~ Chapter 134: The Marquess' house of paintings (Part 3) ~

The following day, in front of the gates of the Masvarius Mansion, an entire crowd of people was there to see the naked Marquess tied up to a pole, with black eyes and a swollen lip. Underneath him, were several written declaration that stated in detail what his family had done up until now. For good measure, I sent one to the each of his neighbouring territories as well.

The declarations were written by his hand and stamped with his official seal, making it impossible to forge or legally deny. Through this act, the entire family would meet its end and the truth of his deeds would come to light.

Since I was the one who extended this sort of punishment to him, my actions effectively strengthened the truth of the written content of the declaration. Not only was I a draconian woman with golden scales, but I was also the political representative of Illsyorea in the Teslov Kingdom.

I made sure to let his servants know of this fact before any of them attempted to free him from those ropes.

At noon, we left Mendrakar City and headed for Miltana Village, the last stop before we would reach the Capital. The RGB group didn't comment on the unexpected turn of events, or rather they were surprised I didn't kill him on the spot.

The truth was that I had a bit of a difficult time deciding not kill him. My dragon blood reacted strongly against the immoral attempt of the noble, but in the end, I figured I would have more use of him alive than dead. His actions destroyed his reputation and social standing, resulting in the downfall of his entire family. It was highly doubtful now that the other nobles families will lend them a helping hand, and considering the curse, it wouldn't be long now before all of them would perish.

The way his downfall would help me remained to be seen. For now, it was a card in the political game against the Elder Council which showed that I had the courage and strength to stand up for myself in case they didn't believe the rumors of my strength from Illsyorea.

When nightfall came, we stopped and made camp on the side of the road. I ate some of Tamara's pasta with Yung Mai's tomato sauce. It was excellent.

The following day, we left towards Miltana Village at the break of dawn and reached it when it was early in the evening. I had hoped that I would be spared today of the typical noble abuse of power, but luck wasn't on my side.

“There seems to be a commotion in the village.” said Red when Green stopped the carriage.

“What's wrong?” I asked.

“A public execution, I believe.” answered Green.

“A what?” I said surprised and then climbed out of the carriage.

“Are you going to save them this time?” asked Red with a smirk, reminding me of the incident from Rank Village.

I didn't comment and walked over to where a Knight of sorts was announcing to the public the crimes a family of four was convicted of.

They want to execute children as well? I thought as I furrowed my brow.

“Hear ye! Hear ye! The Wood Family of the Miltana Village is hereby sentenced to death for the offense of defaming the name of the Lord of this land, Marquess Masvarius Gharant the 8th!” the Knight shouted loud and clear for everyone there to hear him.

Those present here could be considered the neighbors and friends of this family. There were also concerned villagers here who couldn't fight back against those who oppressed them, and it could be seen on their faces that they considered this punishment to be too much.

“Mommy... I'm scared...” the little girl cried.

“I'm here, little one... Just close your eyes... It will be over soon.” the mother said as she cried as well.

“In the name of the Lord, I shall begin the execution of those foolish to disturb the law! Let it be a lesson to all those who oppose...” the Knight declared, but I didn't let him finish.

“STOP!” I shouted loud enough to catch everyone's attention.

“Who dares?!” the Knight shouted furiously.

If these fools recognized the color of my scales, then they would act accordingly. So far, though, it didn't seem to have made as much of an impact as I had hoped.

“Ayuseya Drekar Deus is my name. What you are about to do is a crime against this Kingdom, so I advise you to cease your foolishness!” I declared in a firm tone of voice, but I didn't use my pressure or killing intent.

The Knight's allies stepped forward and unsheathed their swords. They were all a squad of knights sent out on patrol most likely.

“Do you dare to defame the name of the Lord of this land as well?” the Knight asked with a smirk.

“Your Lord is no more. Marquess Masvarius Gharant the 8th together with his entire family have been found guilty of immoral acts against other noble families and the citizens they rule. The Marquess confessed and as a result of the laws written down by the past Kings of Teslov and which are still valid today as seen in the Law and Order Book, he and his family will soon be considered fallen nobles. Thus, any act or accusation of defamation you pretend this family to have been guilty of is therefore considered null and void.” I explained in a clear tone of voice.

My years as an acting ambassador at a young age haven't all been just for show. While my actions back then for the most part may have been considered useful for my political training and the rest to impress the foreigners with a cute and smart Princess, the theory and knowledge of the laws still remained.

“You spout lies!” the Knight declared and pointed his sword at me.

“I would advise you to sheath your sword. You are a mere Knight while I am noble. I may very well consider your acts as a sign of revolt against the acting nobility and we will have these people here witnessing YOUR execution instead.” I declared unfazed by his pathetic attempt of intimidation.

The Knight looked into my eyes for a long moment, trying to see if I was bluffing or trying to trick him in some way, but there was no bluff or lie in my legal evaluation. Reluctantly, he sheathed his sword and with a head sign told one of his companions to release the peasant family.

As the shackles came undone, they cried of joy and moved as far away from the knights as they could. The mother and father of the children approached me. Bowing their heads and with tears in their eyes, they thanked me from the bottom of their hearts.

“You were lucky today, but I cannot guarantee a next time. If you wish to flee from the oppression of this country, I would advise you to move to Illsyorea. If you choose that, I will lend you a helping hand.” I told them and then looked back at the Knights “Do you have any other business here?” I asked.

“No. But I find it awfully strange for a noble woman the butt into these sort of matters. Shouldn't you be at your mansion sipping tea and taking care of your flower garden?” he asked in a mocking tone of voice.

I closed my eyes for a moment and then let out a sigh.

