~ Chapter 136: Toddlers toddling. Father hiding. (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

It's been almost a month since my wives left and let me to care for our children and the whole of Illsyorea Island. Both of which were fairly reasonable, but as a father and a Godlike Dungeon Lord, I tended to find myself in very peculiar circumstances now and then, such as witnessing the Emperor Varakium's failed attempts at conquering the heart of the beautiful Savannah Azura.

Because I couldn't be harsh with him, seeing that he was the Emperor of Paramanium and all, and that I couldn't force Savannah into doing something she didn't want to, I was left to watch from the sideline this dance of overpowered birdbrains.

Seriously though, the man was hopeless in his romancing efforts but a genius when it came to ruling an Empire. Thus, every time he happened to drop by Illsyorea, I found myself sitting in front of him, drinking tea from a very expensive tea set he was quite fond of.

“Sigh~” Varakium looked up at the ceiling as if he was contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

If I didn't know the real reason why he was sighing like that, I would think that he was quite the astonishing individual.

“Thus, another pink petal falls and burns... in front of the unparalleled white rose.” he said as if reciting poetry.

“You know, pardon me for saying this, but all you had to do was say 'Care to have dinner with me?'. Hm, good tea.” I said as I took another sip from the cup.

“Yet, those words weigh down like a mountain upon my heart.” he sighed again.

Is Paramanium going to be alright with this sort of Emperor that spits out poetry whenever he stumbles on the path of love? I wondered while not letting such thoughts express on my face.

“Tell me, Illsyore Deus, how did you manage to enchant such beautiful women like your wives and even five at that?” he asked.

“Erm... Let's see... I guess 'not not' jokes and actually saying 'I love you' to their face without beating around the bush? Circumstances helped as well.” I shrugged.

“Hm, so in this matter which I pursue, should I try to the same with Savannah?” he asked.

“Huh?” I lowered the cup of tea and as I looked him straight in the eyes, I asked him “You, do you really want to Savannah as your lover? To marry her? To become a family with her?”

“Of course! That's been a long cherished dream of mine... That and conquering the world, but the latter is just a foolish child's ambition.” he shrugged.

Say what now? Conquering the world?! Erm... I'll just ignore that. Yup! I'll ignore the fact that the Emperor of the most powerful human nation on this planet just confessed to having a dream of world domination! After deciding this in my mind, I told him “Then being honest to a fault is your best option. Though there is the problem of an age difference and also that of her job here... But I think those two can be solved one way or another.” I told him.

“If she were to become my Empress, then naturally her job here is forfeit.” he nodded.

“Sigh... You don't know her that well, do you?” I shook my head.

“What do you mean?” he furrowed his brow.

“Your love is genuine. I can see that at least, but you have to understand that letting her do as she pleases, to follow her dreams and supporting her in that matter is also a part of being in love with her. Now, I understand that you have a certain social position, but all in all, when you think about it, it's quite clear that she wants to be here and teach her students. Illsyorea offers her that unrestrained and boundless freedom she sought.” I took the cup of tea and brought it to my lips.

The aroma reminded me of vanilla, but it had a certain spiciness I never tasted back on Earth. Well, not like I was a big fan of tea drinking back then.

“Hm... Then, would this problem be solved with that project we talked about last time?” he asked.

“Hm?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Illsy! Are you in here?” Tamara suddenly appeared at the window, standing on the frame while waving her tail left and right.

“Hm?” I looked at her and took another sip from the tea.

I should ask Varakium to give me some samples of this plant to see if I can cultivate it here. I thought.

“Illsy. Bachus and Anette went out on a stroll. So, I'm going to watch them from the shadows! This looks fun!” she said with a big cat-like smile and then left.

When I heard this... I spat the tea all over Varakium.

“WHO WENT WHERE NOW?! HEY! GET BACK HERE!” I called out after her, but that cat was already gone with the wind. “Damn it! Erm...” I looked back at the Emperor of the Paramanium Empire.

The most influential man on the three continents was soaking wet in tea.

“That... Erm... One moment.” I said and then quickly went out of my body and flew where Savannah was.

The woman was preparing some cookies in her room.

Perfect! I thought and then spoke to her “Savannah.”

“KYA!” she was startled and threw the butter in the air.

I splendidly caught it in my telekinetic hand.

