~ Chapter 141: A journey of blood (Part 2) ~

From a distance, the Calleatar Town appeared like an old settlement scarred by the passing of time like an old human still braving the winds despite the cracks in his skin and his withering bones. It gave me the feeling of a town that was slowly waiting to meet its end, to lay down and rest for eternity.

Even the trees surrounding it were old and gloomy, with a graveyard right outside filled to the limit with tombs from different ages.

Even the beauty of the sun that cast down its warm rays upon this land couldn't improve the image of this settlement that barely maintained its heavy weight upon the land.

With a powerful jump, I landed on top of the wall, and what I saw from there was the apathy of life that had sunk into the bones of countless generations. All of the buildings showed signs of neglect, and there was not even a single smile upon the lips of those who woke up with the morning rays of the sun.

I took a step closer to the edge, and in that very moment, I felt a chill run down my back and my hair stand on its end.

β€œThis feeling...” I said to myself as I looked at my hand.

My body was alerted by something or someone that was here, in this old town. Yet, it was impossible for a human or el'doraw to make me feel like this, on my toes and with my ears perked up. It was as if I was being watched or more as though someone was trying to reach out to me with their very energy, yet at the same time, it was a familiar feeling.

From within my Crystal Storage, I took out a small Dungeon Level Detection Stone and poured a bit of my Magic Energy within it. The number displayed on it was 247, and with this, I had my confirmation that the feeling that washed over me was none other than that of entering an unknown or possible enemy's Dungeon Territory.

A smile appeared on my lips as I absorbed the stone back into my storage.

This is quite an interesting find. I wonder what they can tell me about the Phantom Rage? Unless the humans here already brought the poor Dungeon to its knees and caused it to go mad? I wondered and then jumped down.

With the movements of a graceful dancer, I landed on top of the closest building to me. The wood squeaked no louder than it would have when a big bird landed on top of it. From there, I made my way around the town, searching for an old mansion with two big brawny guards inside.

Within this town filled with aged log buildings, it was like looking for the needle in the haystack, but I eventually found it. The mansion was located near the outer wall of the Lord's castle, which didn't even had a proper gate to keep the possible invaders out.

There was no need for me to talk with the guards, so as soon as I stepped within the house, I killed them with a precise stab to the heart. They didn't even see the face of the one who took their life, but if one of them yelled, it would have been inconvenient later on.

The hidden entrance was behind the old dresser in the main bedroom. It was the only piece of furniture which was made to look old and rotten rather than ending up like that due to the passing of time. To the normal eye, there was no difference, but it couldn't fool mine. After opening the door, I saw the fake wall behind it and pushed it aside. With a smile on my lips, I entered the hideout.

One hour and a half later, I stepped out of the old mansion.

It was a good thing the Dungeon was cooperative. I would have hated to destroy such a young one. I thought as I dusted off my dress.

Looking around, I could see that the town folk were already starting to wake up, which was the sign that I had to make myself unseen. I had no intention of sleeping in this place tonight when Illsy provided me with a far better alternative!

Thus, I made myself scarce.

Although the day was barely starting, I could feel my body growing tired from the lack of sleep. Sure, there were a few potions that could help with that, but I didn't feel like using them.

Once I found a good place in the forest outside of Calleatar Town, I took out Illsy's portable inn that had all the necessities a lady would require during a long journey across the continent while eliminating the hideouts of one of the most dangerous organization in this world.

Before I went to bed, I decided to take a hot bath to get rid of all the grime and sweat that made me feel all sticky and nasty. The warm water and pleasant rose scent of the soap helped me relax and relieve the tension in my body. Running around, hunting for assassins while still easy to do thanks to my stats, it was still tiring if done over the course of a long period of time. Besides, this wasn't a war of attrition where I had to be on my toes at any given moment, I could allow myself to take a break and relax, to tend to my womanly needs without worrying of attacks or that my target would slip through my grasp.

While I was relaxing in the bathtub, I thought back at my children and wondered, a bit amused, how they were scheming to trouble their beloved father. Anette was the one most likely to pull a prank on him, while Bachus would follow around with whatever his dear sister had planned.

Although to me they were still my little babies, I couldn't imagine them being able to play normally with other children of their age. Both of them were powerful enough to defeat at least a Master Rank Adventurer, although if they played their cards right, then even an Emperor Rank would be a good match for them.

Maybe the others never noticed, but even our students at the academy grew surprisingly fast when it came to strength and skills. When they arrived, they couldn't even take out a simple Dayuk of level 15, now those in the senior years could hunt down on their own an entire pack.

Out of all of us, Nanya was probably the best at judging how far they progressed and what sort of enemies they could take on without a problem.

The Dungeon in the Calleatar Town should be quite easy to conquer for them. After all, despite him being a Master Dungeon with a level of 247, it appeared as though he was chained and tamed by the Phantom Rage Guild ever since his birth. He didn't have any traps I would call deadly, but they were dangerous if you weren't careful. The Dungeon's job was not one of capturing adventurers or building complicated mazes but of acting as a miner for those who had enslaved him as soon as they discovered him.

Deep beneath the Calleatar Town laid a vein of gold that stretched for miles. Up until now, the Dungeon, with the little Magic Energy he could produce, was forced to mine the valuable mineral day in and day out.

