~ Chapter 100: Departure from Trindania (Part 2) ~

“There they are, the self-proclaimed ruler of these seas.” said Captain Mathew.

“Have you encountered them before?” Princess Elleyzabelle asked as she opened her fan and covered her mouth with it.

“Several times, yes.” he replied with a nod.

“How did you go past them?” she asked.

“I didn't. I went around them. My boat was always the fastest one, but this time, a detour would take another week off our schedule.” Captain Mathew frowned.

“That's unacceptable. Sir Kataryna, Sir Seryanna, can you two do something about it?” she asked us.

“It depends if they have any Awakened ones onboard.” I replied.

“Or Human Heroes.” added Kataryna.

“Hm. Try to go around them Captain Mathew, and if they dare to at...” she wasn't able to finish her words because we heard the sounds of cannons going off into the distance.

“I'll take care of that!” declared Tanarotte as she dashed off the deck.

The moment she was above the water, a giant fish of more than 30 meters in length jumped out from underneath her and ate her with one gulp.

The cannon balls then struck the fish from one side, and Kataryna punched it from the opposite side so that it wouldn't fall on top of the ship. The fish, who acted as a shield, died from the double strike and barfed out Tanarotte.

The dragoness fell on the deck alongside the contents of the fish's stomach. Her eyes were spinning.

“Ugu~! Why me?!” she cried.

“Sigh... Seryanna, let's go.” Kataryna said, and I nodded in reply.

We swiftly equipped our weapons and armors and made our way towards the enemy ships. Kataryna jumped overboard and ran on top of the water while drastically lowering the temperature around her. Wherever she stepped, a small patch of ice was left.

Meanwhile, I took the aerial way and spread my wings to fly high up in the sky. Archers from the enemy ships were already aiming their arrows at me while the mages were trying to stop Kataryna. A rain of ice spears, fireballs, lightning strikes, and explosive Magic Energy were flung at her in a rain of death and destruction. Just like a dancer born to the rhythm of music, the silver-scaled dragoness dodged all of their attacks and didn't even let a single drop of water touch her skin.

With chaos consuming the surface of the water, I flew free through the skies, a simple wind shield was all that I needed to stop their arrows, while the cannonballs were dodged with aerial maneuvers.

In return to their onslaught, I released my own fireballs, which were infused with my powerful Magic Energy. My target wasn't those onboard of the ships but rather the ships themselves. My fireballs released powerful explosions on their hulls, right at the floating line. The result was a large enough hole to threaten the safety of all those onboard.

Kataryna's attacks were similar to mine. The moment she reached the first ship, she unleashed an ice spike that formed right under the vessel itself. The sharp spike pierced through its armor and even lifted it up above the water by about two meters. When she pulled back the spike, the ship was flooded with water.

In total, there were 34 ships in this fleet, quite an impressive number. If I didn't know any better, I would say they were preparing to invade a foreign nation, but I couldn't think of a possible target.

With our powerful ice spikes and fireballs constantly attacking them, their battleship quickly sunk one after another. Countless humans drowned when the ships went down while many others died because they were too close to the impact location of our spells. As for their counter-offensive, it was almost non-existent. Maybe they never thought they were going to meet two dragoness of Breakthrough-er level so far away from the Dragon Continent?

After her seventh ship sunk, Kataryna dashed in the middle of five of them and before they could attack her, she cast a spell that sent five sharp ice spike in each of their direction. Once the projectile was impaled in the side of the ship, she detonated them, causing a powerful explosion that ripped through their hull.

I couldn't allow myself to show an inferior performance, so I charge up my sword, and then sent a flying cutting blade made out of fire towards four ships aligned one after another. My magic cut through the hull like it was made out of butter and then set them all on fire. Humans who were covered in flames were jumping overboard in an attempt to put off the flames, but the monster fish that got lured in by the scent of blood were picking them up one after another.

One of those critters tried to grab a bite off of Kataryna, but she froze it solid and then kicked it towards the bottom of the ocean. I was too high up to worry about attacks from below.

We continued at this rate until only five ships remained from this entire fleet. At that time, I saw a human jumping off the deck and heading towards me. He was wearing a red hood, and his entire armor was painted red, but his Magic Energy felt weak. This human was definitely no match for me, but I wasn't foolish enough as to let my guard down.

The moment he was in range, I poured Magic Energy into Drachenkrieg and then flew towards him with the intent of taking him on with my full strength.

“In my name, the Human Hero Kennyard, I shall slay you fiends for this transgression against the Akutan Empire!” he shouted and prepared to attack.

