~ Chapter 88: Fires at the docks (Part 2) ~

Thus, together with Kataryna, I flew back towards the Silvertooh Forest. By the time the sun had set and the two moons were up in the sky, we had reached the edge of the forest. We didn't even stop to take a break or set up camp to rest, we continued to fly without rest.

In order to keep up with this continuous effort, I drank some healing potions. My wing muscles were a bit sore, but I did not intend to stop until I had reached the port. The relliar lives depended on me, and if word got out that the human encampment had been blown to smithereens, then it was highly likely that the ships would set sail to avoid further trouble.

“We're almost there! How are you holding up?” Kataryna called out to me.

“I'm going to live! Don't worry about it!” I replied.

From high above in the sky, the relliar port spread on a big patch of land, with quite a lot of lumber mills as well as half-built buildings that made me think they were slowly devouring the surrounding forest like some ancient monster.

The night watch was patrolling the town as usual, but they weren't bothered to look up in the sky for flying threats. At this port, the worst they had to fear were the droppings of seagulls, not armored battle-ready dragonesses.

“There they are!” Kataryna pointed at three big black ships docked in the port.

They were galleons from the Akutan Empire, the black and red flag waved proudly in the wind. The anchors were dropped and the sails were raised. Only a handful of men were on the deck, keeping watch for anything suspicious, yet, just like the relliar night watch, none of them was surveying the sky.

“How do you want to do this?” Kataryna asked.

“You go and talk with the Lord of this town and tell him about the King's order. I'm going to go to the ships and see if there are any slaves on board.” I replied.

“If they are?”

“They will be set free. The humans will be sent to sleep with the fishes either way.” I replied as I kept my wings spread to glide towards the starboard of the galleon located to my left.

As I got close, one of the sailors saw me and for a moment, he didn't believe his eyes. He opened his mouth to call for help, but I threw my sword at him. Drachenkrieg cut through the air and sliced his head in half. The human's blood gushed out, making a mess on the deck.

I landed not far from the body and then retrieve my sword.

Without bothering to hide the body, I walked up to the door that led me to a level below. Three sailors stood in my way, three heads rolled on the floor after they were met by the blade of my sword.

I continued my way to the hold, where for a moment, I hoped I would see nothing but trade goods they planed to import to the Akutan Empire. What I saw, however, was nothing of the sort.

Aligned on both the right and the left of the hold, past the big crates that held the preserved food, the ale, and other supplies, I saw two layers of cages filled to the brim with relliar slaves. All of them were children between ages 10 and 16. The girls were separated from the boys, and all of them wore collars around their necks to symbolize the fact that they were nothing but slaves for the humans.

When they saw me, some of them perked their ears up and let out a sorrowful mewing. It broke my heart to see them like this, separated from their families and forced to a fate they did not wish for.

“By the order of his Majesty, King Kragarr Ruvus, and his allies of the Albeyater Kingdom, I am here to set you all free and have you returned to your families!” I called out to them.

“We're saved!” one of them cried out.

“We're going to be free!” another said.

“Sis! Did you hear that? We're going back to mama and papa!” said a young boy as he called out to his sister located on the other side.

Their calls of joy continued, but I had no time to spare. The humans were alerted by now, so I had to move fast.

“Stand back from the doors!” I told them.

The children obeyed and stepped back.

With Drachenkrieg in my hand, I cut the doors at their hinges and then pulled them out. When a sailor came to see what was happening, I picked up one of the metal doors and tossed it at him. He didn't dodge and died from the impact.

Taking the children out through the upper decks would have been too troublesome and slow, so I used my sword to cut open a hole in the hull of the ship, a meter or so above the water. Using the cut off portion, I created a makeshift bridge for them to get out safely.

Of course, there were several sailors who waited for me with their swords unsheathed, but I killed them by flying at them, grabbing their head with my arms and then crushing them like ripped tomatoes.

The children didn't comment on the brutality I had displayed here, some were happy that I acted like this, and I didn't want to think how these poor excuses for a living being dared to harm these young souls. Such vile individuals had no place among the living.

After the children fled the ship, the commotion had already reached a level where the relliar guards made their appearance, however, the first words that came out of their mouths weren't those I had expected.

“What are you all doing outside of your cages?”

The humans managed to find kindred vile souls among the guards.

“Your King ordered me to KILL all those who are accomplices to the relliar trafficking.” I declared and then rushed at him.

I punched him in the chest with half of my strength. His body was sent flying back into a nearby building. The relliar guard died instantly.

When I turned my gaze towards the other guard, he let out a frightened sound, but in the next moment, he was coughing up blood. Drachenkrieg's blade had pierced his chest and then its flames burst forward, eating him from inside out.

After I pulled my sword out of his dead body, I walked up to the next ship. Meanwhile, the children gathered in a huddle as far away from the dangerous action as possible.

Inside the second galleon, I found the adults, they were of ages between 18 and 34, mostly women. The men present here looked strong and healthy. When they saw me, they reacted with fear and worry, but once I told them that I was here on behalf of their King, they immediately turned grief to joy.

I led them out in the same manner, by cutting a hole in the hull of the ship and using that cutout piece as a makeshift bridge for them. Once they were all out, they reunited with the children. It appeared as though entire families had been kidnapped and brought all the way over here. Maybe the slavers believed that taking the parents along would help them deal with the children better. By placing them on board of two different ships, they also made sure that neither side would retaliate out of fear of what might happen to those who were not within their reach to protect.

