~ Chapter 136: Toddlers toddling. Father hiding. (Part 2) ~

“Excuse me!” Anette called out.

They stopped in front of a shop that sold wood carvings and other things made out of wood like cooking spoons and toys.

“Yes?” a middle-aged lady replied.

She looked around, but frowned when she didn't see anyone.

“Down here.” Bachus called out.

“Huh?” she blinked surprised when she noticed the two.

“Un, sister?” he asked looking at the cart.

“Uhm. Can we look at that thing in the right corner?” she asked.

“Huh? You... are you a Dungeon?” she asked surprised.

“Yes! I'm a Anette Deus! Pleasure to meet you!” she replied in a cheerful tone of voice.

“Oh my! Deus? So you are that Illsyore's daughter?” she asked.

“Yes! Illsyore Deus is our daddy! Do you know him?”

“Not personally, no. But I did see him a couple of time when making announcements or taking a stroll down the streets.” she said with a soft smile.

“Daddy is busy now. We're out by our own to buy him a gift. So keep it a secret, please!” she said.

“Yes, pwese, a secwet! Sshu!” Bachus put his finger on his lips and blew, making an adorable face that melted the old lady's heart.

“Oh my~ How cute the two of you are! Don't worry! I'll keep it a secret!” she giggled.

Meanwhile I was furrowing my brow trying to understand why the two would want to buy me a gift.

“Silly Illsy.” Tamara said and licked my cheek.

“Huh?” I blinked surprised and looked at her.

“It's a secwet! Nya~!” she imitated Bachus and winked at me.

I narrowed my eyes at her and then turned to check on the kids.

“Ah! They left the shop.” I said.

The shopkeeper was waving at them and telling them to be safe. It didn't seem like they bought anything from there, but what I couldn't figure out was why did they need to go through the trouble of buying something from the shops? After all, I could build anything they wanted and Anette could also create a bunch of things with her powers if she wanted to.

The children moved towards the next shop that caught their attention, a doll shop where a bunch of plush toys were lined up from the cheapest to the most expensive ones.

“Um... That one?” Bachus pointed at a white bunny doll.

“Why?” Anette asked.

“Becawse it looks like sister.” he showed her a bright small.

“Brother is silly.” Anette laughed.

Meanwhile, on top of the roof, there was an idiotic father that was nodding energetically in respect. That idiotic father happened to be me.

The children didn't buy anything from there, but after they were gone, I secretly bought the bunny doll Bachus pointed at. It was going to be Anette's little present from Bachus.

Bachus stopped in front of a fried foods stall. They were selling fried octopus on a stick. I would have preferred something like mititei, but it was quite expensive to make given the spices involved.

“Want one?” Anette asked.

“Un!” Bachus nodded several times and showed her a cute smile.

“Sir, can we have one?” she then asked as she took out a two copper coins from her Inner Mind.

“Huh? Sure.” the man gave Bachus the stick and then he began to happily munch on it.

Meanwhile, Tamara was swaying her tail so hard, it felt like she was trying to whip me.

“What's wrong?” I asked her.

“Bachus. New food to bait him with.” she answered with a serious look on her face.

“Bait him? What the heck are you thinking?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

While munching on the octopus, he continued to push Anette's baby carriage, but then two skinny adventurers and a fat one moved in front of them. They were wearing a typical leather armor that had seen its fair share of battles.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! What do we have here Ubub?” the tallest one among them asked.

“I don't know Igoy, but definitely not a picnic basket!” the smallest one among them replied.

“Fufufu! You children don't know who we are, do youuuuuuuu!” the fat one wasn't able to finish his words.

Unable to be patient with them and for disturbing their peaceful walk, Anette opened up a big 4 by 4 hole under them that by my estimates was at least 100 meters deep. The three stooges crashed down with a loud THUD, then she released a bunch of... pans and pots in the air. I had a feeling those were the result of her training with her powers.


There were at least three direct hits to their noggins. If not for Magic Armor, I would have feared she broke their necks and killed them, but she most likely just knocked them out cold.

A moment later, she restore the area to its previous state and then swept the unconscious fellows off the road as she would dust off a carpet with the help of her [Telekinezy] spell.

With a wry smile, I watched as the two continued on their merry way.

She is a level 130 Godlike Dungeon, after all. They should feel lucky that she didn't set the guard monsters around here on them. I thought and then looked to my right where a level 1500 boot-loving imp was making his daily patrols. The ammount of gear he was sporting would put most high level adventurers to shame.

That being said, once the children were far away from site. I came down and woke up the three stooges.

With my Dungeon Territory enveloping them and releasing a pitch black fog of killing intent, I asked them with a kind smile on my lips.

“May I ask what you three gentlemen were intending to do to my precious children? Hm?”

What happened next involved a lot of screaming, begging, and crying from their side. It would be safe to assume that from that point on they promised to live as good citizens of Illsyorea.

