.” I told them, giving them one last push.

In that moment, two of them looked at me with big eyes.

I nodded.

They didn't say anything, but it felt like their silence was just the calm before the storm. The comments of these bandits didn't even seem to register when looking at the inner turmoil all of these women were trying to get a hold on within themselves.

Will they do it? I asked myself.

Then, one of them looked at one of the bandits who was showing us a defiant look in his eyes. He felt saved or maybe in control now that he knew that I wasn't going to kill them myself.

The slave's glare didn't affect him in the slightest. Then another slave raised her eyes and aimed her glare at another one.

The two of them got out of the cage and approached the bandits. Their comments at this point were useless to listen to. All they knew to do was mock and insult the women who approached them in a menacing manner.

With the fur raised on their backs and baring their teeth at them, the relliars stopped at just a step away from them.

“You won't do nothin'!” one of them said with a smug look on his face.

“These useless whores don't know anything except opening their legs to us! Even their men gave up on them, right?” one said nudging his friend who was laughing.

“Yeah! Yeah!”

“H-How...” the relliar woman said in a low volume as she trembled with rage.

“Huh? Ya' said somethin'?” the man she was glaring at asked.

“HOW DARE YOU MENTION MY MATE!” she shouted and then struck him with the metal bar on his head.

The man didn't even had time to dodge and received the full blow. With his consciousness fading away, he fell before her, but the woman wasn't done yet.

“YOU RAPED ME IN FRONT OF HIM!” she shouted smashing the bar on his back. “YOU SOLD MY DAUGHTER!” she shouted bashing his head with the bar “YOU DESPICABLE BASTARD! YOU WORTHLESS SCUM!” she shouted as she continued to hit him until the man's head was turned to paste.

The stunned humans watched horrified as their friend was killed in this brutal manner by the woman he had abused all this time.

Killing him like that wasn't enough, she continued to smash and destroy his body with an unrestrained rage.

“What of you?” I asked as I looked at the other women.

Seeing the scene and then clenching the metal bars in their hands, they too let out a vengeful roar and jumped on the humans.

“NO! STOP!” the men screamed, trying to run away.

“You think I'll let myself get killed by a slave?” one of them shouted as he tried to defend himself, but I stopped him from reaching out to his weapon.

“I'm keeping my word. Although I won't kill you, I can still break your arms and legs to keep you from fighting back against these women.” I said as I broke his arm in two places.

While he screamed in pain, I released him to face the wrath of the women he raped and abused like trapped animals.

Their shouts and begging filled the room. It was probably heard by those outside as well, but no one was going to come down here to help them. Even if someone did, I wouldn't have let them stop these women from getting their revenge. If they didn't do this, chances were they wouldn't be able to return to a normal life and one day end up as the puppets of another man.

If my husband was here, he would have most likely agreed with my decision if he himself didn't kill all of these human scum before they had a chance to spill out what they knew about the bishop. Then again, with his Luck, he would have found him if he had wondered around aimlessly by himself in less time than it took me to look for them by following this bread crumb trail.

When I was certain that all of the bandits had either been killed or reduced to a state that made them unable to retaliate, I made my way out of that place.

Outside, the relliar guards were waiting for me.

“What happened in there?” asked their commander.

“Your presumptions about this place were correct. There are relliar slaves being kept underground. Be careful how you approach them, those women have lived through a real nightmare.” I said as I walked past them.

“We'll make sure they are treated well. What of the humans?” he asked.

“Do with them however you see fit.” I replied as I spread my wings and took flight.

My next stop was the church in the middle of the Silvertooh Forest. The bandits probably thought that it would take me weeks or maybe months to comb through this entire place, but as a dragoness, I had the sky as my friend. What would take an army days, I could do in mere hours.

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