~ Chapter 98: The troubles of a blacksmith (Part 1)~

[Elleyzabelle's point of view]

During the Nundaba Ritual, time passed so slow it felt as though it was a skinny little human who was dragging behind him an entire mountain. The dwarfs who came to the Temple Courtyard looked at me as though I was an object on display. There were many who expressed their belief that I wouldn't last longer than a day and even some who deliberately threw sexual remarks my way to disturb my concentration.

As a dragoness and daughter of the Queen Elliessara Seyendraugher, I stood my ground in front of such pathetic attempts. No one had the right to step on the Soul Platform, so at best they could do was stay near the edge and toss meaningless words at me. I ignored them just as a sheep ignores the ants on the ground and focuses solely on the tasty wolf ahead.

For me, the wolf was the Trade Agreement between the Albeyater and Trindania, while the true tasty treat that made me drool was the Celestium-Zaradin alloy dust infused with ancient dwarf magic, the item necessary to create the cure for the [God's Demise Poison], the Lumenos, Lumenya, and Nocturnia's tears Potion.

Thus, I persevered and endured the lustful stares of some dwarfs, the sexual innuendos of others. I kept on reading the silly verses of their religious books and poured all of my focus in remaining in a state of trance. But on the evening of the third day, when the hourglass was about to pour its final drops of sand, the ground began to shake.

“W-What's going on?” asked one of the dwarfs who was passing by.

“L-Look! The Temple of the God of Fire! The walls are cracking!” shouted a dwarfs woman.

The panic began to stir even more when one of the acolytes ran out of the temple with his clothes on fire. He tossed himself in a big pile of snow nearby and managed to put them out. Several other dwarfs ran out together with a priest of the God of Fire. All of them were coughing from the smoke that washed over them all of a sudden, while a few of them had suffered burns from the fires.

“T-There's lava... There's lava on the first floor!” shouted one of the priests.

Lava? I thought as I looked at the temple.

The ground was trembling, but that was because something was happening to the mountain. One one side, near the Temple of the God of Earth, a thick layer of ice began to spread out towards the edgy cliffs, while on the other side, the stones were turning red and shattering from the heat. A thick cloud of steam was rising up to the sky thanks to the sudden rise in temperature.

What's going on? Is the volcano erupting? I thought in worry as I looked at the priests who were trying to get everyone as far away from the two temples as possible.

After another tremor, the ice stopped from spreading, but the fury of the mountain didn't.

I got up and shouted after one of the acolytes who was coming this way “You there! What's going on?”

“Huh? The Albeyater Princess, erm... we don't know, but the Temple of the God of Fire was suddenly flooded by lava and ice started spreading out from the Temple of the God of Earth! If we don't do something about it, the city of Exaver will be in danger!” he replied in panic.

“Lava and ice?” I murmured as I furrowed my brow.

Looking up at the mountain, all I could see was the steam from the melted snow rising up furiously while cracks on the side of the mountain spread everywhere in an attempt to release the built up pressured inside.

“What have those two done?” I said as turned my gaze towards the poor dwarfs who were running away in panic.

I thought about getting off the Soul Platform, but just then I saw Kataryna coming out of the Temple of the God of Earth, she had a very serene and charming smile on her face.

“Who is that?” was the first thing that I asked as the sudden change surprised me more than it should have.

Ah, it was my blunder as a Princess for showing such a disrespectful courtesy.


The loud roar shook the ground and the earthquake this time was so powerful it made me lose my balance, and I fell on my bottom. Looking up, I then saw a big full-beast red-scale dragoness as she flew out of the volcano's mouth.

That was certainly my knight, Seryanna Draketerus, but what was she thinking to have changed into that form?

She was surrounded by hot steam that would have made a dwarf's skin blister, and she looked as though she had just taken a lava bath. Molten rock could still be seen flowing off her big body, and with each flap of her wings, she drizzled it all over the mountain.

If up until now the dwarfs were just frightened, now they were absolutely terrified, frozen in place at the sight of such a powerful being. To be fair, even I was surprised because normally, no dragon should be able to survive in such harsh conditions. True, Breakthroughers were capable of wonders sometimes, but that was only because they had the skill and strength to back it up. Such precise control over a single element didn't exist, yet Sir Seryanna appeared to be someone who nonchalantly wielded it.

She remained up there, flying in the sky for a few moments. The dragoness kept looking back at the mouth of the volcano as if she was sad to leave it behind. It was the same gaze I had a long time ago when my brother Elovius made me choose between continuing to eat my birthday cake or go and greet General Brekkar for the first time. As a young Princess, I wanted to meet the famous general very much but I also didn't want to leave my cake behind, I was certain father was going to gulp it down before mother had a chance to stop him. That was what happened last time, after all, and in the end, it happened again this time as well. The sacrifice for my long awaited meeting with General Brekkar had been my own birthday cake.