The one to make the first move was me. My sword's blade cut through his armor as easily as it would through a sheet of paper, and his body was then sliced in half. The remains of the Human Hero were gobbled up by two fish as soon as they hit the surface of the water.

“Those bastards! They killed Kennyard!” shouted someone from one of the ships.

I aimed my palm at them and then released a fireball. The explosion sent the humans scattering, and in the middle of the confusion, Kataryna sent an ice spike through the bottom of the ship, sinking them like she did the others.

By the time we were done, the entire fleet had been decimated and only the lifeboats remained on the surface. Most of the crew that was unlucky enough to have landed in the water were eaten by the giant fish. As for why the boats themselves weren't attacked, I had no clue. Maybe I was going to ask Captain Mathew about it at some point.

“Let's go back, I'm hungry.” Kataryna called out from below.

I nodded and then flew back towards the Scorpion Dream Galleon. Unfortunately, I was never going to find out where such a big fleet of ships was heading.

[Captain Bugpuke's point of view]

“Those blimey land lubbers turn me fleet into toothpicks!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

I was so angry I nearly strangled one of me crew, but there was nothing we could have done to combat such a devastating force. This fleet, after all, had no Hero among us, and that Human Hero counted as nothing but a silly joke! So what if he had a skill that allowed him to transfer his own wounds on the enemy if the enemy was protected against his silly trick or even worse, they were faster and more powerful than him, resulting in him being defeated before he even got a chance to use it?

“Blasted shrimp on a donkey's tail, this entire operation had just turned into a big failure!” I shouted in anger.

I had a good right to be angry too! After all, this year, a big rebellion took place within the Trindania Empire, and those recluse dwarfs were now in a state of crisis. Their combat ability was limited by their weapons and armor, which allowed our Heroes to easily topple the best of their Enlightened Ones, as for the army itself, we would have held a numerical superiority if our fleet reached their shores.

Those dragonesses probably had no idea how many soldiers we were transporting, but just for reference, one of these liner battleships was carrying at least 2000 strong men. The fleet was running on minimum crew with soldiers taking up the extra roles. It wasn't easy, but like this, we could have easily conquered half of Trindania before the backup fleet from Akutan arrived, which would have been the one bringing Heroes.

Unfortunately, now we had to return home and tell them of our failure. The big plan of the Second Prince just went up in smoke.

“Blasted flying lizards and their rotten luck...” I grumbled as I glared at the dragon galleon as it was sailing away.

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Paul Vanderburg
Paul Vanderburg

“My magic cut through the hull like it was made out of butter “… Pretty sure you’re talking about 4 ships getting hit, so you need to say “hulls like they were made out of butter”. Decimated is so often misused in so many books! Decimate means to kill or destroy 10%. A decimated army still has 90% of it’s troops. A decimated city still has 90% of it’s buildings. You want to use “destroyed” or “obliterated”. “had no Hero among us, and that Human Hero” … I think your first Hero is supposed to be whatever word the humans… Read more »



“Current usage of the word

The word decimation in English is often used to refer to an extreme reduction in the number of a population or force.”


I think that this comment is a tad but unnecessary. I mean, even if there are small mistakes, I can only see your corrections as being the equivalent of correcting “me” to “my” in dialogue when it was intentional. I’m confusing myself… Anyway, since it’s from a person’s point of view, the tense shouldn’t matter. After all, real people’s thoughts don’t always have perfect grammar. If it was third person, focused on the captain, it would’ve made sense. However, it was in first person, which made it appear more like the captain’s point of view and thoughts.


Thanks for the chapter as always. While interesting to learn the backstory I’m glad all we have left is the elves, this would be much more interesting to read about if Alkelios was involved. These flashbacks started around 30 or so chapters ago, so right now 1/3rd of your entire written content for 100 Luck is these flashbacks, which is a bit extreme if you ask me… They’re still enjoyable and it’s nice to read about the other nations, and I look forward to hearing about the elf nation and the empress’ reaction to the cure-all tea. Still, I hope… Read more »


Oops, we won the war. Lol.
But what was with the guy’s name?! Bugpuke?!

Wounds transfer is kinda a crummy skill, really. You can’t avoid them in the first place, and you have to get hurt to use it. Not to mention that it was apparently contact-based or something that he couldn’t use it (which is a good thing here!) on Seryanna.


Thank you for the chapters 🙂

John Christianson
John Christianson

“Blasted lizards and their damn luck” … LOL, when you have even your enimies cursing your good luck you know your luck is so OP It’s broken


Oh my god! They killed Kenny! You bastards!


Hey, last part should be my line.
A good easter egg.
Thanks for the chapters!


Thanks for the chapters