~ Chapter 139: Eventel (Part 2) ~

Looking at the open gates, I leaned forward and bent my knee as if I was about to take a step.

“Here's NANYA!” I shouted and jumped forward.

Dust rose to the sky when I kicked the ground. For me, everything was moving in slow motion, the surprise on their faces when I slipped past them brought a smirk on my lips. I was like a wind scythe they couldn't stop, a spell that struck them before they realized that it had been cast. They didn't see me go past them, but they looked at the spot where I was a moment before.

The demons who were trying to go inside as well as those who wanted to go out were startled by the loud sound, but they didn't lay eyes on me. I slipped past them, jumped over the carriage that was trying to go out and then with a kick, I flew up in the air.

The bird's eye view of Eventel was magnificent. Tens of thousands of demons lived in this encircled settlement, with the castle of the Duke of Chaos towering in the center over all of them. Just by looking down at the city, I could see the slums as they spread along the Eastern side. It was the only place in the city where the poor state of the buildings seemed to loom over the area like an ominous shadow. The Rumars buildings were in a better state, or at the very least they didn't look like a malevolent spirit possessed them.

The castle was surrounded by a typical wall designed to act as a final defense for the Duke of Chaos in case of a siege, while around it spread the luxurious homes of the Demio.

Looking at the scene from up high in the sky made me remember of the time when I was little and my parents didn't look at me as though I had shattered their dreams. As a child, they were more forgiving.

Mother picked up the 3-years-old me and flew up in the sky. She showed me how beautiful our home was and how big the city of Akardia was. I thought as I remembered that scene of the beautiful pearl-white castle surrounded by countless buildings up to five or six stories high.

Back then, I felt as though mother took me to the world of giants. It was beautiful and peaceful, and I was far too young to understand how merciless the Demon Continent was. Those buildings had been built in a way to showcase the strength of the demon kind. Being weak was an insult.

With a soft smile on my lips, I pushed the air behind me and moved towards the castle.

It was a majestic building decorated with stone statues of demon soldiers and columns of marble spiraling up. The windows were made from small pieces of colored glass placed in frames of their exact sizes. The balconies were decorated with a row of white flowers as if to further compliment the beauty or majesty of the one owned it. The garden that spread in its courtyard was also filled with flowers of different types and colors as if trying to mock all those who claimed to be powerful before the Duke of Chaos. Who else other than overly powerful individual could take care of such gentle and fragile plants while constantly being targeted by those who desired his power?

From the overly glamorous castle to the edge of the walls where the demons struggled to find something to eat, the spread of wealth was quite obvious. Nonetheless, I couldn't tell if the Demio here were oppressing the Rumars. Ayuseya might have been able to or maybe even Shanteya, but for me everything appeared to be normal from up here. After all, a demon couldn't hold on to their wealth without being strong enough to do it.

I landed on the rooftop of a noble's house which was around four stories tall, nearly the size of the wall surrounding the castle. There were patrols on top of it, carrying crossbows and spears as weapons, while four demons were guarding the gate below.

It's time... I thought as I tapped the hilt of my father's sword.

Over an entire century had passed since I left the Demon Continent. It was long enough to make demons barely remember me, and more than enough to be forgotten by humans. For my family, however, I was either dead or living in shame of my own weakness somewhere on the three continents.

I couldn't deny the fact that for a while it really was like that.

Jumping down from the rooftop, I landed in front of the guards, who spared no second to take out their swords and point them at me.

“Who are you? State your business!” shouted the one with a beak instead of a mouth.

“Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd Deus. I'm here to visit my little brother, Eventel Demonarkiar the 2nd .” I showed him a grin.

“Foolishness! You can't be she whose name cannot be spoken!” shouted the one with a dog face.

“Do you have any proof that I'm not her? You never met me.” I told him with a raised eyebrow.

“There is no need to hold any proof. Just by saying that name is the same as having spat on our Lord! We shall take you down here!” the one with snake eyes and tongue declared and then attacked me.

“So eager to cut me down without even knowing who I am and what my rank is.” I didn't move from my spot, but I just glared at him with a defiant smile.

His sword stopped mere centimeters away from my Magic Armor. A drop of cold sweat formed on his forehead.

“You do realized that if I am indeed the Princess, a daughter of Akardia Demonarkiar the 2nd, then what you are doing is raising your hand against a member of the Royal Family, isn't it?” I asked with a smirk on my lips.

“But if you aren't, then you are committing lèse-majesté.” he retorted.

“IF I'm not whom I claim to be, but you, a mere guard, can't make that decision now, can you?” I told him.

The two guards at the back looked at each other with a troubled expression on their faces.

I knew that I didn't look like any ordinary demoness, and my cloak prevented them from estimating how powerful I was. My armor itself wasn't something that could be found at the corner of any street, and the weapons I carried had Magic Energy flowing through them. Unless they had stones for eyes, then they already realized that I was either a powerful Brave they couldn't fight against or the actual demon princess I claimed to be.

“Wait here. We'll send word to his Highness.” said the demon with snake eyes.

