~ Chapter 134: The Marquess' house of paintings (Part 2) ~

I followed the draconian inside the mansion, and I had to say that I wasn't impressed by all the paintings and exquisite decorations. There were far too many for my taste. The amount of nude portraits was also starting to reach a rather disturbing level, but I abstained from commenting about the Marquess' taste. If needed be, I would even compliment it for now.

“The Lord is inside.” the butler said when we reached a certain room on the left side of the long corridor.

I opened the knob and entered the room. There, I found the draconian in question admiring a giant painting of a nude party.

Is he obsessed with naked women of other species? I wondered.

“Ah! Cousin Ayuseya, what a delight it is to finally make your acquaintance!” he said as he turned around and showed me a big smile.

“Marquess Masvarius, I presume?” I asked.

“The one and only!” he laughed.

He doesn't even look 20 years old. I thought.

“I heard from a relative at the palace that you will be returning to the Teslov Kingdom and that you might even have the cure for our peculiar condition. Of course, many of us think there are various conditions to it... Is... Is it true?” he asked as he looked into my eyes.

“The part about the cure existing is true. As for the conditions, there are a few, but it will all remain to be seen. So far, I have been the only one released from it.” I replied.

I excepted that this much information was common sense among the implicated parties by now. After all, I am nearing 30 years of age and that is by far the most any of our family members had ever managed to survive. I thought.

“And... do you think the cure will be spread to the rest of us once you finally offer it?” he asked.

“I believe so, therefore, there is no need to worry about it.” I showed him a smile.

“That is a joyous news indeed! Truly a blessing! Then, please, don't hesitate and use my mansion as you see fit to rest and relax before departing for the capital!” he declared with a smile.

“I am thankful for your kindness, Marquess. I also wish to ask, if possible, about what the latest rumors and news at the Palace are.” I said.

“Rumors and news, hm.” he looked at me and rubbed his chin.

“If possible.” I repeated myself.

“Yes, then... They say that Princess Vellezya doesn't have much longer to live. After the Ball, she had been rather weak and the birth didn't help her by much.” he shook his head and let out a sad sigh “If only she hadn't rejected the marriage proposal of those fine draconians.”

“Why do you think she would do that?” I asked as I began to worry now about her fate, but I didn't let it be shown at all.

“I heard that she didn't want to go through the pain you went through. The news about Dankyun's misbehavior and his betrayal of the Teslov Kingdom surely came as a painful blow to all of us. We never expected someone as astounding at him to do such... horrible things.” the Marquess appeared to be troubled by this subject.

“I see. Then what of my brother, the new King?” I asked.

“So far, he hasn't shown his face to the public. Just like all the previous kings, he will remain secluded in the throne room from where he will run the state affairs in consensus with the Elder Council.” he said.

Even within the Pleyades Family, this practice had at times been seen as suspicious, but the general explanation for those who knew of their peculiar condition was that the official death of a King was not as often as others tended to believe. The commoners and most uninvolved nobles only knew of the Royal Family having a more sickly constitution, while his Majesty was as strong as he could be. That was why to the public eye, the King only met an unfortunate death due to assassination or betrayal. He never died of natural causes or things like curses. What was more, in order to make it more believable, several generations of Kings were sacrificed in name and sometimes in appearance in order to continue this charade.

The acting King, Braydan Pleyades, as far as I knew, he was a name filler for a fictional royal who was by now over 70 years old and holding steady.

All of these lies and drama were meant to keep the commoners and low ranked nobles from starting a revolution that could have otherwise crippled the nation. Knowing this, it was also understandable that they wanted my return to Teslov in order to avoid the spread of this dangerous information.

Unfortunately for the Elder Council, I wasn't the same little helpless Princess they made play ambassador at the the age of 16. They had no means of restraining this Deus.

The question that remained for me to solve was what role this Marquess had in all of this?

“Are you worried about your siblings well-being?” he asked with a smile when he saw me deep in thought.

