~ The card game: Battlefield ~

In my latest chapter of 100 Luck, my characters were playing the Battlefield playing card game. I invented this game on the spot (like today), and I thought it might be fun to share it with all of you!


This is the game Seryanna, Elleyzabelle, and Kataryna were playing. Captain Mathew suffered a horrible defeat when all three dragonesses jumped on him. Well, that's what he got for playing the King and Queen as commanders first!

Battlefield Rules:

What you will need: 2-4 players and 1 Deck of Cards:

Playing Cards

So, how does this game work?

Well, at the beginning, every player chooses a symbol (hearts, spades, diamond, black hearts) and is given the King and Queen of that colour.

The deck is shuffled and 5 cards are given to each player. Every round, every player can Draw one Card. They can either Attack or Defend, not both during the same turn. Defence is symbolised by having the Commander Cards (Jack, King, Queen) turned horizontal on the table.

Every turn a player can put a card face up on the table.

Number cards are Soldiers. The number is their strength, their symbol is their desired faction. A player with a King and Queen of a different symbol AND colour will have the strength of the said Soldier halved. If only the colour is the same, then two points are taken from the said card's strength. Number 2 is immune to this debuff. For uneven numbers, the higher half is chosen (so if you have a 7 on the table, then its strength is 4).

The Aces are Spies. They can be placed face down and in a battle they can use Sabotage (Kill the card and send to the Graveyard) on any player. The Symbol and Colour shows against whom they are more effective. Sabotage on a player with the same Symbol will allow the Ace to take out one Jacks or up to 5 Number Cards of any strength. On a player with the same Colour, Sabotage will only allow the player to attack the Number Cards. The player can use the Ace of Spades Globally, but he can only take out ONE Number Card from each player.

Jacks are the Knights and Commanders of the game. Without a Jack, Queen, or King on the table, it's impossible to Attack another player. You can only defend. Jacks of a different Symbol as the player can only command half of the entire Army on the table. Jacks of only a different Colour as the player can only command up to 5 cards at a time. Jacks of the same Symbol as the player can use the Entire Army to attack.

Jokers are also called the Army Thieves. The Joker placed on the table will be able to steal half of an opponent's army and add it to his own. The stolen cards include any Number Cards and Jacks of the same Colour as the Player who played the Joker.

Attack and Defence. Every turn, the player can choose if their cards are in Attack position or Defence position. Defence position is allowed ONLY WHEN the King or the Queen is on the table. The player can attack only with a Jack, King, or Queen in command of the army. The Number Cards are what do the most Damage. Their Strength is also their Attack Points. Their Defence, however, is the number displayed on the card itself without taking into account symbol and colour debuff.

The Death of a Card is calculated by the amount of Defence Points damage it took in one round. After three rounds and no attacks on the same card by any other player, the card will be returned to full Defence Points.

Every special card has it's own Defence Points:

Number Cards: The number displayed on the card.

Ace: 12 Points.

Jack: 20 Points.

Queen: 50 Points.

King: 50 Points.

When a Card is Killed, it's put on the top of the Graveyard Deck next to the Drawing Deck.

When all the cards have been drawn from the Drawing Deck, the Graveyard Deck is shuffled and turned into the new Drawing Deck. The dead Kings and Queens are taken out of the game upon their death.

The purpose of the game is to either Kill or Capture the King and Queen of an Enemy Player until only one Player remains.

Capture Conditions: Unconditional Surrender of the Player to the one who attacked him that round. Captured Players are one rank above those who had their King and Queen Killed. Order of ranks is taken by the rule of last man standing.

That's all! Let me know how fun it was to play this game! 😀

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something new! 🙂

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Nice ; )


I’d have to find friends first, to play this game. But sounds good, reminds me a little of Duel Masters without summoning cost. And you forgot to add a rule to shout something embarassing when you kill/capture the King/Queen like “You can’t win against this force of mine!”
A nice card game but sadly only in German for now.


I’ll be honest here. I’m confused reading the rule of the game.
Now, if only anyone make a video youtube of how to play it………. ;P


I feel like this could be made into it’s ow card game with a little artistic work and lore.


Sounds incredibly interesting… might actually try it out later.