With a sad roar, the dragoness shook the remaining lava off of her body and began to circle the volcano a few times before finally deciding to descend. She was flying down towards the Temple Courtyard.

Isn't she flying a bit too fast? And... why does she look so sleepy? I thought and then felt a chill run down my spine.

My instincts were warning me of an impending danger. I had to flee from there.

I got up, but my legs felt numb form the long period of sitting down, and my whole body was tired because of my lack of sleep. After I took my first step, I found myself on my knees and with hands trembling from weakness. I barely had the energy to get back up on my feet let alone to flee from this place.

This is bad! I thought and looked up.

The dragoness spread her wings to slow down her descent, but it was already too late for me to get out of her way. Her sharp claws stabbed into the Soul Platform, causing cracks that spread out like the roots of a tree. The floor under my feet trembled, and I soon found myself rolling towards the edge. In tried to protect myself from injury by covering myself with my wings.

I thought that maybe Kataryna would rush in to help me, but her aid never came. Perhaps she was still recovering from the ritual she undertook. If I was feeling so numb and drained of energy, I couldn't imagine the states my two knights must have been in after enduring those special rooms inside the temples.

I came to a stop at just a few steps away from the edge. I folded back my wings and pushed myself off the floor. In front of me, I could see the dwarfs running away, and I could hear them calling for the guards and the Enlightened Ones from the army.

When I turned my head back, I saw a Soul Platform filled with deep and numerous cracks that threatened to turn it any second now into a big pile of broken rocks. On top of it was my red-scaled Royal Knight, who was glancing around with heavy eyes that showed how tired and sleepy she was. Maybe she wasn't even fully conscious of what was happening around her right now.

Like a wild animal, Seryanna sniffed the air around her and then turn around on the spot. Pieces of the Soul Platform crumbled off as she did so, and I was barely keeping my balance. But that was when the dragoness laid eyes on me.

With her lips turning into a pleased smile, she snatched me from where I was standing and pulled me closer to her.

“NO! Seryanna! Stop this at once! I order you!” I called out to her, but she didn't budge.

With her large scaly fingers wrapped around me, out of which only a powerful warrior could free themselves by brute force alone, Seryanna then coiled her huge body around me like a feline wanting to protect her young.

Just like some wild beast, once she settled down, she licked me with her huge tongue, covering me, the Princess whom she had sworn to protect and obey, in her drool.

“YUCK!” I grimaced as I wiped off the slimy saliva off my face.

That embarrassing toga was now drenched and turned see-through. I couldn't go out now even if I wanted to. It would have been outrageous, unthinkable, disgraceful for someone like me!

Thus, I resigned myself to my unsightly fate and waited in the hope that this sleepy dragoness would return to her senses soon.

“Seryanna, you idiot Royal Knight! I'm not your hugging pillow!” I complained one last time.

In the end, I too found myself falling into the tempting claws of sweet sleep. My heavy eyelids betrayed me, and I slept there in Seryanna's embrace, who guarded me from both the cold and unsightly stares.

As for Kataryna, I would come to find out later why she didn't jump in to help me. Although she claimed to be a powerful Breakthrough-er who could continue to fight for days at an end, she fell asleep while standing up on her feet as soon as she left the Temple of the God of the Earth. Not even Sir Seryanna's rampage managed to wake her up, and her own tail slapped away any dwarf that got too close to her as though it had a mind of its own.

[Andu'Yang'Ores' point of view]

In the wake of the disaster those three dragonesses caused, many dwarfs in the capital found themselves troubled by the aftermath. On one side of the mountain we had to worry about Urugudu's blood, the flowing lava streams caused by the red-scaled one, while on the other side, we had numerous Hanba herders complaining about their frozen meadows and impassable ice walls.

If not for the severity of these events, I would have laughed myself silly when I heard about the guard who had his beard turned to solid ice because of the flash freeze, or the unlucky chap who went to the toilet only to discover that a lava river formed right underneath it and got swept away by the currents.

I, for one, definitely wouldn't want a cataclysm to catch me with my pants down while taking a dump only to find out the next moment that I became the captain of Ol' Crap Bottom, the smelly scourge of the endless lava seas!

Despite these unfortunate circumstances us dwarfs found ourselves in, it appeared as though the three dragonesses managed to complete the ritual, and no priest dared to comment against this decision. After all, one temple ended up as a cold storage and the other as a research experiment on lava flow. As for the Soul Platform, they had to replace it with another one, more sturdier this time, maybe made out of enchanted Celestium.

For the dwarfs, this matter definitely had a bright side as well. You see, the lady with the nasty fire-breath managed to restart the Ancient Great Forge Urugudu. The lava she created overflowed into the ancient relic and allowed its flames to burn anew, and with it, I had great hope of recovering the ancient Hammer of Umidaba.

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