~ Chapter 142: A long-awaited reunion (Part 2) ~

After another five minutes had passed, the two maids returned with a tray of tea and cakes. They left it on the nightstand next to her bed and then left the room without so much as looking at us. I felt as though they didn't even see us as draconian women. Considering how most maids in the service of the royal family come from the second or third daughters of noble families, and seeing how our current political might within the kingdom was almost non-existent, then I wouldn't have been surprised if they didn't hold even a single drop of respect for us.

“While we wait for the tea to cool down, we should talk dear sister. I still remember that day when I met you for the first time.” Vellezya said with a clear change in the tone of her voice.

I'm glad... I thought when I noticed this.

“It was during one of your riding lessons back when you were just seven years old.” she continued.

“Yes, I remember that day.” I nodded. “I was very focused on not falling. The voice of my teacher was like a distant echo that kept bugging me with small details. The horse had been trained well enough to obey my every command to the letter, but it would still take me another two years before I could ride him properly.”

“I too started my lessons when I was six, but I was a bit unlucky during my first lesson.” she showed me a wry smile.

“You broken your hand and then the Royal Tutors had to teach you something that didn't require you to write.”

“They were your tutors as well, Seher Zavan, Margabelle Sango, and Olmanda Rugos. They will teach my baby boy as well when the time comes.” she told me.

“They had been the royal tutors for eight generations now.” I nodded.

“Do you still enjoy participating in political debates?” she asked me.

“Political debates? No, not since I left Drakaros. I never really enjoyed the debate itself as much as the satisfaction of beating older draconians in terms of logic and political arguments.” I shrugged.

“You were smiling every time you won, though.”

“Yes. I can't deny it. But the reason why I got into political debates was probably thanks to mister Roquanis Hetkins.”

“The Politics and International Laws Royal Tutor?” she asked.

“Yes, that's him. It all happened on a whim, honestly. When I was 11 years old, he brought me to a political debate in order to teach me the impartiality of the declared law. Afterwards, I kept asking questions about the political problems within Teslov, which eventually reached the King's ears. He was the one who had me assist as the judge of a political debate between Baron Leonard Hashan and Viscount Bazir Moves.”

“You agreed in the end with Baron Leonard Hashan, which completely shocked Viscount Bazir Moves.” she giggled.

“It's unfortunate that I don't remember how exactly I came to that conclusion. I think it had something to do with an ancient law that hadn't been used in more than twelve centuries, but according to which the land the Viscount claimed to be his was in fact the Baron's.” I said as I tried to remember, but that debate took place back when I was just a twelve-years-old little girl.

“Since then until you were sixteen, you kept on participating in debate after debate, which for the most part baffled the older draconians and caused many others to either admire you or feel threatened by you.” Vellezya said as she reached out for the cup of tea and touched the side of the porcelain with her finger “Still hot.” she said.

“At sixteen, I was sent to participate in Ambassadorial Debates. Those were far more difficult, but they didn't last long. A year later, I learned about the Ball... and then a year later, the Council of Elder forbade me from leaving the Pleyades Palace.” I said as I looked down.

“They locked you up out of fear...”

“Two years later, I was forced into an engagement with Dankyun, who didn't waste any time to burn my throat with poison. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise because I ended up meeting my husband, Illsyore.” I said with a soft smile.

“The only reason you were able to leave was because you used your knowledge of the law and forced the Council of Elders into either letting you free or risk to be held under the contempt of the King and past Kings all the way to the first Emperor. To think you would find such an old and dusty document hidden in the library.” she giggled.

“It wasn't my only card, I had several others, my dear sister, including a sure-win move. After all, when you walk up the stand in a political debate you must have more than one means of winning the game. If you become reliant on only one type of attack, you might as well forfeit the game from the very beginning.” I explained with my chin up and a confident smile on my lips.

“For sister to show me such a triumphant look it must mean that you thoroughly enjoyed that last debate of yours.” she asked with a smirk.

“But of course, my dear little sister.” I nodded.

“If I had your knowledge and skill, maybe I would have tried to leave the palace as well, unfortunately... my expertise is in planting flowers and making them bloom. I was never good at either politics or math.” she showed me a wry smile.

