~ Chapter 101: The lost girl (Part 2) ~

Once I was done, I turned around and showed the clerk a smile.

“I'll take my leave now. As you can see, you just lost a good business opportunity.” I told him and then in my mind I added If by chance he's planning to come after me for this, then for as long as he does so, I wish that his business will steadily go down.

With this, I walked out of the store, and then slammed the door behind me, enough to cause a bit of damage to it.

That caught the attention of those around me, so I released a bit of the authority pressure I had as an owner of the golden scale. It was enough to make those who looked at me doubt the idea that I was a simple adventurer or even a peasant.

“The nerve of this store! He dared accuse me, an adventurer who walked on the Dragon Continent, of being a mere thief just because I had a good piece of ore?! He should be glad I'm not going straight to this town's lord to complain about his pathetic business! Bah! This is the last time the great me will walk in a random store like this! I'll let all of my noble friends know never to take a step inside this place!” I declared out loud and then stormed out of there.

Once I was out of sight, I burst out into a loud laughter.

I wasn't the greatest actor out there, but I knew I had a bit of skill. Besides, the authority pressure made it possible for them to take my words seriously and not just as the rant of a mad adventurer. To be honest, I could make that lie into a truth by telling Brekkar and company back in Albeyater not to set foot in this shop. They were nobles, after all, just not from Ten Swords.

With a smile on my lips, I made my way out of there, and slipped into the back alleys, where I wanted to see if there was anything interesting happening there.

I wonder what surprises lay in wait here? I wondered as I looked around, eager for a bit of adventure.

Knowing the way my luck worked, I could have forced my fate a bit by making a wish, but where was the fun in that?

Thus, I began to wonder around the back alleys. I did so for about half an hour before I came across a peculiar scene. A teenager of around 15 years old with dirty blonde hair and ragged clothes was running away from some mean-looking men while holding a piece of bread in her hands.

It's HERO time! I thought, but it felt a bit empty without a powerful alien watch to change me into another species.

Stepping in front of the girl, I made her stop.

With frightened clear-blue eyes she looked up at me and begged me to help her.

“Alright!” I said with a smile and then looked back at the three men who stopped at about four meters away from us. “What are you all doing running after a cute young girl like her?” I asked.

“Huh? You blind in the head? We're just chasing after a dirty thief who dared steal bread from my shop!” the man on the left growled in anger.

“You have a bakery?” I asked appearing surprised.

“Huh? Yah. And that dirty runt dared to steal from me! I don't like thieves, so me and my brothers here are going to hand her over to the guards to cut off her hands as punishment!” he declared.

The girl shrieked in fear and hid behind me.

“That's harsh, you know. How about I pay for what she stole?” I asked.

“Huh? Nah! She needs to pay!” he declared.

“What if I buy more than what she stole?” I asked.

The man stopped and thought for a few seconds... actually, scratch that, he thought about it for a whole minute while holding his weapon, a roller pin, above his head.

Did he break? I wondered.

“Yah, that's good. You buy from me five breads on top of what she stole, and we won't go after her anymore!” he declared with a smile while pointing the roller pin at me.

“Sure. Do you sell other things as well?” I asked.

“Yeah, a variety of baked goods. My specialty are fish cupcakes!” he declared as he puffed up his chest with pride.

“Great! I'll buy all of those!” I said with a smile.

Tamara is bound to appreciate anything with 'fish' in the name. I thought.

“A wealthy customer! How luck smiles upon me! Very well, follow us!” he said with a joyful smile.

How fast a human could change his expressions from rage, anger, and then to joy.

“Come now, you'll be safe with me.” I told the girl.

“T-Thank you.” she nodded and then walked close to me.

Her stomach made a very loud growl after a few steps.

Hearing her, the baker said “Lass, if you had just asked for something to work instead of stealing from me, I'm sure I could have found something for you. I'm not a monster.”

“Yet, you were about to toss her to the guards to cut off her hands?” I asked.

“That's the rule of the city. As cruel and harsh as it is, I can't change it.” he shrugged.

The teenager nodded in understanding, while blushing strongly, or rather, I thought she was blushing. It was a bit hard to see with all that dirt on her cheeks.

After we bought the baked goods from the store, I tossed them in my [Black Hole] to keep them fresh. When she saw the impressive magic spell, she looked at it with big curious eyes.