“You, Sir, have offended my honor. I request a duel.” I showed him a smile.

The Knight laughed out loud when he heard me.

“A frail woman tries to duel a man! Puhahaha!” he laughed, his companions laughed as well.

The three Supremes behind me didn't find this funny at all.

“Do you reject my request, Sir?” I asked.

“Huh? No, I don't. But I won't accept a duel of flower arrangement!” he laughed.

“Very well. Red, please act as our witness to this official duel to the death through which I reclaim the honor of my name as Deus.” I said with a smile.

“Erm... Are you going to destroy this village?” he asked as he looked at the worried villagers.

“Of course not! This poor sap isn't a Supreme like you. A slap will be enough.” I nodded.

“Very well.” he nodded.

What I wanted him to watch out for were the stray shots fired by this Knight.

“You said some rather weird words there, lady. Have the tea parties gone to your head?” he smirked and waved his tail in the air.

This draconian was one who was at least 100 years of age, with dark-brown scales just like Dankyun but with a face that left much to desire. The best description for him would be a middle-aged draconian with a rugged appearance and who walked unwashed for who knew how long.

The duel area was right in the middle of this street. The villagers stood far away from us, behind the RGB group. Between me and the Knight were only ten meters.

“This duel shall be won by me, Sir Bullvara Ashitorez!” he declared proudly.

“A name I shall forget soon.” I said and then took out my sword.

The moment he saw the weapon I received from Illsy, he gulped. The blade shone with powerful Magic Energy and the pressure it emanated was not one that could be handled by just anyone, especially since I took it out in Active Mode.

“I shall not use this sword.” I declared and let it drop with the tip of the blade aimed at the ground.

The sharpness was out of the ordinary. From just its own weight, the sword sunk until only the hilt remained. Naturally, if it wasn't in Active Mode, the blade would have sunk just about halfway through.

“T-That's one scary weapon, Lady.” the Knight said as he gulped.

It appeared as though his impressions of me had suddenly changed.

“I will not need it.” I showed him a smile and then I began to walk up to him.

The man watched my every move, looking for an opening, but there was none. My cold eyes kept him locked in my view, and he knew he had no chance to escape. Before he knew it, I was standing right in front of him.

I gently grabbed his sword with two fingers and then slapped him across the cheek. A crack was heard, and then the man fell back dead.

“As I said, I don't need it. This duel is official over. I am the winner.” I declared and dropped the sword next to his lifeless body.

The other knights froze on the spot when they saw me looking at them.

“An official duel is such a thing. Don't take it lightly and remember that the nobles you fight for are not gods. Your true aim is to protect the citizens of this country, and it is your duty to guide your Lord on the right path to better do this.” I declared in a clear tone of voice.

It was a simple advice which both the villagers here and the knights would most definitely spread to everyone who crossed their paths.

With a nonchalant step, I returned my sword to the Storage Crystal and then walked to the carriage.

My display of power here would not have been possible if there were other nobles here. Like this, it only appeared as if a woman of noble birth chose to teach the peasants a lesson about respect and duty.

We thus made our way to the local inn, located near the other entrance to the village. There, I rented room for myself and RGB one for themselves. Although the bed wasn't the best of them all, it was a simple matter to absorb it and replace it with one made by Illsy. I would have a good night's sleep like this.

Before I went to bed, however, I called over a representative of the family I had saved today. The father was the one who showed up before me. I made him the offer of joining Illsyorea again, explaining to him how I would pay for his travels, but he refused. They had several other relatives, including the grandparents of the children, which they couldn't leave behind and who might not be all that strong to make it through the journey.

I accepted their decision and let them be.

The following day we left right after we had breakfast. The villagers thanked me again for helping them with the Knights and wished us farewell. They appeared to have taken a liking to me.

There were no more villages or cities on our way to the Capital. It was a straight road from here on, but at our current pace we would only reach our destination the following day. There was no need to rush. If I was to have traveled alone, this journey wouldn't have taken me more than a couple of hours, while for regular folk, it took around two weeks at best. By normal standards, we were making record time.

Thus, on the 12th day at noon, we finally arrived in front of the big gates of the outer wall of Drakaros, the Capital of the Teslov Kingdom.

Seeing the flags of Teslov as they waved in the air and the banners hanged high on the walls made me remember my childhood again. Though I perceived it through my innocence as a happy one, when looking at the children on Illsyorea and even Illsyore's, I couldn't help but feel like I had been missing on a lot. More so, despite the fact that I had a numerous family in theory, I had never once seen or met another child of my age with the exception of my little brother and sister.

As long as I live and have a say in the matter, I will make sure that my children will NEVER live like that. I thought.

I didn't mind the tutors, the harsh lesson on politics and history, and I also didn't mind the fact that as a child I was seen as someone with adult-like responsibilities. I personally didn't mind all of that, but I couldn't believe that it was the right environment to properly raise a child.

It was a wonder that I managed to retain my innocence as I did and didn't grow cold and uncaring or worse, a noble who discriminated and was drunk with her power.

While I was remembering my past, Red knocked in my window and said “Your Highness, I have spoken with the guard at the entrance. A military escort will arrive soon to take you to the Pleyades Palace.”

“A military escort?” I furrowed my brow.

“Twenty Royal Guard draconians of at least Godlike Rank each of them.” Red replied in a serious tone of voice.

“So... weaklings?” I asked tilting my head to the right.

Red didn't comment, he just looked at me.

“Thank you for notifying me, Red.” I said and then pulled back the drape of the carriage.

All that was left for me to do now was to allow them to escort me to the Pleyades Palace where I would get to meet the Elder Council and my little brother for the first time in over nine years now.

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