~ Chapter 141: A journey of blood (Part 3) ~

Instead of sneaking through the city, I entered through the front gates and payed a fee of 10 silverettes for being both an outsider and an el'doraw. Discrimination against my kind appeared to be in the bloom within this Kingdom since the Human Supremacy idealists from Paramanium made their new nest here. It was a bit troubling, but I planned on simply taking a mental note of this kingdom's condition for future reference.

With a question here and there, I learned that the Lord was the one who welcomed the human supremacists to this city so that Mitosvak Town would fall in line with the rest of the nearby settlements. It didn't take long afterwards for the el'doraws, dwarfs, and nekatars to leave this place and migrate South towards Aunnar Kingdom, of which they heard it was a prosperous nation that welcomed everyone.

A few of them even urged me to do the same before the slavers caught wind of my presence here. Well, by the time they finished their warning, three big brutes were already walking towards me with a chain in their hands.

The aftermath of that encounter, well... let's just say that a sudden slave merchant's building suddenly exploded and all of his slaves mysteriously vanished.

Thanks to the impressive amount of goldiettes found in that man's coffers, those poor folk were granted a safe travel all the way to Aunnar, where they could hope for more than just the miserable life of a slave.

My little fireworks display, however, forced me into hiding, which for me wasn't all that difficult to do. I spent my time walking around and keeping an eye out for any Assets of the Phantom Guild. Those people were the easiest to spot, while the Moneybags were a bit more difficult without reading the flow of money from their businesses.

When the sky began to darken, I made my way to the Lord's castle. There was a tight guard on the walls and at the gates, more so than the small Lord of a humble town like this one would ever need. To untrained eyes, it would look as though he was exaggerating with this amount of protection, but for me, it looked as though he was taking precautions against thieves and possible assassins using the knowledge he learned while within the Phantom Rage Guild.

While I did admire his preparedness, I had to admit that none of this could stop me. I slipped past his guards unnoticed and then made my way to the second floor of his castle where the light in his study pointed out his presence.

The moment when I wanted to open the door, I stopped as I noticed the flow of Magic Energy around the door knob. It wasn't a lock but an alarm.

Clever little Merion. I thought with a smile as I turned around and looked at the door on the opposite side.

It appeared to lead to some other room, maybe a bedroom, but there was no light coming from behind the cracks. While others would have ignored this little detail and thought of the room as empty, I believed it was actually the opposite.

Before I move forward, I decided to scatter around the corridor a bit of the sleeping powder I looted from the previous hideouts, just in case noisy guards wanted to come and spoil my fun.

Turning the knob, I opened the door and was met with a black drape blocking the light. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. When I pulled the drape, I was met with the pointing end of a crossbow bolt. The projectile bounced off my Magic Armor without leaving a scratch.

“Good evening, mister Merius Bargan.” I said and showed him a gentle smile.

“Who are you?! State your business or I will call the guards!” he declared as he reloaded and then aimed the crossbow at me.

“Please, spare me your useless threats.” I said as I shot a small ice spike right at his weapon, knocking it out of his hands.

This study room had a big bookcase to my left and another to my right. The windows were nonexistent, making this a completely sealed room. Since Merius was a member of the Phantom Rage, then he certainly had a hidden passage or two as well as several hidden weapons just in case. Poisonous gas and poisoned darts were some of the few tricks his kind tended to use in order to overwhelm their target. After all, not everyone could fully block poisonous substances with their Magic Armor, especially when even a higher concentration of Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide or any of the other gases naturally found in the air could lead to a state of intoxication. Illsy made sure to teach us back on the Boss Island how to control our Magic Armor in such a way that we could avoid this situation.

I took a step closer to Merius, and he immediately reached for the hidden sword behind his desk. Once unsheathed, he pointed the tip at me.

“I will have you fall to my blade!” he declared but didn't attack, he was luring me in.

“Alright, I'll bite.” I said with a smile as I walked closer.