When I found myself in front of his Crystal Body, I couldn't do it, I couldn't slay him like I did all the other assassins up until then. I looked at him and spoke to him. There was no energy in his voice, no will to fight back, no desire to stop me from ending his life. Just like a drained soldier on the battlefield, he waited for me to land the final strike and lay him to rest.

Renkados was his name, it was the word written on the wall in front of him when he spawned in his room. It meant 'to prosper' in his language, yet he couldn't see himself as prospering in any way or manner. His shackles kept him from dreaming, from seeking out his own strength. Everyone around him also told him that he was a weak Dungeon who will never amount to anything.

When he spoke, I could feel the sadness in the tone of his voice, the desperation of his soul, and the pain he had to live through up until now at the hands of those who never even tried to understand him. At the very least, he didn't go mad or crazy like most Dungeons did when under human control.

As I clenched my fist and prepared myself to shatter him to pieces, I thought back at Anette. If Illsyore didn't build that room there that day, then what would have happened to her? Would she have found herself in an empty cold room like Renkados? Destined to never have the chance to meet her parents or her sibling?

In the time I got to spend together with Illsy and my children, I learned step by step what I should do as a mother of a Dungeon. Raising Anette proved to be just as challenging as it was raising Bachus. There were times when I made mistakes, when I panicked, when I was scolded by my sister-wives, but together with them, I was able to learn and grow.

Being a parent wasn't easy, but it had a certain charm to it that simply changed you as a person. Your focus became the safety and well-being of your child rather than your personal goals. Balancing them out was the key to enjoying each moment of your time spent together, and no matter how many times my husband complained about the smelly diapers or the pranks the kids or Nanya pulled on him, he was never truly mad or angry about it. His goofiness made it more pleasing to endure, and looking at him taking care of the little ones soothed my heart.

On the other hand, Renkados, like many other young Dungeons out there had no parent to take care of him, no siblings to play with, no friends to learn from. He only had one cold wall with scribbled letters on it and a bunch of humans who didn't even see him as a living being. Maybe that was why I was so inclined to offer him a helping hand even if it was only at the level of basic advice.

I spared his life, but before I left the hideout, I advised him on what to do to survive and remain hidden in this settlement. A good start being to close off the upper two floors of his dungeon, to fill them up with dirt and open a passageway all the way into the forest, in a place where it was unlikely for humans to stumble upon. Then he should focus on growing strong but also try and gain allies. Acting non-aggressive towards good humans was preferable, but killing or capturing bandits and criminals was also good. Differentiating between the two was going to be a bit difficult, but I left him a small guide on how to do that. Then, if in the future, he survived and prospered, we would most likely meet each other again, as Illsyore was definitely on the lookout for such reasonable Dungeons.

Of course, I didn't leave the hideout empty handed, I looted it for all the coins it was worth, but I left the gear to Renkados to use for his summoned monsters or as rewards for those he met.

I fell asleep thinking about my children and that maybe I did a good things with this lone Dungeon and woke up when it was already starting to get dark outside. After I ate my 'dinner-breakfast' I absorbed the portable inn and left for the Mitosvak Town in the Mumra Kingdom to the North of Cordina Kingdom.

Primus Castella, the leader of the group in the Calleatar Town, was a bit reluctant to reveal the location and name his superior, but in the end, my torture techniques prevailed. It was a good thing I forgot to toss out of my Crystal Storage some of Bachus' used diapers. The stench was absolutely horrible, but that was just the sign of a well-growing happy baby. But maybe that wasn't why he told me? Was it the promise of a quick painless death after I ripped out the bones in his left hand and then placed salt on the wounds?

Anyway, I was now heading to Mumra Kingdom. My target this time was Merius Bargan, the leader of the assassin group in the Mitosvak Town. The journey there took me almost two days, unfortunately.

To my embarrassement, I got a bit lost along the way. We Over Supremes might be insanely powerful and fast compared to regular Supremes, but without a well-drawn map and a good sense of direction, any one of us could get lost, not that I lacked the latter. The advantage we had was that we could be self-sufficient for the most part. We did, after all, survive in the middle of the ocean without any problem back when we left the Boss Island.

I managed to find my way to the Mumra Kingdom and then to the Mitosvak Town by asking several traveling merchants, a border patrol, and some adventurers I stumbled upon. The language barrier became a bit of a problem once I crossed the border.

When I finally reached the town, I was surprised to find out that Merius Bargan was the local lord, which the people saw with favorable eyes. The settlement itself appeared to be doing quite well. The outer wall was properly maintained. With the exception of a few buildings, they all looked like good places to live in. The roads were kept clean of horse manure, and the people looked happy. Unfortunately, I didn't know the local language, so without further inquiry of the locals, I couldn't tell if this was or not just a nicely presented facade in order to ward off any suspicious travelers.

The Mumra Kingdom had its own language, but since it had an opening to the ocean, the Paramanium and Teslov languages were secondary, leaving me with very few individuals I could try to speak with.

On the Sorone Continent, only within the port cities could you hear the Shorayan Language, but for the most part, the goods trade was monopolized by the Paramanium Empire. This was also one of the reasons why Illsyorea was slowly turning into a trade hub for merchants. Our island was the closest to all three continents and the peace and defense of it was guaranteed by a Leviathan monster and a Godlike Dungeon Lord with Over Supreme Rank wives.

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