~ Chapter 144: Solstark's demise (Part 3) ~

As soon as we stepped out of the castle, the ground began to tremble under our feet and the flow of Magic Energy around started to twist and turn as though it was being disturbed by some powerful force. The soldiers and servants all fled from the scene, while the people within the city began to cry in fear.

Viola was shivering in my arms, but I didn't feel even the slightest bit threatened by this display of power. Shifting the flow of Magic Energy and turning it wild was an easy thing to do anyone with a level over 1000 could do it with enough practice.

“WHO DARES TO STEAL MY PROPERTY?!” Solstark growled in anger.

The wrath of this demon was manifested through red lightnings that attacked everything around him, leaving behind only devastation. That was pure Magic Energy released at random, and could only be used to intimidate others by giving the impression that the one who cast this was undeniably powerful.

If I did the same thing or if any one of my sister-wives did that, then this entire city would be destroyed all together not just a few rocks around us.

“Since when is my sister-in-law your property?” I asked raising an eyebrow at the one behind the cloud.

“YOU! HOW DARE YOU INVADE MY LAND?!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

When the cloud cleared off, I could see the same ugly demon from before. The difference now was that he was dressed in proper clothing and gave off the feeling of a refined gentlemen, if you ignored his face distorted by his maddening wrath.

I knew I didn't hit him hard enough, but he definitely recovered faster than I had expected. He even had time to get dressed. I thought as I moved in front of Viola to better protect her from this mad demon's attacks.

Solstark straightened the collar of his jacket, which was big enough to cover his entire neck and was pointing up like the mouth of a vase. The mantle was made of a thick velvet and was infused with several spells. Every article of clothing on his body was enchanted in some way or another to increase his combat performance.

“It doesn't matter, I'll kill you anyway!” he declared and then shot a sphere of Magic Energy at me.

It looked like a combination of air magic and energy magic, but condensed within a shadow sphere. It was a strange spell, which made it hard to read, but while it was quite powerful, it didn't even put a scratch on my Magic Armor. Actually, the spell shattered upon impact.

“What?” Solstark blinked in surprise.

He was certainly not expecting his spell to have no effect on me.

“My turn.” I said and then vanished from his sight.

I didn't teleport, I simply moved faster than his eyes could follow and stopped when I was right next to him. My punch broke the sound barrier before it smacked Solstark in the guts. The impact made him convulse in pain and barf out his previous meal. I made sure not to let myself get hit by that disgusted slush.

Barely standing on his feet and holding his stomach, Solstark tried to find me as he moved his eyes left and right, but I was already behind him. With a roundhouse kick I sent him flying to the side, right into his precious wall.

The impact released a cloud of dust as the sound released was similar to that of a cannon. A crater was formed on the wall while big cracks spread around like a spiderweb.

Solstark coughed up a mouthful of blood and then fell on the ground with a groan. He was still conscious, but heavily wounded and unable to understand what just happened to him.

Looking back at his castle, I spread my Dungeon Territory for a split second to see if there were any servants on the upper floors on this side of the building. I was in luck, there was no one here.

“Chaos Lord Solstark, before you faint like the worthless scum you are, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd Deus, and if you ever touch Viola or Eventel again. If you dare to mess with my family, I will punch you with my full strength. For reference, here's a little taste of it.” I declared before I jumped towards his castle and punched the wall hard enough to make the entire front side collapse into a crater.

The shock wave devastated the interior of the castle. It was as if someone had took a giant bolder and then sent it flying towards the wall faster than the speed of sound. The impact then sent all those too close to it flying back and those inside to feel as though they were being crushed by a brick wall. Humans might have ended up seriously injured, but any and all demons and demonesses caught by this shock wave would at most be knocked off their feet and feel a bit disoriented.

Even Viola found herself falling down on her bottom and covering her face from the dust that was lifted up in the air. I would need to apologize to her later.

Turning back to look at the Duke of Chaos, I sent my killing intent at him and remained like that for a moment, just glaring into his frightened eyes.

“I hope I made myself perfectly clear, Solstark. Don't you dare come close to my family again or I will rip you limb from limb and feed you to the centipedes outside.” I told him in a calm tone of voice, but with enough pressure to point out how serious I was.

I didn't want him to get it in his head that he had a chance at revenge after this. In his eyes, I had to be just like mother, an entity that could crush him like an insect at any given moment, a being in a whole other league.

After this little display of power, I took Viola from the city and traveled on the road leading through the forest to the border of Solstark territory. The journey there took us two days, and in this time I got to know the demoness a little better.

Viola told me how she met her current husband, Eventel, and how silly he looked trying to court her. The demon was slow when it came to love, but quick like the wind when it came to running his city. She fell in love with him for his silliness and charming smile, then, as she continued to spend her days by his side, she got to know more and more about him, to love him for the demon he was.

On this occasion, I also told her about Illsy, the goofball who married me with a 'not not joke'. She was quite surprised to hear that he too was a Dungeon like my father, but more so when she heard about my two bundles of joy: Natrasku and Kormian.

Viola promised to visit us when she got the chance and would always welcome us if we ever wanted to drop by, after all, we were family.

By the time we got to meet Eventel, I got to like Viola as a sister-in-law, and I was glad that her father's corruption never stuck to her. Actually, he was the main reason why she left Solstark in the first place. As for her presumably ill mother, she wasn't even aware that her daughter was in the city. That was what the demon told her, but she didn't get the chance to confirm it.

If she had known that all of this was one big scheme against her husband, she would have never left Eventel. For Viola, her mother was the second most precious person in her life, whereas her lover came in first.

The reunion between Viola and Eventel was like a moment ripped out of a fairy tale. My little brother was waiting for us at the border, while wearing his battle armor and being accompanied by his loyal soldiers. His figure was firm and ready, but the moment he saw Viola, he mellowed up and started crying.

He rushed over to her and picked her up in his arms. The tears rushing down their cheeks and joyful smiles on their lips made even the sturdy soldiers behind them feel happy for them and express it with a loud cheer.

A nearby monster was startled by the sudden loud noise and fled with his tail between his legs.

When they finally calmed down, I asked Eventel “Do you still remember our deal, little brother?”

“Yes.” he replied with a nod as he held Viola in his arms.

“Good, then I will be leaving for Akardia. It's been a while since I last saw mother and father.” I showed him a soft smile and then looked up at the leafy crown of the trees.

“I don't know what you think about our parents, but I can tell you this, they are worried about you. They missed you, sister.” he said.

“Hm? I wonder.” I said with a wry smile and then shrugged “Ah, before I forget! Eventel.” I looked into his eyes.

“Yes?” he furrowed his brow.

“Congratulations! You're an uncle!” I told him with a smile and then turned around to leave.

“Huh?” he replied in confusion.

“Dear, she's the mother of two children, Kormian and Natrasku.” Viola told him.

“Huh? Yours?!” he asked with big eyes swimming in confusion.

Viola puffed her cheeks in anger and retorted “No! How could you even think something like that about your cute wife, you no good pervert?!”

Hearing them goof around like that made me giggle. It was a good sign for a happy marriage and also a proof to show that the terror the demoness went through in her father's dungeon didn't leave any long-lasting marks on her.

“I'll leave my little brother in your care, sister-in-law! Make sure you feed him properly!” I waved at them one last time before I vanished into the forest.

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