~ Chapter 93: The Godlike Blacksmith (Part 3) ~

Now, for the collar removal item, I needed something that could change shape and size, identify the slave collar's enchant and then properly disable it. When I looked at the [Godlike Enchant List], I saw several spells that could work: [Absolute Dispelling], [Magic Energy Extractor], [Magic Energy Nullifier], [Spell Deconstruction], [Enchant Negation], and [Enchant Manipulator].

All of these sounded quite dangerous in their own way. Depending on who and how they used it, they could even turn the collar I wanted to make to save Tamara into a weapon to cripple and kill even a Breakthrough-er. Out of all of them, I considered [Enchant Negation] to be the best and safest to use. The [Enchant Manipulator] one could have turned every scrap armor into something undeniably powerful or a cursed item.

With my mind set on what I wanted to do, I took out a bar of Dregaryum from my [Black Hole], then I grabbed my trusty Divine Blacksmith's Hammer, the Divine Pliers, and then started my work on it.

Each time I struck the metal, a loud thunder was heard and the ground around me shook a little. It felt like a massive god was hammering at the planet's surface. It was rather intimidating even for me, but when I looked back at Kalderan, he appeared to be looking far off into the horizon, with a peaceful look on his face.

Yup, he was escaping reality at warp speed!

About half an hour later, I had a nice metal ring that was ready to be enchanted. One of the enchants I wanted to imbue on it was something that would help it change size depending on who and what it was placed on, thus, my most embarrassing moment began.

[Pony Power!]” I shouted and a big lightning bolt struck the Divine Anvil on which I was holding the Dregaryum ring with the Divine Pliers.

I took a deep breath and then struck again.

[Pony Power!]” the next chant came.

I continued like that for another fifty minutes or so until the process was over. With my pride in pieces, I looked up at the metal ring, now a perfect torus, as I lifted it up in the air with the pliers. It looked so simple that you could mistake it for some worthless crap, but the enchant on it could turn any magical weapon into a simple boring one.

“I'm done.” I declared and turned to look at the group.

Risha was still knocked out cold and Kalderan was drinking a hot cop of tea while looking out into the horizon.

“I think I see the gates of Nirvana.” he said.

“OI! Don't you dare reach spiritual enlightenment here!” I called out to him and rushed over to snap him out of it before it was too late.

Some moments later and with the help of a water spell, I was able to return him to reality and wake up Risha.

“That was... mortifying... I almost turned into a monk!” Kalderan said while standing on all fours and looked at the ground.

He was breathing hard and soaked to the bone. Risha was shivering near the fire.

“Why did you drop a river on top of us?” she complained.

Tamara was the only one who didn't suffer the wrath of my water spell because I pulled her out of the way.

“Again, I apologize, but look, the divine thingies are gone!” I said as I pointed at the now empty field.

All I had to do to make them vanish was to deactivate my skill. As long as I didn't will them to be gone, the divine workshop would remain manifested here even if I ended up dead. The tools didn't came with an instruction manual that specified this, but every time I held the hammer in my hand and struck the anvil, I got that feeling, that they were there only as long as I wished them to be and it didn't matter whether I was dead or alive.

“Right... So? Did you finish that tool you were talking about?” Kalderan asked as he got up and looked back at me.

Taking out a pair of towels from my [Black Hole], I handed them over to the two and then said “Yes, it was success.”

“Then let's see it.” he said as he rubbed his soaked hair with the towel.

“Alright. This here is the Ring of Denial. It can nullify the effects of any enchants on any item its strapped onto.” I said as I showed it to him.

Right now, it looked like a silver torus with a big radius of 20 centimeters and a small radius of 5 millimeters.

“Any enchants?” Kalderan asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes.” I nodded “It's a Godlike Item, technically, so quite literally any enchants.” I said.

“...” they both had a blank look on their face.

“But don't worry about it. After I remove Tamara's collar, I will just toss it in some corner inside my [Black Hole]. No one except me will be able to use again.” I declared in a proud tone of voice.

