~ Chapter 87: The fire in Silvertooth Forest (Part 2) ~

Warning: Gore!

[Mandar Bashir's point of view]

[Just a little while before Seryanna started her attack]

The negotiations failed miserably. However bishop Bassar tried to appeal to the King, that old lion didn't move. On the contrary, he appeared to be more eager to send us off back to the Akutan Empire.

There were also those dragons whom we met when we arrived in Sagar. Although I tried to dig up some info on them, those relliars didn't whistle a single note. My efforts were in vein, but I did manage to secure a few good bribes and a hot night with one of the maids.

Right now, we were in the in the middle of the Silvertooth Forest, at the base of operations that was supposed to act as the center point of a new human colony out here. The slaves we picked up from the capital had already been shipped to the Donmar Port, but the bishop decided to keep one of them here for his entertainment.

The one he chose was the princess of the Sarakus Kingdom. The little relliar girl was kidnapped as consequence for refusing to accept the Akutan Empire's generous terms. We all knew, however, that it was more of a personal matter to him than an official one. Like any other old fool, he tossed around the empire's name without thinking too much about what such actions might lead to.

When I entered the bishop's torture chamber here, he was in the middle of torturing the little girl. She was crying and begging for him to stop. The ordeals she went through made my skin crawl, and no doubt that such a fiend would have ended up in prison for life back on Earth. Leaving aside the fact that torturing someone was a great offense on Earth, but harming and abusing little children was downright despicable and the authorities did all they could to stop such monsters from roaming the streets freely.

Well, that was back on Earth, here... there was no police or federal agents who dealt with such problems. For the most part, such actions were considered unfortunate, but not entirely illegal, especially when done to someone who had sworn allegiance to another country.

I, for one, couldn't do anything about it nor did I care that much to let myself get dragged in this sort of mess. All I wanted was to live out my life as peacefully and non-eventfully as possible. Although, having to escort this psychopathic sadistic tub of lard was not what I would call easy.

“Are you done here, bishop?” I asked as I leaned on the door frame.

“Hm?” the man turned around holding a small dagger in his hand.

He was smiling, but the blade was covered in blood and behind him, the little girl was whimpering and crying. I tried my best not to look in that direction.

“The sun's setting and we should decide whether we're going to spend the night here or not.” I told him.

“It's obvious that we're spending the night here! Tonight will be a night of enjoyment, well, mine at least.” he smiled and looked back at the relliar girl. “She will end up becoming a woman sooner than expected, then we'll see if she can walk without a tail. I was always curious about that one.” he said as he touched her cheek.

I tried not to show an expression of absolute disgust.

“Let's go upstairs then and inform the knights, shall we?” the bishop showed me a smile as he wiped the blood off the knife's blade.

“After you, your holiness.” I said, but abstained from a rude remark.

I followed behind him.

“That's right! Don't you want to try some of the slaves before we reach the continent? I remember you enjoyed the relliar maid at the palace.” he told me before he opened the door to the basement.

“No, your holiness. I prefer for such relationship to be consensual.” I told him with a smile.

There was no shame in admitting that in certain matters, I had strayed away from the moral thinking of a modern civilized Italian man, but I had yet to degrade myself to the level of a savage or a rapist. When a woman said no, that meant NO.

“Consensual? What a peculiar boring taste you have.” the bishop shrugged and then opened the door.

I followed him outside.

“You should pick a pleasant hobby like mine! It's good for the heart and mind.” the bishop bragged.

What was so pleasant about torturing and raping others? Actually, why is it that someone in such a high position as himself has such a disgusting hobby? I thought and then replied “My hobby is eating and sleeping.”

“What a boring hobby you have.” he shrugged.

Not long after we left the church, she appeared...

Kicking the door of the church from the inside, she ripped it out of its hinges and sent it flying towards us. It landed a few steps away from us.

The moment I laid my eyes on her, I felt a chill run down my spine, and I thought We shouldn't have kidnapped the relliar princess.

“What is this? How did you get here? Don't you know we are the human delegates? We hold diplomatic immunity! Attacking us is the same as declaring war on the Akutan Empire!” the bishop shouted at her in the relliar language.

I don't think she cares... I thought and prepared myself for the attack.

Well, it was this dragoness' unlucky day to have attacked us. I may have looked weak, but my cheat skill [Butthurt Cupid!] was rather impressive. For a limited amount of time, I could literally steal half of my opponent's strength or rather their stats. The only condition was that after I activated it, I had just a couple of seconds to touch my opponent, otherwise, the skill would deactivate without doing anything.

For a melee fighter like myself, this was an ideal skill. It made me happy I picked up kickboxing back in high school.

