~ Chapter 144: Solstark's demise (Part 2) ~

“You demand?” the demon looked back at his friend near the gate and then both of them burst into a loud laughter. “Lady, no one demands anything from Lord Solstark! If his grace demands something from you, we will let you know! Now beat it before you'll regret waking up this morning!” he threatened as he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword.

It was clear to me that this Duke of Chaos took the rude approach when it came to strangers and visitors to his city. If mother was here instead of me, she would have killed them instantly.

Or at the very least, that was I how I thought she would react.

On the other hand, I didn't feel like killing them just for that.

I showed this guard a smile and then punched him in the stomach before he could react. As I grabbed him by the face, I then slammed him into his friend and sent the two of them flying into the castle's wall. The whole action took place in the blink of an eye.

“Next time you open your mouth, do ask who it is that you're addressing to.” I told the demon before he fell unconscious.

With these two out of the way, I approached the gate and punched it. The force behind my fist was powerful enough to shatter mountains. This metal gate, although enchanted by some of the best mages Solstark could find, was unable to withstand it and bent inwards until the hinges snapped. With a loud thud, it fell on the other side.

Immediately, several demons rushed outside, while a couple of others jumped off the wall. Their weapons were unsheathed and some of them were even in the process of conjuring up their spells.

“What a rude welcome reception.” I scoffed as I whipped my tail in the air, causing a loud boom to be heard.

“Who are you? Identify yourself, criminal!” one of the more braver ones demanded to know.

“Me? Isn't it obvious, you weakling?” of course it wasn't, and I knew that “I'm Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd Deus, the daughter of Akardia Demonarkiar!” I scoffed and then immediately conjured up sixteen small fireballs that floated above me, spinning in a circle.

“What terrifying Magic Energy...” one of them said as he lifted up his sword to defend himself from my incoming attack.

“She's obviously lying! Get her!” the demon who wore the best armor among them shouted.

Now that I took a better look at them, there appeared to be a difference in both the quality of their armors and number of enchantments they had on them. The soldiers who acted as a vanguard had thicker plates on their armors, carried shields, and used spears as weapons. The soldiers who acted as crowd control or ranged attackers had thin plates and wielded staves, bows, or short swords.

Based on how they looked alone, I guessed that the higher ranks had more fancy-looking to uniquely-styled armors and weapons. The one who called me a liar had gold-engraved chest plate armor.

The soldiers moved at the demon's commands and stepped forward. They looked ready to attack, ready to take me down, but they were all highly underestimating the power behind these tiny fireballs of mine.

I released my spells to meet those of the enemy casters while a couple of them detonated in front of the vanguards. A series of powerful explosions rocked the courtyard and a huge cloud of dust rose up in the air. Using this diversion, I moved closer to them and began my attack.

A single strike with my palm or fist was enough to shatter their Magic Armors and send them flying into the walls or outside the castle. In the blink of an eye, all the demons who surrounded me fell on the ground, either unconscious or in too much pain to dare to stand up.

The last one was the demon who ordered the attack. I walked up to him while swaying my tail left and right. I was confident in my power. I was confident in my status. I knew what I wanted to achieve in this place and there was no demon or demoness who could stop me from doing so.

“Do you still think I'm lying?” I looked down and then back into his eyes, a mocking smile appeared on my lips “Puny demon.”

“I-I...” he started to speak, but his legs were trembling from fear.

“Hmph!” I scoffed and then slapped him.

The demon flew across the courtyard and slammed into the wall.

“Now then, how about I ask one of the servants here where I can find their lord? That old goat didn't even bother to greet me.” I said to myself as I calmly stepped within castle.

This place, just like the outside, was decorated with lack of taste for aesthetics. Everything in here screamed of the presence of a demon lord who was trying to compensate with fear for his lack of power. There were paintings of decapitations, naked demonesses licking the Chaos Lord's feet, whipping, explosions, and various other disturbing things. The statues were all of grotesque mutilated demons, and the chandeliers were made to look like black spiky vines. The colors were predominantly black and red, which made me wonder how this demon even managed to raise a family here, more so a daughter who could enchant Eventel's heart?

While I was pondering about such things, I found one of the maids serving here. She wore a skimpy leather outfit that showed a lot of skin and emphasized her breasts and bottom, which looked rather uncomfortable to wear. There were a lot of leather belts on this outfit, which didn't make any sense to me, but it was clear that it was designed to stir up the Chaos Lord's sexual desires rather than help the demoness with her work.

“You there, tell me where I can find Solstark.” I demanded.

“Hm? Are you the new dominatrix?” she asked.

The what? I thought and blinked surprised.

“He's in the dungeon, taming his daughter. You will find a spare set of leather clothes in the room over there, and you can find a whip at the entrance to the dungeon. Hm, by the way, what's with the ruckus outside? Did one of the locals tried to attack the lord out of revenge again?” she asked and pointed behind her at the metal door to the right of the stairs that led to the upper floor.