“I-Illsyore?” she asked.

“Yeah... Here's your butter back. Anyway, an emergency came up. The Paramanium Emperor is soaking wet in tea. He's quite troubled by some personal problems. And it would be nice for you to have a chat with him... and well... let him use your bath for a sec. Anyway! I'll bring him in a bit!”

“Wait what?! The Paramanium Emperor? Personal problems?! What?” Savannah said while looking confused beyond measure.

“That's the story. That and Anette and Bachus are out on a stroll. I'm worried about them so keep the Emperor busy until I get back. I don't know, give him a rattle or something!” I told her and then left.

As soon as I return, I saw Varakium using a handkerchief to clean himself up.

“Alright! You go to Savannah's room. You'll be safe there. Ah! Forget it! I don't have time! I'll take you there myself!” I said and then I grabbed the Emperor in a princess-carry and jumped out the window.

“What?! Wait?! WHAT?!” he shouted back, but I ignored him.

I didn't had time to be politically polite!

In the blink of an eye, I landed in front of Savannah's window and tossed the garbage... Ahem! I 'gently' dropped the esteemed Paramanium Emperor inside her room.

“Here! Special delivery!” then I turned around and jumped away “Anette! Bachus! Wait up! Daddy's coming!” I cried out.

Using [Life Signs Detection Map] skill, I was able to find them quickly and noticed that Tamara wasn't that far away from them. My wife was observing them from afar while sitting on top of a building.

I landed next to her and then I asked her “What's going on?”

“Munya? Erm...” she tilted her head cutely.

“Well?” I asked.

“Little Anette said she wanted to go out and search for something. Her brother Bachus helped her using the baby carriage.” she replied.

“What?! Why on earth would she? Sigh... I have to get them back inside.” I said, but just as I was about jump over, Tamara jumped on my back.

“Wait!” she said as she pressed her chest on my back and held tight onto me.

“What is it?” I asked while furrowing my brow.

I was dying of worry about those two!

“It's their first time strolling through the city like this. Anette is a Godlike Dungeon with a level over 100. She's not that weak, and she's more mature than you give her credit!” she said.

“Nonsense! She's daddy's little girl! I need to protect her!” I declared.

“Nya! What you're saying is nonsense! Look, let's just watch them from afar and keep an eye out for danger. We can react faster than anyone can realize too.” she said.

“But... but what if Bachus falls over and has a bobo?” I asked while in a state of constant worry.

“I'm afraid you severely underestimate their personal Magic Barrier.” Tamara narrowed her eyes at me.

“It's weak!” I retorted.

“FOR US!” she cried out then said “Nya... let's just watch over them. It's the first time they wanted to do something like this, and they asked me to make sure you don't run around like a worrywart.”

“They asked you not to tell me?” I blinked surprised.

“Yes. Anette was quite insistent on it. Nya~!” she said.

“What? But the first time she was supposed to go out should have been with her daddy...” I replied with a devastated look on my face.

“Nya~ You do know that Shanteya took them out before when you were busy dealing with a bunch of documents relating foreign trade, right? This happened about 6 months ago.” she said.

“WHAT?!” I turned pale from the shock.

“Nya... What a hopeless husband you are... Lets watch them from afar. Have some trust in your children.” she said with a smile.

“I-I see... Well... Alright. But if anything happens!” I declared while looking back at her fiercely.

“Like we would let anything happen, nya! It's fun for them too! Look!” she said while pointing at the two from afar.

Turning around, I saw little Bachus pushing the big baby carriage I made some time ago when I wanted to take them out on a picnic. It was durable and had its own safety measures, such as an [Impact Barrier] and [Magic Barrier], which acted as an artificial Magic Armor.

From what I could see, Bachus was wearing the same clothes I dressed him up in before I went to listen to the Emperor's poetic complaints. The tea was good though.

Anette was wrapped up in a pink blanket that went well with her white Crystal Body, but she looked so fragile in that thing, I couldn't help but want to go down there and make sure she was alright. Tamara was keeping me from doing so though.

“Brother, let's check out that shop.” Anette said as she used her [Telekinezy] spell to give the carriage a nudge to the left.

“Un!” Bachus nodded cutely, then with his little feet pushed the cart in that direction.

Let alone pushing, I was surprised he could walk that much.

Was Bachus always this energetic? I wondered.

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