After the incident with the three stooges, Anette guided Bachus to three more shops where they looked at various wares. The first one was filled with carpets and wooden ducks, the second one had glassware, and the third one was filled with paintings.

In every shop there was something that caught Anette's attention, but it didn't seem like anything clicked with her. I thought that she was going to give up and return home, but then Bachus pointed at something in the back of the shop.

“Sister, wha about that?” he asked cutely.

“Hm? That...” she stopped and took a better look at the painting.

From the other side of the road, I was able to see what the little boy pointed at. The frame was made out of white wood but decorated with gold leaves. The image depicted was none other than me and my family having fun while walking on the streets of Illsyorea. The painted managed to capture the moment when all five of my wives were smiling: Tamara was at the back leaning forward and showing a mischievous smile; Zoreya was at the back, eating fried octopus; Nanya was holding my arm and giggling sweetly; Shanteya was on the other side, showing a sweet smile; and Ayuseya was behind us together with Zoreya, with a dignified gentle smile on her lips. As for me, I appeared to be having fun.

It was quite a beautiful image if I were to say so myself.

Bachus managed to find something good and it appeared as though Anette agreed with me. She immediately called the clerk working there and asked how much the painting cost.

“This piece? I set the price for it at 100 Gold Coins. It's a fine masterpiece, don't you think so too?” he then continued to brag about it, but Anette remained quiet.

“Hm? How much money does she have on her?” I asked Tamara.

“I gave her about 20 Gold Coins. The painting, nya... Expensive.” she said as she lowered her ears and looked a bit saddened by it.

With a sigh escaping my lips, I decided that I couldn't allow this trip to be wasted, so I took out a big signboard and wrote on it the following message: Illsyore will pay for it, just give the kids an affordable price!

I then waved it in front of the store, making sure that neither Anette nor Bachus saw it.

Alas, the man was able to see my signs and blinked surprised.

When the children turned around to see what he was looking at, I made the sign disappear while me and Tamara ducked for cover and hoped they didn't spot us.

“Is something the matter?” Anette asked the clerk.

“No, I was... erm... Contemplating the divine beauty of colors!” he said and then made an awkward laugh.

The man seemed to have caught on to my intention and didn't divulge my presence there.

“About the painting... We don't have that much.” she began to speak with a pinch of sadness in the tone of her voice.

“Hm...” the clerk appeared to be pondering about something and then said “Are you perhaps... related to Illsyore Deus?” he asked.

“Un! Illsyore is our daddy!” Anette replied cutely.

“I see! I see! Then... how about a discount?” he showed her a gentle smile.

“Dis-count?” she asked as if she didn't understand the word.

“Yes, it means that I will lower the price just for you! How about it?”

“Erm... why?” she asked.

“Hm? Pardon?”

“Why would you lower the price for us?”

“Hm...” the clerk seemed to be in a bit of a bind.

I quickly wrote a message and then showed it to him. He repeated the exact words written on it.

“Because you are Illsyore's cute children! Ohohoho!” he laughed.

I face-palmed myself.

“Umn... I can't accept it.” Anette shook her head.

WHY?! I shouted in my mind.

“Illsy... you are biting on the rooftop.” said Tamara.

“Ish donshnt cware!” I said with a muffled voice.

Meanwhile, back in the store, the clerk tried to think of something else. After a long moment, he appeared to have come to a conclusion.

“You are a Dungeon, right?” he asked.

“Yes.” Anette replied.

“Then, how about helping me out for a bit in the shop?”

“Help? How?”

“Let's see... Can you make some simple frames for me?”

“Frames? I can't make them like that.” Anette said, referring to those around her which were neatly decorated.

“Oh! No no no! Look, like the one in that corner over there. See?” he asked pointing at a simple wooden frame.

“Hm... That I can do... I think. I can try. Let me see.” she said and then went inside her Inner Mind to work like I had taught her.

Well, while she didn't match my ability to create items, she did manage to gain a bit of experience in regard to this skill. She could enchant a bit too, although complex mechanisms were way out of her league unless she used a construction skill.

When Anette returned, she took out the wooden frame from her Inner Mind and gave it to the clerk.

“Like this?” she asked.

“Ah! This is perfect!” he nodded as he analyzed it from all possible corners.

“How many?” she asked.

“Hm, how about ten?” he showed her a smile.

“Yes!” she replied cutely.

Meanwhile, Bachus took a seat next to her and was looking around at the paintings there.

It didn't take her that long to make the frames once she had all the materials and schematics to work with. They weren't of an astronomical difficulty anyway, but considering that my precious daughter was the one who made them, that painter would do good to frame masterpieces in them.

As soon as she was done, the clerk placed the frames in the back of the shop and then happily completed the transaction. Anette gave him ten gold coins and she received the painting, which she absorbed inside her Inner Mind.

“Let's go, brother!” she said.

“Un!” he nodded and pushed the baby carriage out of the store.

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