“Huh? Yeah... that.” I replied while my brain was struggling to process what she just blurted out.

With a smile on her face and swaying her hips left and right, she walked down the corridor and entered the third room on the left. Meanwhile, I remained standing there while wondering just what sort of messed up demon was Solstark.

Shaking these thoughts out of my head, I went down to the dungeons. The moment I stepped inside, I was met with the image of frightened demonesses who were huddled up in the back of their cells. None of them was a slave, but they had all been whipped and harmed in some way by the Chaos Lord.

I wonder if I will be able to abstain myself from killing him? I thought as I grabbed the lock to their cage and ripped it off.

“Get out and stay clear of this castle.” I told them before moving on to another cage.

It didn't take me too long to destroy all the locks and none of the guards dared to enter their master's dungeon. Unfortunately, not all of the demonesses kept in these cages had the courage to escape. They were either to afraid to leave or thought this was some sort of test, which if they happened to fail, they would suffer a terrible punishment later, when Solstark caught them.

Whether they believed me or not and fled from this place didn't matter to me. I just happened to do them a favor while I was closing in my original target, the demon that went by the name of Solstark. He was located in the far end room of this dungeon and had yet to react to all noise coming from outside.

When I pulled the handle and opened the door, I realized why it was so.

This grotesque demon with red skin, red eyes, and a face that made you want to punch it stood in the middle of the room naked. In his right hand, he held a black whip. On the other side of the room, tied up to the wall in chains, was Viola, his own flesh and blood daughter.

Solstark had goat horns that sprouted from his forehead and grew as big as his entire head. They were curved backwards, forming an arc. His head hair didn't stop at his neck and continued to grow down his spine, forming a thick mane. The hand which held the whip was skinny and barely showed any well developed muscles. The legs on which he stood were those of a lizard covered in dark-brown fur. A tail sprouted from above his pelvis and ended with a furry tip. The big round belly similar to that of a pregnant woman was what stood out the most when you looked at him.

Viola, on the other hand, was a beautiful demoness with long blonde hair, green eyes, white horns curved towards the back, two tails ending in fluffy fur, and a row of scales that covered her legs up to her knees. In rest, she was similar to a human, which proved to show that she was a rather powerful demoness too, yet in front of this monster of a father of hers, she was weak and defenseless.

“Who are you? How dare you dis...”

Solstark started talking, but I didn't let him finish. I punched him in the face and sent him flying into the wall. The enchanted bricks cracked from the impact, and his Magic Armor was shattered to pieces. Four of his teeth broke off, and his eyes turned white when he lost consciousness.

“Tch!” I clicked my tongue since I held back too much.

This demon was lucky to have survived.

“W-Who are you?” Viola asked with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Eventel's older sister, Nanya. I'm here to bring back, sister-in-law.” I replied with a smile.

“Eventel sent you? You speak the truth, right? Eventel sent you?” she asked as she looked at me with eyes that begged me for the truth.

“Yes. Why would you think he wouldn't?” I asked tilting my head to the left.

“F-Father...” she said and looked at the unconscious garbage “He told me that he already divorced me. That he gave up on me...” she said.

“And you believed him?” I asked.

She nodded.

“No, silly demoness, that demon kept trying to find a way to get to you, but your father threatened to send pieces of you if he didn't oblige.” I told her and then I looked at her supposedly severed finger. “Didn't he cut off your ring finger?” I asked furrowing my brow.

“Yes, he did, but I regenerated.” she told me.

“That's convenient. Does Eventel know about this?” I asked.

She shook her head “I didn't even know that myself. Even father was surprised, but because of that he realized that he could whip me as much as he wanted without fearing that I would break... It was his way of... teaching me how to be a woman.” she replied in disgust.

“I understand. You don't need to say anything. Now let me get you out of these things.” I told her as I grabbed the cuffs.

“You can't take them off that easily... they are impossible to...” she started saying something but the loud crack the metal made stopped her.

The cuffs were forced open, and I highly doubted they could be used again.

“How did you?... But these... they were supposed to be...” Viola said as she stood there speechless.

“They were supposed to be what?” I asked as I pulled a blanket out of my inner mind and covered her frail body with it.

“Impossible to break...” she said.

“Impossible? Those things?” I looked back at them, and I was surprised to hear that someone believed something as silly as that.

“It was said that Queen Akardia's husband made them and gifted them to Solstark many decades ago. They were made in such a way that even her Majesty would have a hard time getting out of them.” she said as I helped her walk out of that horrible dungeon.

“Pfft! If that's the best father can make, then he has either grown weak or senile over the years. The cuffs my husband can make can restrain even a Leviathan.” I laughed.

It felt so good to find out that I just destroyed one of father's little toys.

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