~ Chapter 139: Eventel (Part 1) ~

[Nanya's point of view]

The Lostsky Forest brought back some bitter memories from the time I was young and weak. Back then, instead of facing head on the monsters that roamed this forest, I cowered and hid from their sight anywhere I could. To disguise my scent, I would cover myself with mud, rub various plants on my armor, and when I had no other choice, I would dive into their feces. For the weak me, every day was a struggle for my own survival, a fight for a chance to see tomorrow's sunrise.

It felt strange to see myself walking down the road toward Eventel without feeling any fear or worry about the monsters that laid hidden in the bushes to my left and right. They weren't fools, they felt the difference between our strength and didn't dare to jump in for an attack.

Several of them weren't as smart and their remains had been spread on the side of the world. One strike with my fist was all I needed to knock the life out of them.

But back then, when I was not even twenty years old, I felt as though I was the weakest creature on this entire continent. Being a Half-Dungeon could be seen as both a blessing and a curse in this land. A curse because we grew slow, and a blessing because we were frightening powerful once we reached a higher level.

At the next turn down the road, I saw a merchant struggling to repair his carriage. The front wheel was broken. His monster cows were tied to a nearby tree, grazing the grass. They were beasts two times bigger than a horse, with strong muscles, and an imposing presence. Each of them was born while at least at the level 200. Afterwards, they had a steady growth until they reached around 600.

It was funny when you thought about it. A grass-eating simple-minded giant cow had enough combat power to be considered a serious threat by most small towns on the three continents or any adventurer up to Godlike Rank.

Hm, maybe I should buy a few to bring to Illsyorea. Their meat is quite tasty. I thought as I looked at the beast.

In a way, we demons were the same as the monsters who lived in this forest. A demon's birth level varied from from 50 to 600, but a Dungeon or half-Dungeon was always born at level 1. This was also the main reason why I was called the weakest child, the shame of the Demonarkiar family.

With a smile on my lips, I approached the merchant and called out to him “Good day! Do you need any help?”

With slit eyes and sharp fangs, he looked back at me. His upper body was that of a human, but his lower part was that of a snake with a bone spike protruding from each of his vertebrae. He wore a silk blouse and an armor made out of thick metal scales which covered the upper part of his tail. Steel bracers protected his wrists, and there was a flow of Magic Energy coming from it, a sign that they were enchanted.

A human from the three continents would have immediately branded him as a monster and then try to attack him, but I feared that even though this fellow wasn't that strong when compared to other demons, he was still powerful enough to measure up against a Godlike Rank Adventurer.

“Ah! Good day, kind traveler!” he replied with a soft smile and a gentle attitude. Looking back at his damaged carriage, he let out a sigh and then nodded. “Oh yes, I do need help! One of those big fellows got scared by a spider that suddenly crossed our way while chasing down a plant-wolf. The cow was startled and when she backed up, she struck this wheel with her hoof. The result of that... well... it's as you can see.” he said and pointed at the wreck.

“Do you need a spare wheel or can you fix this one?” I asked as I pointed at it.

“Oh no, I have a spare, but I need someone to lift the carriage up while I mount it on. Would you be kind enough to help me with it?” he asked.

“Of course.” I nodded and walked up to the carriage.

Back on the three continents, it would have been ridiculous to ask a woman to do the heavy lifting, but here, the simple fact that I was humanoid was proof of the exceptional strength I possessed.

Using one hand, I lifted the carriage with ease, and the merchant went to the back of the carriage to bring the spare wheel.

“My name is Mondrorus, by the way. My I ask what is yours?”

“Nanya.” I replied.

“Nanya? Hm, you carry the name of the weak princess. Isn't that unfavorable?” he asked me as he walked back with the spare wheel in his hands.

He leaned it against the carriage and then knelt on one knee in front of the broken wheel.

“No. My is quite fond of it too.” I shook my head. “He finds it cute.” I showed a simple smile.

“I don't know about your husband, but the Duke of Chaos Eventel does not favor that name very much.” he told me with a wry smile before he began to take off the broken wheel.

“Hou?” I acted intrigued “What can you tell me about this princess?”

“A young one aren't you?” he laughed.

“Maybe.” I shrugged.

“Well, they say that she was born in a autumn, when the volcanoes began to itch the ground. She was fast learner, much unlike her pure-blood siblings. By the age of two, she could already speak, but her power was considerably weak. Her mother, Queen Akardia, didn't seem to care that much about it. She loved that child, but unfortunately, the Demon Continent isn't one that favors the weak.” he sighed and shook his head.

“How weak was she? If she resembled her mother, then surely not as weak as a Pleis?” I asked.

“A Pleis? Quite possibly so... I heard once that her father cast her in a dungeon that could be conquered even by a 3-years-old, but she was barely able to do it at the age of 16. Maybe because she was that weak, her mother sought a worthy fiance to help protect her. She was to be engaged with a promising young demon from the Kolgo family, but when her father found out, he killed him right before her eyes.” he let out a sigh “I heard of strict parents before, but they were something else!”