Leaving aside the ridiculous name I had to shout when I wanted to activate it, this ability granted me the strength and fame I needed to survive in this dangerous way where only the law of the jungle mattered.

All I had to do now was just wait for her to get close enough to me, if she planned on retaliating against us that was, but most people usually backed away from us the moment the bishop mentioned the Akutan Empire.

“Dead men tell no tales...” she replied as if she was in a strange trance.

Wait a second... If she's coming from inside the church, then... I thought and then looked at the bishop who appeared to be upset by her reply This fool doomed us all...

I realized now. There was no way I could fight this dragon woman. My best chance was to either lure her in and then steal her power or make her spare me by giving her what she wanted: the bishop.

Before I could say anything, this madman shouted at her “KILL THIS WENCH!”

The first to attack was the Knight Commander Devus Allexian, but he stood no chance against her.

The dragoness grabbed him by his right shoulder and then pulled his arm apart. The man's screams were loud enough to scare all the birds for miles around us. Then she grabbed his other shoulder and ripped that one apart as well. The man begged her to stop, but she placed her hand on his throat and ripped it open. The commander looked like he got mangled by a wild beast. She took his sword and then stabbed him in the stomach. With a single pull, she cut him open like a pig in the slaughter house. The man was then left to die like that.

While all of us were shocked by this display of brutality, she attacked another knight. Thus, the massacre began.

Our attacks couldn't even pierce her magic barriers, let alone scratch that armor of her. Yet all those who tried were ripped apart by her bare hands or set ablaze by her fires, which she controlled with her very will. It was like fighting some sort of incarnated demonic abomination that wanted to rip us apart.

Arrows had no effect on her, but she caught some during the attacks and tossed them back at her enemies. Not all hit their marks, but it worked as a distraction. When she got close enough to the archers, she made them eat their own quivers right before she ripped out their jaws.

Several of the workers were burned alive and not even water spells were powerful enough to put out those flames. I listened as they gave their last breath in absolute agony.

Strange to say, that although this dragoness ran around with her sword drawn, she didn't even once used its blade. Each and every attack was done with the help of her claws and brute strength.

“YOU! Do something! Kill her! That's why you were paid to come with me!” the bishop shouted at me.

“Do what?! Can't you see that she went total bananas! This is YOUR fault for kidnapping that little girl! Your own sins caught up to you! Hell, we've all been dragged into your punishment!” I shouted back at him with absolute disgust in the tone of my voice.

Well, politeness didn't matter now. She was going to kill him either way, but maybe I could sneak my way out of this situation if I pleaded to her for mercy. While it was true that I didn't bother myself with helping the relliars or preventing this situation from happening, it wasn't my job to do so. I was only told to protect not care for the slaves this man ruined.

“Y-YOU! HOW DARE Y...” his words were cut short as the dragoness appeared behind him like a demoness donning a red armor and surrounded by hungry flames.

With a single thrust, she had pierced the man's back and pushed her hand through his chest, revealing the man's still beating heart.

In that moment, I caught sight of her gaze, and it was so cold, I stopped breathing for a second.

Her fingers tightened around the bishop's heart until it was squeezed through the gaps between them like an ever so disgusting paste of red meat.

She pulled out her hand, which was covered in flames, burning off the tainted blood that dared touch her armor.

There wasn't even a moment of hesitation as she did this, but she wasn't done yet.

She pulled the bishop's arms right out of their sockets and tossed them into the fires around her, then she grabbed the man's head with both hands and squeezed it until it burst like a watermelon.

It was a terrible way to go, but that man deserved it.

When she locked eyes with me, I gulped and raised my hands up “Wait! Let's talk about this! I don't mean you any harm and I never once touched the relliars!” I pleaded.

She looked to her left and grabbed something.

Because of the smoke and fires around her, I didn't know what it was, but a moment later, she flew up in the air. I looked up at her, thinking that maybe I was spared, but in the next second, something glimmered in the light of the fires.


I felt the pain spreading through my body. With a broken doll's movement, I lowered my head to look at what stabbed me. There, in the center of my chest was a typical knight's sword that covered in countless white glowing cracks.

This is it... I thought and then looked up at the dragoness once more.

Her eyes were as cold as the snowstorms in Antarctica, yet her grace and elegance remained that of a noble. I realized then that I was wrong about her. She wasn't a demoness...

And so she descended from the High Heavens, laying waste to the sinful and saving those who held onto their Divine Light. To win Odin's praise, his Valkyries flew across the skies with great delight... I thought as I remembered that one passage from a legend I read before I left the Akutan Empire.

I closed my eyes and met my end.

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Nicholas A Knapp

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only sentence I will remember
only sentence I will remember

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