~ Chapter 135: In the city of Komurva (Part 2) ~

As soon as I walked through the door, several demons and demonesses turned their attention towards me. My cloak kept my strength hidden, so I didn't spark their attention for too long. I ignored them and walked up to the bartender.

“A strong one.” I said and placed five gliggers on the table.

“Sure thing, missy. You new in town?” he asked as he prepared the glass.

He was a demon with two big horns on top of his head, sharp ears, and long prehensile tail he could use to grab things. If I were to guess, I would put him at around 200-300 years old, but he didn't have one strand of gray hair.

When he brought my drink, he asked “Anything else?”

“Rumors. Heard any recently? Random gossip. Info on the outside.” I asked.

“That may cost you a bit depending on what you seek.” he showed me a gentle smile and narrowed his eyes at me.

“Will pay. No problem.” I replied.

“Very well, missy. Let's see.” he said as he grabbed a tray of dirty glasses and began to clean them up. “I recently heard from a traveler that Prince Lucianus challenged Kolgo to a duel and lost. Some say it was a close call, but I don't know what to say, Prince Lucianus has proven to be a capable fighter but not at the level of a Duke of Chaos yet.” he said.

“Is he that strong?”

“I suppose.” he shrugged.

“What else did you hear? Gossip?” I asked.

“They say that Princess Sunsun is adorably cute~” he said and then made a weird face.

“Princess Sunsun?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

That definitely sounds like mother's naming sense though. I thought.

“Well, the three Impure children born into the Royal Family are Princess Nanya, who went missing a century ago and is presumed dead by most, Prince Eventel, who succeeded in becoming a Duke of Chaos, and the most recent addition to the Royal Family, Princess Sunsun, who is just twelve years old, but she promises to be quite powerful and also adorably cute.” he said with a smile.

“I can't imagine.” I shook my head.

“Maybe. I never got to see them myself, but I heard all sort of good rumors about them. Prince Eventel is also quite noble and decent as long as you don't mention Princess Nanya in front of him. I heard that the High Demio who did this almost lost his teeth because of it. Quite unsettling.” he shook his head.

So not only do I have two younger siblings, but one of them apparently hates my guts. I thought as I took a gulp from the drink.

It wasn't that strong.

“What about the Queen?” I asked.

“Her? Well, she's back at Akardia. Every now and then she answers the call to a duel and completely pummels the individual into the ground. Her beauty doesn't seem to fade away with the passing of time or the number of children she already gave birth to.”

“Is that so. What about the father of the Impure?” I raised the glass and took another gulp.

“He's... well... strange. Not much about him is known, but he rarely makes a public appearance. The last time he did so was when Princess Sunsun was born.” he shook his head and then placed another clean glass on the bar.

“Interesting... What about the state of the continent itself?” I asked.

“Are you paying?” he asked with a shrewd smile.

I took out 100 gliggers and placed them on the bar, next to the clean glasses. He took the nearby glass and covered the coins with it.

“Payment received.” he nodded. “Now then, the Plains of Fire are rumored to hide the bones of ancient dragons.”

“That's... not the type of rumor I was expecting.” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“We start with the worthless ones, of course. Now then, the number of caravans arriving from the Dungeon Continent have increased in both number and frequency. It's highly possible that we'll soon have a Free Trade agreement between our nation and theirs.” he said.

“The Dungeon Continent? Did the Queen do something?” I asked.

“No, it was apparently something that happened after Princess Nanya disappeared, but while that should have caused an international crisis, it appeared as though her father stepped in and convinced that this land wasn't dangerous to the Dungeons.” he replied.

“Not dangerous?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, as in we have not labeled them as kill-on-sight enemies. They can grow dungeons and stuff like that, walk around in their humanoid forms, but they are recognized as foreign citizens and as such protected by our laws.” he said with a nod.

“So the caravan numbers have increased... Anything else?” I asked.

“Well, there's a rumor that the Slime Ambassador has been going around visiting important cities and may eventually visit Komurva as well.”

“Are relationships with the Slime Continent good nowadays?” I asked.