“You made a Godlike item which you plan to use at most only once or twice in your entire life?” Kalderan looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Sigh... Alright, just take care of it.” he rubbed his temples as if he just got a terrible headache.

“Of course. Ah, before I forget. Here are some Rotiqus Potions to keep you from getting sick.” I showed him a smile as I handed him two bottles. “One for you and one for Risha.”

“Rotiqus Potion? You mean that highly expensive stuff even nobles barely get their hands on?” he asked raising an eyebrow.


“This thing is expensive.” he told me.

“Expensive? This thing?” I blinked surprised as I remember that the ingredients were just Dragon Grass, Adeline Root, salt, and water.

Adeline Root was found on literally every tree on the Dragon Continent, while Dragon Grass was even more common. How was this stuff expensive? At best, it's treated like some sort of energy drink by lazy dragons.

“Yes, almost 100 Gold Coins.” Kalderan said.

“100 Gold Coins for something like this? I wonder how much they would pay for something that contains a Cure All plant?” I said and shook my head Speaking of which, I wonder how the Queen is doing? Is she still drinking the Cure All tea? I thought as I let my mind wonder off towards the Albeyater Kingdom.

“The Cure All plant is mythical plant that doesn't exist on the Human Continent. Don't tell me you have something like that?” said Kalderan.

“How in the world do you even know about it if it's that rare?!” I retorted.

“I read a lot, hear a lot thanks to my skill, and wherever I went, there were a lot of traders who kept bragging about one rumor or another.” he said.

“Makes sense.” I let out a sigh.

“Hey, but don't think I'm some sort of botanist. I just heard of a few things here and there. Rotiqus Potion and the Cure All plants are some of them.” he defended himself.

“Does Adeline Root mean anything to you?” I asked him.

“No.” he shook his head.

“It's one of the ingredients for the potion. Anyway, Tamara, come here.” I said as I urged the relliar to approach us.

“Yes, Master.” she nodded and stepped in front of me.

I lifted the Ring of Denial above her head and then lowered it down until it was at the same level as the slave collar. After letting some of my Magic Energy flow inside it, the ring shrunk in size while the small radius got bigger. It was literally rearranging itself until it touched the slave collar.

“Good, now for the [Enchant Negation].” I said and then activated it.

As soon as I did so, I heard a shattering sound that came from the slave collar, and there was no more Magic Energy flowing through it. Carefully, I then enlarged the Ring of Denial while also pulling on the slave collar until it broke with a snap. I took off the Ring of Denial and tossed away what remained of the slave collar.

Now, with this stupid item off of her, Tamara was finally allowed to move around as she pleased.

This reminds me, but if the merchant from the Black Company ordered her back then to return to him rather than demanding me to hand her over, it would have made things a bit more difficult for me to rescue her. I thought as I looked into her eyes and noticed that they started to clear up and regain their energy.

“Tamara?” I asked.

“Nya~ Master... the collar...” she said and then tears started to gather in her eyes.

Before I knew it, she was crying in my embrace, happy to have been freed of the wretched thing. I gently petted her, while waiting for her to calm down. Kalderan and Risha looked at her with a warm smile on their face.

“It's alright, Tamara. You're safe now.” I told her in a gentle tone of voice.

“Hic! It was scawy! It hurt! It hurt! I didn't want to be a slave! I didn't want to! Bad men put the collar on me! It was scawy! Hic!” she cried and hiccuped.

“There there. It's alright.” I kept saying.

It took her a while to calm down, but once she did, we gave her something good to eat, Risha gave her a change of clothes, and I continued to gently pet her.

“Master, now that you are not my Master anymore, what should I call you?” she asked as she looked up at me.

“Alkelios. My name is Alkelios Yatagai.” I told her with a smile on my face.

“Un! I will remember it! Alkelios! Tamara will remember it, nya~!” she said and then showed me a bright smile that could lift off any black clouds looming over someone's heart.

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