I nodded and then reached out for the cup of tea. While Vellezya had a bit of a cat tongue, I didn't feel bothered by the heat of my meal. Nanya once tried to prank me by giving me boiled wine to drink, but I didn't feel it at all. It did scare Illsy quite a bit. He ended up doing a fully body scan for any internal injuries.

When I moved the cup close to my lips, I saw the brown liquid being pushed back by my Magic Armor. I stopped right before it was about to spill over.

Why is it... I thought and then I realized the most obvious reason why a liquid would be acting like this. Poison... Is she... I looked up from the tea and noticed that my sister's eyes weren't focused on me. She was smiling innocently while looking down at her hands.

The criminal would have wanted to follow my every move like a hawk, to capture in his memories the moment when I made the foolish mistake to drink his poisoned concoction.

Putting the cup down, I asked her “Sister, what happened to your squirrel hair brush?”

Vellezya blinked surprised when she heard the question. For an outsider, it would fit the general subject of our conversation, but to us, it meant something else.

“It's still beside me, sister.”

There were no lies in her reply.

When she was young, she had a little pet squirrel she grew fond of, but one day, one of her guards killed it in cold blood because he thought 'it attack her'. Of course, that was a lie, but within the palace, we couldn't do much about it. We couldn't go and complain to our teachers or anyone else about a dead pet. At that time, I didn't find the brutality of that soldier to be out of the ordinary either.

If he would have done the same thing back on Illsyorea with one of my children's pets, well, let's just say I would really enjoy my next target practice session for my Over Supreme attacks.

After that event, we formed our own little code, through which if one of us asked about a brush with squirrel hair, we would say it was with us if we still considered ourselves allies or away from us if there was something or someone standing between our girl alliance.

“In that case, wouldn't it be better if I poured you a cup of coffee instead of this tea? How about three lumps?” I asked with a smile.

When she heard this, Vellezya's eyes grew big, and she looked down at the tea.

“Y-Yes... P-Please do.” she replied but she was obviously shaken by my words.

My little sister never liked coffee. She absolutely hated it to the point that when I gave her some to taste, she spat it in my face.

If I ever thought she was in danger, I would just have to ask to pour her some coffee with the number of lumps of sugar being the threat level from one to five. In this case, three meant the possibility of something life-altering or worse.

When I thought about getting up from my seat to go and call the maids, they suddenly opened the door and entered the room. One of them was holding the a baby boy in her arms. I connected the dots in my head and realized that this little bundle of joy was none other than my nephew, Brachen. He was still sleeping cuddled up in his little white blanket. He was absolutely adorable!

“It's feeding time, your Highness. We have brought the warm milk.” the maid holding the baby said.

Snapping out of that cuteness spell, I took the baby out of her arms and then gave it to Vellezya, a gesture which surprised those two.

“Oh my, you don't look worried about dropping him at all. And here I thought I would have to ease you into holding him.” she giggled as she took the little one in her arms and nuzzled him.

“Despite how I look, little sister, I've had my share of diaper changes.” I told her and then turned to look at those two. “Who brewed that tea?” I demanded to know in a stern tone of voice.

“We did. Is there a problem?” the one on the left, with long dark hair, asked furrowing her brow.

“Give me the milk.” I opened my hand, but those two hesitated. “NOW!” I ordered them.

“Sh! Sh!” Vellezya coed the baby boy who got restless because I raised the tone of my voice.

My little sister knew all too well not to get in my way now. This was related to our earlier exchange of words.

The maid holding the bottle hesitantly gave it to me. I snatched it out of her hand and used two drop on my wrist. The white liquid passed through my Magic Armor without a problem, letting me know that it was safe to drink.

Nodding, I turned around and then gave it to Vellezya.

“I'll be back, little sister, and when I do, I will ask you a very important question.” I told her and then placed a kiss on her forehead. “Take care.” I whispered.

“You too, sister Ayuseya.” she nodded with a smile.

I took the tray of tea and cakes with me and then looked at the two maids.

“Did you also brew the tea?” I asked.