Just as I expected, poisoned darts, daggers, and even an axe were thrown at me from hidden slots in the walls and ceiling. To my eyes, they flew towards me in slow motion, but I didn't move a millimeter out of the way. I stood still and allowed them to hit me because I knew not even one of them could pass through my Magic Armor.

When Merius saw that his attack was ineffective, he tried to attack me with his sword, but I caught it between my finger tips.

“You lack manners, mister Merius.” I showed him a smile and then pulled the sword right out of his hands. “Let me teach you some.” I said before I struck him with the hilt of his sword.

The man flew to the left. He hit the bookcase and then fell on the ground with a broken lip. A few drops of blood stained the rather expensive-looking carpet on the floor. I didn't even notice it until now.

“W-What do you want?” he asked as he tried to get out.

“Hm, I wonder if you'll answer truthfully though?” I said as I stepped on his back and pushed him to the floor.

I heard a crack coming from his rib cage and then he let out a scream of agony. I didn't bother shutting him up.

“Master Merius, are you al...” a guard rushed in here to check up on him, but the moment he steeped through the door, he fell on the ground.

“That's some good sleeping powder.” I commented and then looked down at Merius. “But now, let's cast a more serious spell, shall we?” I said before using [Noise Dampener Barrier].

This one was a skill reserved usually for Emperor Rank Assassins. I picked it up while raiding the previous hideouts, or to be more exact, I stumbled upon the manuals that taught it and then learned it myself while I was heading here from the Cordina Kingdom.

Frankly speaking, it was a very simple spell that slowed down the vibration of the air that passed through it. If I showed the books too Illsy, I was sure he would come up with something better, unless he already had something up his sleeve.

“Now I can torture you as much as I want without having to bother about anyone else. So, what can you tell about Phantom Island?” I asked.

“I don't know what you're talking about, you crazy woman!” he declared.

“Hm, I was once a Broken Doll, mister Merius, you can't fool me about who you truly are.” I narrowed my eyes at him before I bent his right pointing finger in an unnatural way.


“AAA!!!” he screamed in agony.

“Phantom Island. Or your superior's hideout, that works too.” I told him as I moved to his next finger.

“I-I'll die before I'll betray the Master!” he declared in a powerful tone of voice.

“Well, we'll see about that. I'm a pretty good healer too, and you don't need to die just go insane from the pain.” I showed him a smile and then broke his next finger.


His screams could be heard only within this soundproof barrier of mine.

Seven hours later, I finally walked out of his room. Merius Bargan was laying in the middle of the room in a pool of his own blood. His end was neither merciful nor easy, but in the end, he was the one who begged me to kill him just to stop the torture. As for the guards and servants that often dropped by to check up on him, they were all laying in a corner, knocked out by the sleeping powder.

I so dearly hope that neither Illsyore nor my children will ever witness this side of me. I said with a smile, and in my heart I feared the possibility of them hating me for it.

Never, my love... I heard his voice.

Thinking that it came from behind me, I turned around, but there was no one there, just the empty corridor.

That was odd... It sounded like Illsy, but... different. I thought and then shook my head.

“I think I need a break after this. Yes! Let's go shopping!” I declared with a smile as I fled the crime scene.

That night, I camped out in the forest at about seventeen kilometers away from the Mitosvak Town. The guards would certainly be alerted once they discovered Merius' dead body and then a search party for the criminal would be organized. They would start with the castle and then spread towards the city, finishing up with the nearby forest. I didn't want to be bothered with their nonsense, that was why I camped out so far away from them. It would take them more than a day to search through this terrain, especially with all the monsters lurking around.

Speaking of Merius, he did answer all of my questions in the end. I found out that there was a hidden place in the Gastruza Port in the Mondravia Kingdom, where I could pay a fee with which I would be taken to the Phantom Island. The fee itself was of 200000 goldiettes and the Insignia of a Phantom Rage Elite. It so happened, that Merius here was an Elite and a Godlike one at that.

