~ Chapter 141: A journey of blood (Part 1) ~

[Shanteya's point of view]

The Risteza City State was said to have a history spanning back centuries to the times when mankind first settled on the Sorone Continent. This claim, however, was often contradicted by the historians in the Rukarta Empire who claimed that the white skin variant of humans came after the black skin variant. Thus, declaring their nation as being the oldest form of human civilization on this continent.

For the el'doraw, however, this was nothing more than a silly quarrel which would be extinguished once the most powerful civilization among them conquered all the others. The supremacy of each species was put to question with every war and every battle around Sorone, Thorya, and Allasn.

The draconians once thought themselves to be the supreme species, but they were defeated by the humans of the Paramanium Empire. Then they were the ones who thought the same until my husband, Illsyore, stepped in to show them the might of a Dungeon.

But he wasn't alone... He stepped in front of the armies of the Paramanium Empire together with us, his wives, each a representative of our own species, each of us powerful beyond the imagination of all those who dared thread our path.

As I stood atop the walls of Risteza, I could feel the power flowing through my veins and knew that if so I wished, if so I desired, I could erase this entire settlement off the face of this world.

“It would be so... easy.” I whispered.

What my dear husband didn't know or maybe had only suspected was the fact that each of us constantly struggled with the desire to put our power to use by crushing all of these nations who dared to challenge us, who dared to aim for our friends and family, for our children and for our students.

So what was stopping us from doing this?

Illsy's words did...

“Within any capital city in the world, only 1% of the entire population holds governing power, less than that can give the order to attack someone like me. Yet, the other 99% are forced to obey whatever the 1% chooses in the end. Thus, why should I kill all those 99% when my enmity is with the few within the 1%?”

None of us could bear the guilt of having killed so many innocents, among which many would be children, elderly, and unarmed civilians. We couldn't allow Illsyorea to become a symbol of fear in their eyes. This little island of ours was supposed to be a beacon of hope and a proof to show that things can be better, that all of us had a future to dream of and a voice that could be heard.

On the other hand, we didn't mind if the members of the underworld trembled in their boots with their tails between their legs at the mere mention of our name.

The Phantom Rage was our enemy, so I had no reason to spare them of my wrath. What innocents were among their ranks had been damaged beyond repair. Broken Dolls like me had it the worst, that was why I saw myself as a special case. The exception which confirmed the rule.

Remorse for those I had killed so far? There was none.

Jumping off the edge of the wall, I landed in the back alley that was lighted up only by the sparks of a barely lit torch. Like a ghost whose shadow couldn't be caught, I slipped through the darkness and moved in close to my target, one of the unsuspecting guards which patrolled these streets.

It was a man in his late twenties, average in build, with a brass chest plate, and thick leather armor covering his body. The sword hanging on his waist held only three enchants and was dangerous only to the poorly-equipped bandits lurking in the shadows of these streets.

I moved behind him without making a noise, and I extended my hand towards his mouth. He let out a yawn without realizing how close I was. Then, in the blink of an eye, I dragged him back into the alley. Not even a whisper was released from his throat. The guard simply vanished within the night.

When one of the patrols arrived here, they spread more light with their torch by raising it above their heads, but they didn't spot me.

I waited patiently until they passed and then I looked back at my target, his own sword was sticking to his neck, ready to slice it open. The man was afraid of me and his unknown fate.

“Now then...” I said and showed him a gentle smile.

He was trembling like a wet dayuk after a heavy rain.

“Where is the Tamulus Inn?” I asked without showing even the smallest sign of change in my expression.

The man flinched as fear poured down his body like a cold autumn shower.

“D-Down the s-street... t-take a l-left t-turn a-a-and t-then a r-right.” he stuttered.

“Thank you.” I said and then struck him in the temple with the hilt of the sword.

It was lights out for him, but I wasn't such a cold woman as to let him fall face first in the horse dung on the ground. I stopped his fall with my other hand and then slowly leaned him against the wall. The sword I snatched from him was returned to his scabbard.

With calm and relaxed steps, I walked down the road, took a left turn and then a right. The sign for the Tamulus Inn was right where the guard said it would be. It was a three story building made out entirely of wood with the exception of the foundation, which was made out of cemented stones. Judging from the lights and noise coming from it, the locals were sparing no coin enjoying their drinks.

I didn't wish to disturb them, so before anyone noticed my presence, I walked up to the building on the opposite side to it, a humble-looking bakery. It didn't even had a sign with its own name, just the crude drawing of a loaf of bread.

The door was, as expected, locked, but most of the spells and skills I learned back on the Boss Island were designed specifically for infiltration, espionage, and assassination. They definitely had nothing to do with recovering my good pair of panties from a certain perverted Dungeon, coercing a certain perverted Dungeon to stop teasing Zoreya with erotic clothes, and definitely NOT for running away from Nanya when she got drunk.