I showed him a smile in return and then replied “No, Marquess. Now, if you'll excuse me, I would like to rest. My journey has been rather... stressful.”

“Is that so? Well, you can stay here as many days as you feel the need to. My house is at your disposal, your Highness!” he bowed before me.

“Thank you, Marquess.” I showed him a polite smile and then turned around to leave.

“Ah! Before you go, may I interest you in an exquisite dinner made by my best chefs? His skills are absolutely delightful!” he offered.

“No, thank you, Marquess. Good day.” I said and left.

The draconian was trying to invite me to dinner, but the way he said it, I didn't know if it was with good intentions or not. Looking at the strange paintings he viewed as pleasant and appropriate decorations for his home, I was inclined to believe that it was the latter.

The most common method used by despicable individuals in order to trick a poor woman into a defenseless states had always been that of slipping sleeping drugs in her meal. Although I am inclined to doubt this possibility, nonetheless, I cannot ignore it. Tamara's cooking will taste better anyway... It will taste like home. I thought as I followed the butler who offered himself to lead me to my room for the night.

The moment I stepped inside, I felt the Magic Energy flowing through various parts of this room.

What are these? Listening enchants? I thought while I continued to act as though I was completely oblivious to them.

I looked around the room, checked the comfort of the bed and then walked over to the window.

One of them feels like a Dungeon's trap, but it's not possible to have one here without being within a Dungeon Territory. Then... is this room meant to be some sort of trap? But for what purpose? Self-defense or attack? I thought and then sat down on the edge of the bed.

My Magic Armor was reinforced and powerful enough to stop even one of Nanya's punches. Whatever the Marquess wanted to cast at me, I was prepared.

Before I went to bed, however, I went to check on the three Supremes. They were in the guests rooms a floor below mine.

I found Red reading a book on how to bake sweets, Blue was writing some letters, and Green was in the middle of fornicating with the maid. The draconian moved fast. Their rooms didn't appear to have any sort of strange enchants like mine did, so I was beginning to suspect that the Marquess' intentions might not be aimed towards my well-being.

For the time being, I decided to pretend to be the weak innocent clueless little Princess too many individuals unfortunately thought with unwavering conviction I was.

Then, at around midnight, my senses picked up the activation of the trap. A soundproof barrier was released around this room and a strange gas was released inside. It didn't get past my Magic Armor, but I pretended it did and remained motionless in my bed.

Then, a couple of minutes later, the door to my room was opened, and I felt the presence of the Marquess.

“Uhihi~ Princess Ayuseya is finally mine!” he declared in an exhilarated tone of voice.

What is he up to? Finally his? What does he mean by that? I wondered.

“I missed your Ball, my cute cousin, but I can finally get to have you all by myself!” he laughed as he got closer to me.

This draconian... he... Ugh! Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting! I thought as I felt my stomach turn upside down.

“Now, let me see how beautiful you really are!” he said as he pulled off the blanket.

“I apologize, but the only man or woman who is allowed to touch me in a perverted manner is Illsyore and his wives.” I declared as I glared at him.

“You... How?” he asked surprised.

To my disgust, this pig was already naked. My eyes had been defiled by the sight of his puny manhood.

“Do you really think it was that easy to neutralize someone with my power?” I asked as I got out of my bed.

I was fully dressed, of course.

“Ugh! You! But the gas should have knocked you out!” he declared.

“Didn't you hear what I just said?” I asked him raising an eyebrow.

“Nonsense!” he declared.

This pig was nothing like the gentleman who greeted me earlier.

“You were planning to rape your own cousin. Do you have no shame?” I asked him as I called out my sword.

He got up and seemingly ignored the fact that I had summoned a weapon from thin air.

“You... What do you mean shame?! The most beautiful body is that of one's family!” he declared.

Those paintings... could it be. I thought and then asked “Who are the human women in the paintings?” I asked.