These weren't speculations or rumors spread around by those with a grudge against me, they were all facts. My father began training me from the early age of five after he realized that I wasn't going to get any stronger on my own. My mother only tried to comfort me by telling me that I was a late bloomer, but deep down, I knew she had lost faith in my ability to grow strong. I was what my siblings were calling an 'Impure'.

As for the fiance my mother chose for me, he was a handsome demon whom I met at a High Demio's party. I was young and easily fell for his charms, but my heart was mostly filled with curiosity, not the feeling of love I held for Illsyore. Father killed him because he believed that this demon wasn't worthy enough for me. It was much later when I found out that he wanted to see me married off to a Dungeon or at the very least another Half-Dungeon.

“What became of this princess?” I asked.

“Hm, I believe that after her fiance was killed, she began to train much harder than before. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to match her strength against the fiends lurking in forests like this one. She left Akardia at one point, but I don't think anyone knows where exactly she is right now. But there are a lot of rumors that speak of her possible ill-fate.” he shrugged.

“An interesting story, but is it true?” I asked pretending not to care.

“Of course.” he nodded and then looked back at me “May ask? But does the life of the royals holds little or no interest to you?”

“Quite so.” I nodded “I have little interest towards the gossiping of the Demio, but I suppose a merchant like you is required to know, right?”

“Indeed. For example, there was a merchant who once made the foolish mistake of comparing Sir Eventel to his older sister, Nanya. That merchant lost an arm on the spot and had his business turned to dust because of this.” he showed me a wry smile.

“Hou? Is that so? That guy doesn't like it when he's being compared to Nanya?” a shrewd smile appeared on my lips, it was a small slip.

“Yes, quite so. That's why, those with your name should stay away from the Eventel City least they wish to challenge his wrath. Ah! I'm done.” he said after he finished replacing the broken wheel.

I lowered the carriage slowly. When the wheels touched the ground, I let go and stepped back from it.

“Everything seems to be in order. Thank you for your help.” he replied with a smile.

“No problem. I'll be on my way now. May you have a safe journey, Mondrorus.”

“Thank you. Have a nice trip and stay away from Eventel!” he warned me one last time.

It was nice of him to do this, but I had no fear of my little brother. Actually, I was itching to see how much I could annoy him in one day. After all, I wasn't here on some diplomatic mission like Ayuseya was, I was here as myself, just plain ol' Nanya Deus.

With a smile on my lips, I made my way to Eventel, where I planned on having a little chat with my little brother. I really didn't care how he ruled his city, but using me as an excuse to beat up or harass someone was undeniably wrong.

What sort of an older sister would I be if I didn't set my little brother on the right path?

Not even half an hour later, I found myself in front of the gates of the city. I got a bit excited and ran the rest of the way here. I was lucky not to be pestered by monsters and bandits along the way. It was just a simple open road with nothing but tall trees on my right and left as far as the eyes could see.

A city on the Demon Continent, just like all the other demon settlements out there, was surrounded by big sturdy wall between 5 and 10 meters tall. These walls were enchanted with magic to keep them from being brought down by the powerful beasts that roamed through the wilderness. Within the city, the buildings themselves were also enchanted with the same type of magic, making it rather difficult for your average drunk demon to demolish them.

In general, everything on the Demon Continent was built with the idea that will be sooner or later handled by beings that could crush rocks with their bare hands. If my students from Illsyorea saw how this place was like, they would faint while standing.

Looking up at the tall walls of Eventel, I began to wonder how I should go about getting inside and surprising my little brother who kept stating that I was a weak demoness. I had to properly introduce myself and let him know how much his big sister had changed. My fists were itching with the desire to be used to impart knowledge on my younger sibling!

Someone like a Duke of Chaos would never have an audience with someone like me, a rumored dead princess he absolutely loathed, therefore, I could either go and pay him a direct visit at his majestic castle or draw him out in some other way.

I wasn't really all that excited about the idea of letting everyone know that Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd was back, but to be honest, it did cause a mischievous smile to appear on my lips.

There was the option of standing in line at the gates like everyone else, but something so simple and easy didn't suit me at all. There were already two families of Rumars and some inpatient Demio waiting to go inside. A party of Braves was showing their cards to the guards and explaining something to them.

All of these demons were of various shapes and size, with the most beastly-looking one being the child of a Rumars family. He couldn't even walk on two legs and had a snout instead of a mouth. His intelligence was probably no different than that of a slightly smarter beast.

I looked up at the tall wall and saw a couple of guards patrolling it. Their levels were quite high, close to a Superior Godlike Adventurer on the three continents, and there was no doubt that there were even demons similar to Supremes among them. This, of course, was just my guess since I didn't have anything to measure their strength with.

I could very well just go inside with a BOOM! No need to hold back since I'm here as Nanya and they can't really cause any trouble for my family back on Illsyorea anyway. It would be such a huge waste of resources if they did. I thought.

With a mischievous smile on my lips, I began to pour Magic Energy within my body, enhancing my Godlike armor and strengthening my Magic Armor.

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“No. My is quite fond of it too.”
“No. My husband is quite fond of it too.”