“Yes.” she nodded.

I closed my eyes for a second.

Within my mind, there were several plans being brewed up for how to handle the current situation. Two of them involved kidnapping Vellezya, while only one involved Illsyore. The last one was what Nanya would call a coward's path. Only the last one didn't violate any of the international laws, while the one involving Illsyore had as a result the possibility of having Illsyorea branded as a terrorist nation. I also didn't want to rely on the Paramanium Emperor's power, and there was also the Merchant Guild I had to consider, which was neutral to all forces, yet which didn't enjoy trading with nations that didn't follow the international laws.

Politics was a game which was designed in such a way that you couldn't move forward or even take a step back without risking everything you built up so far crumbling down in the split of a second. It was a juggle of laws, where each one could put a bad mark on Illsyorea, but that was only if I ended up being in the wrong. Only if, Teslov had a bigger political presence than Illsyorea among the three continents.

Legally and politically, in every country in this world, the King or Queen held the absolute ruling decision in their kingdom. Legally speaking, they were above the law. A right which was enforced by the political agendas of the nobles backing them up. To deny a royal this right would mean that all or the majority of the most influential and powerful nobles in a country allied themselves against his rule.

This was different from a coup because the King or Queen still retained their position, it was just that their previous ruling was either denied or never enforced.

Another way to deny this right was to reveal the tyranny of the ruler and his noble servants to the people of the country and then enacting a coup on their behalf.

Whatever I chose today could very well spell out either the doom of Teslov or the loss of trust in Illsyorea's political promises, from which it was far harder to recover than having to create a nation from the ground up.

There was a saying in the Sorone Kingdom that went like this: You can only be a Hero to your own people, but to the enemy or those who become your enemy, you will always be nothing more than an evil madman.

I could not have Illsyore become an evil madman. I couldn't do that to him out of my own selfishness to deal with Teslov, that was why my plan had to be perfect or at the very least not lead to putting a mark on my home, Illsyorea.

Thus, after I decided on what to do, I opened my eyes and said “Please follow me outside.”

The two looked at each other confused and then walked out, while Vellezya remained hin her bed and nursed her baby, my little nephew.

Once outside, I gave the plate to the soldier and declared in a stern tone of voice that showed not even the slightest waver or uncertainty “This contains poison. These two have tried to poison both me and Princess Vellezya. You are hereby required per the law dictated by his Majesty to arrest them and if they resist arrest to end their lives on the spot.”

“What? You can't possibly...” the maid rebuked, but the guard unsheathed his sword.

“I'm sorry, but you have to come with us quietly. If these allegations are true...” he stopped and looked at me with eyes that said he didn't like me.

“They are true. Proof of this is the health of the Princess. I used earlier a Spell Crystal to cure her of the poison in her system. With one look at her complexion, you will know that I was right.” I declared.

“What makes you sure you can give us orders?” the other guard asked.

“Section 14 of the Law of Royals and Paragraph C line two of the Ambassadors Law. You will find them in the Book of Laws in the library if you wish to check. I believe it was on second raw to the right. Unless you forgot that I was once called Pleyades as well.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Tch! Very well.” he said and looked at his friend “Take them to their cell, I'll keep guard here, unless the former Princess here has any other complaints to make?” he asked.

“I do, but for now, this will suffice. I will be returning to my room now.” I announced and then walked away.

News of my little display of authority here would certainly reach the ears of the nobles, especially since two of their daughters were just tossed in the dungeon for poisoning a royal. In front of my proof, which was the princess herself, there was no way to spin this around least they wished to debate the laws with me.

Either way, it was time to make my next move.

Thus, upon returning to my room, I closed the door behind me and took out the small device Illsy gave me as an alarm. A call in case anything bad happened. While this wasn't an emergency, his presence here was mandatory for my plan to work.

If I remember right, this button is for immediate danger and this one is to be used if I just need help or assistance. I don't want him breaking down walls and doors, so I'll push the second one. Now, let's go outside and wait for my beloved to arrive so I can explain to him what he needs to do in order to save my little sister... and possibly Teslov as well. I thought as I pressed the button for 'Need Help'.

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