“Hehe! Our society prohibits me from gazing at the painting of a naked body of a draconian woman, but a skilled painter can make them all look like beautiful human women!” he declared and then looking into my eyes, he put on a more serious expression “Now, my beautiful cousin Ayuseya, won't you give me the honor that was stolen from me by that traitorous Supreme and reveal your splendid body to me?”

I didn't know how to answer. This man, was no different than a lunatic who sought to fulfill his immoral and perverted dreams. That being said, considering the ties of the Masvarius family to the Pleyades family, and the fact that they too carried the curse, I was starting to suspect that all those paintings were those of the former mothers and daughters born or brought into this house. After all, while walking down these corridors I didn't see even a single painting of the Marquess' father or grandfather. All of them were of human women... or rather, draconian women disguised as human women.

“Marquess... do you not understand the immorality and pervasive nature of your hobby?” I asked as I furrowed my brow.

“Immorality? Pervasive nature? My lady, those are delights to my ears! At least I don't kidnap the children of peasants to have fun with them or hunt down bandits to torture them in my basement as my neighbors do.” he laughed.

“What?” I asked shocked of this news.

“Don't fret about it! The King allows it as long as we don't disturb the public peace too much!” he laughed.

I didn't say anything, just took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

“So now, relinquish that distasteful piece of metal and the silly fabric you are wearing. Once you become mine, I'll adorn you with the best jewels money can buy and the most exquisite of clothes!” he declared in an nonchalant tone of voice.

“You know... I have absolutely no idea as to how you would think such acts would be normal?” I replied.

“Why wouldn't they? All my cousins and aunts who visited me so far agreed to it happily!” he laughed.

Was it because of that strange gas, I wonder? I thought and then let out a sigh.

“Here, I'll help you!” he said as he reached out in order to undress me, but who in the world would let him?

“Hands off!” I declared and swung my sword.

The cut was clean and his arm that reached out was cut at the elbow.

“Huh? GYAAA!” he screamed.

“You are an immoral monster who drugged and raped his own family members.” I declared with a clear tone of disgust in my voice.

“N-No, spare me!” he begged when he finally realized that things weren't going his way.

Actually, how in the name of all the gods did he even come to be like this? Had his mind distorted so much that he couldn't make a difference anymore between reality and fantasy?

“Spare you? Yes... I think I will spare this world of your pathetic existence.” I said and then showed him a smile.

“Y-You can't... They will find out...” he said.

“If I let you live, you will act against me or behind my back as an act of revenge. If I kill you, then it will in self-defense of your rape attempt.” I said and pointed my sword at him.

“Hiii! Y-You can't do that!” he shouted while holding his bleeding stump.

I lifted my sword up in order to execute a down cut and split his body in half, but then I began to think about this whole situation again.

What I hate here is the fact that he tried to trick me to rape me... The thought of a man other than Illsy touching me disgusts me. I can't accept that... But this Marquess didn't do it per say. He attempted to, but failed miserably. However, the other women who fell in his trap were all put on display in this mansion by him, his father, and his past relatives. I can't let it continue. The Masvarius Family must end tonight... but maybe not in this way. I thought and then slowly lowered my sword.

“Huh? D-Did you change your mind?” he asked.

“Foolishness.” I declared and then struck him with the flat of the sword, sending him flying into the wall.

He groaned from the pain.

I walked up to him and looked at him with cold eyes. He had a bleeding cut off hand, a broken leg, and most likely several ribs broken. Medical attention was in order if I wanted him to live past tonight. It was a good thing I had healing potions in my Storage Crystals. The bleeding could be stopped if I pressed a burning hot metal against it.

“Tomorrow, everyone will know what you did.” I said and then took out a stack of rope from my Storage Crystal.

“W-What are y-you doing?” he asked when he saw me approaching with the rope in my hands.

“I'm going to punish you.” I declared and made the rope snap as I showed him a gentle smile.

He shrieked and trembled.

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