I nodded and then took a step back.

Ten more guards came out while I was waiting, but I felt neither intimidated nor afraid of them. I couldn't say, however, that I wasn't excited to see my little brother. I wanted to see my whole family, even though most of them had called me 'Impure' ever since they found out I was far weaker than them. My older brother, Lucianus, was the first one to use that insult on me. By the time I was 18, it was sort of a nickname of mine.

Rather than being nostalgic or missing them, the only reason I wanted to meet them was because I was far more powerful than any of them now. I wanted to make them eat that insult with all the dirt they tossed at me. After all, demons did have the rule 'The strong above all'.

“Who dares use that disgusting name in my city?” the thundering voice of a man was heard while I was imagining punching Lucianus in the face with one hand and with the other slapping Entupia, my older sister, so hard she broke through the sound barrier.

“Hm?” I raised an eyebrow and looked at the demon who walked out of the castle surrounded by ten powerful guards.

This man was without a doubt my little brother Eventel. The demon looked rather handsome, similar to a human prince in his thirties. His blond and silver hair was cut short with rebel tips. His clothes gave out the feeling of extravagance and bottomless pockets, all of them being overly-complicated in design. They were sewed with golden thread, encrusted with gems and jewels, as well as had powerful enchants cast on them. On his waist, he carried a sword with a pummel made out of a ruby cut in a perfect sphere. The two white feathered wings were folded on his back and didn't show even a single spec of dirt on them. His tail was flowing behind him and reminded me of Tamara's tail, but it was covered with golden fur instead.

With his piercing black eyes, Eventel stared down at me, measuring me from head to two as if he was trying to figure out my worth. With his chin up and smug look on his face, he gave off the feeling of an important Demio, but his attitude already made me think of as someone akin to the useless nobles Illsyore beat back on the three continents.

“Who is this Rumars?” the demon asked pointing at me.

“My Lord, she claims to be she who shall not be named.” the guard with a dog face replied.

“What? You dared speak that filth's name?” the demon glared back at me.

I smirked and then patted my sword “Careful there, little brother, or I might give you a spanking with daddy's sword.”

The air around me suddenly turned cold, and the flow of Magic Energy shifted as it gathered around Eventel. His Magic Armor was being strengthened, and I could see a glimpse of anger in his eyes, but I couldn't figure out why he saw me like that. I honestly didn't remember having done something so evil or malicious to him so that he would hold such a grudge against me.

Actually, wasn't he born after I had left for the three continents?

“I should have you hanged by the toes for your insolence!” Eventel barked through his teeth.

It was rather unsightly to have a man as handsome as him lose to his own anger. Although his subjects were backing away, feeling the pressure of his power, I didn't see anything yet that I should fear.

“Little brother, you seem rather upset about something, what did Nanya do to...” I tried to reason with him, but when he heard my name, he snapped.

“ARGH!” he shouted and rushed towards me with his sword unsheathed.

He was rather slow for me, but he was definitely faster than any of the Supremes I had fought back on the three continents. His technique with the sword wasn't all that bad either, a clean cut aimed at the spot between the neck's vertebrae. He didn't take his eyes off of me, and there were no wasted movements, but he still had a long way to go before he reached my level.

Unsheathing father's sword, I blocked Eventel's strike. My speed surpassed him, but I didn't stop just there. I pushed the sword back and infused the blade with my Magic Energy, allowing it to unleash that wave of fear that for so many decades had made me shiver in my boots. The demons around us would have only felt a slight tingle, but for my little brother who was a half-Dungeon, it should have been terrifying.

With eyes wide open from the shock he felt from my sword, he jumped back. In that moment, I dashed towards him and kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying all the way back into wall of his palace.

“GAH!” he groaned in pain from the impact, which caused a big crack to spread across the structure.

The guards around us didn't even know what just happened. In the span of a fraction of a second, their master attacked and then was sent flying back.

A smile appeared on my lips as I became aware of the incredible difference in strength between the current me and the young demoness who would have had trouble even defeating monster like a Dayuk. Back then, I had to hide from monsters and bow my head to even the weakest of soldiers.

All that time when I was called an Impure and a weakling, I felt ashamed of myself, I felt afraid for my own life, and I could never see a future in which I could live in peace. I could never see myself having a family, and I could never believe that I would have the strength required to protect them. Sure, on the three continents I was a powerful Godlike, and I was one step from becoming a Supreme, but to the demons here, it didn't really amount to much. Eventel here could easily wipe the floor with a Supreme.

“Maybe using the sword is a bit unfair, how about I use my fists instead?” I asked with a smile as I sheathed my sword and showed them a confident smile.

The guards here, were now well aware of my power from just that one strike. They were all keeping their distance from me, but the hate in their eyes didn't fade away. With their bodies tensed, they were waiting for me to make a mistake, to slip up and leave an opening, which they could exploit to bring me down.

Unfortunately for them, I wasn't a demoness who could be so easily defeated. In this city, no, in this country, there weren't that many who could even crack my armor let alone defeat me.

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