There was no need to worry about the coins either, I acquired around 247051 goldiettes from plundering all the hideouts so far, especially the one with the Master Dungeon in it. All that was left now was to travel safely though Fugen Kingdom while enjoying the scenery and buying souvenirs for my family back on Illsyorea.

And that was exactly what I did. Three days later, I was in Albarda City, the capital of the Fugen Kingdom. My destination was the Skiek Market, where ordinary people would come and sell their handmade items or various good they didn't use anymore. There was all sorts of useless junk on display, but if one looked carefully, they could spot treasure hidden among the said junk. I, for one, looked forward to finding it.

While I was shopping, I asked one of the merchants about the history of this kingdom.

“That be easy, madam. Over eight years ago, this Fugen Kingdom was once part of the big Tesuar Kingdom, offering two great ports through which it could sell its goods to the kingdom far away, on the other continents.” he said.

“What happened to cause it to split?” I asked as I picked up a silly-looking toy that resembled one of those action figures Illsy made for him. I think Bachus would love this. I thought.

“The Tragedy of Tuer happened.” he said.

I froze.

Isn't that... isn't that the place The Darkness blew up? I thought.

“We still don't know what happened there, but one day, the growing town of Tuer vanished off the face of the map and together with it the heir to the throne of Tesuar, Prince Rezmadan the Second. With no other heirs, the King then turned to his concubines, but this caused a big dispute with his wife, the Queen. A civil war was unleashed between the two, while the population grew restless because the nobles would rather bicker among themselves than find the cause of that tragedy and make sure it never happened again.” he explained with a sad look in his eyes “My wife died in Tuer...” he looked down and let out a deep sigh.

“I-I'm sorry.” I apologize while I felt a sting in my heart.

“There's nothing to be sorry of, madam. You weren't there.” he showed me a warm smile.

“Yes... I wasn't there...” I looked down with sad eyes at the toy in my hand.

“Well, while the royal bickering grew to national proportions, Archduke Fugen decided to stand for the people and declared the independence of his lands from Tesuar. Since he was the brother of his majesty, he had the royal blood needed to be recognized as a king. A war between the two countries started because the King of Tesuar wouldn't allow it, but half of his army betrayed him. In the battle of Trozka, we won our independence, and the Fugen Kingdom was formed. As for Tesuar, I heard that the old King now has three boys princes and four princesses from his concubines.” he said with a nod.

“I see...” I leaned over the stand and handed him 10 goldiettes. “It's for the toy and the story.” I whispered to him and then showed him a warm smile.

“Madam, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! This will certainly help my business!” he declared with a bright smile on his face.

We stole something irreplaceable from you and that I fear no amount of gold can cover it. I thought as I left the stand behind while looking at the small toy in my hand.

As I made my way to the center of the Skiek Market, I suddenly heard something that made me feel as though struck by lightning.

“...El'maru Rokan.”

I slowly turned to look at the one who muttered that name. It was a man who wore a hood and had an unpleasing air around him.

In a moment's notice, I moved in front of him and with killing intent in my gaze and words, I asked him “Where is El'maru Rokan hiding?”

The man gulped and trembled.

“WHERE?” I question him again and pushed him into the wall hard enough to make his Magic Armor shatter.

“Y-You'll find him in Shortel City in Mondravia... That's all I know, I swear!” he declared.

“Why do you know this?” I asked him.

“Are you kidding me? That man's a legendary assassin. Not even the nobles dare to touch him!” he said.

A legend, huh? I can't believe he is alive... Guess, I will need to make a detour on my journey and rectify this error of fate. I said as I retracted my killing intent and then slowly left the two behind.

They tried to chase after me, but I was already running at full speed towards Shortel City. My next target of assassination was going to be the el'doraw I had to thank for me becoming a Broken Doll of Phantom Rage, my teacher, my rapist, my nightmare... El'maru Rokan.

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