~ Chapter 1: Departure from Waser Magic Academy (Part 1) ~

[Leonidas' point of view]

The Waser Magic Academy was a place that paled in comparison with the famous Gallyater Magic Academy, where my adorable little sister was invited to study. Both the type of students who joined here as well as the amount of knowledge they could gain from here were completely different. There were a lot of children at Waser who came from poor families or had parents as lower nobles. Most of them just had only one Blessing, and those with two were considered a rarity.

The principal told us during her introduction speech that Waser Magic Academy once had the privilege of teaching someone with three Blessings, and he graduated with top grades. Later on, I found out that those three Blessings couldn't even amount to someone with two average ones.

Usually, those with good Blessings were brought together in what everyone called the Special Class. They received the best education Waser Magic Academy could offer and often participated in more classes than the others. Those who passed this Special Class among the top ten were said to be able to even enter Gallyater Magic Academy.

Normally, I believed that someone with an unknown unreadable Blessing like mine would have no way to enter this prestigious class, but it appeared as thought that was exactly what peaked the principal's interest. The moment she heard about it, she found it absolutely fascinating, to the point that sometimes it got creepy.

Well, whether I got into the Special Class because of my unique Blessing or because the principal had some weird fetish mattered not for me. What I was most interested in were my studies. I devoured the books like a hungry wolf would a herd of sheep. Unfortunately, this also turned me into a social recluse who had not made even a single friend from the entire student body from the moment he stepped on the grounds of this academy.

Bah! Who needs friends and social skills when you have books to read and homework to finish! I often told myself only to be struck back with the reply ME! That's who! ME!

I honestly wanted my school days to be fluffy not dusty. Maybe that goddess made a mistake when she fiddled with my life's settings? Well, it didn't matter now, I couldn't even prove she was at fault.

At my graduation ceremony, with the exception of my slaves and the teachers, no one from my family came to congratulate me. My seniors by two years were surrounded by people who shed tears and were overjoyed for their accomplishment, while I was the only child there with dead fish eyes.

I felt rather pathetic, and it was then when I realized how lonely I was in this world. I could count the people I knew on my fingers.

The reason why neither my parents or my little sister showed up at the graduation ceremony was because they found out about it way too late and literally didn't had time to prepare for the journey here.

A week ago, I received the letter that informed me of my graduation, and I sent one to my relatives on the same day, but this world was no modern day Earth. We didn't had airplanes and high-speed trains to take my letter from one place to another in the span of hours. What was I thinking? If this world was at Earth's level of technology, I could have just phoned them or streamed the whole ceremony.

Like this, it would have taken my parents at least a week to prepare for the long journey ahead from Gallyater to Waser. Yes, my parents moved back to the capital after we left for school. Apparently mother was employed at the Royal Palace, and father was doing... erm... fatherly job thingies. Yeah, I had no idea what my old man's job was.

As for my cute adorable little sister, because of how precious those with three Blessings were to the country, she had to go through an entire bureaucratic nightmare before she was allowed to leave the school. That in itself would have taken at least two months.

On the bright side of things, I was going to meet them over the summer vacation. They sent me a letter about a month ago letting me know of when they will arrive at our house in Briston. It would have been rather awkward to go back home and have only with the dust bunnies in the corners welcome me back.

In other words, I got the short end of the stick on this life experience.

“Master, you lost yourself in your own thoughts again.” Timothy told me as he patted my shoulder.

“Nya~! Master has the face of a man who just saw the whole world coming to an end.” Zor Nya Nyan let out an idiotic comment as she poked my cheek.

“Knock it off, you fleabag!” growled Lindus Kar.

We were currently standing right outsides the gates of Waser Magic Academy. It was evening and the other graduates had mostly left, I and a few others were the only ones left, but unlike them, who were saying their farewells to their juniors, I was saying my farewells to my teachers.

It was just... sad.

Before me were Trindania Elmora, the Principal of Waser Magic Academy, who was crying for all of us; Borand Marga, the tall and handsome teacher of Magic Arts; Mindos Mell, the sometimes awkward and shy teacher of History; and for some reason I couldn't wrap my mind around, Constantza Lira, the current top student from my class.

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