“Are you a Human Hero or a famous adventurer?” she asked.

“Yes and probably yes.” I nodded and then laughed.

“Humu~” she smiled “Allow me to present myself then. My name is Ildeanussi Vermida. I'm but a poor girl who had fate smile unfavorably upon her.” she made a gracious bow, but from her movements, I couldn't see her as a simple peasant.

This girl must have an interesting story to her. I thought.

“Two names... Are you a noble?” I asked.

“Yes... maybe, I don't know.” she shook her head and then looked down, there was a deep sadness expressed in her clear-blue eyes.

“Well, since we met, maybe fate chose to smile upon you? I'm guessing you don't have anywhere to sleep tonight, right?” I asked.

The girl looked at me for a minute, unsure what to answer. It was then when I realized that given the situation the words I chose to use may have come out as inappropriate.

“Wait! I'm not asking that with any ulterior reasons. I'm just asking strictly out of concern for you.” I said quickly, hoping that I managed to clear my blunder.

Ildeanussi showed me a cute smile and let out a charming giggle.

“Very well, I'll trust you. The answer to your question, kind gentleman, is no. I'm currently copperless and without a roof above my head. I was planning on sleeping in one of the abandoned buildings in the slums, if I was lucky to fight off the rats.” she showed me a wry smile.

“Sounds tough. Alright, come with me. I'll let you have a good meal and a nice bath, then I can listen to your story, what do you say?” I asked her.

Looking up at me, she showed me a smile and then nodded.

“By the way, you can call me Ildea, but what may I call you, kind gentleman?”

“Hm? My name's Alkelios Yatagai Draketerus.” I replied.

“Draketerus?” she was surprised when she heard the name,

“Hm?” I tilted my head to the left.

“Nothing, I just think I heard that name somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it.” she said and shook her head.

I shrugged. “Who knows? Let's go.”

The most famous member of my family was without a doubt Brekkar, but considering that he last fought against the human armies almost 41 years ago, there was a low chance that any of the survivors were still alive to tell his tale. Humans weren't too keen on having stories with the dragons as heroes, and that battle on the Scar Battlefield was definitely a major loss for the Human Continent.

After we arrived at the inn, I brought her to my room, where I pulled a bathtub out of my [Black Hole] and filled it with lukewarm water. I also left a bottle of shampoo and a piece of soap for her to use to clean her body. For changing clothes, I only had a pair of simple linen pants and one of my older shirts.

“If you need anything, I'll be outside.” I told her.

Before I could leave the room, she asked “Why are you doing this?”

“Hm?” I looked back at her and scratched my cheek “I don't know, I just feel like it.” I replied and then left her to bathe alone.

There were no ulterior motives behind what I was doing, but the way she acted earlier, so unlike a typical peasant or beggar, surprised me and also made me curious about her origin. I figured that after I gave her a bath, something good to eat, she would then open up to tell me a little bit about herself.

That wasn't manipulation, right? If she didn't want to tell me anything, she could choose so.

As I waited outside, I found myself wondering about this little dilemma of mine. Sometimes acts of kindness could be seen as intrusive and inappropriate. She was technically still a teenager, so a minor according to most of the laws back on Earth and an adult according to the laws of this kingdom. On the other hand, it wasn't as though I was far older than her.

I think I'm going to be twenty this year... maybe? Or am I twenty two? Ugh, time skipping doesn't count, right? I thought as I began to worry about another problem.

Soon enough, I forgot about the previous matter of how appropriate or not me offering her a helping hand was.

After Ildea was done bathing, she came out wearing the clothes I gave her. They were a bit big, and her chest wasn't completely shielded from someone's imagination. Unfortunately, I didn't have any spare bras on me, but as someone with a basic tailoring skill, I could make it for her.

This gives me an idea! I thought and then pulled her back inside the room.

“So, let me get your sizes.” I said as I pulled out a measuring tape.

“Huh?” she was a bit confused, but I took that as a 'yes'.

Five minutes later, I knew how big I should make her clothes from head to toe. The poor girl, however, was blushing and sitting on the bed with her knees at her chest.

“I thought you said you don't have any ulterior motives.” she complained while pouting cutely.

“I don't. Now, let me work. I'll fix you up with some good clothes right away!” I said with a smile as I pulled my sewing kit, some leather, and a bunch of cloth from my [Black Hole].