What I learned in the Phantom Rage Guild paled in comparison to what Illsy showed me I could do.

[Unlock]”. I chanted and a click was heard coming from the small lock.

Pressing down the handle, the door opened and I stepped inside.

For a simple humble bakery, they sure used a rather expensive lock. I thought.

Most businesses preferred a simple lever tumbler lock that required a key with one, two, or three teeth at most to unlock. This one, however, was a pin tumbler lock which required a special type of key that raised the pins inside at just the right height. To open it, you would need special picklocks.

They were extremely unusual for a humble bakery shop like this one, since most of the times they were used on the doors of rich nobles or treasuries. Back home, I had Illsy install complex pin tumbler locks on every door. Each of us had a set of keys, but for the most part they remained open, since we didn't have anything important to steal. Only the entrance doors were closed every time we entered or left the house, mostly so that wild animals wouldn't get inside rather than thieves sneaking in.

To be honest, I never thought I would need to worry about thieves since 1) as a Dungeon, Illsy could detect any intruder on our property, and 2) all the important things were either unusable by others or magic locked behind doors only the members of our family could open.

Leaving aside the fancy lock, I walked up to the oven mister Hermandez mentioned in his hearty confession and knocked on the fake wall on the left.


While the person behind the wall didn't say anything, the sudden knock startled him. His movements caused his armor to make a subtle metallic noise that made me aware of his presence.

With a smile on my lips, I picked up a nearby kitchen knife and then tossed it right at him. Thanks to the speed and Magic Energy infused in it, the blade pierced the wall and stabbed the slab of meat behind.

“Now then, let's find mister Robertian Barg.” I said with a smile as I ripped apart the fake wall with my bare hands.

[Random Guard by the name of Postirnavikovich]

The booze at Tamulus was as good as ever! Sharp and spicy, hitting the gut like a jackal on a hunt!

As I opened the door, my mates laughed like idiots and called for another round. Those blunderheads didn't know when to quit! Haha!

On the other side of the road, I saw that rundown bakery. A woman walked out of it. She was as beautiful as an angel out of a fairy tale. She made my blood rush to my head, turning my ears and nose all red! Or maybe that was because of the booze?

Well, the beauty showed me a smile, gentle as a mother's kiss, but in the very next moment, she vanished!

She was gone... just like that... just like a ghost!

A second later, the ground shook, and a cloud of dust struck me from the front. I fell on my bum, and I coughed a few times.

Wha-What's happening? I wondered as I waved my hand in front of my face.

When the dust settled, the bakery was gone, and in its place was now a sinkhole that reached all the way to the middle of the road. I gulped.

“That's enough drinkin' for the night... or week...” I said.

My mates rushed out of inn, startled by the noise, while I remained sitting on my bum, looking at the giant hole in front of me that caught everyone's attention.

[Shanteya's point of view]

Robertian Barg was the leader of the Phantom Rage group in the Risteza City State, a man whom 10 years ago could have made me shiver in fear in front of him, but who now was no different than a simple bug I could crush by accidentally stepping on him.

He called himself a master of daggers, but his blades were neither as fast nor sharp as mine. After I broke his arms and legs, I made him spill the location of his superior's base as well as his name, Primus Castella.

Within the Phantom Rage Guild, the idea of respecting your elder or being loyal to him was nothing but a fool's thought. If you could take down one of your superiors, most of them would do it without batting an eye, however, anything related to the Master of the Guild was impossible to find out. The curse would have killed them instantly.

After blowing up Robertian Barg's hideout, I rushed out of Risteza and headed straight for the Cordina Kingdom, and more specifically, the Calleatar Town. I didn't forget to loot that place though, I got a lot of basic items, jewelry, and goldiettes, about 7000 coins according to a note there. I didn't stay to count them.

The speed at which I traveled would allow me to arrive at the town's gates a little before sunrise. I didn't need to worry about border patrols or monsters I encountered along the way because thanks to my skills, I could easily slip past them unnoticed. In fact, near the border of the Cordina Kingdom, I jumped over the heads of a knight patrol and they confused me with a passing gust of a wind.

The Calleatar Town was located to the South of the capital city, North of Pollian, the small village near the border point between Aunnar Kingdom, Tesuar Kingdom, and Cordina Kingdom where we stayed with Illsy back when the Darkness was trying to take control over him.

I remembered well those days, including the tragedy of Tuer Town, an adventurer settlement which was completely whipped off the face of the map by the Darkness' attacks. All of that destruction and devastation had certainly marked the people of the Tesuar nation, but if not for Zoreya's efforts, Tuer might not have been the only one to fall that day.

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