That last galleon, fortunately, didn't have any slaves in its hold, but it did carry a lot of trade goods like preserved food, spices, jewels, and pottery. There were a few crates filled to the brim with swords as well. For a moment, one would dare think that this could be an ordinary merchant ship, but the flag it had raised was definitely not one that belonged to the Guild of Merchants. This ship was part of the same group as the other two.

With the slaves out of the way and the sailors beginning to gather to fight me off, everything was set for the grand finale. I got up on the deck and greeted the one who I guessed was the captain of this ship and also the leader of this convoy.

“What reason do you have to interfere in the Akutan Empire's matters?!” he called out to me in rage.

Instead of using the human language, he was using the relliar one. Maybe he thought I wouldn't be able to understand him otherwise?

“When you kidnapped the fluffy relliars, you made it my business!” I declared as I pointed Drachenkrieg at him.

The furious flames licked the blade and spread out like a hungry monster.

“That ain't no normal sword!” one of the sailors pointed out the obvious, while others didn't even bothered to use a language known to me.

“Do you want to make an enemy of the Akutan Empire?!” the captain tried to hide behind the name of his country.

“I already am, human. Can't you see that I am a dragoness?” I asked him.

“That I see. But this is neither Akutan nor a dragon kingdom. Why are you here? I demand answers!” he raised the tone of his voice.

I showed him a smile and then charged my Magic Energy, preparing myself for battle.

“You dared to harm someone precious to me. You dared to go against this Kingdom's laws and make its subjects slaves to sale on your markets. Need I say more?” I asked.

“Foolishness! We are part of the Akutan Empire! This Sarakus Kingdom will soon be ours, so what if we took a few plebeians as slaves? I did them a good by rounding up their waste and giving it purpose!” he declared almost as if he was proud of his mission of enslaving other people.

“Do all of you think the same?” I asked.

My question made several of them look at their peers and then took a step back. It was a wise choice for them. If they didn't attack, then I would spare them and leave them to the relliars to judge them as they pleased.

“What's this? Are you traitors?!” the captain asked enraged.

“Captain, we've served under you on this journey, and we did our jobs as told, but slavery was never something we wished to be a part of.” one of them declared.

“Then get off my ship this instant and don't you dare return to the Akutan Empire!” the captain ordered them.

The men looked at me once and then at their captain. With one last chance to change their mind, they steadied their resolve and dropped their swords. Seven of them disembarked, while the sailors of the other ships were gathering on the docks, prepared to offer help to those on the deck.

“I guess not all of you will die today. A pity.” I said as I closed my eyes and remembered once more the way I found Shelly under that church in the middle of the forest.

Such a gentle soul like hers should have never been harmed in such a way, and knowing this filled me with rage. A strong fire burned inside me, and its flames were released through my Magic Energy.

“Kill her!” the captain ordered.

Five of them rushed towards me, swords drawn and body reinforcement magic activated.

They showed no hesitation in the swing of their swords or the gaze in their eyes. They aimed for my vitals and tried to take me down immediately. Yet, no matter how strong and fast they were, they couldn't compare to me. Even if I let them hit me, they wouldn't be able to scratch my armor.

They drew their swords at me. They aimed for my life. Thus, there was no need to for me to hesitate to take theirs. Actually, I was glad they chose this path. It gave me a very legitimate reason to kill each and every one of them as I pleased.

The first sailor to come at me, I dodged his sword and cut off his hands, then I grabbed him by the face and then smashed him in the floor, crushing his skull. The second one was cut at the waist by Drachenkrieg. The fourth one was slapped across the face by my tail, then impaled with my sword. I lifted him up and then ripped him in half, so I could inflict the feeling of terror on my enemies.

A part of them stepped back, but I took this moment of hesitation to my advantage and unleashed a breath of fire upon them. While they screamed in pain and jumped overboard in the water, I flew up into the sky and charged up a powerful [Fireball]. The spell was basic, but in my hands it was nothing to joke about.

When the ball of fire touched one of the ships, it exploded and sent a sea of flames to wash over its deck. I then used a [Wind Scythe] to cut that ship in half, sentencing it to sink to the bottom of the sea.

Upon this display of power, the captain was at a loss of words.

But I wasn't done yet.

I flew towards the second ship and then punched it in the stern with all of my strength. The enchanted wood creaked and then shattered, sending splinters everywhere. With a hole opened for me, I took a deep breath in and then released my fire upon it.

Right now, changing to my half-beast form would have been too much for this port.

As the flames swept across all decks, I began to fly around it, cutting the whole ship to pieces with my sword. It didn't take long before the whole thing began to sink to the bottom of the bay.

Now, there was only one ship left, the one the captain was on. Although, I found it rather odd that the other captains and first officers weren't around here, so I asked him.

“Where are the other captains?”

“Huh? With bishop Marconium Bassar.” he replied while still in a state of shock of what he had just witnessed.

“Then they are dead.” I said with a smile.

I was happy. None of them would get away, thus, I poured my Magic Energy into my sword and then released a torrent of fire spells upon them.

Fireballs, fire scythes, fire tornadoes, fire arrows, fire snakes, dancing flames, and searching fire ate the crew and the entire ship, but I could still feel like the rage within my heart had not settled, so while they were all burning to death, I killed off all the scattered remains except for those who had laid down their swords.

When I caught the fleeing soldiers, I ripped them to pieces with my bare hands and then I tossed their remains back into the flames. The scent of burnt human flesh spread across the entire dock.

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