My [Rock Hard!] skill was technically more aimed at blacksmithing and leather crafting, but some of the perks shared among all crafting skills was the fact that I could take measurements, while sewing ended up being as a must-have when living alone in the Seculiar Forest. Gaining [Tailoring] as a result of trying to repair my ripped up clothes was a given.

The difference between someone with a skill similar to [Rock Hard!] and my skill was the complexity and uniqueness of tailored clothes. I couldn't make fancy dresses, but if I added some pieces of leather and metal on them, thus turning them into an armor, I could turn them into masterpieces!

Well, anyway, using leather, some cotton padding, and some metal clips, I made her a bra with just the right size. I also added in a pair of panties, a blouse I saw the women around the city wore and finished the work by making a simple yellow dress. When I was done, I looked over the stats.

(Bikini Armor Mark 1): Made by a Godlike Blacksmith. This item grants the user increased defense and great comfort. [Passive: Auto-Cleaning when taken off][+1 to Fluffiness][Increases all stats by 5%][Magic Energy Regeneration: +20][Passive: Absorption of Magic from Magic Attacks: 10%], [Passive: Protection Buff (Absorbs Damage 10%)]

I looked with dead fish eyes at the description.

Did I shout Pony Power at any given time when I was making this? How focused was I on making a simple bra? And what's with that name?! I wondered.

Letting out a sigh in complete defeat, I turned around and gave her the clothes. I didn't have the courage to look at the stats of the other pieces.

“You enchanted them?” she asked me.

“Erm... maybe?” I replied with a wry smile.

“Yes... I sensed a lot of Magic Energy flowing into them when you shouted 'Pony Power!' earlier.” she nodded.

“Ugh... just... just forget that. I was too focused on crafting.” I covered my face with my palm, trying to drown the shame.

“You are rather innocent, aren't you?” she smiled and took the clothes from me.

Innocent... yes... The half-dragon with the skill [Senilicus Perveticus] is innocent... I thought to myself.

I turned around and waited for her to change.

“I'm done!” she let me know.

When I looked at her, I was surprised by how much she had changed. Rather than a simple poor peasant girl, she definitely looked more like a proper noble lady. She gave off the feeling that she was born to live like a noble. The clothes suited her perfectly, and the presence around her was royal.

When I looked at her hair, I saw that it had more volume than before.

“You look wonderful.” I said with a smile, to which she blushed in reply “By the way, did you do something to your hair?” I asked.

“No. When you gave me this strange corset, it suddenly turned like this.” she replied.

“Corset? You mean the bra? Wait! That's the [+1 Fluffiness] enchants... if I make a ring with it, or scarf and give it to Tamara...” I said as I began pondering.

Fluffy Heaven, here I COME! I thought as a big grin formed on my lips.

“You are a strange fellow, aren't you?” she asked with a giggle.

“Huh? Yes, I am, Princess!” I said as a joke.

“Huh? How did you...” she furrowed her brow and took a step back.

Surprise was written on her face, but I for one had NO idea why she reacted like that.

“What's wrong?” I asked her tilting my head to the left.

“You... how did you know I am Ten Sword Kingdom's First Princess?” she asked.

“Huh? I... didn't?” I replied blinking a few times.

Remember that earlier moment when I thought about bumping into something interesting? I never thought this would happen. What were the odds of meeting the First Princess in a place like that? Then again, HOW did she end up in that situation? Wasn't she supposed to be a princess?!

“Wait, what?! You are actually a Princess?!” I asked in surprise.

“Yes... you... you didn't know?” she asked, and I shook my head left to right really fast.

“Oops... that's awkward and weird.” she said.

“Hah, you don't say...”

“Why is there a princess in our room?” Kalderan asked who just so happened to have returned a moment ago.

“What did you do, Alkelios?” asked Risha as she furrowed her brow.

“Nya~! She's pwetty!” Tamara said innocently as she poked her head out from behind the woman.

“Well... I should explain this?” I said as I scratched behind my right ear with my left hand.

Kalderan let out a sigh and after urging the other two to enter, he closed the door. With a stern look on his face and arms crossed at his chest, he asked:

“So tell me, oh great dragon, why did you go and kidnap a Princess from her castle?”

“Dragon?” Ildea asked as she looked at me.

“Erm... About that.” I said and raised a finger up.

“Nya~! Story time! Story time!” Tamara said innocently as she jumped in my lap to pet her.

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