“They are so-so, but progressively better, especially since Prince Mondrak took a liking to one of the Slime Braves.” he said.

“Prince Mondrak did that?” I asked raising an eyebrow in surprise.

“Yes. It's quite surprising isn't it? In our minds the slimes are more similar to low ranked Rumar or Pleis, definitely not something akin to a High Demio.” he nodded.

“I see. That Prince Mondrak fancies a sheva.” I said.

The male slimes were called verda, while the female ones were called sheva.

“Other than this, just yesterday a sailor told me that the Nekatar Empire and the Dwarf Republic, you know, the two nations past the Sealed Continents?” he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

I pretended not to know and shook my head.

“The Nekatar Empire is a place where these furry demonoids live. They have twitching ears and long tails. Some go a 'nya' from time to time or 'meow' or 'hiss'. It's a strange place, you know? Their warriors, however, are stronger than the slimes.” he said with a nod.

Yup, that sounds like Tamara's kind... I thought.

“What are dwarfs?” I asked.

“Erm, hard to describe them, but they are stuffy demonoids with big furry faces and a love for brute force. They are quite strong, and somehow managed to broker a peace with the Hive Continent located to the south.” he said with a nod.

“This was what the sailor told you?” I asked.

“Yeah, he's serving on a dwarf boat that sailed around the Sealed Continents.” he nodded.

The Sealed Continents he was talking about were Allasn, Thorya, and Sorone.

“What happened to the Hive Continent? Didn't their Queen try to broker peace with ours some time ago?” I asked of what I knew of an old pact.

“Hm, no one told you that the Hive Continent pact was signed ten years ago?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Ten years... too early for me to know.” I shook my head. “Travel a lot. I listen to little and not too often. Today special. Today curious.” I showed him a wry smile.

“Is that so?” he nodded “Well, not my business. That will be another 100 gliggers. I have a few more if you want, but the price is the same. Are you sure about it?” he asked.

“Sure. This fun.” I nodded and payed him the extra 100 gliggers.

“Thank you for your patronage.” he bowed his head and then covered the sum of coins with another clean glass.

“Sure. The rest of the rumors please.” I nodded.

“Alright. Well, the Hive Continent and the Avian Paradise, which is South of our beloved continent, have finally opened trade routes with the Demon Continent.”

“Hive was ten years ago?”

“Indeed, but not all boats were permitted to pass the border between the two continents. When the Avian Paradise and Hive Continent brokered a peace treaty three years ago, they began talks about opening trade routes with us. I heard the meetings gave the Queen quite a few headaches.” he laughed.

“Hm. Interesting. What else?”

“This is a bit old, but I heard that the Zaryan Confederation was planning to start an incursion into the Forest of Monsters continent.”

“Heard of both. Zaryan Confederation is powerful, more powerful than us, weaker than the Dungeon Continent. As for the Forest of Monster, it's a dangerous place, few demons who sailed there ever returned.” I nodded.

“Yeah, but there are a lot of treasures to be found there if you know where to look.” he showed me a smile.

“No, too dangerous for me.” I shook my head. Not really, but my time on Boss Island was enough. Maybe I'll mention about its existence to Illsy when Kormian and Natrasku are old enough. I thought.

“You are wise then. Anyway, those are all the rumors I have. Everything else is common sense.” he shrugged.

“Some demons die, some survive.” I said.

“Exactly. Nothing big happens on this continent. Not since the last war against the Dungeon Continent six thousand years ago.” he showed a wry smile.

“Foolish war, almost got wiped out.” I shook my head.

“A dark moment in our history nonetheless.” he sighed.

“Thank you for keeping me entertained.” I told him and then focused on my drink.

“My pleasure!” he smiled and then grabbed the coins under the clean glasses.

After I finished my drink, I got up and left the tavern. I didn't waste any time looking around the city anymore. I got everything I wanted, and I already set my next target of visit: Eventel.

There was no need for me to find a place to stay for the night, one of Illsy's portable inns was far better and more comfortable than anything this city had to offer.

I wonder why my little brother hates me so much? I thought as I passed through the gates of Komurva and stepped into the wilderness of the Demon Continent.

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Ascending Flame



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